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Shape Challenge

Date: 26th May 2023 @ 2:35pm

Today one of our challenges was to complete the shape challenge. Look at how speedy these children were. Do you think that if you practice you'll be able to complete the game in less than a minute?

Egg Mayonaise Sandwiches!

Date: 25th May 2023 @ 2:58pm

As part of our connective curriculum we have planted cress seeds and observed them grow. Today we followed a recipe to make egg mayonaise and cress sandwiches! It was so much fun to make and we enjoyed eating them afterwards! They were yummy!

1HB egg.JPG 1HB egg 2.JPG

1HB egg 3.JPG 1HB egg 4.JPG

1HB egg 6.JPG1HB egg 7.JPG

Art Workshop with Axel Sheffler

Date: 25th May 2023 @ 11:12am

This week we attended an online Art Workshop with the illustrator Axel Sheffler. The children loved seeing how Axel brought the characters to life in some of their favourite stories. They worked really hard to combine the skills taught in their Art lessons to create different effects on their own work. See what characters you can spot below: 








Date: 21st May 2023 @ 2:59pm

On Monday, year 4 ventured to Castleton! Whilst we were there, we visited Speedwell Cavern - a mine where you travel underground on a boat! Although it was spooky at first, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We also completed a traffic survey and field sketch which we will now compare with Clayton.



Visiting Chester

Date: 20th May 2023 @ 11:39am

Recently, we went on a school trip to Chester. When we arrived in Chester, we took a look around the Deva Discovery Centre. Inside, we got to explore many different aspects of Roman life. We saw areas where archaeologists had dug and uncovered years of Roman history, became archaeologists and looked for bones, and even got to dress up in Roman attire. In the afternoon, we became Roman soldiers and went out on patrol. We took our shields and weapons before marching through the city of Chester to the Roman gardens. In the gardens, we had the chance to learn about army formations and even take part in a battle. It was an enjoyable day for all.

"Sin, Sin, Sin, Dex, Sin!"

Date: 19th May 2023 @ 9:59am

Last week we had a fantastic trip to Chester to expand our learning about the Romans. 


The children were given all the tools of a Roman soldier to march around the city and as they went they shouted: "Sin, sin, sin, dex, sin!" We marched through the city all the way to the Roman Gardens where they learned how to battle like a soldier, using their sheilds in different formations to protect themselves and their friends. 


We then marched back to the Museum for some lunch and then a tour of the old Roman town. 


The children found the whole experience very informative and immersive. They loved dressing as Romans and learning lots of interesting facts (the favouirte being how they went to the toilet - yuck!). 


Unfortunately the photos I took seem to be having trouble uploading to this blog but trust that we had an amazing time! 


Thank you again to our parent helpers - we really couldn't have done it without you! 



Observing flowers!

Date: 18th May 2023 @ 2:33pm

We have been working scientifically this week in 1HB whilst observing flowers! We have been using the science equipment such as petri dishes, tweezers and magnifying glasses to look closely at wild and planted flowers. We used the tweezers to pull apart the flowers and place them into the petri dishes. Then we observed closely using the magnifying glasses. It was amazing to look at the parts of the flowers more closely and we discovered that leaves have little veins that are used to feed the plant the water and we also discovered that some of the flower heads have seeds or pollen in them!

1HB Flowers (10).JPG1HB Flowers (6).JPG

1HB Flowers (11).JPG1HB Flowers (2).JPG

1HB Flowers (3).JPG1HB Flowers (4).JPG


Coronation Day Celebrations in 1AI!🤴🏻

Date: 8th May 2023 @ 4:32pm

On Friday we had an amazing day in school celebrating all things related to King Charles Coronation Day. We started the day with a fabulous assembly led by Miss Higgins and Year 3 where we learnt about what was going to happen in the coronation ceremony. During the morning we went outside and played various fairground games and had a selfie with the king himself!! 

In class we also learned more about King Charles, sang our special coronation song that we were learning in singing assembly, made a crown and our very own Union Jack flag. 

It was lots of fun! 👑

Coronation Day Celebrations

Date: 8th May 2023 @ 1:22pm

We had lots of fun on Friday celebrating the King's coronation. We all came to school dressed in our own party clothes and looked fantastic! We started the morning with an assembly where we learnt what the King's coronation is all about and the year 3 children acted out the ceremony so we found out what to expect on the day! Our favourite part of the day was when we went outside to play the fairground games such as hook a duck and giant noughts and crosses! We also did lots of other fun activities such as decorating a plant pot and planting a sunflower seed, designing and making our own crowns, flag making and we also decorated the Kings favourite flower to make a whole school celebration card! What an exciting day we had!

1HB King .JPG 1HB King 1.JPG

1HB King 3 - Copy.JPG 1HB King 4.JPG

1HB King 5.JPG 1HB King 6.JPG

1HB King 7.JPG 1HB King 8.JPG


3JH - Summer 1 so far...

Date: 7th May 2023 @ 12:40pm

Hi all! 


We have just completed week 3 of our first term back. This marks the half way point of Summer 1 term! What a great three weeks it has been. 


We had a great launch of our new topics of the Romans by hosting a feast! We tried a wide variety of foods and learned all about what Romans may have eaten (most of it we decided would be fairly gross these days!). 


Since then we have been learning all about key events in Roman history. 


In Science we have been exploring forces and their affect on how things move. This week we have also made predictions and tested our hypothesis on magnets. 


Week 4 we have a trip to Chester booked and we can't wait to find out what a real Roman city looks like. We will be able to find out how the Romans settled in Chester and why. We will also be able to role play while we are there! 

Don't forget to give you children any travel sickness medicine before we leave and bring any packed lunches in plastic bags so that rubbish can be thrown away. Children must come to school in uniform and sensible shoes. We are expecting good weather, but there is potential for showers so please send children in with a light coat or jacket. 


Looking forward to seeing you all next week! 


Miss Higgins :)

Coronation Celebrations

Date: 5th May 2023 @ 4:12pm

We have had a most wonderful day today, celebrating the coronation of King Charles III. This morning, we spent some time making crowns and placemats. We also took selfies with King Charlie and planted sunflowers in recognition of the ecological work he does. This afternoon, we spent some time making bunting, colouring in or making coronation baskets to carry our things home in. We also had some time outside playing traditional games such as hook a duck, tin can alley or snakes and ladders.

I thoroughly enjoyed having a day off timetable to spend some time with all the children in the class and I think they enjoyed themselves too. We hope they enjoy everything they brought home today, including the special commemoration badge.


making coronation crowns.jpg Coronation 1.jpeg Coronation 2.jpeg

Discovering Roman Artefacts

Date: 4th May 2023 @ 10:29am

On Wednesday afternoon, we had a look at a whole range of different artefacts, from books and coins to shields and armour. A firm favourite was the armour, as everyone enjoyed having the chance to dress up as a Roman soldier. Also, we discovered how heavy it was to put on Roman armour, let alone wear it all day. We also learnt about primary and secondary sources and how reliable these sources are.


Minibeast homes

Date: 1st May 2023 @ 8:42pm

This week for challenge Friday the children had a team challenge to complete. They worked together to design and make a minibeast home for all of the minibeasts in the garden. The children spoke about how the homes needed to be dark and have lots of spaces for the minibeasts to hide and feel safe in. They decided to use sticks ans stones from the outside are to make their homes. At the end of the day the children took the homes into the garden. They can't wait to check who has moved in on Wednesday morning. 

The Plants Dance

Date: 28th Apr 2023 @ 3:01pm

This week in P.E, Nursery have been learning a special dance! We started by being a bean, making roots and popping out of the dirt! Next we stretched up to the sky, waved our leaves in the breeze and smiled at the sun. Could you have a try at home?


Summer 1 Week 2

Date: 28th Apr 2023 @ 1:47pm

What a week!

This week, we tried to swim to Paris...only joking! In our swimming lesson, we were challenged to swim as many lengths of the swimming pool as we could. There is a challenge that many Manchester schools are taking part in at the moment, which encourages children to swim for as long as they can. We will find out how many length we did next week, and see if we managed to swim to Paris.

In science, we looked at classifciation keys, and how we would classify different animals using keys. Our CC focussed on us being geographers and comparing Castleton and Clayton using ordnance survey maps. Clayton is a part of a city, whereas Castleton is a village, so they are very different! Did you know that Clayton has a natue reserve, but Castleton does not? 

In our writing lessons, we are writing persuasive leaflets to persuade our linked Y4 class to visit Clayton. 

Please remember to bring in empty cereal boxes next week, and to bring in the trip letters. There is bank holiday on Monday and a strike day on Tuesday :) 

Garden or Wild plants...?

Date: 28th Apr 2023 @ 8:41am

This week in science we have started to learn about garden and wild plants. A garden plant is something that is grown by someone and need to be looked after. These plants would normally be grown in a garden or park. A wild plant is one that will grow anywhere! We used an identification key to find out the names of some of the plants that are wild and garden plants. We used an identification key to draw plants and label them. Have a go at using the identification when you are out and about and see if you can spot anymore garden or wild plants...

Topic 5 Launch - How does your garden grow?

Date: 28th Apr 2023 @ 8:11am

Last Friday we launched our next topic with Stuart the gardener. Our topic is called How does your garden grow and we thought the best way to launch it would be to work with Stuart. We planted some seeds, used our sense of smell and searched for minibeasts under logs and other areas of the garden space in the playground. We now need to take care of our plants and watch them grow! Hopefully at the end of this topic we will be selling these plants and making some money to buy our own class trees to grow in the garden area. 

Thaumatropes in Computing

Date: 26th Apr 2023 @ 10:53am

On Friday, we started our Stop Motion Animation unit in Computing. The class learned about the first versions of animation which included flip books, zoetropes and thaumatropes. Then, we had a go at making one of our own thaumatropes. To do this, we had to cut out two circles and stick them to card, attach some string to both sides and draw a picture on either side of the card disc.

When we twisted the string, the pictures flipped quickly which tricked ours brain into seeing one image instead of two. Mrs. Caine's didn't work very well because one of the images was upside down but the children used that as a learning point to make sure theirs were better!




CC Plants Launch!

Date: 23rd Apr 2023 @ 8:19am

We had lots of fun on Friday as we launched our new topic "How does your garden grow?". We met Stuart the gardener and he taught us about how to grow plants! We planted our own seeds and looked at different types of flowers and plants. We also went on a minibeast hunt to discover what types of minibeasts you might find living in your garden amongst the flowers and plants.

1HB Plants 1.JPG 1HB Plants 3.JPG

1HB Plants 3.JPG 1HB Plants 4.JPG

1HB Plants 5.JPG1HB Plants 6.JPG

1HB Plants 7.JPG 1HB Plants 8.JPG

A Royal Roman Banquet

Date: 22nd Apr 2023 @ 1:29pm

To launch our topic, why were the Romans so powerful? We enjoyed having a Roman banquet. First, we created laurel wreaths to wear, and many of the children even dressed as Romans for the day. We learnt and joined in with many different songs and discovered all the different foods the Romans ate and brought to Britain. When it was time to eat, we ate goat's cheese, porridge, honey, figs, dates, mackrel, olives, and much more. Some of the food we enjoyed and some we did not, but everyone had their favourites. The cold meats and fruitcake were definitely a hit for most of the children. It was definitely a fantastic way to start our topic.


Five fine bumblebees

Date: 21st Apr 2023 @ 3:01pm

This week in music we have been experimenting with pitch and speed with our voices. We learned the song five fine bumblebees. The children loved the song so much they decided to make their own bumble bee outfits and perform the song for our class blog. 

Shopping for Seeds

Date: 21st Apr 2023 @ 11:15am

This weekend we have asked our teachers to go shopping so we can plant some sunflowers 🌻.

We are learning about how plants grow so we want to see what happens when we plant sunflower seeds. 
We've already learned about how beanstalks grow by reading a fab story called Jasper's Beanstalk. Can you work out how to plant a seed by looking at our retell?



Eid Mubarak

Date: 21st Apr 2023 @ 10:16am

Some of our friends didn't come in to school today because they were celebrating Eid at home with their family and friends. We watched a video to learn about how Muslim people celebrate Eid.
We loved looking at the beautiful clothes the family wore and we watched them worship at their Mosque. Then the family gave each other presents. We realised that this is just like when we celebrate with our families! 
Here are the videos we watched. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Happy Eid everybody. 

Wicked Wednesday with the school linking project

Date: 19th Apr 2023 @ 2:30pm

What a wicked Wednesday morning Year 4 have had. We had two visitors from HOME who worked with us on some drama. We explored friendships, and how to work together as a team. We had such a great morning, and the visitors, Izzy and Kris, spoke to Mrs Hughes on their way out of school, and said how they were impressed they were by the fantastic behaviour and attitudes shown this morning. 

We will continue with our school linking project throughout the rest of our time in year 4.


Linking project pictures.PNG

Summer 1 parent overview

Date: 19th Apr 2023 @ 11:36am

The Summer 1 parent overview has been uploaded under the file section of the class page. Please take a look so you can see what year 5 will be learning about this half term and support your child by discussing their learning.


A copy of this will also be sent home at the end of the week.

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