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A Peaceful protest for Climate Change

Date: 17th May 2022 @ 2:59pm

Year 6 took part in a peaceful protest to raise awareness of Global Warming and Climate Change. They made amazing banners to use when marching around the school grounds. They attracted a lot of attention because they made the decision to hold their protest at the same time as the school cake sale. This had a big impact as there were a lot of people around. We are so proud of the children in both year 6 classes for showing so much passion and dedication to 'making a change' for the better. 

Still life sketches!

Date: 16th May 2022 @ 6:13pm

As our topic this term is plants, last week we decided to practice our drawing skills and sketch some of the plants in our investigation area. The children had to use their sharp eyes to look at the plants in their area and sketch its shape in detail. They then used pastels to add colour and detail to their drawings. 


The children found this a really relaxing exercise and are often seen in the investigation area with a clip board, magnifying glass and pencils! 


I think we have some artists in the making! 


SL1.jpg SL2.jpg SL3.jpg SL4.jpg 

Apostrophes for possession

Date: 16th May 2022 @ 1:26pm

In writing today we practised using apostrophes for possession. We used macaroni as apostrophes in our sentences.

Go and Stand!!!

Date: 15th May 2022 @ 8:04am

This year in school we have had a focus on using different strategies during our learning in and out of the classroom. These strategies develop children's thinking skills and can promote teamwork and collaboration. 

This week we used GAS (go and stand) in our CC (topic) lesson on Wednesday, we were learning about deciduous and evergreen trees. After listening to the video and reading some information we were given some pictures of leaves from different trees. With our partner we had to go and stand under the correct heading - deciduous or evergreen. We had to explain to our partner why we were under that heading by looking at the shape of the leaves. 

Everyone had to talk - no one stayed quiet!!! 

Wear it green day

Date: 13th May 2022 @ 6:49pm

Today was wear it green day and we have been celebrating by looking after brains.

We started our day by doing some mindful colouring and listening to relaxing music. We also went on a run to keep our brains fit and healthy. We had a lovely day and left school feeling very happy.  

Geocentric vs Heliocentric

Date: 13th May 2022 @ 2:26pm

In science, 5CR have been learming about the geocentric model of the solar system and the heliocentric model of the solar system. After learning what the two words mean, we went outside to use our bodies to create the models. The geocentric model was easy as everything simply orbited the Earth. The heliocentric model was trickier as the children had to coordinate themselves so that the moon orbited the Earth and the same time as the Earth orbited the sun. Can you work out which photo shows which model?


IMG-0185.JPG IMG-0188.JPG

Mental maths practise

Date: 13th May 2022 @ 2:14pm

During maths today, we tried out a new mental arithmetic starter. The children loved it as you can change the speed, difficulty level and type of question. Please feel free to try it out at home 5CR!




Food tasting!

Date: 10th May 2022 @ 6:31pm

This week we have been reading a book called Oliver's Vegetables. Its all about a little boy who only eats chips! But when he visits his Grandpa's house for a week he discovers a new love of all the vegetables he finds... 


The children had the opportunity to try all the different veg on Friday afternoon and share their thoughts. The carrots went down a storm! Along with the peas, onion, potato and spinnach! Rhubarb was deemed to be too "spicy" by all but one person who loved it.


FT 1 .jpg FT 2.jpg FT 3.jpg 

FT 4.jpg FT 5.jpg FT 6.jpg 


I hope the children enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to trying lots of new fruits and vegetables just like Oliver! 


Miss Higgins :)  

The whale with a snail on his tail!

Date: 9th May 2022 @ 7:53pm

Today when we walked into school we noticed something mysterious! There was a giant whale on our playground! On closer inspection we found a teeny weeny snail on his tail. We thought it was very peculiar, especially when we followed the clues back in class and found another whale sat in our reading area reading the story 'the snail and the whale'.

We decided to read the story and came to the conclusion that the whale was here to ask for our help! The children practiced speaking whale and asked our whale lots of questions, they wrote posters and signs saying 'Save the whale!' and we hope that in the coming weeks we can get the whale back to the ocean where he belongs.


Date: 9th May 2022 @ 7:45pm

Three weeks ago reception received a very exciting parcel from our entomologist friend, professor beetlebee! It was 4 very very tiny caterpillars. We watched them eat and eat and grow bigger until they were ready to go into their chrysalids. The children have been very careful watching them closely, reading them stories, drawing them pictures and most importantly making sure that they weren't frightened.

On Friday two of our beautiful butterflies emerged and today when we arrived at school we found that all four were out and ready to fly away. 

It was emotional watching them go but we promised that we would keep our school butterfly friendly so that they could come back whenever they wished.

Exploring Maths

Date: 8th May 2022 @ 10:41pm

Last week the children explored place value in addition by using concrete materials!

5JB' s Greek Olympics!

Date: 8th May 2022 @ 10:34pm

5JB's Greek Olympics!

Eid Mubarak!

Date: 8th May 2022 @ 6:39am

We have been joining in with the Eid celebrations this week which has been lovely! We invited our muslim friends to share how they celebrated their special day, created Eid celebration cards and ate dates that were yummy!!

Eid 1.jpg

Eid 2.jpg

Eid 3.jpg

Eid 5.jpg

Eid 4.jpg

Our School Trip to Castleton!

Date: 6th May 2022 @ 3:08pm

This week, Year 4 were luck enough to go on a school trip to Castleton and had an exciting expedition down into the Blue John mine!

On the way to Castleton, we looked around to see how the environment around use was changing, we could see less houses and more trees and fields and even managed to spot some cows and sheep with tiny new-born lambs!

When we arrived at the mine, we were taken down to explore by Brian, a guide from the village. He told us that the mine was created around 300 million years ago! It was made by fast-running water which eroded the rock and millions of tiny fossils made of shell and bone. We walked down 245 steps to get to the bottom of the mine where we saw the amazing Blue John crystals that give the mine its name.

After we finished our tour, we got back on the coach and headed into Castleton town centre for lunch. After lunch, we took part in a traffic survey - monitoring how many cars, vans, buses, motorbikes and bicycles went past. We will also complete a traffic survey in Clayton, so we can compare our results with those of Castleton.

We were so incredibly impressed with the way that Year 4 conducted themselves during this trip. They were respectful, responsible and safe throuhgout the whole day and were so polite to the adults both from school and in the mine and village. 

We are so proud of you all!

Well done Year 4 :) 

Finding quarters

Date: 5th May 2022 @ 2:08pm

This week in maths we have continued our work on fractions and have been exploring how to find a quarter in shapes and amounts (numbers). This is new learning for us in Year 1 and the children have persevered and tried their best to understand what a quarter in shapes and amounts will look like and how to work it out. 

Below is a collage of children working out a quarter in amounts by sharing equally between 4. They worked well together with their friend and helped each other out when they were unsure. By the end of the week children were becoming more confident at understanding that a quarter is 1 part out of 4 and each part needs to be equal. 

Great teamwork 1AI!!!


Castleton School Trip!

Date: 4th May 2022 @ 9:02pm

Today, year 4 went on an exciting adventure to Castleton.

We began our journey by coach, where we were able to see many hills and farm animals. Upon arriving at Castleton, we entered the Blue John Cavern.

This was frightening for some children, but everyone tried their best to be brave and we all successfully entered the mine. While in the mine, we walked down 245 steps! Although tiring, it was amazing to see the underground mine and all of the Blue John glistening in the mine walls.

After we finished our tour, we got back on the coach and headed into Castleton town centre for lunch. After lunch, we took part in a traffic survey - monitoring how many cars, vans, buses, motorbikes and bicycles went past. We will also complete a traffic survey in Clayton, so we can compare our results with those of Castleton.


The children were extremely well-behaved, and showed the world just how respectful, responsible and safe Ravensbury pupils are. 

We are so proud of them!

Well done year 4 :) 

Amazing Artists!

Date: 3rd May 2022 @ 2:41pm

Today we have been using our incredible sketching skills to draw rural areas in the Peak District before our trip there tomorrow!
we thought about what kind of marks we could make to show light and shadow, how we could use this to make our pictures appear 3D and we learned about foreground and background and how we could use these to help us when sketching.

We used watercolour paints to add some colour to our drawings. Have a look at the images we created - do you think you would like to visit any of these locations?

Writing marketplace

Date: 2nd May 2022 @ 5:57pm

5CR have been working hard on their writing to produce an adventure story about a rescue team arriving on a planet to respond to an SOS call. Initally, many struggled to understand the story line and which part they would be writing but they have really tried to respond to feedback to improve their work. As part of this, we introduced them to an idea called 'marketplace.' During this activity, children move around the room, reading each others' work. They can then find the owner of the work to have a conversation about one of two things - they might have found a way to help them improve their work or they might magpie an idea to include in their own writing. The class worked beautifully together and there were some fabulous examples of peer support.


english marketplace 2.jpg

english marketplace.jpg

Manchester Libraries Author Zoom Visit!

Date: 1st May 2022 @ 10:48am

On Thursday last week we took part in a authro visit by Manchester Libraries. The author was Rachel Morrisroe who was reading and doing activities about her book 'The Drama Llama.' The story was about a little boy who developed a llama evrytime he got worried. His llama went away when he talked to someone who helped him. We created our very own Drama Llama's. 


Happy 10th Birthday Daily Mile!

Date: 28th Apr 2022 @ 8:28pm

CH Running.jpg NF Running.jpg Start DM.jpg Start 1 DM.jpg Girls Running.jpg 


Happy birthday to youuuuu! Happy birthday to youuuuu! Happy birthday to the Daily Miiiiilllleeeeeee! Happy birthday to you!!!! 


We had a great start to the day by getting our trainers on and doing a few laps of our daily mile track! We had lots of rosy red cheeks by the time we got back into the classroom. After a BIG drink of water the children then engaged with a Zoom lesson in association with Manchester Libraries. We were read a story by Rachel Morrisroe called The Drama Llama, then we followed a tutorial for drawing llamas all by ourselves! The children asked some great questions which I sent to Rachel via the zoom chat - Avaya's question was even read out and answered!! 


We have had a great start to the term. The children are getting really interested in plants and have been really caring towards the ones we have in our investigation area. They planted some seeds of their own and we are now watching and waiting patiently for them to start to grow. Hopefully by next week we will start to see some stems poking through the soil! 


I hope you all had a fantastic Easter break and I am really looking forward to our FINAL term in Year 1. This year has gone so fast and the children have made so much progress. As always if you would like to pop in for a chat about your child and the work they have been doing please arrange a time with me at the gate. 


Have a great weekend and see you all next Tuesday! 


Miss Higgins :) 



Using words to help us order events

Date: 28th Apr 2022 @ 10:51am

In our KS1 group this week, we have been looking at the words that help us order events: first, next, then, after that and finally. We have used them to order the life cycle of a sunflower, and now we know the words, we can order anything we want to!


Spooky Stories

Date: 27th Apr 2022 @ 3:17pm

Today we started our new text, Room 13. We have been looking at spooky stories that create tension and suspense. 
Using our knowledge from previous scary texts and by looking at the front cover and blurb, we made predictions about this text and hid them inside our own Room 13.

We will check back and see who made a correct prediction once we have finished the book!


Our CC Launch!

Date: 27th Apr 2022 @ 3:01pm

This half-term, we are exploring the question 'How is Castleton different from Clayton?' 

To launch our geography learning, we completed an orienteering activity. Using clues and the entire playground, children had to mark locations on their map.

They were given challenging clues that included using points on a compass. (For example: take 10 steps south-west from the stage).

Take a look at how we did!

Great Geography!

Date: 25th Apr 2022 @ 2:33pm

This half-term, year 4 is exploring the question 'how is Castleton different from Clayton?' through a variety of geography activities.


To launch our geography learning, 4CB completed an orienteering activity. Using clues, and the entire playground, children had to mark various locations on a map.

They were given challenging clues that included using points on a compass. (For example: take 10 steps south-west from the stage).

They did a super job!

Summer 1!!!

Date: 24th Apr 2022 @ 1:08pm

Welcome back!

I can't believe we are entering the final term of Year 1! Where has this year gone!!

The children have come back to school ready to learn and have also grown a little taller. They are all looking so grown up and are now getting ready for Year 2!

Our topic this half term is called 'How does your garden grow?' In this topic we will be learning all about plants, how they grow, what they need to help them grow and learning about different types of flowers, plants and trees. We launched this topic with a planting afternoon this week. We planted a sunflower seed and we will observe and watch what happens to it over the next few weeks. We also discussed what we knew about plants and created our CC book front covers using our drawing skills. They look amazing!

Keep checking back over this half term to see what else we have been getting up to! 


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