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Blue Planet Aquarium

Date: 31st Jan 2023 @ 5:25pm

Today we visited blue planet aquarium. We had an amazing time and loved seeing all of the fish, sharks and sting rays.

The children were so sensible and made sure they kept safe in every part of the aquarium. They especially enjoyed watching the fish being fed by the divers.

We now can't wait to come back to school and carry on our learning about the ocean! 

Blue planet aquarium

Date: 31st Jan 2023 @ 2:37pm

Today we visited blue planet aquarium. We had an amazing time and loved seeing all of the fish, sharks and sting rays.

The children were so sensible and made sure they kept safe in every part of the aquarium. They especially enjoyed watching the fish being fed by the divers.

We now can't wait to come back to school and carry on our learning about the ocean! 

Super Scientists

Date: 27th Jan 2023 @ 5:19pm

In science this week, year 4 have been experimenting with melting.


We were given blue ice cubes, and competed to see who could melt them the quickest.


The best ideas were to use the radiator, and to wrap our school jumpers around the cups. Some of us even tried holding it up to the light, in hope the heat would reach it. 

End of week 4

Date: 27th Jan 2023 @ 4:12pm

Its been another busy week at Ravensbury for 5CR!

In writing, we have been preparing to write a non-chronological report about the Ancient Greek gods. The children have researched Zeus and two other gods to find out facts about them to use in their reports. They have also been trying to use some new vocabulary in their sentence level work. See if they can tell you any sentences using the words: dominant, almighty, impregnable, cure, immortal, fate or oracle.

In reading, we have been reading a book that was signed by the author when she visited Ravensbury a few years ago. It tells a story of the Greek gods looking down to Earth and watching the humans taking part in the First Olympics. Its a tricky text in places but year 5 rose to the challenge and did their best to understand it. 

In maths, we have been learning about how to add together decimal numbers. We started in the context of money as the children found this easier to understand. This gave them a good grounding so that Thursday and Friday, they could start to add decimal numbers in other contexts.

Its been a long week 5CR but you've done me proud! Have a great weekend!


How the Olympics Came to Be.jpg

Challenge Friday

Date: 27th Jan 2023 @ 1:50pm

Today was our favourite day of the week - Friday! Which means one thing - challenge Friday!

Today we challenged ourselves to practice all of the things that we have done this week. We independently wrote speech bubbles, investigated how to make 5, 6 and 7 and even drew amazing pictures of the characters from the storm whale in winter.

After lunch time we were challenged to make our hands and fingers strong during fine motor fridays. We loved popping the bubble wrap and moving our hands and arms to the music. You can practice these activities at home too!

City visit

Date: 27th Jan 2023 @ 1:45pm

On Thursday we visited the city academy to take part in a skills morning. We had a great time getting in the coach and meeting all of the new coaches. We especially enjoyed playing football and shooting goals in the big nets. It was tricky but we were all amazing and took up every challenge.

Myth Share with Year 2

Date: 24th Jan 2023 @ 4:53pm

Year 5 loved sharing their amazing Greek myth writing with Year 2 today! What fantastic stories! 


Happy New Year

Date: 23rd Jan 2023 @ 9:28pm

Happy New Year to everyone celebrating Chinese New Year today. 
To celebrate reception have been retelling the story of 'The Great Race'. We hope you enjoy our performance. 


Chinese Dragon Dance🐲🐉

Date: 22nd Jan 2023 @ 8:00pm

On Friday we had a special workshop where we learnt about Chinese New Year. We also 

learnt how to do a peacock and dragon dance. It was so much fun!! In the afternoon we continued our Chinese New Year celebrations and created our very own concertina dragons. 

Chinese Dragon Dance

Date: 22nd Jan 2023 @ 7:46pm

We had lots of fun on Friday as we joined the Chinese New Year celebrations! We had a Chinese Dance workshop where we danced to Chinese music with fans and we even performed an exciting lion dance!! We really enjoyed taking part and wish we could do it all over again! 

1HB Chinese (1).JPG  1HB Chinese (11).JPG

1HB Chinese (12).JPG 1HB Chinese (13).JPG

1HB Chinese (9).JPG  1HB Chinese (8).JPG



An exciting week in 4CB!

Date: 20th Jan 2023 @ 4:10pm

This week has been very exciting in 4CB.


On Monday, we explored rainfall and the uses of water. We then worked in table groups to create rain gauges - we will be using these throughout next week to measure just how rainy Manchester is. A common prediction was that it will rain that much, that the gauges will break!

On Thursday, we went on a school trip to visit the River Medlock. Although it was icy and snowy, we really enjoyed observing the river and identifying the different features we had already studied in class. 

On Friday, we had a special visit from Mrs Hughes. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been working extremely hard at creating a persuasive letter. Some of us wish to keep the egg that we found a couple of weeks ago, in hopes of a mythical creature hatching - whilst others want to get rid of the egg. When Mrs Hughes visited us today, we shared some of our letters with her - she took the rest away to read. The final decision on whether we can see if it hatches or not, will be Mrs Hughes' and we are all eager to hear thoughts.

In golden time, Tyrese and Aghana worked very hard at making a tower out of pencil crayons. They hope to one day make a tower as tall as Mr Leverton! And asked to share their progress on our class blog.


I wonder if next week will be just as exciting?

Writing, maths and ICT

Date: 20th Jan 2023 @ 4:03pm

What a fantastic week we've had in year 5. In writing, we have been trying to give the children a bit more freedom in what they can write and their resulting myths have been outstanding. It was such a pleasure to mark their work! I couldn't take my eyes off their stories, their battle scenes were so exciting! We went down to year 2 to read them to the younger children. It was so lovely to see the year 5s being so kind, caring and respectful with the smaller ones while the year 2s listened beautifully and answered lots of questions about what was exciting in their stories.

In maths, we have been learning about division and nearly the whole class now understands and can use the bus stop method! Although, some a still a little reluctant to practise it because they're not quite confident yet.

And in ICT, we learned about the binary code today and how it is used to transfer data to the mars rover. They had a go at this game which was really interesting!  https://games.penjee.com/binary-numbers-game/

Have a lovely weekend 5CR!


sharing writing y5 to y2 5.jpg

Fishing with Noi

Date: 20th Jan 2023 @ 12:34pm

This week Reception have had a great time exploring our new story The Storm Whale in Winter and learning lots of new words and skills from the book! 

We talked about a special word 'island' that the story used to describe where Noi and his dad lived. We looked at some pictures of islands and talked about why we would love to visit one! We also talked about how we would get there, and knew that because and island is surrounded by water, we wouldn't be able to walk or drive - we'd have to fly, swim or sail a boat! We then went outside and made our very own island with materials we could find. We loved swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the land! 

Then we decided to join Noi's dad in his job, and learnt how to fish! Ms Fowler helped us to make our very own fishing rods and we practiced catching fish in the sea! 

Spring 1 Week 3

Date: 20th Jan 2023 @ 10:29am

What a chilly end to to the week!

Today, year 4 visited the River Medlock which flows through Phillips Park. This is a part of our CC learning, and we had a look to see if we could spot any meanders or pollution. We heard the water swaying and flowing, squirrels and birds in the trees, saw lots of rocks and trees!  The river was surrounded by trees and near many public spaces. It was quite icy too, so we were extra careful! 

Group pic river.png

Stone Age... or the Ice Age?

Date: 19th Jan 2023 @ 10:27am

On Tuesday we took a trip ack in time to the Stone Age! We went on a coach to Tatton Park and learned all about how people from th estone age lived. However, it was SO cold that we could have been back in the Ice Age! 


The children had a wonderful time learning all about the Stone Age and how people lived. They used tools to plant seeds to grow a harvest, make a fire and cut down apple trees. They also used their team building skills to build shelters. The children put all of their knowledge toegther to learn how eventually people stopped moving around to hunt animals and began to build stuctures to keep animals in, becoming farmers. 


Thank you again to our parent helpers! We loved having you come along with us. 


Please enjoy these photos of the children getting involved with their learning! 


 TP7.jpgTP8.jpegTP6.jpgTP6.jpgTP5.jpgTP3.jpgTP14.jpegTP13.jpegTP12.jpegTP12.jpegTP11.jpegTP11.jpegTP10.jpegTP1.jpgTP 2.jpg

Winter walk

Date: 18th Jan 2023 @ 9:20pm

The children were so excited to see the snow this morning and were eager to get out and explore the signs of winter.

The children spent time talking about the clothes they needed to wear and how they would be safe when walking in the snow. They discussed how the floor might be slippy and icey and decided that they would walk really slowly to keep themselves safe. They also talked about the cold weather and decided that even though the sky was blue and sunny scarves and gloves and coats were definitley needed.

Together we wrapped up warm and stepped out into the cold morning. We listened carefully to our footprints crunches in the snow and felt how the grass felt hard under our feet. We touched the snow with our fingers and searched for frozen cobwebs and sticks. The children loved exploring our winter wonderland playground and had a great time playing in the snow. 

When we finally decided our fingers and toes needed warming up we headed inside and all had a nice cup of hot chocolate together to warm our bones. 

The children then spent the rest of their morning busy in the classroom making shopping lists so that they could make hot soups in the home corner, drawing winter pictures of snowflakes and snowmen and chatting about the winter weather. 


I can fly

Date: 17th Jan 2023 @ 8:43pm

Little Penguin thinks he can fly. He waddles as fast as his legs can carry him, he flips and flaps his wings but still he can't fly. What can he do that's just like flying?

 Here are some of our penguins. Click on the link to listen to the story we have been learning about


More and fewer

Date: 17th Jan 2023 @ 8:30pm

Last week we were practising our subitising skills, instantly recognising if we could see 1 or 2 (and sometimes even 3!)

This week we have been thinking about the words we use to describe groups of objects. We discovered the words 'more' and 'fewer' help us compare quantity in groups of objects.



Winter Walk

Date: 17th Jan 2023 @ 8:17pm

After going on a Winter Walk last week we created poetry based on what we saw. We're sure you'll agree that we have some budding poets in Nursery. 
After reading the poem can you find a photo to match?

In Winter

In Winter you have to wear a warm coat with a hood.

All the leaves fell off the trees.

We saw a bush that we think has died.

Oh! There are still leaves on one of the trees.

They will stay on the tree - it is evergreen.

We think the seeds are gonna grow into something. 

by Nursery 



Free the Penguins!

Date: 17th Jan 2023 @ 7:57pm

Today we carried out science experiments to free some penguins that had become trapped in ice. We though about different ways to free them. Each key worker group though of one idea each:

  1. Tap the ice with a hammer.
  2. Use a hairdryer to heat up the ice and melt it.
  3. Melt the ice with warm water.
  4. Leave the ice block out in the sun to melt the ice.

"I had to pour some hot water on top of the ice and, you know, the ice began to melt. You know it wouldn't work with cold, only hot." Beau

"We had to tap,tap, tap to get the penguin out of the ice. It took a long time." Lucy

All of our experiments worked, except number 4. It was too cloudy today.


Maths Fun!

Date: 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:57am

On Thursday, we had a special visitor in school who let us play lots of fun maths games! We had to work collaboratively and listen to each other to maths solve problems, in teams. We really enjoyed the activities because they were so much fun! Have a look at the games we played!

maths problem 3.jpeg maths problem 4.jpeg maths problem 5.jpeg maths problems 2.jpeg

We have asked if we can have the brain train game to play in school because it was so fun to match colours and patterns!



Land of the Penguins

Date: 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:43am


As you know the children are learning about Scott of the Antarctic and have been finding out about The Antarctic. They have enjoyed learning about the climate and watching videos about what it is like. They have studied the animals that can live there and have found out that Penguins can live there because they can live in extreme cold and eat Krill! As part of their art lessons they have studied photographs of penguins and looked at their colour and shape. The children used their knowledge of shape to sketch the penguins and then used colour and shading to add texture and detail. Look at all their hard work !

penguin 2023- MB.jpeg        penguin 2023-mary.jpeg


Didn't they do well!





Bee Bot videos

Date: 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:43am

In computing we used the Beebots again! We reminded ourselves how to use them and made some videos to explain to our friends. 

Look at the videos attached and how clear the explanations are! 

PE with Chiara

Date: 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:22am


Well it has been a very busy week, this week. We have been so lucky and had lots of visitors in school to make our learning extra special! This week we have particularly enjoyed games with Chiara, the City Coach. She taught us how to find a space and move around the hall safely, using a range of movements. As a class we decided to move like elephants, lions, monkeys and giraffes. It was very tricky because we had to make sure that we didn't bump into each other. When we had practised this, we played a game. it was so much fun, we can't wait until next week!

games - mary.jpeg     games- cindy.jpeg   games- benedict.jpeg

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