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Easter Eggstravaganza

Date: 5th Apr 2019 @ 11:11am

We had such fun!

Our Roman Visitors!

Date: 4th Apr 2019 @ 10:13am

For our Roman experience, we were lucky enough to meet 2 Roman soldiers! We found out what Roman soldiers and Celtic warriors wore and we got the chance to try on some Roman armour. It was really heavy! One of them even led us into battle and taught us different battle formations! It was a battle between the boys and girls. Girls were not allowed to join the Roman army but the girls at Ravensbury won!

Raising money for Refugee Action!

Date: 4th Apr 2019 @ 9:51am

On Tuesday, we held an Art Exhibition to raise money for Refugee Action by selling framed prints of our Greek landscapes artwork, inspired by Nikolas Georgoudakis. As part of our study of Greece, we found out that many refugees go to Greece in order to find safety from their own countries where they may experience war or religious persecution. We watched some CBBC Newsround interviews with two boys who are refugees in Greece and found out a bit about their story. We thought it would be a brilliant idea to try and help refugees who are finding safety in Manchester by raising money for this charity.

We managed to raise a grand total of...

*** £231.12 ***

At the beginning of the Summer Term, we will have a representative from Refugee Action visit the school to meet the children and collect the donation.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support in helping us raise money for this brilliant charity.


Easter Parade Day

Date: 2nd Apr 2019 @ 9:22am

We are so excited to perform our songs to the grown ups in the hall today. We have two songs to share with you. 

'Spring is Here' - our fun and funky rock n roll dance click here to listen to the video

'A Tiny Seed was Sleeping' - a song to show off our beautiful singing voices. click here to listen

Nursery Challenges

Date: 31st Mar 2019 @ 3:56pm

Did you know about Nursery challenges?

Each week children are given three challenges in various areas around the classroom that they must complete independently. When each challenge is completed the children place a coloured button on their photo. When three buttons are placed the children get a treat on Friday afternoons. This week the treat children chose was to make some chocolate krispy nests. Have a look at the 'My Learning at home' sheet which gives you details of what will be provided in each area in the nursery. 

Easter Bonnet Preparation

Date: 31st Mar 2019 @ 3:51pm

In Nursery we have been preparing our Easter Bonnets to wear at our Easter celebration next Tuesday. We used a paper plate bunny ear design and used our 'Talking Fingers' to scrunch tissue paper and decorate our hats. Don't forget to come and see our Easter celebrations on Tuesday 2nd April at 9.15am in the hall.



Mothers Day

Date: 29th Mar 2019 @ 3:46pm

heartWe have been learning all about our amazing Mums this week. Mother's Day is a chance for us to show them how special they are. heart

First we read a book called 'Superhero Mum' by Tim Knapman and that made us think about all the brilliant things our Mums do for us every day. Then we wrote about why our own Mum is a Superhero with Mrs Ganner. Finally we made a garden of flowers picture independently. 

This got us thinking... How can we make a bunch of flowers for our Mum? Superhero Miss Conway came to the rescue by showing us how to use our scissor skills and fine motor folding skills to create a very real looking, opening heart flower,growing in grass. We are so creative in our class that some of us made more flowers independently too! There was even a ladybird sitting in one bunch!

We hope all of you amazing Mums out there have a restful day on Sunday. You really deserve it.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 8:36pm

We have been reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The goats went 'Trip trap, trip, trap over the wooden bridge...' Out popped the Troll and growled 'Who's that trip, trapping over my bridge...'

Nursery Phonics - Listening Walk

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 8:33pm

This half term we have been listening out for Environmental Sounds around school. We went for a listening walk using our 'Listening Ears.' We heard lots of sounds around school. Ravensbury is a very busy and buzzing place to learn!!!

The Three Little Pigs

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 8:01pm

This half term we have been reading The Three Little Pigs. We have created the three houses using printing, gluing shapes and sticks. We have created some 'Huff and Puff' paintings using straws to imagine that we were the Big Bad Wolf. 

Year 6 Reading with Nursery

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 7:57pm

World Book Day 2019

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 7:54pm

On World Book Day, children in Nursery came to school dressed in a variety of costumes. We had Matilda, Stickman, Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood to name a few. On the day we read lots of stories, made some props for some traditional tales and even had a visit from Year 6 who read us some stories!!

Anne Frank Boxes

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 5:19pm

We have been using our knowledge of circuits to create useful equipment that Anne Frank could have used to protect her diary during WW2.

Can you work out what she might have used these boxes for?


Testing out a circuit

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 5:14pm

In Year 6 we have been looking at electricity. We challenged ourselves to work out why a bulb was/wasn't lighting up in a circuit.

Can you see what we needed to do?



Parents Evening

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 5:13pm

It was lovely to see so many of you at Parent's evening last week. Don't worry if you didnt manage to make it, we will be in touch to arrange an appointment with you. Josie Elson, Chair of Governors, was delighted to talk to so many of you about your child's learning, she felt that the children took their learning seriously and that they were very proud of what they had achieved.

I look forward to seeing you at the Coffee and Cake meeting next week where we will talk about Assessment for Learning (AfL).

Next week we are hosting an Art Exhibition!

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 4:45pm

Next week we are hosting an Art Exhibition!

This half term we have been finding out all about Greece, and part of that study involved us exploring how Greece has received many refugees who are unable to live in their own countires safely. We have also discussed how some people are seeking safety in the UK and, more sepcificailly, Manchester - we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for us to show our support and care to our community by giving a donation to Refugee Action, a charity which helps refugees build safe and hopeful lives in Manchester.

The children have suggested that they could raise money for Refugee Action by selling their amazing Greek landsacpe art work at the exhibition. We have framed prints of  their landscapes, and they look incredible. Our hope is that you would be willing to purchase your child's framed work for a small cost (suggested donation: £3-5). All proceeds will be given to Refugee Action.

The exhibition will be on Tuesday 2nd April straight after the KS2 Easter competition (which we expect to finish around 11.15am) in our classroom - we really hope you can make it and see the fabulous work your child has been doing this half term.

See you there!

Miss Brookes


Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 4:32pm

This week Year One have been looking at personal pronouns and sorting my sentencesinto correct or incorrect. 

Maths Workshop!

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 4:27pm

Thankyou to everyone who attended our Maths workshop!

To those of you who weren't able to come here are a few of the activites that we showed the parents and that you can be playing at home...

Things you can do to help at home

Games that you can play at home

Counting games that you can play at home

World Book Day!

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 4:17pm

We had a fantastic world book week in year 1! We enjoyed listening to stories all week and we especially loved it when we had a chance to read to each other!


On Thursday some of our grown ups came into our class and read their favourite stories to us! It was a great way to start the day!

On Friday we all came in to school dressed as our favourite characters - Miss Riley and Mrs Cooper could hardly recognise some of us! We had princesses, pirates, superheroes and lego men! We went into the hall and catwalked our amazing outfits - it was a bit scary but everyone managed to strut their stuff! Then we were lucky enough to read with some of the older children in the hall. We loved it and are hoping to read with them again soon!

Here are some of our favourite outfits... Can you guess who we are?


Catwalk extravaganza!

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 4:13pm

We invited our parents in to look at all the amazing learning we have been doing about Africa.

We paraded into classroom on our catwalk singing a traditional african song.

Then we performed our free Nelson Mandela song. We showed our parents the ebooks we had made all about Nelson Mandela.

He was a very important person!


This Term...

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 4:11pm

We are almost at the end of an exciting half term!

This term we have been studying Modern Greece. We began the topic by tasting a variety of Greek cuisine (we were all very surprised by how delicious the salmon was!). We then explored the geographical side of Greece, and sketched some Greek buildings.

In English we have been focussing on a Midsummer Nights Dream. We began the topic by using drama to act out the role of different characters. We eventually turned this into a magnificent selection of diary entries. We will end this topic by writing a sonnet or two (inspired by the 154 sonnets Shakespeare wrote), and have begun to plan this today.

In maths we have been focussing on fractions, decimals and percentages. This was a challenge for everyone to begin with, but we soon mastered the skill.

This week we are focussing on measurements, more specifically, converting measurements (both imperial and metric). 


Finally, in P.E we have been practising gymnastics. We have now mastered the headstand, and have been creating a sequence involving bridges, balances and rolls. 

Next week we will end the term by hosting an art exhibition. 

We hope to see you there!

Miss Brookes

Big bad wolf!

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 4:10pm

We have been learning about materials in our science lessons. We decided to build houses out of materials to see which houses the big bad wolf could blow down. The materials we chose were; metal, cardboard, paper, plastic and wood.

The big bad wolf arrived in our classroom to blow our houses down! 

He blew the metal house, the cardboard house and the wood house down. At first he couldn't blow the paper house down but we realised that it wasn't fair because he stood really far away from the paper house and really close to the other houses! We said he needed to be fair and do it from the same distance for each house. When he did this the paper house blew down straight away! The only house he couldn't blow down was the plastic house so we decided this was the best material to use as it was the strongest. 

Manchester Airport

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 4:09pm

On Monday 18th March year 1 took a trip to the airport. Unfortunatly we didn't get on a plane and go somewhere hot and sunny but we did have a great time learning all about the airport and the different airplanes!

We loved learning about the different people who work in the airport and especially enjoyed dressing up as all of the different people. We all also got the chance to be pilots in an old planes. We got taken to lots of different places including Turkey, Disney land, Northern Ireland, we even went all the way to Africa on some flights!

Captain Winnie and Second in Command Winnie wizzed us off to Africa whilst engineers Payton and Harrison manned the engines.

During the trip we were also lucky enough to have a look at the concorde - the fastest passenger plane! We counting its wheels - 13 we think! 


Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 4:03pm

We have been working on our painting skills with the artist.

First we had to paint a background. We used oil pastels to create texture in our paintings.

Next we had to paint patterns. Some people chose zig zags, straight lines, stripes, wavy lines.

Then we had to cut shapes out using our patterned paper.

We stuck this altogether on our textured background to make a beautiful castle painting. 

Do you like it?

Spring Term 2 Update

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 4:00pm

This half term has been completely jam-packed! 

In Maths, the children have been doing lots of work on decimals and measurement, particularly in area and perimeter.

In English, we have been reading The Water Horse, which the children have loved and we have written our own stories around the theme of a mysterious creature! We have also been planning information leaflets on water and its importance!

In CC, we have been looking at the water cycle and how we can save water. We had a visitor from Water Aid come into the school and have decided to have a Bake Sale on the 2nd April at 3.30pm.

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