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Rainforest Food Tasting

Date: 11th Nov 2021 @ 4:07pm

To launch our new connected curriculum topic 'What is it like in the Amazon Basin?" we tried so many different foods that come from the rainforest. We enjoyed tasting mangos, oranges, grapefruit, chocolate and coconut water.



Maths Week

Date: 11th Nov 2021 @ 4:01pm

For maths week, we have been playing lots of games to help us practise our times tables. Our favourite game was multiplication race. We have also enjoyed two books all about maths called How To Make One Million Robots and Place for Zero.


Our Amazon Launch!

Date: 11th Nov 2021 @ 12:10pm

Yesterday, we tried different foods which could be found in the rainforest. We had lots of fun!

Inventions Launch!

Date: 10th Nov 2021 @ 12:02pm

As part of our Connected Curriculum, Year 5 have started learning about inventions. For our launch, we were challenged to work in pairs to build a structure strong enough to hold a toy car. Not all of us were successful but we all had a lot of fun anyway!




Date: 9th Nov 2021 @ 2:04pm

We have been looking at breaking up words into syllables to help us say, read and write words. Can you decide if we have sorted the pictures correctly? 

Bonfire night!

Date: 8th Nov 2021 @ 4:34pm

Remember remember the 5th November...

On Friday we celebrated all things firework.

We looked at the shapes and noises that fireworks make in the sky and we made our very own firework pictures.

We loved watching videos of people making shapes in the dark with sparklers so we decided to make our very own sparklers and take them outside for a special Ravensbury Bonfire. We made a bonfire and did a special bonfire dance with our sparklers.

We had such a fun day learning about Bonfire night and looking at all of the bright colours that light up the dark night.

Pe/photo day 12/11/21

Date: 8th Nov 2021 @ 4:29pm

On Friday 12th November the children will be having individual and sibling photographs. Please ensure that your child is dressed in their normal school uniform and NOT PE clothes. We will still be doing PE this Friday, however, it will be in normal school clothes to allow school photos to be taken.

Many thanks,

The Reception team



Date: 8th Nov 2021 @ 3:00pm

This week in maths we have been looking at using column addition. Maths.JPG

Welcome Autumn 2!!

Date: 8th Nov 2021 @ 6:02am

welcome autumn.jpg

Welcome Back Everyone!!

The children have come back raring to get on with their learning and have also grown a little taller! 

During this term we will be answering our topic question 'Could the three little pigs use better materials to build their houses?' We will be using the texts 'The Three Little Pigs' and 'Stickman' to support our learning in English. In our Connected Curriculum lessons we will be looking at materials and their properties in science and use design and technology skills to build and design objects. Attached are the parent overview and knowledge organisers for this half term's learning. 


Date: 7th Nov 2021 @ 3:56pm

Outstanding.JPG  I am delighted to say that all of our amazing children made it to "Outstanding" this week. They worked incredibly hard to show outstanding listening, work and friendship. I can't wait for another brilliant week of learning! 


Miss Higgins :) 

Amazing Arrays!

Date: 6th Nov 2021 @ 6:47pm

This week, year 4 have begun to explore all things multiplication! 

We used multilink cubes to create arrays, before exploring the number sentences that they represented. We then used our times tables facts to help us.

Can you practice any more number sentences at home?

For example:

3 x 4 = 12

4 x 3 = 12

12 ÷ 3 = 4

12 ÷ 4 = 3

Column Addition

Date: 5th Nov 2021 @ 7:10pm

In maths this week, we have been learning to use the column method for addition. Use this game, to help you practise at home.




Date: 5th Nov 2021 @ 3:55pm

We had a lovely afternoon yesterday researching how Christians make a difference in their local community. We then created our own posters to try and recruit volenteers for an 'up and coming' activity club. It was great fun! 

The Digestive System

Date: 5th Nov 2021 @ 3:54pm

This week, we started our new science topic of digestion. We learnt about the different organs that we have to help us digest our food.
It was a bit tricky trying to guess where we can find each of the organs but we have some fantastic ideas and by the end of the lesson we could identify all of them!


Date: 3rd Nov 2021 @ 5:29pm


We have been giving out outstanding stickers and celebrating a few children each day who have been showing us their good sitting! 

We have 5 key steps to showing good sitting : 

  • Legs Crossed
  • Hands Still 
  • Eyes Watching
  • Mouth Quiet 
  • Ears Listening

Keep your eye out for the rest of the week to see if your child comes home with a gold outstanding sticker. 

Miss Walker


In, on or under ?

Date: 3rd Nov 2021 @ 10:23am

We've been having lots of fun this week using the prepositions in, on and under! Can you guess which preposition we are showing you in the photos?

Homework 04.11.21

Date: 2nd Nov 2021 @ 10:29pm

Click below for this week's padlet for all your spelling, maths and English homework.

Year 6 Homework padlet Autumn 2 week 1 04.11.21

Remember to click the extra links on padlet to see games, tips and quizes to help you with your homework. 


ART- Blitz printing

Date: 2nd Nov 2021 @ 10:22pm

Today we finished our art task with Mrs Mcaffer. Take a look at the finished prints below. I am sure you will be impressed!





Year 6 Homework

Date: 2nd Nov 2021 @ 3:57pm

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a lovely week off! We were absolutely blown away in Year 6 this morning by the homework projects that the children brought into school! The children were asked to complete a task linked to our World War II topic and they certainly rose to the challenge. This morning we were greeted by amazing models, diary entries, war posters, ration books and fact booklets which clearly showed a lot of time and effort had gone into them! Well done Year 6- a brilliant start to this half term!



Talking Top Tips #2!

Date: 1st Nov 2021 @ 1:27pm

Hello all! We hope you had a wonderful, restful and fun half-term break. I would like to introduce the second instalment of our blog series to help to support your child with their speaking and listening skills. This week’s TOP TIP is all about building vocabulary.

Vocabulary is key. Learning and remember new words is tricky but incredibly important. Your child should know around 1000 words by the time they are 4 years old. Your child will use these words to communicate to you what they need, explain their feelings or ask questions to deepen their knowledge. The process of building up a language or lexicon continues throughout childhood and beyond with the average adult using between 20,000 and 35,000 words!

To successfully build vocabulary your child will need to hear words repeated many, many times. Practice makes perfect! The more often a child hears a word used in the correct context, the more likely it is that they will then be able to understand and use this word themselves.

If you are walking to school with your child on a cold winter’s morning, try introducing new vocabulary! You could describe the weather (drizzling, freezing, crisp, bitter..) You could name things you see along the way (post box, van, seagulls…)

Another great way to build vocabulary is to ‘add one word’. When your child uses a word (such as asking for a tangerine) you repeat the word back to them with the addition of another word (you would like a juicy tangerine). This way of teaching language helps children to retain the word as you anchor it to a word they are already confident using.

Give one of these strategies a try this week! Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


Miss Wilkinson.

Whiffy stew

Date: 30th Oct 2021 @ 2:24pm

The class have been working outdoors this week and have enjoyed using natural resources and materials to make a whiffy stew. They followed a set of instructions to make the stew and then took it home. Unforunately they couldn't eat it but they had fun making it!

IMG_0349.JPG  IMG_0348.JPG  IMG_0347.JPG

Messy Fun!


Miss Wolfenden


Super Science!

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 5:12pm

5JB had a great afternoon investigating the effect of water resistance on floating objects! The children competed to design and make a boat that would hold the most cubes. The children found that the boats with the biggest surface area were the winners! 

Halloween Week

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 4:02pm


Firstly we have had such an amazing first half term with you all and we are so proud of how well you have all settled. 

This week in Nursery we have had so much fun learning all about hallowen. The children have enjoyed painting pumpiks and learning about spiders. We have been reading the story 'Room on the Broom' and the children have loved the witches hats and wands in the classroom. 

We have been focusing on remembering to 'choose it, use it, and put it away' and giving children 'Oustanding' stickers everyday for this!

The whole nursery team is looking forward to having you all back in on the 2nd of November when we will be learning all about Autumn. 

Have a lovely week,

Miss Walker and Miss Wilkinson 




6JT Having a Great Afternoon Making Periscopes

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 3:19pm

We have been designing and making periscopes this afternoon. We have explored a range of designs and worked together in teams to achieve a great product. We cannot wait until after half term so we can use them to spy on others around the school. 


It has been a busy week in year 2!

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 2:28pm


We cannot believe it is the end of half term already. The children have worked so hard and should be extremely proud of themselves. We have been really thinking about what human's need to survive and have created our own survival packs. We used our knowledge of the food pyramid to sort foods into catergories. We then tried our very best to use foods from each groups to create a meal. We planned and made the meal. We went outsside and had a go at working as a team to create a shelter. some of us really enjoyed the experience and really showed how well we work as a team.

20211020_135541.jpg   20211020_133401.jpg20211020_135005.jpg20211020_133356.jpg


Can you guess what we made?


The Year 2 Team

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