School Values and Ethos

Ravensbury Community School is a fantastic school and we never lose sight of this. Our team consists of over 460 pupils, talented and committed staff, interested and supportive parents and knowledgeable and skilled Governors. We operate with values of warmth, respect, trust and hard work. We are all ambitious;ambitious for our individual pupils, parents, staff and governors and for the school itself. We are proud of our school and everyone in it.

Ravensbury’s vision

Ravensbury is a school at the heart of its community where diversity is celebrated and pupils are respectful. A place where all pupils feel safe to take risks, enjoy learning and work hard to excel. A place where they challenge themselves, learn from each other and create lasting memories. But most of all we work hard to create a school to be proud of! By working together we can ensure that all pupils enjoy their time at school, make excellent progress and leave with the necessary skills and attitudes to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Ravensbury’s mission

This is the route we are taking to get to our destination. It is the actions we are taking to reach our vision
Each year pupils, teachers, governors and parents work together to understand our strengths and weaknesses and to build and improve where necessary. We have yearly School Improvement Plans to focus our actions and ensure that we are continually working towards the vision. We keep our values and principles at the forefront of all we do.
Each year, we pursue the highest possible academic excellence for each and every pupil, monitoring, evaluating and reflecting upon our teaching and learning and how this impacts on our pupils’ progress so that each year, we can build upon academic excellence.
Our bespoke curriculum is continually designed and improved to provide creative, immersive and enquiry based learning.
Our pupils are cherished, respected and valued. Everyday in many different ways, we recognise and celebrate  their unique personalities and talents. We show them how to be responsible and caring young people.

Ravensbury’s values

These underpin our vision, our mission and is threaded through all that we do.

Our school motto is:

We create...

We explore...

We care…

We soar.

Our motto embodies all our  key values. We use the kite symbol to represent

our ambition and our achievements. When we are proud of ourselves and all

that we do – we soar!


Everyone at Ravensbury shares the following values:

Creativity   We develop pupils who are  imaginative and inventive. We believe this will prepare our pupils to be flexible, adaptable and confident as future learners and citizens in this ever changing world. We all learn best when learning is purposeful, exciting and connected. We ensure our pupils have good basic skills that they can use to engage in imaginative and inventive projects.

Exploration and enquiry    This is  all about exploring, investigating, asking questions and being interested in the world, and others.  We want our children to have a real thirst for knowledge and learning and to develop skills in asking and answering questions, problem solving and investigation. All our Connected Curriculum themes have ‘big questions’ to explore and find out about. This enquiry based approach to learning really encourages the children to think deeply about things, to express themselves well and to listen to others.

Care    The social, emotional and citizenship aspect of our school is really important. We really care that the children are happy and confident in themselves. We believe that our pupils should be expected to develop the key skills of respect and responsibility. We want them to care about themselves, each other, the community and the world in which they live. We want our pupils to be proud of themselves, their community and the wider world and global community.

We Soar… This is about us doing really well, aiming high and really achieving. The image of a kite makes us think about rising high, soaring up into the sky, soaring high in everything we do – from learning and achievements across the curriculum to our self esteem and our pride.

We expect to challenge ourselves, expect the best form ourselves and we take a pride in this. We recognise and celebrate our achievements.

‘We create, We explore,

We care, We soar’


Ravensbury Community School

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