At Ravensbury Community School we aim to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of all our children, in order that they may reach their full potential. We endeavour to provide
the provision
needed for every child to be included, to learn and to take part in daily school life. We recognise that from time to time some children require additional support for a set period of time to help meet their needs or improve their learning. We will make reasonable adjustments for those with a disability by taking action to increase access to the curriculum, the environment and reducing barriers to learning.

What types of Special Needs for which the school is making provision?
The school provides support for a range of special needs which are put into four new broad categories.
These are;
 Communication and interaction
 Cognition and learning
 Social, emotional and mental health
 Sensory and physical


Welcome to Ravensbury’s English as an Additional Language (EAL) department.

We offer pastoral support and specialist teaching to support English language development for those amazing children who are learning English as an additional language to their own.

Children come to work with us for up to an hour a day, in a small group or individually, to develop the language needed to fully access the teaching in class and reach their social and academic potential. We work with children across the school, from Nursery to Y6.

With us, the children will develop English language skills such as phonics, writing, reading and vocabulary development needed for the Connected Curriculum and Mathematics. We work hard, but have great fun learning. We often use games to practise our skills which is great for making friends too!

We will usually provide home learning for the children to consolidate what they have learnt at school. Parents can help their child with home learning by creating a calm and quiet place at home for the child to complete the work. Asking questions in your home language about the work is also a great way to support your child’s learning.

We love to meet parents of the children we teach. If you would like to meet with Mrs Harriott, please ring the school to make an appoinment.

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Ravensbury Community School
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Contact:  Maureen Hughes - Headteacher

Contact:  Jo Wendt - SENCO

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