Year 1KW 2019 - 2020


Welcome to 1KW!


We hope that you find this information useful. We’re sure your child will enjoy their new class, and will have a fun and exciting year!

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your child’s progress or any concerns or worries you may have.


Your Teachers

Miss Wolfenden


Your Teaching Assistants

Miss Marks



Coming into School

School starts at 8.50am and it is really important children are in school for this time as it is a time when we are consolidating our skills and learning.  Please feel free to come in and support your child while they do their morning jobs. However we do ask that your child puts away their book bag and coat in the correct place independently, as this allows them to take responsibility for their own belongings.


Water and fruit will be provided for all children.  We are a healthy school so would appreciate it if you don’t send your child in with any juice drinks or snacks other than fruit.  Milk can be ordered from the School Reception if required.



Reading Books

Your child has now been given a Reading Book and a Reading Record Book.  The Reading Book they have been given has been chosen from a set coloured reading band which they should be confident at.  It is important that they do a little bit of reading EVERY night

When they have read their book there is a space in the Reading Record Book for you to say how they found the book, which bits they did well with and anything they struggled on.  We suggest they read it a couple of times to gain in confidence.

Reading books are swapped every Tuesday and Friday. Homework is given out on a Tuesday and due back on Friday. We will also be sending out spellings to practice for our weekly spelling test.

Library Books

Your child is now able to use our School Library.  They will take out 1 book each week.  The book they choose is completely their own choice.  When they have read their book they can return it to school and we will change it for a new book.


Year 1 have the opportunity to visit the library daily to complete reading activities. It would therefore be advisable to ensure that their library book is stored in their book bag and brought to school every day to ensure that we are able to change their book when it is their day to visit the library.



Its really important that your child comes into school EVERY day in full school uniform.  This includes white t-shirt or shirt, grey school trousers, skirt or pinafore and blue school sweatshirt or cardigan.

Please can you ensure that your child’s name is written clearly in all their posessions.  This includes coats, jumpers, uniform and PE kit.  This makes it easier if it goes missing as then it usually finds its way back to our classroom.  Also can you make sure they don’t bring any toys into school.


Your child requires a PE kit to change into – this should include a white T-shirt, black pair of shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms and some pumps/trainers for outdoor games.  This can be left in school for the half term and we will then send home for washing.

PE & Games for 1KW will take place every Friday


Children are expected to show respect to each other, to all adults and the school environment. (Inside the building and in the playground) We have a clear behaviour system all the children follow which encourages good behaviour. There are a lot of rewards in place for Ravensbury children. The rules and behaviour systems are clearly displayed in all classrooms and around central parts of the school.



Contact Us

Ravensbury Community School
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Tel: 0161 223 0370
Fax: 0161 231 9595


Contact:  Maureen Hughes - Headteacher

Contact:  Jo Wendt - SENCO

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