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Colour Mixing!

Date: 26th Sep 2023 @ 7:54pm

We had our first art lesson with Mrs McGaffer today which was really exciting! We recapped what the primary and secondary colours were and then experimented with mixing the paints using a variety of techniques. First, we chose two primary colors of paint and splodged them onto large sheets of paper and then we used heavy metal rollers to mix the colours. The rollers made exciting mixes of colour on our sheets. Afterwards we chose 3 secondary coloured paints and then used a paint brush to add layers of shapes and patterns over the top. We had lots of fun exploring the mixes of colours and made colourful abstract artwork!

1HB Colour mixing (1).JPG  1HB Colour mixing (2).JPG

1HB Colour mixing (5).JPG 1HB Colour mixing (6).JPG

Beating Hearts

Date: 26th Sep 2023 @ 7:51pm

To launch our connected curriculum topic, 'Why can't we just eat chocolate? We explored how exercise changes our heart rate. We took part in four different activities, which included dribbling, balancing, racing, and throwing. We noticed that all the activities caused our hearts to beat much quicker, but we discovered that the quicker we moved, the faster our hearts beat.

A Busy week 3 in 1AI

Date: 24th Sep 2023 @ 7:47pm

This week it has been busy in 1AI!! We continued with our story 'My Mum is a Supermum' and had a go at retelling the story by drawing story maps, sequencing the story in the correct order and writing sentences that match each picture.

Here is a link for the story if you wish to watch it at home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHYh33eQPBM

In maths we continued to use the language of more than, fewer than and equal to and compared two groups of objects/numbers. We also did lots of singing along to these videos which will help us to recognise numbers up to 20 and count accurately. Why not have a go at home:

Count to 20 forwards and backwards - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TIjoLW5oRw

Count to 20 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VLxWIHRD4E 

In science we learnt about our body parts in using the story 'Funnybones.' We discussed all about skeletons and what each body part is called and where it is. We played Simon Says and danced along to the skeleton song. Have a go at home! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e54m6XOpRgU

Next week we will be working with Mrs McAffer in our Art lesson for the first time!!!

We are artists!

Date: 24th Sep 2023 @ 7:08pm


We have had a busy week in class this week! We have enjoyed working with Mrs McCaffer the art teacher and have liked learning how to print. As part of our healthy eating topic we have been printing using different fruit and vegetables. We have made colourful banners that are displayed in the classroom. They look 


lIMG_6251.JPG     IMG_6250.JPG

The children are excited to continue their learning next week. Keep checking the Blog!

Thanks for all your support

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper

Transient Art Faces

Date: 24th Sep 2023 @ 10:09am

Our Magical Me learning has seen us exploring our magical faces further this week. Last week we drew our faces following Steps to Success (S2S) and this week we used the resources in our Families themed area to create 3D art. 
Can you guess who these children are?


Week 3 in Year 3

Date: 23rd Sep 2023 @ 4:52pm

What another exciting week in year 3! 

In maths, we used our knowledge of place value to help us subtract concrete and pictorial representations, next week we will be focusing on exploring 1s, 10s and 100s. In English, we used the skills we practiced last week, to create a character description of Rhodopis, the Pharoah or the Servants from our class text 'The Egyptian Cinderella.' On Friday, we swapped classes and shared our descriptions with other children. It was fun to share our amazing work, as well as think of two stars and a wish for our peers.

On Friday, we also experienced sports day! Fortunately the rain held off for long enough to let us try each of the four activities. We can't wait to find out which house is in the lead!

Attached is a copy of our homework, which is due on Friday 29th September.

4RJ Week 3

Date: 22nd Sep 2023 @ 2:14pm

SPORTS DAY! Despite the weather forecast, children in 4RJ were atheletes today. With Mr Jones they were astronauts, using their travelling skills to travel across the astro court, and earn points for their houses. With Miss Brookes, the children had to get cones for their houses and earn points! With Miss Khan the children practised their throwing skills, by using bean bags and other things. Miss Higgins turned the children into cars who would transport around the multicourt.

As part of our golden today, the children had earnt the treat of decorating biscuits, with icing , sprinkles and chocolate chips. This was because of the fantastic behaviour shown across the week.

All of these treats are halal. 

Homework is being sent home today (Friday 22nd), there will be spellings, times-tables and maths work to practise. Please return your home by Friday 29th of September. Spellings and timestables will be tested then.

Week 2 in 4AK!

Date: 21st Sep 2023 @ 1:09pm

What an exciting week this has been! 


In P.E in our gymnastics lesson we practiced our forward roll, it was challenging! We had a fantastic swimming lesson where we were taught how to get into the pool safely and some of us even went into the 2m pool!

We continued our science unit on teeth, learning all about the structure of teeth. We used our key vocabulary root, crown, enamel, dentine and pulp to label a diagram of a tooth. We also learnt about what type of teeth a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore have. We know that carnivores have long sharp canines to tear their prey! 

This week, we also delved deeper into the world of Ancient Maya, describing their society and their jobs. We learnt that priests were the most important part of society and they were bought gifts and other maya would work for them for free!

In maths, we have mastered using column subtraction and addition with more than one exchange and can solve worded problems.  In English, we practised our retrieval and inference skills, and showed off our skills using speech, fronted adverbials and  expanded noun phrases to write our own Maya myth!

In Music we played lots of singing games and learnt how to control the tempo of a musical instrument in our new maya song. After our spanish lesson we now know our numbers 0-10 in Spanish!

Next week, we have PE on Monday so we'll need to wear the correct kit, and we continue swimming on Wednesday.

Check back next week for more information!



What a fabulous settling in period we

Date: 20th Sep 2023 @ 8:42pm

We'd just like to say thank you to all of the parents and carers who have brought their fabulous children to our Nursery. They are a real credit to you and we are amazed at how quickly they have settled into life at Ravensbury. 
Each week we will put up photos and videos of our learning so make sure you check in regularly. 


Date: 20th Sep 2023 @ 5:27pm

In art this week, we made our own printing blocks. We used foam to draw a fruit or vegetable, which we then cut out. Also, we used a pencil to create ridges and marks that would show up when we printed. We stuck our foam on cardboard, which then became our printing blocks. We used two different colours of paint on the blocks, which we then used to print.

Settling into 1HB!

Date: 18th Sep 2023 @ 3:56pm

We have had a fantastic first full week in Year 1! The children are becoming more settled and familiar with our class routines which is great! We have had more time to get to know the children and the teachers have really enjoyed spending this time with them. The children are also getting to know the teachers and majority are checking in as happy or excited on our feelings chart each morning which is wonderful to see!

1AI Topic 1 Launch

Date: 17th Sep 2023 @ 6:02pm

What a fantastic week we have had in 1AI!

It's been a week of first time things on our timetable for the children such as working the City coach for PE, starting gymnastics in the hall, going into Monday and Friday assemblies and getting stuck into our timetable. 

We also launched our first topic 'What makes us Incredible?' In this topic we will be looking at history and science learning in more detail by thinking about how we change over time as we grow, name and recognise body parts, learn about our senses and how the local area (Tartan Street in front of school) has changed over the last few years. We dressed as Superheroes and completed these four challenges over the day:

  • Creating a Superhero
  • Designing a Superhero mask
  • Creating a Numicon Superhero city
  • Writing a Superhero story

We also danced along to some Superhero dances, listened to some stories and discussed what Incredible meant to us. 

It was lots of fun!!! 

We are settling into 2KW

Date: 17th Sep 2023 @ 5:43pm


We are pleased to say that the children are feeling more settled in 2KW this week!

The children have built some new friendships and have worked collaboratively in pairs and in small groups to complete math challenges. Look at how we grouped amounts into groups of 10 and then counted in steps of 10 to find the total amount.

.IMG_0563(1).jpg    IMG_0558.jpg

We have also been thinking about are new topic' why can't we just eat chocolate' and have been thinking about strategies we can use to have a healthy mind. We enjoyed meditating and using breathing techniques to relax.

IMG_0614.jpg  IMG_0608.jpg

Keep looking at the learning we have been doing each week !

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper



Week 2 in Year 3

Date: 17th Sep 2023 @ 11:29am

What an exciting week this has been! 

We begun our science unit "Skeletons and Muscles" by creating a skeleton puppet in groups. It was challenging at first, but we all had a lot of fun. This week, we also delved deeper into the world of Ancient Egypt, and created a timeline of key events.

In maths, we used concrete materials to add three digits together, and bridge numbers through 10. In English, we practised our retrieval skills, and explored adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions in preparation for our Character Descriptions. We can't wait to begin writing them next week. 


Welcome back!

Date: 15th Sep 2023 @ 4:42pm

Welcome back to school! We have just finished our first full week of year 5. Its been a bit of a whirlwind but I'm excited for what's to come this year. We have completed our first session of purposeful play, we've started reading Oliver Twist and we have begun to think about how we could describe two of the characters effectively. In maths, we have also been reviewing some of our year 4 learning about tenths. 

There is a strong emphasis this year on behaviour management. We have spent a good amount of time on ensuring that routines are in place and that children understand the appropriate times for them to be talking to others. Reflective language and emotional regulation will also feature heavily in our time at school this year so we can develop skills in managing our emotions to enable us to continue learning effectively.

We are truely hitting the group running with our first trip on Monday. It was initially booked for later in September but unfortunately, the venue had to bring our visit forward. I've no doubt that it will benefit the class enormously and they will be able to use what they learn in their writing and CC work. 

The children have come back in with a fantastic attitude to their learning - long may it continue!




Ph-antastic Phonics!

Date: 15th Sep 2023 @ 4:36pm

What a fantastic week we have had in Reception! We have loved learning all about Mo and all the different super speedy ways he can move!

We also started our phonics sessions this week. Thank you so much for your support in making sure that you bring your book bag to school each day. We have sent home the phonics sounds that we have been practising this week so your children can show off how well they can read them! 


We look forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday.

Golden Time

Date: 15th Sep 2023 @ 4:06pm

6JT have worked really hard this week and were rewarded with a fun filled golden time. There were lots of activities for the children to be involved in and they enjoyed every minute. Well done everyone and let's try to earn even mpre time next week!

4RJ week 2

Date: 15th Sep 2023 @ 1:52pm

What a week! This week we began our swimming lessons, which we really enjoyed! 

"Swimming was fun and amazing, we had a good time!" reported Natalie.

"Some people went in the big pool and some went in the shallow pool," shared Shardane.

"Swimming was amazing and the best part was swimming in the deep pool!" beamed Rayyan.

We began our science unit on teeth and learned that there are different types of teeth such as the incisor which is used to cut and chop. The canine is used to rip or tear. The premolars and molars are used to chew our food and help us to eat.

In maths we used words such as minuend and subtrahend and difference. Maybe some of the chidlren can test their parents to see if they know what these words mean! That's a challenge. 

Homework is being sent home today (Friday 15th), there will be spellings, times-tables and maths work to practise. Please return your home by Friday 22nd of September. Spellings and timestables will be tested next week. 



Fruit Printing

Date: 12th Sep 2023 @ 5:04pm

For our connected curriculum topic, 'Why can't we just eat chocolate?' We have been learning about a balanced diet. As part of our art lesson, we thought about different fruits and vegetables we could eat. Then we used a variety of different fruits and vegetables to print with. We created different patterns by printing with the fruit and vegetables, which we put on bunting to display around school.

Welcome to 1AI

Date: 10th Sep 2023 @ 8:51am

Welcome back to school and Year 1!! It has been an amazing start to the school year in 1AI. Children have started Year 1 with a fantastic attitude and are raring to get on with their learning. We have really focussed on setting the expectations of learning in Year 1 and working in the provision areas in the classroom. We have also thought of some class rules linked to the school rules. We used the story 'Pow!' to think about our learning powers and how we will be using them this year to help us. We also joined in with our first singing assembly with Mrs Kent. Next week we will begin our timetable in Year 1 and introduce lots of other things.

Have a great weekend!

Welcome Back

Date: 9th Sep 2023 @ 1:41pm


It was lovely to welcome the children back to school this week and see them begin their Year 2 journey. We have been really busy doing lots of exciting things this week. We have created our own fruit faces in the connected curriculum, begun to explore numbers up to 100 in maths, and spent lots of time getting to know each other. Take a look at some of our learning below. 

Week 1 in Year 3

Date: 8th Sep 2023 @ 9:48pm

What a wonderful start to year 3!

The children and adults arrived to school on Wednesday both nervous and excited to learn. We have now begun our Ancient Egyptian journey, and have already used hieroglyphics to design a cartouche. In English, we have begun to read "The Egyptian Cinderella," and even sequenced pictures from the story.

Attached is a copy of our homework, which is due on Friday 15th September.

Check back next week, where we will share some more of our learning. 

Welcome to Reception

Date: 8th Sep 2023 @ 7:15pm

? Welcome to Reception! ?
We have had a lovely week welcoming back our Reception children and meeting lots of new friends too!
This week we have been getting used to our new classrooms and have been exploring all of the new toys and things that reception has to offer inside and outside. The water area has definitely been a hit this week ??!

In literacy this week we have read the book 'a superpower like mine'. We have talked about what makes each of us super - being kind, caring, brave, funny and have all made our very own superhero pictures and labelled them with our names. 

In maths we have looked at height and have read the book about Ernest the giant moose who just couldn't fit in a book! We measured things that were taller and shorter than us and used maths vocabulary to compare different objects. 

Next week we are so excited to start reading the story 'Ready Steady Mo' and can't wait to get started with our phonics sessions! 

4RJ week 1

Date: 8th Sep 2023 @ 2:07pm

This week has been a busy week in year 4. We have begun our maths learning, and used words such as addend and sum. As part of our CC, we created our Maya masks which look fantastic on the front cover of our books. In addition, we also played the Pok-Ta-Pok Maya game, which during the Maya time was very dangerous (luckily we stayed safe).  Friday morning we welcomed some parents and carers in to our classroom as part of our meet-the-teacher sessions. All the information that was shared can be found on our class page.

Next week, we have PE on Monday so we'll need to wear the correct kit, and we begin swimming on Wednesday. A letter about swimming has been sent home.

Check back next week for more information!

Goodbye Year 6

Date: 21st Jul 2023 @ 6:26pm

The memories of Ravensbury for the class of 2023...

‘We create, We explore,

We care, We soar’


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