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Computing meets Design & Technology!!

Date: 26th Mar 2023 @ 5:40pm

Last week we read the story 'Space Tortoise.' In this story the main character wanted to get to the other side of the park where he could see all the lights. He decided to build a hot air balloon to get to the top of what he thought was a rocket! It was actually a clock tower a bit like Big Ben. 

This inspired our computing work where we were using the chrome books to plan and design our very own rockets. Then we used design and technology skills to build a rocket using recyclable materials, paper, masking tape and card.

It was lot's of fun!!!


Library Visit

Date: 24th Mar 2023 @ 12:22pm

On Tuesday morning, we visited Beswick library as part of our world book day celebrations!

When we arrived at the library, we were taken upstairs by the librarians to the children's section. We were gifted a book of our choie by the library to take home and keep. We were told that borrowing library books is free, so everyone should do that. 

The library runs lots of clubs, such as art and lego clubs and computing clubs. Gerard told how much he enjoyed school, in particular reading at school.

We will definitely want to visit again.

Thank you to all parents and carers for booking pupil progress meeting appointments. Please see Mr Jones if you did not book an appointment. 

Duck, duck, duck, duck, duckling 🐥

Date: 22nd Mar 2023 @ 9:16pm

You wouldn't believe who our surprise visitors to class are (maybe the title of this blog post has given away the surprise).

5 little eggs arrived on Monday and by Wednesday 4 of them had hatched. We looked at the equipment that came with the eggs and we watched closely as they hatched. We have our own little small world farm area set up to make them feel at home and we are going to take care of them so they don't miss their Mummy! 

More photos to follow ...


Mixed Media

Date: 21st Mar 2023 @ 1:20pm

Today in art, we have been exploring mixed media. We started by looking at what mixed media is and different collages that have been created through mixed media. We discussed what we liked about the different pieces of art and learnt where the background, midground, and foreground were. Then it was time for us to have a go. We had the chance to use paint, oil pastels, ink, bubble wrap, and printers to create our different pieces of art.


Science Week!

Date: 19th Mar 2023 @ 2:17pm

We have had a very exciting week taking part in British Science Week! This year's theme was 'Connected' and we learned about how science can connect our ideas, thoughts, people and inventions! We started the week with the City coaches delivering a P.E lesson that made connections with our science topic body parts. We enjoyed challenging ourselves to balance our bodies whilst touching a ball to a particular named body part! On Tuesday, we had a special visitor who taught us about an inventor called 'Lyda Newman'. We found out how she had invented a hair comb! We also designed a hair salon poster to advertise Lyda Newman's super invention! On Friday, we invited Dihas' dad into school as he is connected to science in his job. Dihas' dad is an engineer professor at a university and he taught us about why train wheels are the shape that they are! We were very interested in this as it connected with our CC topic on transport. Dihas' dad gave us a demonstration of how he tested different wheel shapes on a train track and we also got to have a try! What an exciting week! We definitely felt scientifically inspired and some of us would love to work in science when we are grown up!






Science Week 2023!

Date: 19th Mar 2023 @ 7:56am

Last week we celebrated British Science Week in school. This year the theme was called Connections, which celebrated how science is connected in so many ways. We started the week with our connection visitor in the form Kayvon who was a City coach. He used body part names in lots of fun games that we played using our bodies and controlling a ball.

On Tuesday we had a connection workshop in school where we learnt about Lyda Newman who invented the first hairbrush. We worked with someone called Ady who gave us lots of facts about the inventor Lyda Newman and played some drama games to support our learning about materials.

Don’t forget to join in with the Science Week competition. See the letter which was sent home on Friday! 

RND Keepy Uppy Challenge

Date: 17th Mar 2023 @ 5:21pm

As part of our RND cleebrations we completed Bluey's EYFS Challenge. During our danceathon we had to keep the balloons up in the air. As you can see, we were amazing at this.


TOP TIP: Keep your eye on the balloon and don't pat it up too hard because it will fly too high.



National Science Week 2023

Date: 17th Mar 2023 @ 4:31pm

We love learning about Science in 5CR so despite this only being a three day school week, we've packed in so much learning! On Tuesday, we had a special assembly and then a workshop to learn about the amazing scientist, Katherine Johnson. She worked on a lot of the maths and science involved in helping Neil Armstrong land on the moon. She faced incredible adversity due to her being a black woman in America but she achieved great things.We could all learn a thing or two from her! 

We then learned how to make an actual compass from a magnet, needle and a bowl of water before using our learning in geography.

And finally, today we had a visit from two actual engineers who work on the Metrolink trams. They taught the children all about how the wheels on the trams have to be a certain shape so that they can follow the tracks without a steering wheel. Year 5 asked some fabulous questions so that they might feel inspired to become engineers when they are older.

What a busy week!


Workshop 1.jpeg Workshop 2.jpeg Workshop 3.jpeg  Homemade compass.JPG Sci visit 1.JPG Sci visit 2.JPG

Bread Tasting

Date: 16th Mar 2023 @ 2:10pm

In design technology, we have been exploring what a balanced diet looks like. We are going to be using our knowledge of nutrition to create a balanced sandwich. This week, we tasted white, wholegrain, 50/50, seeded and tiger bread to help us decide which bread we liked best, and then we explored what nutrition is provided by the different types of bread. 


World Maths Day 2023!

Date: 13th Mar 2023 @ 5:13am

Last week we celebrated World Maths Day! We learnt about 3D shapes. We learnt about what they looked like, their name and which everyday objects they reminded us about. 

We used our drawing skills and remembered information from science about the seasons to produce our artwork. We made the 3D shape a square based pyramid using the net. On each side of the pyramid we drew a picture linked to each season. 

Computing Spring 2!

Date: 12th Mar 2023 @ 7:47am

This week we started our next unit of work in Computing. This half term it is linked to our topic  about transport. We started by recapping how to log on to a chrome book using our username and password details. This half term we will be linking computing, design and technology and science learning all together to create a rocket. We started by watching a video about how to make a rocket out of a plastic bottle. Then we opened up docs on the chrome book and in pairs typed  list of things we will need to make the rocket. We were practising our typing skills and becoming familiar with where the letters were on the keyboard. 

Watch out for another blog in the next few weeks showing our finished rockets! 🚀 


Maths Day 2023!

Date: 11th Mar 2023 @ 10:05pm

This week we celebrated Maths day in 3JH! 


We love Maths in our class and we love a challenge even more. We chose from a range of activities from https://www.artfulmaths.com/mathematical-art-lessons.html and settled on the Curves of Pursuit. Some children challenged themselves to draw a curve themselves, others challenged themselves to create a pattern with colours. 


The children really enjoyed doing this together and some and really worked hard to perfect their measurment and line drawing skills! As usual I am very proud of them all. Here are some photos of the process the children followed. Miss Caine has made an amazing display of the children's work from across school - I can't wait to see some of their work on there next week! 




Maths day!

Date: 11th Mar 2023 @ 2:45pm

In Reception we LOVE maths and we were so excited when we found out on our calendar that this Wednesday was world maths day. We had a great time making giant number and shape games. In the morning we got creative and made a giant marble run outside, we looked at the properties of the different boxes and used our mathematical vocabulary to describe them all. We also worked together to make a brand new track game with lift the flap challenges to play inside the classroom. In the afternoon we took it in turns to play the games and when there wasn't any room some children decided to make maths 'I love maths' hats and their own games to play together. 

For the rest of the week the children have loved returning to the games we have made and have loved making their own variations of track games like snakes and ladders in class. Well done reception!

Spring update

Date: 10th Mar 2023 @ 5:09pm

Hello parents and carers, 

What a busy time we have had since we have come back to school! We started off last week with our new topic launch day., where we learnt all about Chinese customs and traditions. Our new topic explores the difference between the UK and China and what better way to start than a dragon building workshop! Some of our grown ups even joined in too and the day was a great success! In fact, we could not pick a winning dragon, so we all got a prize for taking part! 

To celebrate World Book Day, we took a trip to the library and received a free book! The bus was so exciting because it has been quiet a while since we have been on a trip. 

We can't wait to carry on with our learning.

Class 2GS. 



Spring 2 Wk 2

Date: 10th Mar 2023 @ 12:26pm

What a busy week! 

We launched our new CC unit - Why did the Anglo-Saxons invade, and we're reading a book called Anglo-Saxon boy, which follows the sotry of Magnus as he preapres for battle! We were archaeologisits and found artefacts, as well as some Anglo-Saxon weaving which we used for our CC books. 

Our maths focus has been on rectallinear shapes, and the perimeter of those shapes, as well as using a ruler to measure! 

In our writing, we have focussed on expadning noun phrases, using the rule of three to improve our writng, using a range of superlative and compatritve adjectivces! We also wrote a blurb of the Anglo-Saxon boy.

We started our  new unit on electricity in science, and found different things in the classroom that use electricity. 

Our Computing learning focussed on scratch, using different algorithms and scripts to make our sprite move. 

On Wednesday we had such fun when swimming this week and we even managed to swim twenty five meteres, with some of us doing that without any support. 

Check in next week to see what else we have been up to!

International Day of Mathematics 2023

Date: 10th Mar 2023 @ 11:23am

Yesterday we celebrated International Day of Mathematics, 2023, by creating works of art that uses our Maths knowledge. We love patterns and shape so we looked at an artist, Anita Winterz, for inspiration. Just like Anita we allowed our creative selves to produce intuitive art. We are going to send our work to the artist to see what she thinks. What do you think of our creative maths artwork?


Manchester City Football Trip

Date: 9th Mar 2023 @ 1:00pm

We had a brilliant time on our trip to the City grounds! We got to work with lots of coaches, practicing our dribbling and control skills, playing lots of games, and playing in a football match! 

Math's Day!

Date: 9th Mar 2023 @ 12:52pm

Reception had a brilliant time celebrating Math's Day! We learnt all about different shapes and their properties, played track games with number challenges, built a giant marble run using different shaped objects and made our very own shape crowns! 

Making Clay Tiles

Date: 7th Mar 2023 @ 9:29pm

The last part of our unit on the Ancient Greeks was to create a clay tile in relief, depicting an event from the Ancient Olympics. We discussed various ways of making the scene to go on the tile using different shapes and then scratching them to make sure they stayed stuck. The children had some fabulous designs and followed the whole process through very carefully before finally evaluating their tiles and deciding what they would do differently next time.


pic collage.jpg

World Book Day in 5CR

Date: 7th Mar 2023 @ 9:26pm

We had such a fantastic day on Friday celebrating books! The day started with an assembly on cushions and rugs arranged around a stage so everyone got the chance to parade their costumes. The year 5 staff dressed up as characters from a midsummer night's dream. The children really seemed to enjoy my donkey head! It was so lovely to see so many children expressing their passion for a wide range of books - some I'd never even heard of!

Back in the classroom, we explored our focus text - the Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravett. Its a story about a lonely rabbit in a field who meets a 'friend' and very quickly, their family becomes far too big for the field. We imagined what it would be like for the farmer owner of the field watching each month as the population grew. There was some excellent drama as a result and we wrote our ideas as comments on a facebook group where the farmer had asked for help. There were some interesting ideas, for example teach the rabbits to dance and enter them on Britain's Got Talent, make a rabbit stew or form the world's first entirely rabbit football team! 

In the afternoon, we buddied up with year 1 and the children shared some stories with them. It was absolutely adorable to see but I'm afraid I can't share the photos due to privacy permissions.

It was a packed day but certainly fun and I can't wait for World Book Day 2024!


WBD 5CR 1.jpg WBD 5CR 2.jpg

WBD 5CR 3.jpg Hayley and kelly.jpg

World Book Day in 1AI

Date: 6th Mar 2023 @ 10:59pm

Last Friday we celebrated World Book Day in great style across school. In Year 1 we made some bookmarks that we took home, shared books with our new Year 5 reading buddies and joined in with the whole school assembly to parade our costumes. 

We also did some work around the story Dolly Daydream by Jan Johnson who is a local author and one of the Year 3 children’s grandma! We read the story, discussed friendship qualities and did some artwork to draw the main character Dolly Daydream. We also designed some alternative front covers for the book. In the afternoon the adults in KS1 performed the story Dolly Daydream and we even had a visit from Jan Johnson and got to ask her some questions. 

It was a fun day!! 

Topic 4 Launch!

Date: 6th Mar 2023 @ 10:49pm

Last week we launched our fourth topic called ‘How do the wheels on the bus go around and around?’ This topic is focussed on history and design and technology skills. 

We discovered a bike in the class and started to wonder why it was there, who it belonged to and shared our own experiences linked to bikes or scooters. 

In the afternoon we found a postcard from ‘Buddy the Bus,’ who wanted us to share our experiences of going on journeys. We shared these through pictures, captions and talking to our friends. 

World Book Day!

Date: 6th Mar 2023 @ 8:24pm

He had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. We all came to school dressed as our favourite book characters and took part in a fashion parade with the other classes to share our amazing costumes! The teachers also dressed up and we had to guess who their characters were. We found out that the KS1 teachers were dressed up as characters from our World Book Day book - Dolly Daydream. We read the book and discovered which characters the teachers were and them created a KS1 displayed based on the book. We made bookmarks and created minibeast artwork. In the afternoon, the teachers performed the story of Dolly Daydream and even sand and danced! The author also came to watch the performance and afterwards we were able to ask her questions about her book and being an author. To finish the day, the teachers shared masked reader videos and we had to guess the teacher and the story!

1HB WBD (12).JPG 1HB WBD (13).JPG

1HB WBD (17).JPG   1HB WBD (18).JPG



World Book Day!

Date: 3rd Mar 2023 @ 4:31pm

Nursery and Reception have had a fabulous time today on World Book Day.

We have been learning all about Nibble the Nibble Monster. He keeps causing chaos in all of our favourite books! Can you spot him? 

World Book Day

Date: 3rd Mar 2023 @ 3:39pm

Reception have had an amazing World Book Day today! 

We did lots of super fun activities, including a catwalk in the hall with the other year groups, designing our own story front cover, and drawing pictures of our favourite characters! We also had a delivery of some new stories all about the book moster Nibbles!! He was a cheeky monster and nibbled his way through all of our books - but don't worry, we've trapped him in a cage in school to keep all of our other stories safe! 

We also met our reading buddies in 4LJ/4CB and had a great time sharing our stories with them, and listening to them read us their favourite stories. 

We can't wait for next World Book Day! 

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