Year 2KW 2023 - 2024

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Welcome to 2KW!! 


Hello class 2KW! My name is Miss Wolfenden and I'm so happy to be your teacher.  Mrs Cooper, the teaching assistant and I will be working really hard to make sure that we make learning fun and enjoyable. We are always here to listen and want each and every child in the class to feel safe and secure and valued!

In our classroom, we highly value:

Excellent listening, good work ethic, punctuality, laughter/smiles and outstanding behaviour!

This year we are working hard to develop our reading, writing and mathematics skills. We will be learning exciting new topics in our Connected Curriculum learning and we will be working with Mrs McCaffer to develop our art skills. We will be taking part in alot of physical activities both indoors and outdoors and we will work with The Manchester City Coach who will help us to develop a range of team skills as part of the P.E curriculum.

Reading Books
Your child has now been given a Reading Book and a Reading Record Book. You will need to bring your child's book back in every day
. Your child's book will be changed and a new book will be given to them on Monday and Thursdays. Please bring your child's book in every day so that they can also be read to at school. Your child also has guided reading lessons in school and will get an opportunity to read each day. It is important that your child reads his/her book EVERY night. Your child will then be able to practise their phonics skills and use different reading strategies E.g. using picture cues, phonic cues, and grammatical knowledge to help them become fluent readers. When they have read their book there is a space in the Reading Record Book for you to say how they found the book, which bits they did well with and with bits they found difficult.


A list of spellings will be given out at the every Friday. Spelling tests take place on a Friday. Children will receive certificates for practising their spellings at home.

Library Books
Your child will have an opportunity to visit the library and choose a book each week. The book they choose is completely of their own choice. We visit the library every Friday. The books will be kept in school in your child's tray.

We have PE on Thursdays and Fridays. Please ensure that your child wears their PE kit into school so they can participate in our PE lessons comfortably. This should include a white T-shirt, pair of black shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms & some pumps/trainers. There is no earrings allowed in P.E. Either your child needs to be able to remove them themselves or they need to be removed by you at home.

Children are expected to show respect to each other, to all adults and the school environment. (Inside the building and in the playground) We have a clear behaviour system that all the children follow. The rules and behaviour systems are clearly displayed in all classrooms and around central parts of the school.

How you can help?
Literacy – how can you help your child?
• Listen to your child read EVERY NIGHT – discuss pictures and story content.
• Help them to be independent readers.
• Encourage your child to read anything as well as their ‘reading book’ – library books, comics, street names anything.
• Encourage your child to be an independent writer – writing anything – letters, lists, shopping lists – to put their writing skills into everyday situations.
• Help your child to form their letters correctly and present work neatly.
• Help your child to spell and read simple key words and use them in reading and writing.
• Make reading fun, a time that you both look forward to spending together.

Maths – how can you help your child?
• Play games – snakes and ladders, dominoes – all help to develop a variety of mathematical skills.
• Talk about numbers and look for numbers everywhere – shopping, in the street – it all helps to recognise and understand numbers and number patterns
• Help your child to form their numbers properly.
• Practice counting – it’s surprising what you can count.
• Practice counting forwards and backwards – to 10, 20, 100.
• Add 2 numbers together or taking 1 number from another – make into a story or a game.
• Understand symbols for addition, subtraction and equals ( +, -, = )
• Understand estimating how many in a group of objects.
• Recognising different coins.- Practise counting handfuls of loose change. shopping activities.


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