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Scientific Enquiry - do children who have larger hands also have larger feet?

Date: 19th Sep 2022 @ 4:09pm

Last week in Science we began to think about our scientific enquiry skills. We learned what these skills were and started to think about seeking patterns. Our enquiry question was 'Do children with larger hands have larger feet?' We discussed what we needed to do and how we were going to do the investigation. We used ant team work to measure around each others hands and feet then worked together to measure them using cubes. We discovered that not all children who had larger hands also had larger feet! 

Start of Computing!!!

Date: 19th Sep 2022 @ 4:00pm

Last week in Year 1 we started our learning in computing. We learned what logging in details included and discussed what different types of things are included in computing. We looked in detail at a chrome book and used our logging in details to log on for the very first time! Some of us used our learning powere of Roger the resilient rhino beetle to persevere even when there were errors in typing the details. Well done Year 1!!!

Superhero Day Launch

Date: 11th Sep 2022 @ 5:07pm

On Friday we launched our first topic called 'What makes us Incredible?' We dressed up as superheroes and did a range of activities. We designed some masks, thought about what the word Incredible meant, created some Numicon cities and Superhero cities/towns. We also learned how to use a green screen and posed like a Superhero for our front cover on our new CC books. 

We ended the day by doing lots of Just Dance and Go Noodle superhero dances with Mrs Brierley's class. 

We will now explore this topic with science and history learning linked to body parts, senses and how our local area has changed in our lifetime. The focus of the history work will be changes to Ravensbury school building and Tartan Street. 


Date: 11th Sep 2022 @ 8:40am

Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to academic year 2022-23!!!

We have had an amazing first week back into school. The children have settled in well and have become used to the routines and timetable of Year 1. We have introduced the areas of the classroom and set out expectations of how to use resources in these areas. We have thought of some class rules which we have agreed to follow each day. We have been in two assemblies already and completed our first two PE sessions as well. We have learned about our Learning Powers and linked it to the story 'Albert Upside Down' that we listened to during our transition morning in July. To finish off the week we have launched our first topic called 'What makes us Incredible?' 

Keep checking the website and click on class 1AI as new blogs will be posted each week!

It's going to be another fanatstic year of learning in Class 1AI!!! 

Kenyan Art

Date: 24th Jul 2022 @ 8:57am

This week we have been learning about a Kenyan artist called Kamau Joseph. He is an artist who works in Nairobi and his artwork is inspired by people doing everyday jobs in Kenya. His artwork has lots of bright colours that remind him of the different faces and tribes that live in Kenya. 

We took some inspiration from his work and created our own versions using drawing pencils and brightly coloured oil pastels. The result was very effective! 

Measures, Measures, Measures!!!

Date: 24th Jul 2022 @ 8:50am

For the last few weeks in our maths learning we have been looking at the measure topics of length/height, weight and capacity. We have been learning how to measure height/length, weight and capacity. We have also been learning the vocabulary associated with each area. We have used the station activity to practice these skills in some practical activity using small objects, rulers, balance scales and measuring containers. 

Locality Walk using map skills

Date: 3rd Jul 2022 @ 8:08pm

On Friday 1st July we went on a local walk around school to test out our map skills. We discussed the route that we would be taking and used the map to follow the route. As we were walking in the local area we were spotting all the landmarks that we could see which included Cycling Centre, Asda, Flipout, the bridge, canal, Flipout, Decathalon, Ethihad Stadium and Philips Park. 

We also saw other things like the blocks of flats and electricity pylons. Once we sat down on the other side of the canal near the cycling centre we drew some of the landmarks that we could see. Next week we will be comapring Clayton with Kenya and discuss the differences and similarities. 

Masai Shields Part 2!

Date: 26th Jun 2022 @ 5:10pm

This week we finished the Masai shields with Mrs McAffer. We filled the shield with patterns using oil pastels and then used our sewing skills to sew some stitches around the edge of the shield. Later on in the week we used the shields to finish off our front covers for our connected curriculum books. We used green screen technology to create some photos as if we were a Masai tribesperson in Kenya. It looked very real!!! 


Date: 19th Jun 2022 @ 5:24pm

This week in our maths lessons we have been learning about arrays and how they can help us with multiplication. An array is a set of objects or pictures that are arranged into rows and columns. We made arrays using counters and then had a go at drawing arrays. 

At the end of the week children requested the station carousel of activities so we consolidated our learning doing just that! Station 1 activity was read the statement and make the array and station 2 activity was read the statement and draw the arrays. Finally station 3 activity children had to read the problems and decide if they were going to draw or make the arrays. 

By the end of the week, children were becoming much more confident at understanding and using arrays. They will continue to use these when they get into Year 2!

Masai Shields with Mrs McAffer

Date: 19th Jun 2022 @ 5:18pm

Last week we started our next art project with Mrs McAffer. We looked at the Masai Tribe from Kenya, with a particular focus on their shields. We discussed the colours and patterns on the shields. Mrs McAffer showed us the technique of rubbings using different patterns and oil pastels. We created some of these rubbings and then cut the piece of paper into different shapes to glue on to the shield template. 

Next we are going to fill the rest of the shield using oil pastels and use our sewing skills to sew a border stitch all around the edge of the shield. Check back next week for the finished Masai shields! 

Africa Day Topic Launch!

Date: 12th Jun 2022 @ 11:47am

Welcome Back to the last term of Year 1!

What a start to the half term it has been this week! On Friday we launched our final topic called 'How do we get to the Masai Mara?' This topic is all about the vibrant continent of Africa with a particular focus on the country of Kenya. The focus of this topic will be geography and science objectives from the curriculum.

However, we started the topic with fabulous day of learning where we completed a variety of activities which began our journey into this great topic. We did a carousel of activities that included making a Kenyan flag, designing some African prints using patterns and different colours and finally creating a Masai tribe necklace.

We also had a visit from Mrs Ganner who came to teach us how to play a simple beat on a traditional African drum called a Djembe. We also joined Miss Higgin's class in the afternoon in the hall to learn a simple African dance! It was lots of fun and a good start to our final topic in Year 1! 

Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Date: 26th May 2022 @ 2:31pm

This week we had a very special day on Wednesday to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. This means that the Queen has been the Queen of England for 70 years! We came to school dressed in our special party clothes and had a fun filled day of activities, singing, dancing and eating a special Jubilee Tea Party lunch. 

We learnt facts about the Queen and saw some of the Queen's Coronation where she became the Queen. We also listening to the story 'The Queen's Hat' and designed our own hats for the Queen. We made union jack flags and watched the Jubilee cartoon that is based around the story 'The Queen's Hat.' The children really enjoyed it and if you would like to watch it again click this link:


Fruit Kebabs

Date: 22nd May 2022 @ 7:21am

This week we innovated the story 'Oliver's Vegetables' and imagined that grandpa grew fruit in his garden instead of vegetables. We thought of adjectives to describe these fruits and tasted some to support our descriptions. We then wrote a diary entry imagining we were Oliver trying a fruit and used some of the adjectives that we generated. In our Connected Curriculum work we continued with this innovation and did some design and technology. We designed, made and evaluated some fruit kebabs. They were delicious!  

Go and Stand!!!

Date: 15th May 2022 @ 8:04am

This year in school we have had a focus on using different strategies during our learning in and out of the classroom. These strategies develop children's thinking skills and can promote teamwork and collaboration. 

This week we used GAS (go and stand) in our CC (topic) lesson on Wednesday, we were learning about deciduous and evergreen trees. After listening to the video and reading some information we were given some pictures of leaves from different trees. With our partner we had to go and stand under the correct heading - deciduous or evergreen. We had to explain to our partner why we were under that heading by looking at the shape of the leaves. 

Everyone had to talk - no one stayed quiet!!! 

Finding quarters

Date: 5th May 2022 @ 2:08pm

This week in maths we have continued our work on fractions and have been exploring how to find a quarter in shapes and amounts (numbers). This is new learning for us in Year 1 and the children have persevered and tried their best to understand what a quarter in shapes and amounts will look like and how to work it out. 

Below is a collage of children working out a quarter in amounts by sharing equally between 4. They worked well together with their friend and helped each other out when they were unsure. By the end of the week children were becoming more confident at understanding that a quarter is 1 part out of 4 and each part needs to be equal. 

Great teamwork 1AI!!!


Manchester Libraries Author Zoom Visit!

Date: 1st May 2022 @ 10:48am

On Thursday last week we took part in a authro visit by Manchester Libraries. The author was Rachel Morrisroe who was reading and doing activities about her book 'The Drama Llama.' The story was about a little boy who developed a llama evrytime he got worried. His llama went away when he talked to someone who helped him. We created our very own Drama Llama's. 


Summer 1!!!

Date: 24th Apr 2022 @ 1:08pm

Welcome back!

I can't believe we are entering the final term of Year 1! Where has this year gone!!

The children have come back to school ready to learn and have also grown a little taller. They are all looking so grown up and are now getting ready for Year 2!

Our topic this half term is called 'How does your garden grow?' In this topic we will be learning all about plants, how they grow, what they need to help them grow and learning about different types of flowers, plants and trees. We launched this topic with a planting afternoon this week. We planted a sunflower seed and we will observe and watch what happens to it over the next few weeks. We also discussed what we knew about plants and created our CC book front covers using our drawing skills. They look amazing!

Keep checking back over this half term to see what else we have been getting up to! 


Easter Fun!!!

Date: 13th Apr 2022 @ 5:27am

On Tuesday and Thursday of the last week of term we had lots of Easter fun! The children created some wonderful Easter Bonnets at home and brought them to school for our very first outdoor parade on the playground. On Thursday as part of our Behaviour Treat we had a Easter Egg hunt in the playground. The team that found the most plastic eggs were the winners and received a chocolate bunny. Everyone who took part in the fun also had a chocolate egg as well. 

Design and Technology Car Project

Date: 13th Apr 2022 @ 5:17am

The last week of term was very busy in 1AI. To finish our topic linked to transport we designed, made and evaluted our very own cars. We started the process by exploring what a wheel and axle was on a car and how it helped it to move. We then used ideas to design our vehicles, made our vehicles using recycled bottles, tubes and boxes and finally we tested out our cars on a wooden ramp to evaluate if it was a good design. It was a great project from start to finish and the chidlren really enjoyed it.

Well done everyone:)


Glider Competition!!

Date: 27th Mar 2022 @ 6:21pm

This week we learnt about the first flight and The Wright Brothers as a follow up from our visit to Manchester Airport last week. We found out what inspired the Wright Brothers to make the very first glider and learnt that the first flight lasted for only 12 seconds. We also learnt about Bessie Coleman and why she was an important figure in the world of aviation and flight. We were amazed at her determination to become a pilot and the class were very humble to learn that she learnt French so that she could go to France and learn how to become a pilot! We learnt something new and made some origami gliders out of paper. We then took them out on to the playground for a glider competetion to find out which design went the furthest. Kairo was our winner and saw his glider fly the furthest away on the playground. Well Done!!!

Next week we will be exploring cars and going into the world of Design and Technology. Watch out for next week's blog! 

Glider Competition.JPG

More fun at the airport!!!

Date: 19th Mar 2022 @ 11:20pm

Here's more photos from our day at the Runway Park at Manchester Airport...

Airport trip 1.png

Manchester Airport Trip!!!

Date: 19th Mar 2022 @ 11:18pm

What a busy week we have had in Year 1!!! On Wednesday we dressed in yellow and blue in support for the children of Ukraine. On Friday it was Red Nose Day where we came to school dressed in red and tried something new. In 1AI we have been trying yoga with Miss Prescott which was new to us. It was a little tricky doin the poses but have decided that we will continue with this each week and become better at it. 

On Thursday we had an amazing trip to the Runway Part at Manchester Airport. This was our very trip out of school for these children due to the Pandemic. The children were realy excited and their behavaiour was amazing. All the grown ups that went on the trip were super proud. 

The day was filled with lots of learning about aircraft parts, jobs at an airport and the parts of Concorde. We even sat inside the cockpit of an aircraft and imagined what it would have been like to be a pilot. We saw Concorde up close and it was amazing!!! We learnt that it used to have 100 passengers, it had supersonic speed and 12 wheels. We also found out that the queen travelled on Concorde as well! We saw aeroplabes land and take off on the runway outside. We saw some great big planes which belonged to the airline Emirates and Qatar Airlines. They were huge planes!!!

It was an amazing day which was filled with lots of learning!!!

Airport trip 2.JPG


Comparing Numbers

Date: 13th Mar 2022 @ 6:16pm

Last week we continued to think of the place value of numbers within 100. We learnt about the greater than, less then and equal signs and how we can use them to compare numbers. We used Numicon to make numbers and then explored which sign would be needed in the middle to compare. We used the vocabulary greater than, less than and is the same as/equal to to say our sentences. 

Comparing numbers.JPG

World Book Day!!

Date: 4th Mar 2022 @ 11:05am

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day in school. It was a magical day with some amazing, costumes, stories, KS1 parade and even a special version of the 'Gingerbread Man' performed by the staff in Year 1 and 2!!!

Our class was given a box which had some information and books by the author Sue Hendra. We read some of the stories and did some creative activities in a carousel over the day. We made some Evil Pea's, Sue Hendra story character bookmarks and designed new shells for Norman the Slug. 

It was an amazing day! We had loads of fun!!!



Finding tens and ones...

Date: 17th Feb 2022 @ 9:25pm

This week in our maths lessons we have been doing some new learning linked to counting within 50 and recognising how many tens and ones are in 2-digit numbers. We were using diennes or sometimes they are called base 10 to support our learning. We read 2 digit numbers and used diennes to make the numbers and recognise how many tens and ones are in the 2-digit number. It was a little tricky but we persevered and began to understand how to use the diennes. 

Maths diennes.JPG

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