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Coronation Day Celebrations in 1AI!🀴🏻

Date: 8th May 2023 @ 4:32pm

On Friday we had an amazing day in school celebrating all things related to King Charles Coronation Day. We started the day with a fabulous assembly led by Miss Higgins and Year 3 where we learnt about what was going to happen in the coronation ceremony. During the morning we went outside and played various fairground games and had a selfie with the king himself!! 

In class we also learned more about King Charles, sang our special coronation song that we were learning in singing assembly, made a crown and our very own Union Jack flag. 

It was lots of fun! πŸ‘‘

Garden or Wild plants...?

Date: 28th Apr 2023 @ 8:41am

This week in science we have started to learn about garden and wild plants. A garden plant is something that is grown by someone and need to be looked after. These plants would normally be grown in a garden or park. A wild plant is one that will grow anywhere! We used an identification key to find out the names of some of the plants that are wild and garden plants. We used an identification key to draw plants and label them. Have a go at using the identification when you are out and about and see if you can spot anymore garden or wild plants...

Topic 5 Launch - How does your garden grow?

Date: 28th Apr 2023 @ 8:11am

Last Friday we launched our next topic with Stuart the gardener. Our topic is called How does your garden grow and we thought the best way to launch it would be to work with Stuart. We planted some seeds, used our sense of smell and searched for minibeasts under logs and other areas of the garden space in the playground. We now need to take care of our plants and watch them grow! Hopefully at the end of this topic we will be selling these plants and making some money to buy our own class trees to grow in the garden area. 

Easter Fun!

Date: 17th Apr 2023 @ 4:39am

The last week of term we had lots of Easter fun! We learnt about the Easter story and created some Easter cards and sang some Easter songs in music. We also had a fabulous Easter bonnet parade around the Daily Mile track on the playground. Nursery, Reception and Year 2 joined us to show off lovely creations to each other and our grown ups from home. It was lots of fun! 

Computing meets Design & Technology!!

Date: 26th Mar 2023 @ 5:40pm

Last week we read the story 'Space Tortoise.' In this story the main character wanted to get to the other side of the park where he could see all the lights. He decided to build a hot air balloon to get to the top of what he thought was a rocket! It was actually a clock tower a bit like Big Ben. 

This inspired our computing work where we were using the chrome books to plan and design our very own rockets. Then we used design and technology skills to build a rocket using recyclable materials, paper, masking tape and card.

It was lot's of fun!!!


Science Week 2023!

Date: 19th Mar 2023 @ 7:56am

Last week we celebrated British Science Week in school. This year the theme was called Connections, which celebrated how science is connected in so many ways. We started the week with our connection visitor in the form Kayvon who was a City coach. He used body part names in lots of fun games that we played using our bodies and controlling a ball.

On Tuesday we had a connection workshop in school where we learnt about Lyda Newman who invented the first hairbrush. We worked with someone called Ady who gave us lots of facts about the inventor Lyda Newman and played some drama games to support our learning about materials.

Don’t forget to join in with the Science Week competition. See the letter which was sent home on Friday! 

World Maths Day 2023!

Date: 13th Mar 2023 @ 5:13am

Last week we celebrated World Maths Day! We learnt about 3D shapes. We learnt about what they looked like, their name and which everyday objects they reminded us about. 

We used our drawing skills and remembered information from science about the seasons to produce our artwork. We made the 3D shape a square based pyramid using the net. On each side of the pyramid we drew a picture linked to each season. 

Computing Spring 2!

Date: 12th Mar 2023 @ 7:47am

This week we started our next unit of work in Computing. This half term it is linked to our topic  about transport. We started by recapping how to log on to a chrome book using our username and password details. This half term we will be linking computing, design and technology and science learning all together to create a rocket. We started by watching a video about how to make a rocket out of a plastic bottle. Then we opened up docs on the chrome book and in pairs typed  list of things we will need to make the rocket. We were practising our typing skills and becoming familiar with where the letters were on the keyboard. 

Watch out for another blog in the next few weeks showing our finished rockets! πŸš€ 


World Book Day in 1AI

Date: 6th Mar 2023 @ 10:59pm

Last Friday we celebrated World Book Day in great style across school. In Year 1 we made some bookmarks that we took home, shared books with our new Year 5 reading buddies and joined in with the whole school assembly to parade our costumes. 

We also did some work around the story Dolly Daydream by Jan Johnson who is a local author and one of the Year 3 children’s grandma! We read the story, discussed friendship qualities and did some artwork to draw the main character Dolly Daydream. We also designed some alternative front covers for the book. In the afternoon the adults in KS1 performed the story Dolly Daydream and we even had a visit from Jan Johnson and got to ask her some questions. 

It was a fun day!! 

Topic 4 Launch!

Date: 6th Mar 2023 @ 10:49pm

Last week we launched our fourth topic called ‘How do the wheels on the bus go around and around?’ This topic is focussed on history and design and technology skills. 

We discovered a bike in the class and started to wonder why it was there, who it belonged to and shared our own experiences linked to bikes or scooters. 

In the afternoon we found a postcard from ‘Buddy the Bus,’ who wanted us to share our experiences of going on journeys. We shared these through pictures, captions and talking to our friends. 

Children's Mental Health Week

Date: 16th Feb 2023 @ 1:00pm

Last week was Children's Mental Health week in school. During the week we did lots of activities such as discussing what makes us calm, midfulness colouring activities, yoga and tried out some breathing exercises. 

We also buddied up with Year 4 and 5 and went on a walk and chat around the daily mile track on the playground. It was lovely to see all the children having a walk and talk! 

Here are the links to some of the exercises we tried in class should you wish to have a go at home:

Rainbow breathing


Mindful looking - Bubble bounce 

Bee Bot videos

Date: 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:43am

In computing we used the Beebots again! We reminded ourselves how to use them and made some videos to explain to our friends. 

Look at the videos attached and how clear the explanations are! 


Date: 6th Jan 2023 @ 11:34am

What a great start to the New Year and Spring 1 term!!! The children have come back with such a great attitude towards their learning and have got stuck back into their learning in a positive way. 

In computing we have started to use the programmable toys Beebots. This week we were 'tinkering' and thinking about how the toys will move. We learnt that we can use the buttons on the top of the Beebot and programme it by giving it some instructions which will then allow the toy to move.

This term we will continue to use this piece of computing equipment to plan, test and debug a set of instructions on a Beebot. 

Here is a link to a virtual Beebot game that can be played online:



Happy New YearπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Date: 31st Dec 2022 @ 12:03pm

We hope you have had an amazing holiday and for those of you who celebrate Christmas we hope it has been fantastic. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you back on Wednesday 4th January 2023!!

Mrs Iqbal & Miss Timmins 😊

Christmas dinner! πŸ½πŸŽ„

Date: 31st Dec 2022 @ 11:58am

We enjoyed delicious Christmas Dinner in the last week of term. It was delicious and we also had a singalong to the song Jingle Bells!

Christmas Jumper Day!πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Date: 11th Dec 2022 @ 9:11am

On Friday we came to school wearing some fabulous Christmassey jumpers, dresses and head gear. Everyone looked amazing and after school we joined in with all the festivities at the Christmas Fair. We even had twins in the same Christmas dresses!!😊

Nativity 2022!!!

Date: 9th Dec 2022 @ 10:45am

What a week it has been! I can't believe that in 6 days we have chosen roles, learnt lines and songs to perform to all the grown ups at home on Tuesday. The children were amazing and we had some very talented actors, singers and dancers. 

Here is a short video of the children dressed in their wonderful costumes.



Santa Visit!πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„

Date: 4th Dec 2022 @ 3:13pm

Look who came to visit us on Friday!! Mrs Thewlis had some contacts and we had a special visit from Santa. We had a lovely chat with Santa, shared our present ideas, took a photograph with him and he gave us all a present. Some children even gave Santa a special picture or letter that they had made at home. 

Progress Evenings

Date: 4th Dec 2022 @ 3:09pm

Thank you to everyone who attended progress meetings (parents evening) last Tuesday and Wednesday. It was great to meet everyone and share your child’s achievements during the first term in Year 1. Check your child’s book bag as the progress report and booklet of resources were sent home on Friday. 

Generating adjective using Chat Mats

Date: 27th Nov 2022 @ 8:29pm

Last week we started our next story called ‘Stickman.’ We used our prediction skills to guess what might happen by just looking at a picture. Then we learned new vocabulary, understood what it meant and used word rap to remember the words. 

We learned about what settings were in a story and generated adjectives to describe what Stickman could see and hear in each setting. We used an activity called chat mats to work in two smaller groups to think of adjectives and then use them to write some sentences. 

Understanding Compass Points in Geography

Date: 27th Nov 2022 @ 8:24pm

Last week we were introduced to a compass. We looked at some compasses and learned about the four compass points of north, east, south and west. We learned why a compass might be used and how we can use the compass points to give directions. 

We played a partner game where we imagined we were the wolf and our partner hadn’t to give us some directions using the compass points to get to each house that the wolf built. 

Grouping Materials

Date: 13th Nov 2022 @ 9:01am

In science our topic is all about Everyday Materials where we will be naming and understanding the properties of materials. When the three little pigs were moving to the brick house they left lots objects behind in the straw and stick houses. It was our job to look at these objects and group them depending on which material they were built out of. We felt the objects, looked at them closely and discussed with our groups to find out how to group the objects. Then we wrote some labels for each group. 

Topic 2 Building Challenge Launch!!!

Date: 4th Nov 2022 @ 1:55pm

This week we started our new topic called 'Could the three little pigs use a better material to build their houses?' This topic has a focus on:

*Science - materials and their properties

*Design and Technology - designing, building and making things using simple joins

*Geography - map work skills and learning about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom

On Friday we had a fantastic launch where we invited our grown ups to help us with a building challenge. We had to work as a team to build a better house for the three little pigs. We talked about our learning powers and tried to use them whilst we were completing the challenge. Miss Wolfenden came to judge of creations and was speechless!! It was fair to say that everyone tried their best and she thought everyone deserved the certificate and prize! Well done Everyone!!!

It was such a great experience and the teams worked really well together. The grown ups from home were amazing and had some very creative ideas. We even had a house with a hot tub, swimming pool and solar panels!!!! Thank you to all the growns who took time out of their schedule to come and share this experience with us!

Attached a some pictures of our creations...



Rebaz Mohammed Freestyle Footballer

Date: 4th Nov 2022 @ 1:30pm

What a fantastic start to Autumn 2 we have had in our class! The children have come back with a very positive attitude and have got stuck into their learning. On Thursday we had a great morning when Rebaz Mohammed Freestyle Footballer came into school to show off his amazing skills. We started the morning watching him in a very special assembly led by Mrs Ganner. Then we had our own session with him where he taught us some skills that we parcatised with our partner. It was lots of fun!!!

If you would like to learn more abour Rebaz or watch some of his videos please use this link below:


Half term!!!

Date: 22nd Oct 2022 @ 8:46am

Wow! we can't believe it is the end of the first half term in Year 1! The class have settled in really well into the routines of the Year 1 timetable and have become part of the wider school activities as well. They have become very confidenet at joining in with Singing assembly and our Friday assembly with Year 2 and 3. After the holiday we will also join in with the Monday morning awards assembly. 

On the class page you will find the Autumn 2 parent overview which details everything that we will be covering in the curriculum for our next topic called 'Could the three little pigs use a better material to build their houses?' To launch this next topic we are inviting grown ups from home to a building challenge on Friday 4th November at 10am. Children have taken home a letter about this, please check their book bags! However, we have also attached it to this blog. 

We hope you have an amazing half term and we will see you on Monday 31st October.

Mrs iqbal & Miss Timmins

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