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Go and Stand!!!

Date: 15th May 2022 @ 8:04am

This year in school we have had a focus on using different strategies during our learning in and out of the classroom. These strategies develop children's thinking skills and can promote teamwork and collaboration. 

This week we used GAS (go and stand) in our CC (topic) lesson on Wednesday, we were learning about deciduous and evergreen trees. After listening to the video and reading some information we were given some pictures of leaves from different trees. With our partner we had to go and stand under the correct heading - deciduous or evergreen. We had to explain to our partner why we were under that heading by looking at the shape of the leaves. 

Everyone had to talk - no one stayed quiet!!! 

Finding quarters

Date: 5th May 2022 @ 2:08pm

This week in maths we have continued our work on fractions and have been exploring how to find a quarter in shapes and amounts (numbers). This is new learning for us in Year 1 and the children have persevered and tried their best to understand what a quarter in shapes and amounts will look like and how to work it out. 

Below is a collage of children working out a quarter in amounts by sharing equally between 4. They worked well together with their friend and helped each other out when they were unsure. By the end of the week children were becoming more confident at understanding that a quarter is 1 part out of 4 and each part needs to be equal. 

Great teamwork 1AI!!!


Manchester Libraries Author Zoom Visit!

Date: 1st May 2022 @ 10:48am

On Thursday last week we took part in a authro visit by Manchester Libraries. The author was Rachel Morrisroe who was reading and doing activities about her book 'The Drama Llama.' The story was about a little boy who developed a llama evrytime he got worried. His llama went away when he talked to someone who helped him. We created our very own Drama Llama's. 


Summer 1!!!

Date: 24th Apr 2022 @ 1:08pm

Welcome back!

I can't believe we are entering the final term of Year 1! Where has this year gone!!

The children have come back to school ready to learn and have also grown a little taller. They are all looking so grown up and are now getting ready for Year 2!

Our topic this half term is called 'How does your garden grow?' In this topic we will be learning all about plants, how they grow, what they need to help them grow and learning about different types of flowers, plants and trees. We launched this topic with a planting afternoon this week. We planted a sunflower seed and we will observe and watch what happens to it over the next few weeks. We also discussed what we knew about plants and created our CC book front covers using our drawing skills. They look amazing!

Keep checking back over this half term to see what else we have been getting up to! 


Easter Fun!!!

Date: 13th Apr 2022 @ 5:27am

On Tuesday and Thursday of the last week of term we had lots of Easter fun! The children created some wonderful Easter Bonnets at home and brought them to school for our very first outdoor parade on the playground. On Thursday as part of our Behaviour Treat we had a Easter Egg hunt in the playground. The team that found the most plastic eggs were the winners and received a chocolate bunny. Everyone who took part in the fun also had a chocolate egg as well. 

Design and Technology Car Project

Date: 13th Apr 2022 @ 5:17am

The last week of term was very busy in 1AI. To finish our topic linked to transport we designed, made and evaluted our very own cars. We started the process by exploring what a wheel and axle was on a car and how it helped it to move. We then used ideas to design our vehicles, made our vehicles using recycled bottles, tubes and boxes and finally we tested out our cars on a wooden ramp to evaluate if it was a good design. It was a great project from start to finish and the chidlren really enjoyed it.

Well done everyone:)


Glider Competition!!

Date: 27th Mar 2022 @ 6:21pm

This week we learnt about the first flight and The Wright Brothers as a follow up from our visit to Manchester Airport last week. We found out what inspired the Wright Brothers to make the very first glider and learnt that the first flight lasted for only 12 seconds. We also learnt about Bessie Coleman and why she was an important figure in the world of aviation and flight. We were amazed at her determination to become a pilot and the class were very humble to learn that she learnt French so that she could go to France and learn how to become a pilot! We learnt something new and made some origami gliders out of paper. We then took them out on to the playground for a glider competetion to find out which design went the furthest. Kairo was our winner and saw his glider fly the furthest away on the playground. Well Done!!!

Next week we will be exploring cars and going into the world of Design and Technology. Watch out for next week's blog! 

Glider Competition.JPG

More fun at the airport!!!

Date: 19th Mar 2022 @ 11:20pm

Here's more photos from our day at the Runway Park at Manchester Airport...

Airport trip 1.png

Manchester Airport Trip!!!

Date: 19th Mar 2022 @ 11:18pm

What a busy week we have had in Year 1!!! On Wednesday we dressed in yellow and blue in support for the children of Ukraine. On Friday it was Red Nose Day where we came to school dressed in red and tried something new. In 1AI we have been trying yoga with Miss Prescott which was new to us. It was a little tricky doin the poses but have decided that we will continue with this each week and become better at it. 

On Thursday we had an amazing trip to the Runway Part at Manchester Airport. This was our very trip out of school for these children due to the Pandemic. The children were realy excited and their behavaiour was amazing. All the grown ups that went on the trip were super proud. 

The day was filled with lots of learning about aircraft parts, jobs at an airport and the parts of Concorde. We even sat inside the cockpit of an aircraft and imagined what it would have been like to be a pilot. We saw Concorde up close and it was amazing!!! We learnt that it used to have 100 passengers, it had supersonic speed and 12 wheels. We also found out that the queen travelled on Concorde as well! We saw aeroplabes land and take off on the runway outside. We saw some great big planes which belonged to the airline Emirates and Qatar Airlines. They were huge planes!!!

It was an amazing day which was filled with lots of learning!!!

Airport trip 2.JPG


Comparing Numbers

Date: 13th Mar 2022 @ 6:16pm

Last week we continued to think of the place value of numbers within 100. We learnt about the greater than, less then and equal signs and how we can use them to compare numbers. We used Numicon to make numbers and then explored which sign would be needed in the middle to compare. We used the vocabulary greater than, less than and is the same as/equal to to say our sentences. 

Comparing numbers.JPG

World Book Day!!

Date: 4th Mar 2022 @ 11:05am

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day in school. It was a magical day with some amazing, costumes, stories, KS1 parade and even a special version of the 'Gingerbread Man' performed by the staff in Year 1 and 2!!!

Our class was given a box which had some information and books by the author Sue Hendra. We read some of the stories and did some creative activities in a carousel over the day. We made some Evil Pea's, Sue Hendra story character bookmarks and designed new shells for Norman the Slug. 

It was an amazing day! We had loads of fun!!!



Finding tens and ones...

Date: 17th Feb 2022 @ 9:25pm

This week in our maths lessons we have been doing some new learning linked to counting within 50 and recognising how many tens and ones are in 2-digit numbers. We were using diennes or sometimes they are called base 10 to support our learning. We read 2 digit numbers and used diennes to make the numbers and recognise how many tens and ones are in the 2-digit number. It was a little tricky but we persevered and began to understand how to use the diennes. 

Maths diennes.JPG

Toys Drama Workshop

Date: 12th Feb 2022 @ 6:05pm

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have a visitor called Allison from the Freshwater Theatre Company. She transformed into a Toy Museum Curator and took us on a journey into her Toy Museum. We used our drama and imagination to move through this museum into four different rooms- teddy bears, moving toys, dolls and New toys. We used drama, dance and our speaking and listening skills to move our bodies like different toys, learn lots of facts about toys from the past and we invented our own toys. 

It was lots of fun!!!

Toy workshop.JPG

Scavenger Hunt

Date: 12th Feb 2022 @ 5:45pm

This week we continued to read our story called 'Lost in the Toy Museum.' In this book a toy cat called Bunting was the leader of some toys in a museum. However, one night the toys decided to run away and play hide and seek. In our writing this week we were going to help Bunting and write some clues to help him look for the toys in the museum. To get us started with this piece of writing, on Monday we did our very own hunt in the classroom by reading some clues and finding objects that matched these clues. It was lots of fun and we did some great partner work. 

Scavenger hunt.JPG


Art with Mrs McAffer

Date: 27th Jan 2022 @ 10:20am

This week we have had the pleasure of working with Mrs McAffer for our Art learning. We learnt about using our observational skills to draw objects that are bigger, smaller, wider, thinner, longer and shorter. We learnt about using a continuous line to draw and had a go in our sketch books. We were given a toy that we had to draw using our observational skills using graphite pencils and then coloured it in using oil pastels. It was lost of fun and we can't wait to see what we will be doing next week!! 


ICT- Using Beebots

Date: 21st Jan 2022 @ 2:22pm

This week in ICT we were introduced to the programmable toy - Beebots. This linked very nicely to our toys topic this half term where we compared and sorted old and new toys. We found out that new toys needed batteries or we had to charge them up using electricity. Beebots needed batteries and some needed to be charged up using their special tray and electricity. Beebots are toys that need to be programmed or given an input in order for it to move. We used the following commands to programme the Beebots and give it an input to make it move:





The Beebot moved once the commands were inputted, which was the output. We were learning lots of technical language and were amazed that we were able to program something to make it move!!! 

1AI Beebots.JPG


Exploring toys from the past

Date: 15th Jan 2022 @ 5:07pm

This week in one of our Connected Curriculum lessons we explored toys from the past. We discovered the names of these toys and had a go at playing these games. We really enjoyed the games 'shut the box,' playing cards, spinning top and the puppets 'Punch and Judy.' 

Old toys.JPG

Maths Workshop

Date: 15th Jan 2022 @ 5:03pm

On Tuesday we had a visitor called Liam who delivered a maths workshop for us. He set us a challenge to use large 2D shapes to create some pictures. It was a bit challenging but with some perseverence and teamwork we were able to make the pictures using the shapes. 

Maths workshop.JPG

Launch Spring 1!

Date: 9th Jan 2022 @ 9:58am

What an amazing start to Spring 1 we have had this week!!!

The children have all come back raring to get going with their learning and we have got stuck back into our timetable. The beginning of a new term brings a brand new tpic questions that we will explore. This half term our topic question is called 'Is the XBox more fun than our grandparent's toys?'

In this topic we will be exploring the world of toys old and new. To get us started on Friday we had a launch in school. We had a Games Afternoon where we played with some games and toys from the past and present. We worked together in smaller groups and went around 5 stations of games. After each game we worked as a team to give the toy/game a star rating out of 5. The most popular game was actually from the past called 'Shut the Box.' The children really enjoyed this game and have asked to keep it out in the Maths area for next week! Games Afternoon.png

Happy New Year!!!

Date: 4th Jan 2022 @ 6:42am

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

It is 2022!!! It sounds a bit strange saying this date! I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas holiday and are raring to get back to your learning in school. The spring term in Year 1 is always a busy one with lots of new learning happening as well as making sure we know how to do the basic skills in reading, writing and maths that was covered in the Autumn term. 

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday 5th January.

Mrs Iqbal 


Christmas Dinner

Date: 4th Jan 2022 @ 6:36am

Look at us eating our Christmas Dinner!!! We had turkey (halal choice as well), brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, carrots and gravy.


Christmas dinner.JPG

Christmas Party Day!!!

Date: 4th Jan 2022 @ 6:32am

It was Christmas Party Day where we came to school wearing our party clothes. We played games, did lots of dancing, ate some party food and also had a very special zoom visitor - SANTA!!!! 

It was a fun day! 

1AI Party Day.JPG

What a busy December so far!!!

Date: 12th Dec 2021 @ 6:34pm

Hi Everyone!


What a busy few weeks we have had in 1AI...

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to speak to 1AI grown ups face to face or through a telephone conversation for our first parents' evening of this academic year. It was lovely to speak to all the parents/carers and discuss how the children had settled into life in Year 1. 

Last week we had not one but four performances of the KS1 Nativity 'It's a Baby!' with Year 2. It was a busy week but the children were amazing and really shone with their performances, singing and acting skills. I still can't believe that it was put together in a week!!!

Next week we have Christmas Party Day, CC experience to finish off our materials topic, Christmas Dinner, Behaviour treat along with lots of Christmas challenges in the areas around the classroom.  There could even be a possibility of a visit from the Father Christmas over zoom - Fingers crossed!!! 


Provision Areas

Date: 28th Nov 2021 @ 7:19pm

In Year 1 we continue to have provision areas which are tailored to meet the expectations of Year 1 children. These provision areas are regularly enhanced to allow for independent work to be carried out through area challenges. 

This week children started to think about the next text called 'Stickmen' by Julia Donaldson. We started the week by discovering some objects and played a memory game. We then realised that these objects were from the story 'Stickman.' We read the story and decided to write some questions for Mr Stick using question words such as 'what, why, when and how.' 

The area challenges this week have been:

Construction/Small - Use the resources to build the Family Tree from the story.

Loose Parts - Use the parts to make objects from the story.

Reading - Read the story 'Stickman' to order the sentences and pictures in the correct order.

Writing/Phonics - Create a word mat from the story. 

Maths - Play the dice Stickman drawing game. 

The children really enjoyed the construction and loose part challenges. Look at the creations they have made...

1AI Blog week 4.jpg

Children in Need 2021!!!

Date: 21st Nov 2021 @ 7:30am

On Friday we celebrated Children in Need Day in style! We came to school wearing our own clothes or Pudsey clothes and got ready to Keep fit in style with Joe Wicks. We joined in with the nation's PE teacher and his special fitness workout. He asked questions which we had to answer by doing one of the two exercises. We got most of the questions right and they were 20 of them!

Children in need 1ai.jpg

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