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30.03.20 - GVP

Date: 29th Mar 2020 @ 11:20pm

Good morning year 5!

Below is a video on Grammar.

Can you work out what this jumbled up year 5/6 spelling word is?

r i e c s i c t i 

Don't forget to email your answers to

Miss Brookes

30.03.20 - Maths

Date: 29th Mar 2020 @ 11:00pm

Good Morning Year 5! And Happy Monday!

Today's maths is all about fractions. Remember, the denominator stays the same when adding or subtracting fractions. 

It also looks at turning improper fractions into mixed numbers - something we haven't done much of in class.

If you want to practice some more, here are some additional questions for you to work out:

Turn the following improper fractions into mixed numbers.

1. 3/2

2. 6/4

3. 12/7

4. 15/6

5. 9/4

Don't forget to email your responses to

Miss Brookes 

30.03.20 - Sentence and Number of the Day!

Date: 29th Mar 2020 @ 10:46pm

Good morning everyone!

I don't know about you, but that lovely sunny weather turned to cold and wind for me at the weekend! Hopefully it will be much better today.

I've attached the sentence and number of the day - don't forget to email me your answers on

Miss Brookes 

Health and wellbeing challenges from Mrs Glover

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 2:57pm

Hello, Mrs Glover here! 

I hope everyone is staying safe, having fun and working hard on your learning. I'm going to post a Health and Wellbeing Challenge every day for people to do if they choose to. I'll be doing them all too and posting pictures where I can. Please feel free to e-mail any pictures or comments to your home learning e-mail addresses!

Challenge number 1: Go on a mindfulness walk. Write or draw 5 things that you can see, hear, feel, smell or touch (make sure you have an adult with you if necessary and stay far way from people you may see when you're out, although you can still say a friendly hello!) You could even do this in your garden if you have one!

Here's a picture of my mindfulness walk that I went on at lunch time today!

I saw trees and water, I heard birds and rustling, I could smell different plants and I could feel the sun on my face :-)

Y5 TTRockstars BATTLES!

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 10:03am

Hi everyone, 

Well it has been a great start to our TT battles - one all so far to each class! Who will win this week Year 5! The challenge is on...! Miss Brookes class are in the lead so far come on Miss Wendt rally your troops!!! Let battle commence!cheeky

Hello from Mrs Turner

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 10:03am

Hello again everyone! 

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying all the home learning your teachers have been giving you to do. I have seen some of your emails and it looks like you are doing brilliantly so well done!  I have been working away at home, I start every morning with the Joe Wicks work out, I wonder how many of you have been doing it too. Remember it’s so important to keep active even when you are at home. 

I had another thought, yesterday Penny helped me with the washing, we paired the socks together! I thought this is a good time for you all to be helping out your grown-ups at home. I am sure they would really appreciate it. 

I miss you all so much and can't wait to get back to school. 

Take care,

Mrs Turner 


Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 11:39pm

As you know, our next topic is all about Space - focusing on the question "what's inside an astronauts suitcase?'

There's are some amazing things you can explore on the NASA website - they even have a specialist section just for children!

Check it out and see what other cool information you can find.

Miss Brookes


27.03.20 - Science

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 11:23pm

Good Morning Year 5!

Today's science lesson is focused on insect life cycles.

Can you find out any extra information about the role of the female worker or the male drone honey bee?

Remember, complete metamorphosis is when the adult looks entirely different to the newborn. Incomplete metamorphosis is when the newborn looks like a 'smaller version' of the adult.

Let me know what you find on


Miss Brookes 

27.03.20 - Maths

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 11:19pm

Good morning everyone!

Today's maths has a focus on fractions, I've attached the worksheet below in case you don't have it in your pack.

Remember: We divide by the denominator (the bottom number) and then multiply the numerator (the top number). 

If you want to practice some more, here are some extra questions:

1. 3/5 of £20 = ?

2. 4/10 of 40ml = ?

3. 1/3 of 21kg = ?

Don't forget to send your answers on

Enjoy your Friday - and remember to have a break over the weekend smiley 

Miss Brookes 

27.03.20 - Sentence and Number of the Day!

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 11:16pm

Good Morning Year 5!

I hope today will be as lovely and sunny as yesterday was. 

I have attached the sentence and number of the day below.

Don't forget to send me your answers on

There will be no blog posts at the weekend - enjoy your well deserved break smiley

Miss Brookes

26.03.20 - GVP

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 11:55pm

Good morning guys! Today's video is on Grammar/SPaG. I've attached some similiar questions below for you to have a go at.

1. Underline the relative clause in this sentence.

Greece, which is a country in Europe, is a huge tourist desitination. 

2. What are the modal verbs in these sentences?

You ought to put more effort in, in your maths lessons.

We shall go to the ball.

3. What are the determiners in this sentences? (remember: determiners introduce nouns)

The books are a mess! Each book needs to be put away, or the classroom will be a mess.

4.  Write a sentence which contains the following conjunctions:

- although

- since

5. Insert a comma in the following sentence.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. 

I'm looking forward to seeing your responses!

Miss Brookes


26.03.20 - Maths

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 11:50pm

Good morning everyone! 

It made me giggle yesterday when I saw myself in the background of Denico's and Rhianna's photograph! It also made me smile, because it showed me that you are benefitting from the videos and it made me feel very helpful - so thank you!

Today's focus in maths, is all to do with scales and converting measurements (grams and kilograms).

If you don't have the worksheet, I've also attached it to the video. Whatever worksheets you choose to do, is your choice - but if you feel like doing some conversions, enjoy the video!

If you want to have some more practice, have a go at the questions below. Remember, there are 1000g in a kg. So if you are changing kg's into g's you have to x1000, if you are changing g's into kg's you have to ÷1000.

I can't wait to see your answers again.

1. 3.56kg = __g

2. 4.5kg = __g

3. 5600g = __kg

4. 4200g = __kg

5. 1.68kg = __g

Miss Brookes

26.03.20 - Sentence and Number of the Day!

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 11:41pm

Good morning everyone!

Below is today's sentence and number of the day.

I've loved seeing all of your responses so far - keep up the brilliant work laugh

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Miss Brookes

25.03.20 - Science (+ a science challenge!)

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 9:34am

Good morning everyone!

Today's focus is science, and more specifically, the life cycle of mammals. Did you know that kangaroos look after their joey it their pouch when it's only the size of a bean? Did you know that platypus' produce milk in the same way they sweat? There are lots of new facts!

I have a science challenge for you all - it doesn't matter if it is with this worksheet, or with another. I want you to show a life cycle in a creative way. I want you to think about how you could present this. A drawing, a pop up, a booklet? It's your choice! This can be about any of the life cycles we've looked at in school, or that you have in your pack.

I'm looking to give outstanding to those children who have clearly put some effort in when having a go.

Good luck!

Miss Brookes

25.03.20 - Maths

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 9:24am

Good morning everyone! I'm loving seeing what work you've been getting on with. Well done!

Today's maths is about time - we're great at reading a digital clock (thanks to technology) but some of us struggle reading an analogue clock, so that might be something worth practising at home grown ups smiley

I've attached the sheet that I'm discussing on the video, in case you don't have it in your pack - remember, you don't need to do the sheets in a particular order, it's up to you which challenge you want to accept.

Here are some questions on time, if you want to practice this skill.

1. What is 45 minutes after 8:20?

2. What is 30 minutes after 9:15?

3. What time is half an hour before 11:10?

4. The train leaves Hogwarts at 10:15. It arrives at Diagon Alley at 11:05. How long is the train journey?

If time is a challenge you really struggle with (it's a tricky skill to learn!) have a go at some of these interactive activities:

I'm looking forward to seeing what work you get up to again smiley

Miss Brookes


25.03.20 - Sentence and Number of the Day!

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 9:18am

Good Morning  5CB!

Below is the sentence and number of the day for today.

I'm looking forward to seeing your answers!

Enjoy your Wednesday.

Miss Brookes 

The World's Worst Children by David Walliams

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 12:27pm

Hi everybody, we hope you are managing to keep busy and being good for your grown ups! Here is a link for all you David Walliams fans out there- he will be reading some of his stories EVERY DAY at 11 am! My twins really enjoyed listening to the "Terrible Triplets" story yesterday- I just hope it hasn't given them any ideas!! wink

24.03.20 - GVP

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 8:14am

Good morning everyone!

Below is the GVP/Grammar/SPaG video.

Did you find any other words that belonged to the 'cent' family?

Here are some similiar questions you can practice at home:

1. Underline the parenthesis in this sentence.

I decided to play on the swings (it was a glorious sunny day) in the local park.

2. Write these homophone words in the correrct sentence.

allowed / aloud

I read the text ____

The teacher _____ the class to have a more golden time than they had earned.

3. Add a co-ordinating conjunction to this sentence (remember - FANBOYS = co-ordinating. ISAWABUB = subordinating).

I spent all day in the garden _____ it was sunny outside. 

4. Add two different suffixes to the root word below.

care___    care___ 

5. Write out this sentence again, using the correct standard English.

Carol seen all of the videos Miss Brookes has posted.


Don't forget to email your answers across to:

Miss Brookes

24.03.20 - Maths

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 8:02am

Good morning everyone!

Below is a maths video all about short division. See if you can find this worksheet in your pack, and have a go at the questions I haven't answered (I've done the first three to help you). If you're still finding it tricky, have a go at these below:

1. 693 ÷ 3 =

2. 568 ÷ 4 = 

3. 728 ÷ 6 =

0 to 4 touch the floor

5 to 9 climb the vine

Miss Brookes

24.03.20 - Sentence and Number of the Day!

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 7:51am

Good morning everyone! 

Well done for all of your hard work yesterday. Today I will be uploading a maths (short division) and GVP (grammar/SPaG) videos.

Below is the sentence and number of the day. The first person to email me with the correct answer will earn 'outstanding learner of the day.' This means you will earn 5 house points for when we get back to school.



Miss Brookes

23.03.20: Maths and Writing

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 1:39pm

Hello everyone!

I have attached a video for maths and writing. The focus of the maths is: maths frame: to use all four operations to solve problems involving measure using decimal notation including scaling. The focus of the writing is Ancient Myths.

Writing Depths:

Add a relative clause 


Miss Brookes,__________________________, is our year 5 teacher.

Riley, _________________, is working hard at home.


Heracles,___________________, swung his sword.

The beast, ______________, vanished into dust. 


Any questions or work you complete, do not hestiate to email me at

23.03.20 Science

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 1:36pm

Can I compare the lifecycles of birds?

Youtube Links:

Common Cuckoo:


I can't wait to see your answers!

Miss Brookes

23.03.20 Sentence and Number of the Day

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 1:27pm

Good Afternoon,

Here is the sentence and number of the day. Please email me your responses on:

Miss Brookes 

Good Morning!

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 12:50pm

Good Morning/Afternoon guys!

It took me a little longer than I thought to realise how to film and send these videos! But here we are.

I will be posting two videos today, the first one is about maths and writing (specifically maths frame: to use all four operations to solve problems involving measure using decimal notation including scalingThey will have finished uploading very soon!

The second thing I would like to add, is that if you want to do any P.E lessons at home, this is a really useful link.

He does live P.E lessons on Youtube at 9am every weekday. Enjoy!

Finally, I will be posting a daily sentence of the day and maths question for you all to have a go at.

Note: There are some children who have emailed me and asked for the videos to be emailed to them, as they struggle to access this on their phone. If that is the case, please let me know on: 


Hello from Mrs Turner

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 9:45am

Monday 23rd March 2020 

Good morning everyone I hope you are all up and looking forward to a day of learning at home. It is a beautiful day perhaps you can have some time in the garden. I am sorry that I wasn't in school last week, both the government and Mrs Hughes advised that I stay at home but please don't worry I am not sick! I really do miss you all, I was so enjoying going around all the school and teaching so many of you, what amazing children you are. 

Year 6 I am especially sorry that we have not had the chance to say goodbye. I remember you all so fondly from year 4 and wish you well with all that the future holds. I believe that each and every one of you has a special future and encourage to grab every opportunity that life gives you. Work hard at high school it will be so worth it. 

For everybody else I look forward to seeing you soon - imagine how great that first day will be when we are allowed back into school. I can't wait!  I have seen that Joe Wicks is doing a PE lesson every morning on line, I would encourage you to join in its so important that you stay active even when you are stuck inside. 

Stay safe and I will see you soon.

Love Mrs Turner (Hibbs)


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