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Wellbeing challenge number 3

Date: 31st Mar 2020 @ 10:45am

Hello everyone!

Today's challenge is something that I often enjoy doing when I'm feeling a little sad or worried about something.

Today I am challenging you to cook or bake something! If you can't do it today then why not plan something to make later in the week or even at the weekend? 

Take a look at this website that has plenty of easy and healthy recipes to look or see if you can invent something that includes the contents of your fridge or cupboard!

Yesterday I made these cheese scones for me and my husband to have for lunch this week (they're not very healthy but they're very tasty and it's okay to have a little treat once in a while! cheeky)

Make sure you ask an adult to help you with any cooking or cutting and don't do anything before you check it's okay!

Have fun,

Mrs Glover

A big thanks to Miss Kenwell for sending me a picture of her sunshine yesterday (pictured below), she put my drawing to shame! laugh


Tuesday 31st March

Date: 31st Mar 2020 @ 8:50am

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great start to the week and are ready for this new day! What learning will you do today? Some creative writing perhaps? Or some maths? Have you designed the postcard from Greece yet? Remember to email us over photos of your learning - we'd love to share it with each other!


Good morning from Mrs Hodges!

Are you ready for today's Sentence of the Day? Here we go!

Remember this week's sentences are all linked to the video of Chris Hadfield showing us how the astronauts sleep on the International Space Station - here's the link again if you missed it yesterday!

Ok everyone, how did you get on with today's sentence? Click the link below to see my corrected sentence!


Hello from Miss Wendt!

Good morning everyone! I thought today we'd start with a little scientific challenge! Our next topic is science is based around our Solar System, this links to the fabulous sentences you have been correcting and completing with Mrs Hodges! Today I would like you to find about about the 8 planets in our solar system. I have attached a guide to help, or you can download it below. Or write it on whatever paper you can find, I don't mind!

And as a little extra task, I would love you to find out what these Spanish words mean - el arco iris - I'll be back later to let you know - and set you a challenge!


Did anyone find out what el arco iris means? That's right, it means RAINBOW! I have loved seeing all of your rainbows on the blog and wondered if 5HW would like to make some rainbows too?! I've attached a Spanish rainbow below, and there is one for you to download and print if you would prefer. 

It's a good opportunity to practise your Spanish colour names too! Let's see who can send us a picture of their rainbow!

See you tomorrow! 

Wellbeing challenge number 2

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 11:42am

Today's challenge is to draw your own sunshine then in the middle of it write or draw all the things that make you happy.

I've done one if you would like to look at it for ideas (although your drawings may be a little better than mine! laugh) and have focused on all the things I can still do or see, even while we're in this strange situation smiley.

Stay safe everyone,

Mrs Glover

Monday 30th March

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 8:58am

Good morning 5HW!

Here we are - the start of homelearning Week 2! We hope you had a lovely weekend - Jon, Livvi, Asaph and I did some baking (rhubarb and apple crumble), video-called some friends, played games and watched a couple of films. Miss Wendt spent a lot of time this weekend learning Portuguese (I said hello and good morning to my Mum when we Facetimed, she was very impressed!) and trying a few new recipes that I have been wanting to have a go with. Miss Wendt also did lots of reading!

Aden sent an amazing photograph of the Lego Space Station he built! We think it looks fabulous!

What did you get up to? 

We hope you're ready to do some fantastic learning today...we're starting off the day with PE with Joe - which is starting in precisely 2 minutes, so GO GO GO!!


Mrs Hodges here!

Right, the first of our Sentence of the Days! This week, they're all going to be connected with life on the International Space Station, which is a floating laboratory orbiting Earth (in fact, did you see it in the sky over the weekend? It passed over the UK twice on Saturday and Sunday! It looks like a quickly moving star!). Check out this cool YouTube video from an astronaut called Chris Hadfield, who's showing us how the astronauts sleep in space:

Then, have a look at today's sentence. Remember to email me across a photo of your corrected sentence!

See you later for the corrected sentence!

Right everyone, we've done some Egyptian map-making (Livvi) and dinosaur fact collecting (Asaph) in my house today, as well as some Maths - how did you get on with today's sentence? ANOTHER special shout out to Rhianna for being the first person to email across her corrected sentence, as well as some brilliant Maths and GVP learning! Rhianna, you're such a superstar learner!

Here's today's corrected sentence!


Miss Wendt here!

This week I want to start with a little maths recap. Before we finished for this break, we looked closely at fractions, decimals, percentages and the links between them. There are lots of fractions activities in your home learning pack, and I have got a fractions challenge to start today with!

Have a look at this one! Remember our rule when using the < > = symbols - We point at the smallest number and eat the largest number!

As promised here is the follow up maths! Like Mrs Hodges I am so very proud of Rhianna and her amazing home learning she is sharing with us. Don't be shy 5HW, email us your work! Or even just a message to say hello and let me and Mrs Hodges know how you are!

See you tomorrow!

Health and wellbeing challenges from Mrs Glover

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 2:57pm

Hello, Mrs Glover here! 

I hope everyone is staying safe, having fun and working hard on your learning. I'm going to post a Health and Wellbeing Challenge every day for people to do if they choose to. I'll be doing them all too and posting pictures where I can. Please feel free to e-mail any pictures or comments to your home learning e-mail addresses!

Challenge number 1: Go on a mindfulness walk. Write or draw 5 things that you can see, hear, feel, smell or touch (make sure you have an adult with you if necessary and stay far way from people you may see when you're out, although you can still say a friendly hello!) You could even do this in your garden if you have one!

Here's a picture of my mindfulness walk that I went on at lunch time today!

I saw trees and water, I heard birds and rustling, I could smell different plants and I could feel the sun on my face :-)

Y5 TTRockstars BATTLES!

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 10:03am

Hi everyone, 

Well it has been a great start to our TT battles - one all so far to each class! Who will win this week Year 5! The challenge is on...! Miss Brookes class are in the lead so far come on Miss Wendt rally your troops!!! Let battle commence!cheeky

Hello from Mrs Turner

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 10:03am

Hello again everyone! 

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying all the home learning your teachers have been giving you to do. I have seen some of your emails and it looks like you are doing brilliantly so well done!  I have been working away at home, I start every morning with the Joe Wicks work out, I wonder how many of you have been doing it too. Remember it’s so important to keep active even when you are at home. 

I had another thought, yesterday Penny helped me with the washing, we paired the socks together! I thought this is a good time for you all to be helping out your grown-ups at home. I am sure they would really appreciate it. 

I miss you all so much and can't wait to get back to school. 

Take care,

Mrs Turner 

Friday 27th March

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 8:31am

Good morning everyone!

It looks like we have another sunny day! I do hope you have been able to get outside in your back gardens and yards to get some fresh air and have a little walk. I've been trying to do some stretches for my leg in my garden, but quite often I end up sitting reading instead!

Both myself and Mrs Hodges continue to be impressed by your fabulous attitude to home learning. We have seen some excellent work; in fact, getting emails from 5HW is probably my favourite part of my working day!

Have a great day everyone!


Miss Wendt's maths challenge of the day!

One of the things I remember most about our maths lessons is the fun we used to have playing around with different numbers, looking for patterns and finding methods to work things out. Have a look at the number puzzle below - what patterns can you find?

Well done to all those children who have had a go at the place value problem above. Here is an extra problem for those who would like a challenge!


Hello from Mrs Hodges!

Good morning 5HW! Now, I know I'm not ordinarily with you on a Friday, but I couldn't resist giving you another Sentence of the Day - bit of a different one today (as it's Friday!), where this time your challenge is to fix some Year 5/6 spellings and then create your own sentences including those words. Email Miss Wendt and I your sentences, we'd love to read them!

Hello again! I hope you've managed to enjoy some sunshine today in your garden or backyard. How did you get on with those spellings and putting the words into sentences? Click below to see my corrected spellings!

Next week, I'm going to start doing some Sentence of the Days linked to life on the International Space Station, and will put a YouTube link for you to have a look at the amazing way the astronauts live on the ISS - so be on the look out for that! In the meantime, have a lovely weekend and WELL DONE for all your brilliant homelearning this week!


Thursday 26th March - Aden is going to Space!

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 9:06pm

For all the space fans in 5HW, there are some amazing things you can explore on the NASA website - they even have a specialist section just for children!

Aden has been learning all about the next Mars Rover exploration and has booked a place for his name to go to Mars! Have a look at his boarding pass, straight from NASA!



Thursday 26th March

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 8:41am

Good morning 5HW! I hope you're up, dressed and ready for this new day! Livvi, Asaph and I are going to be doing PE with Joe at 9am, have you had a go yet? (check out the link below if not!) I also spotted a few other things that might take your fancy - these things are happening every day, Monday to Friday:

9.00am - PE with Joe Wicks
10.00am - Maths with Carol Vorderman
11.00am - English with David Walliams
12.00pm - Lunch (cooking with Jamie Oliver)…/category/get-kids-cooking/
1.00pm - Music with Myleene Klass
1.30pm - Dance with Darcey Bussel…/status/1241098264373592065
2.00pm - History with Dan Snow (free for 30-days)

Something that also caught my attention was Oti Mabuse's YouTube channel:

She's teaching dance routines for children every day, I already want to learn the Trolls one she's videoed! Maybe you could learn a routine and email us across a video of it?

Have a great day everyone - remember to email us over what you've been learning at home today!


Mrs Hodges here!

Here is today's Sentence of the Day - I'd love to see your corrected sentence!

Right everyone, how did you get on with today's sentence? Did you manage to re-order the sentence so it included a relative clause? Check out my purple pen in the link below to see if you corrected yours accurately!


Hi from Miss Wendt!

Good morning everyone, thank you for all of your hard work - I want to say a big well done to Rhianna once again, she is blowing us away with her fabulous attitude to home learning!

Today I want to start with a number puzzle - a good way to get your brain working! Who can be the first to email me the highest and lowest number they've found?!

Space Station!

Mrs Iqbal in Reception emailed me something I know 5HW will love! The International Space Station is currently situated over Europe, and will be passing over UK skies! It only takes a few minutes to pass over, and looks like a bright star moving quickly in the sky. 

Below are the times you will be able to see it. You might want to have a look at the website too -


Let me know if you manage to see it!

Miss Wendt x


Wednesday 25th March

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 8:44am

Another beautifully sunny day - following from Aden's things he is grateful for, I am very thankful for this sunshine! If you have a safe space to be outside today, make the most of it! (Livvi and Asaph have enjoyed making 'potions' outside from whatever they can find in the garden!)

Remember to keep on checking in with today's blog post to find extra little activities for you to do, and remember to email Miss Wendt and I your learning at - we're loving seeing what you're up to at home!


Mrs Hodges here! 

Are you ready for today's Sentence of the Day? Click on the link below to find out what it is!

Good afternoon 5HW! How did you get on with today's sentence? Click the link below to see my purple pen! Special well done to RHIANNA (again!) for being the first person to email over the corrected sentence. She's done some wonderful writing today too on one of the creative writing activities!


Miss Wendt here!

We've often talked about when we look for something on the interent, we have to check if it is a reliable source. Today I thought I would start with a great resource for those of you completing the science activities in your pack. Have a look at - this website has so many interesting facts and lots of information relevant to our science topic.


Miss Wendt's Maths Challenge!

I've attached a quick challenge below, it should be a good way to recap our place value learning and practise quick additon and subtracton skills! Let me know if you manage to complete it!

Did anyone have a look at the Spanish from yesterday? Who can email me and tell me how to say 'left', 'right' and 'straight ahead' in Spanish?

See you soon!

Tuesday 24th March - Aden is grateful!

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 9:28pm

This year at Ravensbury we have been thinking about our own well-being and how to look afer ourselves mentally as well as physically. This is perhaps more important than ever given recent events happening around the world.

Aden shared an image about what he was grateful for today on our y5 email. Have a look below and see what makes Aden happy!

And why not send something to  - we love hearing from you!

Miss Wendt & Mrs Hodges x

The World's Worst Children by David Walliams

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 12:27pm

Hi everybody, we hope you are managing to keep busy and being good for your grown ups! Here is a link for all you David Walliams fans out there- he will be reading some of his stories EVERY DAY at 11 am! My twins really enjoyed listening to the "Terrible Triplets" story yesterday- I just hope it hasn't given them any ideas!! wink

Tuesday 24th March

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 8:12am

Good morning everyone! Here is Day 2 of our homelearning blog...keep on checking in with it throughout the day to see the things Miss Wendt and I put on.

Have a lovely day - we can't wait to see what you've been up to!


Mrs Hodges here!

My PE kit's on...I'm ready for PE with Joe Wicks at 9am, are you?

In the meantime, here is today's Sentence of the Day for you to be correcting. Email me across your corrected sentence!

Right everyone, how did you get on with today's Sentence of the Day? Don't forget to be emailing over your corrected sentences so I can see! Click on the link below to see a video of the corrected sentence!


Good morning from Miss Wendt too!

Hope you are all well and enjoyed some PE this morning. I thought we'd start today by working on something we have all found tricky at times in y5 - telling the time! I have uploaded a great interactive resource from Mathsframe for you to try. And remember, even if you don't get it right straight away, you will with practise!

Hola Amigos! 

While I am away from school I am going to use some of the time to practise a new skill. I've decided that I would like to learn to speak Portuguese, as that is where my Mum & Dad live. It would be really nice to be able to order food and ask for help in Portuguese when I go to visit them. I think they'd be very surprised!

In class we love learning Spanish. Both myself and Miss Gallery love our Spanish lessons, and it has been amazing to see how much progress you have all made this year. I have added the link to a video all about las direcciones! It follows on from our map making activitiy the other week. And we know how much we enjoy a Spanish song! 


Have a good day!


Monday 23rd March - Rhianna is outstanding!

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 4:17pm

Both myself and Mrs Hodges wanted to celebrate the home learning that has been happening in 5HW. Today's outstanding pupil is Rhianna, who has sent us some fabulous examples of the work she has been completing today!

Rhianna, you definitely deserve some free time on your trampoline!

Well done!

Miss Wendt & Mrs Hodges x

Hello from Mrs Turner

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 9:45am

Monday 23rd March 2020 

Good morning everyone I hope you are all up and looking forward to a day of learning at home. It is a beautiful day perhaps you can have some time in the garden. I am sorry that I wasn't in school last week, both the government and Mrs Hughes advised that I stay at home but please don't worry I am not sick! I really do miss you all, I was so enjoying going around all the school and teaching so many of you, what amazing children you are. 

Year 6 I am especially sorry that we have not had the chance to say goodbye. I remember you all so fondly from year 4 and wish you well with all that the future holds. I believe that each and every one of you has a special future and encourage to grab every opportunity that life gives you. Work hard at high school it will be so worth it. 

For everybody else I look forward to seeing you soon - imagine how great that first day will be when we are allowed back into school. I can't wait!  I have seen that Joe Wicks is doing a PE lesson every morning on line, I would encourage you to join in its so important that you stay active even when you are stuck inside. 

Stay safe and I will see you soon.

Love Mrs Turner (Hibbs)


Monday 23rd March

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 8:10am

Hello 5HW!

This is our very first blog post as we begin this adventure of learning from home - each day, Miss Wendt or I will create a post with the day's date as the title, and on it we'll add comments, videos and suchlike...hopefully you'll be able to find each day easily and keep up with us!

We'd love to hear from you - ask us questions, send us photos of your learning, tell us what you're up to each day. Remember we have our very own email address so you can do this: 

Have a lovely day - we're missing you already!

Mrs Hodges & Miss Wendt x


Miss Wendt here!

Just to get us started today, we're going to have a look at a quick maths problem. It's trickier than it looks. The link is below for an interactive version, we've also added an image if you want to draw it out on paper.

Take a picture if you solve it and send it to us - remember to email it over! 


Mrs Hodges here!

Phew, we've just done 30 minutes of PE with Joe Wicks to start our day - subscribe to his YouTube channel and join in at 9am every day, he's doing a live PE lesson. Check out the little video I've added of Livvi and Asaph doing their squat jumps - what a great way to start the day!

Check out our first online Sentence of the Day below:

Fix the errors, then send me a photo of the corrected sentence (or just type it out correctly - but don't rely on spellcheck to do the work for you!) and email over! Special shout out on my next video for the first person to correctly fix the sentence! I'll post a link to the purple pen corrected sentence later on today!

How did you get on? Here's the link to the corrected sentence!



**PLEASE READ 5HW** From Miss Wendt

Date: 20th Mar 2020 @ 3:33pm

Hello 5HW!

How are you all doing? The past few days have been very strange not being in school, I love our afternoons together with Miss Gallery, so it has seemed very weird not to be there.

I want you all to know that just because I’m not in school doesn’t mean that I am poorly. What I am doing is being very sensible, taking the advice of doctors (and Mrs Hughes!) and staying away to protect myself and others. You might hear the words social distancing in the news. This is what it means, although it doesn’t feel very social at the moment. There are lots of people who are having to do the same.

This is a really strange time for us all. In my lifetime (and you know how old I am!) I have never experienced anything like this before. And just like you probably do, I have lots of questions. Not all of those questions have answers at the moment. But that’s ok, scientists all over the world are trying to find those answers out for us. 

What I want you to know is this; I am immensely proud of all of you this year. You have worked so hard to achieve so much. Mrs Hodges and I haven’t made it easy, but you have risen to every challenge we’ve thrown at you. And you will rise to this one.

So, you all know how much I love it when you bring in things from home to show me. Well 5HW, here’s a big challenge for you! I’m going to be putting something on the blog every single day for you to look at. It might be maths, science or even Spanish (you know how much me and Miss Gallery love our Spanish lessons!). It might even be a picture or a little video clip – although any videos will likely feature Katy or Toulouse as you know I don’t like having my picture taken! But what is important is that we will not lose touch. I’m here for you, even if I’m sat in my house working in my comfy pants with crazy hair!

Our year 5 email is – I’ll be checking it every day and I promise I will respond to your emails.

I’ve been thinking about all the things I will miss over the next few weeks and I honestly think I could go on forever! But I’ve narrowed it down to 10, if anyone wants to add to the list – then email me and we can add them. We can look at this the next time we are together, and it will remind us of the fun we have!


10. Asking for extra time to ask me and Miss Gallery random questions about everything!

9. How much you all love learning Spanish 

8. The number of people who are desperate to take the register to the office

7. The interest and excitement you show when learning something new in maths

6. The fact you never let me forget anything (which I have to admit, does come in handy!)

5. Our daily “where in the world is Miss Wendt?” chat when my screensaver changes

4. The fact that you all love Lego and art (my favourite things when I was 10)

3. The beautiful pictures you draw for me – and that so many of you use techniques I taught you in art club

2. Your kindness to others (including me, Mrs Hodges and Miss Gallery) when they are feeling down

And perhaps, the most important one of all…


1. Shayaan, Ini, Waled, Yousef, Abass, Kyro, Deacon, Zsolt, Phoebe, Daniel, Alissia, Rayane, Znaiya, Ryley, Lilly-Anne, Ellie, Paul, Ganesa, Siara, Paige, Eileena, Maddison, Yoel, Taissia, Fontoh, Aden, Mert-Deniz, Israel, Rhianna, Lucas


Take care everyone, remember to listen to your adults – they only want you to be safe and healthy – and we’ll see each other very soon.


Miss Wendt x

P.S: Wash your hands!

Celebrating Science!

Date: 20th Mar 2020 @ 8:36am

Miss Wendt here, hope everyone is doing well and staying safe smiley

I thought it might be a good opportunity to show off some amazing work in science. Science is one of 5HW's favourite subjects, we love to predict, investigate and learn. Have a look at the life cycles and plant diagrams created by Ellie, Taissia, Alissia, Paige and Ganesa!

See you soon!

Resilience Drama Workshop

Date: 18th Mar 2020 @ 3:11pm

Well, if there's ever a time for us to be talking about resilience, this is surely it!

The children created a fabulous drama today, about a tree which - despite adversity - kept on growing into its fulness and strength. 

We talked about the challenges we might face in our own lives, and how we can keep on growing in the face of these challenges too. 

Check out our video clip to see some of our drama!

Peace Museum Workshop

Date: 13th Mar 2020 @ 6:02pm

Today, 5HW took part in an amazing workshop, let by Jude from The Peace Museum in Bradford. It really gave us a chance to think about war and why people make the choice to join the armed forces. We looked closely at the lives of two brothers during WWI, and how decisions they made impacted the lives around them.


World Book Day 2020!

Date: 5th Mar 2020 @ 12:02pm

We're loving celebrating World Book Day today!

We've taken part in special activities all week, but are especially focusing on celebrating all things Traditional Tales today! We're having great fun doing some creative activities to contribute to a shared display for Years 5 and 6 linked to our focus tale: 'The Three Little Pigs'.

From creating pig-based recipes to writing on tissues, we're exploring the two sides of the wolf - was he really a greedy, pig-eating villain? Or was there a more innocent explanation for his behaviour...?


Science Vocabulary!

Date: 28th Feb 2020 @ 1:26pm

Over the past half term we have been counting how many times we have used subject specific vocabulary in science. What this means is words which are either used specifically in that subject area, or common words which are used with special meaning in that subject area.

Our subject area for science is the 'Human Life Cycle' where we have been studying how we grow and change from the time we are born, to when we become a senior citizen. 

Have a look at our tally chart for vocabulary choices!

Greek Food Tasting!

Date: 27th Feb 2020 @ 11:21am

There's was lots of excitement in our classroom this morning as we tasted 12 different Greek foods. We tried everything from pitta bread, homous, tzatziki and stuffed vine leaves, to Greek yogurt, figs and pomegranate. Some children had clean plates by the end, others just about managed a nibble of some foods! 


What a brilliant way to launch our new area of learning this half term, "What is it like to live in Greece?" - we have so many wonderful things in store for the children!


Wellbeing Session

Date: 26th Feb 2020 @ 1:18pm

We had a brilliant time taking part in a special wellbeing session today! We were given 10 challenges to attempt, some of which were quite easy, some of which seemed impossible! Here's a taster of some of our challenges:

* Rolling a ball into a specific area

* Keeping two balloons in the air for 30 seconds

* Testing the speed of our hands by swapping coloured balls from one box to another in as short a time as possible

* Passing a ball to each other with our eyes closed

* Memory test to see if we could remember where particular picture cards were when turned over

During the activities, we were encouraged to think about how we felt - we were pleased and proud when we completed a challenge, but it could feel quite frustrating when we had to keep on trying and not always succeed. We talked about the importance of perseverence and resilience, especially when we try new things, and thought of strategies we could use to help us develop these skills. What an important message!


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