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Diwali Celebrations

Date: 17th Nov 2023 @ 12:23pm

In class, we have been learning all about Diwali. We spent a whole day completing different activities to learn more about the festival of light.

We listened to the story of Diwali, learnt a dance, created paper lanterns, and even made candle holders. Making paper lanterns was definitely our favourite activity.

9A69ACAA-22AA-439B-9801-35D22C452784 (2).jpeg



The Great Fire of London artwork

Date: 12th Nov 2023 @ 1:28pm

In art, we created our own pieces of artwork based on Pudding Lane in 1666. We started by looking at different images of the houses and used our observational skills when drawing the houses. Next, we created our background with oil pastels. We selected red, yellow, and orange to represent the fire. Then we went over our drawings of the houses in charcoal in order to get them to stand out and show that the houses were burnt.


Stop, Drop and Roll

Date: 12th Nov 2023 @ 1:22pm

To launch our connected curriculum topic, 'Could the Great Fire of London happen in Clayton?' the fire service came in. We learnt all about how to keep ourselves safe from fire. We were able to think about how fires are put out today and compare this to how fires were put out in 1666.


Freestyle Football with Rebaz

Date: 13th Oct 2023 @ 9:46am

This week Rebaz came back into school to visit the children. We watch him perform some fantastic tricks in assembly and got the chance to ask him questions. Then we got a chance to have a workshop with Rebaz and practise some tricks ourselves. We learnt that every trick we tried requires lots of practise.


Pirates Hats

Date: 5th Oct 2023 @ 7:07pm

This week in English, we have been learning how to write instructions. In reading, we have read lots of different examples of instructions. Today we read instructions for how to make a pirate hat. We carefully read the instructions and followed the steps. Here are our hats that we created with the instructions.

Forward Rolls

Date: 4th Oct 2023 @ 4:08pm

This week in PE we have been practising forwards rolls. We started by watching different demonstrations of a forward roll and used numbers for each movement within the roll. 

1. Stand tall
2.Crouch down
3. Hands flat on the floor
4.Straighten legs
5. Lean forward
6. Tuck chin in and roll

Then we practised in small groups. We practised forward rolls to seated poistion and forward rolls to standing poistion. We all did such a fantastic job and really enjoyed learning a new roll. So far this term we have practised log, egg and forward rolls.



Beating Hearts

Date: 26th Sep 2023 @ 7:51pm

To launch our connected curriculum topic, 'Why can't we just eat chocolate? We explored how exercise changes our heart rate. We took part in four different activities, which included dribbling, balancing, racing, and throwing. We noticed that all the activities caused our hearts to beat much quicker, but we discovered that the quicker we moved, the faster our hearts beat.




Date: 20th Sep 2023 @ 5:27pm

In art this week, we made our own printing blocks. We used foam to draw a fruit or vegetable, which we then cut out. Also, we used a pencil to create ridges and marks that would show up when we printed. We stuck our foam on cardboard, which then became our printing blocks. We used two different colours of paint on the blocks, which we then used to print.

Fruit Printing

Date: 12th Sep 2023 @ 5:04pm

For our connected curriculum topic, 'Why can't we just eat chocolate?' We have been learning about a balanced diet. As part of our art lesson, we thought about different fruits and vegetables we could eat. Then we used a variety of different fruits and vegetables to print with. We created different patterns by printing with the fruit and vegetables, which we put on bunting to display around school.

Welcome Back

Date: 9th Sep 2023 @ 1:41pm


It was lovely to welcome the children back to school this week and see them begin their Year 2 journey. We have been really busy doing lots of exciting things this week. We have created our own fruit faces in the connected curriculum, begun to explore numbers up to 100 in maths, and spent lots of time getting to know each other. Take a look at some of our learning below. 

Spring update

Date: 10th Mar 2023 @ 5:09pm

Hello parents and carers, 

What a busy time we have had since we have come back to school! We started off last week with our new topic launch day., where we learnt all about Chinese customs and traditions. Our new topic explores the difference between the UK and China and what better way to start than a dragon building workshop! Some of our grown ups even joined in too and the day was a great success! In fact, we could not pick a winning dragon, so we all got a prize for taking part! 

To celebrate World Book Day, we took a trip to the library and received a free book! The bus was so exciting because it has been quiet a while since we have been on a trip. 

We can't wait to carry on with our learning.

Class 2GS. 



Happy Holidays Year 2!

Date: 16th Dec 2022 @ 6:07pm

Hello all, 

Well, what a week it has been in Year 2! We kick started the celebrations with a fabulous Christmas party on Monday, followed by a delicious Christmas dinner on Wednesday. We were very busy this week and last week making our Christmas cards, Christmas hats and calenders to send home... I think you will agree the cards and calendars look fabulous! 

Depsite all the celebrations, we have still been working hard completing our English and CC topic about the Great Fire of London. We have really enjoyed this topic and you can tell because our work looks fantastic! For our holiday homework, there are some tasks which are based on what we have learnt this half term. 

In January, we will be beginning our new topic; "Why do some animals like it hot and some like it cold?" There will also be some changes to our timetable and PE / games will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays next term. Please can you make sure we wear our kit on those days? 

Today, we received our attendance certificates and Mrs Hughes was very impressed with how many children had 100% in our class, so well done! 

Have a lovely holiday everyone and see you ready to learn on Wednesday 4th January 2023!

The Year 2 team.


Weekly round up

Date: 18th Nov 2022 @ 6:42pm

Hello from Year 2, 

What a fantastic week we have had!

As part of maths week, we have been practicing our timetables using TimesTable Rockstars on the IPads. We each have our own log in to use at home too, so don't forget to check the front of your homework book for details. To access, just search TTRS in Google, click Log In, School Pupils and enter the school post code (M11) to select Ravensbury. The best way to play is to select 'Jammin' and then scroll down to select the 2x, 5x and 10x tables. If you have any problems accessing it, please let your teacher know. 

We have completed our English topic; a Recount of the visit from the Freestyle Footballer. Today, we wrote our final piece and really showed off all the different writing skills we have been learning!  

Today we have been celebrating Children in Need by making our own Pudsey book marks. 

See you next week for more updates from Year 2! 

Weekly round up

Date: 11th Nov 2022 @ 4:27pm

Hello all, 


We have had another busy week in Year 2 this week. In maths, we are making progress with multiplying by 2, 5 and 10 and have just started beginning to divide by 2 and 5. In English we have been writing a recount all about the amazing visit we had last week, from the Freestyle Footballer. Some of us have even been practising the tricks at home. We also began our new science topic about materials. Finally, we have begun learning all about the Great Fire of London, when it took place and how it started. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Class 2GS.  

First week back!

Date: 4th Nov 2022 @ 4:21pm

What a fantastic first week back to school we have had!

We have been working super hard on our bonfire poems and can't wait for them to share them with you next week. We have been doing lots of mulitplication practice (5s, 2s, and 10s) in maths and we are getting very excited about our new  topic, The Great Fire of London.

Finally, we had a special visitor in school yesterday who taught us some freestyle football tricks in PE. It was great fun but also helped us to practice skills, such as team work, perserverance and determination. Here are some pictures of us trying out some tricks:



Weekly round up

Date: 7th Oct 2022 @ 5:30pm

Hello all, 

We've had a super week of learning in Year 2 this week! We have completed our English topic, How to Make Garden Stew, where we learnt all the writing skills we need to write instructions. We even got to follow our instructions yesterday when we went outside to collect the ingrediant and make our very own garden stew! We loved mixing all the mucky, sloppy mud, leaves, grass and sticks together!

In PE  we have been learning all about throwing, catching and kicking a ball towards a target. In CC, we are continuing to learn about keeping ourselves fit and healthy. Finally, in maths, we have been getting to grips with number knowledge, in preparation for our new unit after half term (addition and subtraction). 

Next Wednesday, is 'All About Me' day, and we are invited to come into school dressed in something that is important to us. Mrs Merton is going to come in dressed in her summer dress and sunglasses because she loves the sun! As 'All About Me' day is on Wednesday, we do not need to where our PE kits on that day. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Class 2GS. 


garden stew.png

Sports day 2022!

Date: 30th Sep 2022 @ 1:16pm

Here are a few pictures from our sports day event this morning. The children had a fantastic time completing all of the challenges and I was very proud of their behaviour and teamwork through out. Well done 2GS!




Class Visitors!

Date: 29th Sep 2022 @ 4:50pm

This week Year 2 have been so lucky! We had TWO visitors in our classes to talk to us about our new topic "Why can't we just eat chocolate?". 

Our first visitor came on Tuesday and she is a dental hygienist. We learned about how to look after our teeth and how we can keep them in tip top condition! On Wednesday we had a martial arts expert in to talk to us about healthy eating and exercise. We learned so much and we generated some amazing questions to ask the visitors. 

Welcome to Class 2GS!

Date: 12th Sep 2022 @ 5:15pm

Hello parents, 

Welcome to your new class blog for 2GS. We have had a fantastic first week back at school and really enjoyed getting to know each other. We all look super smart and ready to learn. Last Friday was the launch day for our new topic, "Why Can't We Just Eat Chocolate?" We had a scavanger hunt in the playground and designed our own fruit kebabs. This week, we will be doing some art using vegetables. 

It was lovely to meet some of our parents and carers today at our class Meet and Greet. If you weren't able to come along, feel free to get in touch with any questions. Your child should have brought home information about Year 2 and our learning. 

Please can you remind children to bring in their reading book bag every day and to wear their PE kit on Wednesdays and Thursdays (no jewellry please). 

Class 2GS 



The Masked Parade

Date: 27th Mar 2022 @ 10:43am

As part of the children's learning about China the children got an opportunity to make chinese influenced masks. Some of the children decided to make dragon masks whereas other children decided to make chinese opera inspired masks. They designed their masks and then used a range of collage materials to make them. It was lovely to see the classroom so busy! After they had completed their masks they displayed them around the school. They enjoyed the parade around the daily mile, especially when the children from other year groups clapped and cheered them on!

image32.jpeg image36.jpeg image34.jpeg   image30.jpeg


Look at the parade 


I think you will agree that the masks look amazing! All the children worked so hard and I am sure you are as proud of the children as I am.

Enjoy the weekend

Miss Wolfenden


Library Visit

Date: 15th Nov 2021 @ 8:48am


Year 2 have had a fun week this week! They have been  visiting the school  library and class library regularly to have a go at choosing a book to read for pleasure. The non fiction books have been very popular, especially books about ' The Great Fire of London'. Why don't you ask your child about a book that they haave read or would like to read next time they visit. Take a look at the pictures below

aayan and abdul.jpg   amaya.jpg  gabriel.jpg


Miss Wolfenden


Whiffy stew

Date: 30th Oct 2021 @ 2:24pm

The class have been working outdoors this week and have enjoyed using natural resources and materials to make a whiffy stew. They followed a set of instructions to make the stew and then took it home. Unforunately they couldn't eat it but they had fun making it!

IMG_0349.JPG  IMG_0348.JPG  IMG_0347.JPG

Messy Fun!


Miss Wolfenden


It has been a busy week in year 2!

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 2:28pm


We cannot believe it is the end of half term already. The children have worked so hard and should be extremely proud of themselves. We have been really thinking about what human's need to survive and have created our own survival packs. We used our knowledge of the food pyramid to sort foods into catergories. We then tried our very best to use foods from each groups to create a meal. We planned and made the meal. We went outsside and had a go at working as a team to create a shelter. some of us really enjoyed the experience and really showed how well we work as a team.

20211020_135541.jpg   20211020_133401.jpg20211020_135005.jpg20211020_133356.jpg


Can you guess what we made?


The Year 2 Team

City Coach fun!

Date: 10th Oct 2021 @ 4:05pm

Hello year 2 !

This week in year 2 the children have worked really hard alongside the city coach to develop their  passing, aiming and kicking skills. They have also tried hard to find a space and carefully move around a space without bumping into each other, which was tricky to do!

The children like to play the Mr Men game and have to move their bodies like different characters in the story. They particuarly liked being Mr Slow and Mr Bump!


IMG_0120.JPG          IMG_0121.JPG

In maths this week we have started the mastering number programme. The children have been working hard to make number pairs to 5 and 10. They were introduced to number block 10 who helped them to generate number sentences. E.g. 2 needs 8 to make 10       6 needs 4 to make 10.

If you want to find out more about the number block characters then follow the link and watch this clips with your child.


Miss Wolfenden



homework heroes

Date: 3rd Oct 2021 @ 2:29pm

It is lovely to see 2KW taking their learning seriously both at home and at school. Homework is given out on school spider every Friday and needs to be completed by Thursday of the following week. The adults will mark it and a sticker will be placed on the homework sticker chart. Children who complete homework each week will receive a homework reward at the end of each half term! Each child in the class has been given a home learning book to complete their homework in. Now we are back in school there is no need to uplaod it, just bring it in the school bag for the adults to mark. 

Have a look at some of the completed work. We have been blown away by all the learning that has been completed! The presentation is amazing.

Mariyn homework.jpg      Aayan K .jpeg       zainab homework.jpg   Noah homework.jpg 

We are  so pleased that the children all practiced how to; partition a 2 digit number, write their spellings and used past tense ed verbs.

Keep working hard

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Murton


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We care, We soar’


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