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19th June #30DaysWild - Challenge 19

Date: 19th Jun 2020 @ 8:53am

Hello Wildlife Wardens of Ravensbury!

We’ve reached the end of another week getting out in the wild. We have such a lot of beauty in our world. Remember that when you see something in the wild.

Today’s challenge is to draw a wildflower. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have lived in lots of amazing places around the world. Some of the photos at the bottom are from places as far away as Saudi Arabia and some are from my local woods. Can you find a wildflower and draw it?

Have a fun filled day

From Mrs Ganner

Send photos into my home learning email please:

Weekend Challenges:

If you want to keep in touch with nature over the weekend why not try our day 20 and day 21 challenges? Get up early to watch sunrise and then wait for the sun to set at the end of the day. I’d love to see your photos.



Thursday 18th June

Date: 18th Jun 2020 @ 8:54am

Good Morning Year 2!

We would just like to say thank you so much for all of your emails this week! We have heard from so many of you, and seen so much fabulous work! Keep it up Year 2!

Here is your learning for today -

Enjoy your day!

Miss Wendt & Miss Woodnett smiley

Wednesday 17th June

Date: 17th Jun 2020 @ 9:18am

Hello Year 2!

I don't know about all of you, but I couldn't stop watching the amazing storms last night! I hope no one got caught outside in the rain!

Here is today's Padlet -

Thank you once again to all those children sending in work, it really makes me and Miss Woodnett smile!

Miss Wendt & Miss Woodnett smiley

17th June #30DaysWild - Challenge 17 🌈

Date: 17th Jun 2020 @ 7:43am

Hope today will be a Wild Wednesday Ravensbury! I bet the ducks enjoyed yesterday’s weather. It was tremendous to watch!

Today’s challenge is to see if you can race to find the colours of the rainbow before you get wet in the rain! Maybe you’ll find an orange flower and green grass? These are the colours you are looking for and remember to send in your photos:

violet indigo blue green yellow orange red

If you see a rainbow send in a photo too.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday

From Mrs Ganner

Send photos into my home learning email please:

Photos of past challenges:

Yesterday I discovered that a squirrel’s front teeth never stop growing. Squirrels must gnaw to keep their teeth at the right length. What did you find out?

I also hear this beautiful birdsong every night at tea time. Does anyone know what bird is singing?


Tuesday 16th June

Date: 16th Jun 2020 @ 8:57am

Good Morning Year 2!

Hope you are all well and ready to face some new challenges! Today we are looking at practicing our x5 tables and thinking about commas in sentences.

Has anyone completed a #30DaysWild challenge yet? I've recieved some lovely emails from children who are getting outside in our local area for some fresh air and exercise. Why not have a go at a challenge?

Here is your Padlet for today -

Keep up the hard work!

Miss Wendt smiley


16th June #30DaysWild - Challenge 16 💻🦢🐾🕷🦆

Date: 16th Jun 2020 @ 7:36am

Happy Tuesday Ravensbury!

I hope you are well and you managed to get out yesterday before the thunderstorms. It’s a bit cooler today but hopefully we’ll have some sunshine later.

You can see my butterfly buffet challenge at the bottom. The butterflies didn’t come but there were a couple of visitors and this morning half of the peach I put out had gone! I wonder who enjoyed it. What do you think?

Today your challenge is to go outside, find some wildlife and then google facts about them. What’s the most interesting fact you can find? Write down your answers and send a photo or send a short video in telling us what you’ve discovered about our wild friends outside.

Have a  terrific Tuesday

From Mrs Ganner

Send photos into my home learning email please:

Photos of past challenges:

Here are a couple of visitors to my garden. Someone has half a peach tucked away for a treat later!

Monday 15th June

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 9:05am

Hello Year 2!

Good morning from Miss Wendt, I hope you are all well and have enjoyed a sunny weekend. 

Here is your Padlet for this week - we have lots of challenges with sentence building, vocabulary and practicing those times tables! Remember, on Padlet we also have the links for Lexia and Timestables Rockstars, so you can choose to practice whenever you want!

If you want to get in touch and show your wonderful work, remember to email -

Have a great day!

Miss Wendt smiley

15th June #30DaysWild - Challenge 15 🦋

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 8:26am

Good morning Ravensbury!

Welcome to week 3 of our Summer Term and the beginning of our third week going wild. Did you manage to find something wild over the weekend?

I went to our local woods with my family and I hugged a tree. It made me smile, as you can see in the photo at the bottom. Send in your photos if anything you got up to over the weekend.

Today we are going to help our fluttery friends by giving them a treat. See what visits your garden when you put out a sugary buffet for the wildlife. I'm hoping I get some butterflies. 


From Mrs Ganner

Send photos into my home learning email please:

Photos of past challenges:

Thank you to the lovely children in these photos for completing the hug-a-tree challenge. I think there was some hug-my-family too! Plus take a look at some of our children in school, enjoying going wild at break time. Great big smiles from everyone. 

Celebration Post :)

Date: 12th Jun 2020 @ 4:16pm

Wow! Another wonderful week of learning in Year 2.  Thank you to everyone who sent in their super work this week.  It is so nice to see you all keeping up with your learning at home, you are doing a great job! Thank you also to parents for supporting your children with their learning, you are also doing a fab job!  Here are some photos from your learning this week.  Well done everyone, stay safe and happy weekend!

Miss Woodnett & Miss Wendt :)

Friday 12th June

Date: 12th Jun 2020 @ 9:15am

Hello Year 2!

It's Friday! I think this week has gone very quickly, I wonder how many of you feel the same?

Our last Padlet for this week -

Remember to email your fabulous work to

Miss Wendt & Miss Woodnett smiley

12th June #30DaysWild - Challenge 12 🌳

Date: 12th Jun 2020 @ 8:02am

Hello again!

I wonder who will go wild today to find their nearest tree. Will there be a mass of Y5 wildlife wardens invading Clayton green spaces to hug a tree or will it be Year 2 that aces this challenge?  I look forward to finding out.

I’m going to look for a really old tree. Make up your own challenges over the weekend and discover what is outside your door then send the photos in to me.

From Mrs Ganner

Send photos into my home learning email please:


Photos of past challenges:

More EYFS ‘Wonderful Wildlife Wardens’ sent in some stunning photos of the wildlife they’d discovered in their gardens over the past couple of days. Did you know there was a big hotel open near you?   


Thursday 11th June

Date: 11th Jun 2020 @ 10:05am

Hello Year 2!

Did you know it is World Ocean Day? I wonder how many of you can remember the names of the world's oceans? I know you studied them during your Antarctica CC work!

Here is your updated Padlet for today -

Remember to send your learning to - we love seeing all of your hard work!

Miss Wendt & Miss Woodnett smiley


11th June #30DaysWild - Challenge 11 🐚🍀

Date: 11th Jun 2020 @ 7:44am

Good morning Ravensbury!

If you’re wild enough to accept the challenge then here is what you can do today: 

Channel your inner Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Pugwash (ask your parents and grandparents who this is) to find a hoard of treasure on your latest walk on the wild side. Collect anything you find and keep it in a treasure box. Remember to wash your hands when you come home.

Bonus joke of the day:

Why are pirates called pirates?

Because they arrrrrrrrr

From Mrs Ganner

Send photos into my home learning email please:


Photos of past challenges:

More ‘Wonderful Wildlife Wardens’ have been spending time in nature and discovering new and interesting things around them. Aisha sent this beautiful blue sky photo in from our blue challenge yesterday and we have some young explorers that are fascinated by their upclose encounters with minibeasts. 

10th June #30DaysWild - Challenge 10 🦋💧

Date: 10th Jun 2020 @ 9:12am

Hello Wild Things!

Today is all about being blue. NOT feeling blue (that means feeling sad) but looking for blue in the wild. Can you take photos or draw all of the blue things you see outdoors today?

Enjoy your wonders of the wild outdoors today

From Mrs Ganner

Send photos into my home learning email please:


Photos of past challenges:

Our latest ‘Wonderful Wildlife Wardens’ have sent in photos of themselves throwing their litter away, bird spotting and using their art skills to create very realistic representations of wildlife. I’m really impressed with what they are discovering in their wild outdoors. Thank you for joining in.

By the way – so far The Foundation Stage are wildest of our school (FIST PUMPS AIR!) They’re wilder than KS2 who are wilder than KS1.

Challenge on for those of you who haven’t sent in photos yet…


Wednesday 10th June

Date: 10th Jun 2020 @ 9:02am

Hello Year 2!

How are you all doing? I've got my fingers crossed it going to be a nice day today - the rain has stopped and I'm sure I can see some sun. I loved sitting with my back patio doors open, doing my work in the sunshine.

Here is your Padlet for today - with some new tasks uploaded on for Maths and English. Remember to email your fabulous work, it's been lovely hearing from some of you this week!

Miss Wendt & Miss Woodnett smiley

Tuesday 9th June

Date: 9th Jun 2020 @ 8:36am

Hello Year 2!

Thank you to all those children who emailed us your wonderful work yesterday! It was lovely to see what challenges you had accomplished.

Remember, our email address is

Here is the updated Padlet for today -

Keep up the hard work Y2!

Miss Wendt & Miss Woodnett

9th June 30 Days Wild - Challenge 9 🗑

Date: 9th Jun 2020 @ 8:30am

9th June 30 Days Wild - Challenge 9

Good morning,

Today sees a challenge that we should do every day. Litter is a big problem for wildlife. It can hurt them and so I’d like to see if you can pick up litter to make your area tidy and safe for the animals that live close to us.

  • DO NOT pick up anything that could hurt you.
  • ALWAYS do this activity with an adult.
  • WEAR protective gloves if you have any.
  • USE a litter picker if you can.

Send me your litter picking photos in to: 

Have a great day

From Mrs Ganner

Daily Update:

We’ve had some amazing photos in from children in the Foundation Stage. Look at how happy they are looking after the wildlife they have found. They are being really careful too. Read what they say about their learning:

‘We have been out in the parks and garden looking for wild life. We saw some ducks with babies and a spider in the garden. We also have 3 snails which we look after and feed them every day.’ 

‘This is my friend the worm. I have been watering it and feeding it. Worms don't have any legs because they wiggle.

You really are ‘Wonderful Wildlife Wardens’

8th June 30 Days Wild - Challenge 8 🐤🐦🦉🦆

Date: 8th Jun 2020 @ 9:10am

Good morning Ravensbury,

I hope your weekend was wild and wonderful. If you have an photos of you and your family finding wildlife in your garden, on the vale or at the park send your photos in so we can share them on our blog.

It’s the start of our second week going wild at school and we have one of my favourite activities

I love to sit in my garden recording the birds talking to each other first thing in the morning. They have so much to say to each other!

Can you hear the magpie chattering away loudly? 

Have a great day

From Mrs Ganner


Watch this video to identify bird song in your garden


Monday 8th June

Date: 8th Jun 2020 @ 8:55am

Good Morning Year 2!

How are you all doing? We hope you've had a lovely weekend, even if the weather hasn't been that nice! 

Here is the link to your learning this week -

This week we are looking at odd/even numbers, linking information with conjunctions, the parts of a flowering plant and ordering events in a chronological order. 

Remember to email your work to - we love hearing from you!

Miss Wendt & Miss Woodnett :)

This Week's Home Learning in Y2

Date: 5th Jun 2020 @ 4:08pm

Wow what a busy week we have had in Year 2.  

We have started our brand new topic: Would you like to have been royalty in the Victorian era? As well as a new science topic: Do you know what a plant needs to grow?

In English our text for this term is 'Princess Smartypants' by Babette Cole and in Maths we will be continuing to look at a range of calculations and problems.

Thank you to everyone who sent emails of their wonderful work, we really do love to look at them!

Here are some photos from home learning this week :)

Look out for our new padlet link next week for your new daily and weekly challenges.

Have a great weekend! Miss Wendt & Miss Woodnett :)

30 Days Wild - Weekend Challenges 🐞🐛🐝🕷

Date: 5th Jun 2020 @ 3:02pm

Well done to Honour and Jola for finding this fabulous centipede! It’s safely back outside now. Well done for ‘Going Wild’!

If any of you want a wild weekend then here are two more challenges:

Challenge 1: How do I know it’s a centipede and not a millipede? CLUE: The answer is NOT to do with the number of legs it has. 

Challenge 2: Bugs shouldn’t be living in your house so why not make them a hotel in your garden? Stack wood and tubes and crates to make a bug hotel this weekend. Then watch them set up home in all the nooks and crannies. Bugtastic! 

Send your answers to my home learning address: 

Have a brilliant weekend! Keep those eyes peeled for lots of bugs 

From Mrs Ganner



Friday 5th June

Date: 5th Jun 2020 @ 8:46am

Hello Year 2!

I'm hoping we might get some sunshine today, it felt very strange yesterday for it to be cold and raining! It's not the weather we have been used to is it?!

Here is today's updated Padlet -

Look out for an email this evening celebrating all our Y2 outstanding learners!

Miss Wendt & Miss Woodnett  laugh

June 5th - #30DaysWild – Whole School Challenge 5 🐝🦋🐛🐞🤔📒

Date: 5th Jun 2020 @ 8:00am

Good Morning Ravensbury,

It’s the end of our first wild week. I’ve spoken to a few of your grownups about what they have seen and done this week. Did anybody find a minibeast in their house yesterday? Send in photos of your minibeast encounters so we can put them on the blog. Here’s today’s challenge:

Whatever WILD THINGS you see today write down a list and send a photo of what is in your local park or back yard or garden. Let’s work out what kinds of wildlife are living in and around Clayton.

Send your photos or short videos in and I'll put them up on our school blog 


From Mrs Ganner 

Thursday 4th June

Date: 4th Jun 2020 @ 9:07am

Good Morning Year 2!

Your updated activites on Padlet are ready for you!


We look forward to seeing your hard work on 

Miss Wendt & Miss Woodnett smiley

June 4th - #30DaysWild – Whole School Challenge 4 🕷🌿

Date: 4th Jun 2020 @ 7:57am

Good Morning Ravensbury,

I hope you managed to get out in the WILD yesterday! Send in your splashing photos so we can share the fun. Here’s today’s challenge:

When it gets cold and wet outside, sometimes the wild likes to come inside! If you find a minibeast friend, help them find their way home by carefully scooping them up and putting them outside.

Send your photos or short videos in and I'll put them up on our school blog 


From Mrs Ganner 


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