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When or where?

Date: 24th Jun 2021 @ 3:49pm

This week Year 2 have looked at adverbials for when and where. At first they found it tricky to tell which was which but jumping on our handy stepping stones helped us to decide!

Learning new skills.

Date: 17th Jun 2021 @ 10:55am

We learn a new skill every week in our EAL lessons. Here are some photos of us practising our new skills this week: 

Units of measurement

Date: 10th Jun 2021 @ 2:37pm

Year 2 have been learning about units of measurement this week and finished off with this fun matching game. They did well!

Learning our phonemes.

Date: 26th May 2021 @ 3:27pm

We have been working hard to learn all the English phonemes we need to read and spell . Some of them have three letters for just one sound! It's tricky learning them, but we keep practising - and we love a challenge!

Well done everyone. 

Word class

Date: 19th May 2021 @ 3:34pm

Year 5 have been learning all about different word class this week. We have concentrated especially on nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs and have enjoyed showing what we know by jumping on stepping stones!

Check back soon for a picture of our stepping stones...

Looking at sounds

Date: 11th May 2021 @ 2:22pm

We have been practising all of the phonemes we know so that we can remember them quickly when we need to  use them in our reading and writing. 


How do astronauts brush their teeth in space?

Date: 6th May 2021 @ 12:54pm

Some of our Y5 children have been investigating how astronauts brush their teeth in space. We found it was not easy ! We used third person singular to write up our instructions.

Telling the time

Date: 28th Apr 2021 @ 1:04pm

We have been learning the language of time this week including telling the time. Do you know the time on this bingo card?


Victorian simple past and present tense

Date: 28th Apr 2021 @ 8:49am

Last week, Year 2 learnt about how to identify the difference between simple past and present tense. Do you know which type of word to look out for? (Hint - each one is underlined!)

Happy Easter and safe holidays !

Date: 1st Apr 2021 @ 10:04am

Today is our final day of our spring term.

We have been so impressed with all your hard work this term and can't wait to see you again in the summer term.

We hope you and your family have a safe and restful holiday and we will see you again on Monday 19th April.

Happy Easter !

Mrs Harriott and Mrs Glover


Challenging ourselves.... and not giving up !

Date: 25th Mar 2021 @ 2:31pm

We have been working on some challenges this week and everyone has  shown perseverance when things got a bit tricky. We found that if we worked through the challenge together , we could do it !  Well done everyone !

Vikings and Saxons

Date: 16th Mar 2021 @ 10:21am

Year 4 are looking at the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons this half term. This week we have been comparing pictures and maps and concentrating on the new vocabulary. 

100 % effort

Date: 15th Mar 2021 @ 10:48am

It is lovely to see everyone back at school .We are so impressed with the attitude of all our fabulous EAL learners - 100 % effort from everyone .

Here's some of the exciting learning we've been doing : 


World Book Day

Date: 4th Mar 2021 @ 1:25pm

We have had fun reading in strange places today.

Happy World Book day everyone!

Welcome back !

Date: 26th Feb 2021 @ 9:55am

It has been a great start to the second half of the Spring term. You have been working hard at home and at school. Well done !

Next week, we are looking forward to World Book Day, and invite all children , whether at home or at school , to dress up as a character from a book on Thursday 4th March. We can't wait to see who you will choose to be!



Happy Half Term!

Date: 12th Feb 2021 @ 2:53pm

Our pupils have been working so hard over the last 6 weeks and we are very proud of all of them.

Here is some phonics work that one of our Year 3 pupils has worked hard on this week!

We hope you have a safe and restful half term, ready to start your learning again on Tuesday the 23rd of February :-).

Mrs Glover and Mrs Harriott

Checking out what we can remember

Date: 8th Feb 2021 @ 9:41am

We have been learning so much new language and thinking about so many new ideas, that we have had a week of fun activities to see how much we can remember and use. Have a look at some of our learning:  


Phoneme fun!

Date: 1st Feb 2021 @ 8:10am

Happy 1st February ! 

In school, we have been continuing to build our phonic skills for reading and writing .  We have used lots of different ways to help us remember the phonemes ;played a sorting game and bingo. We were then able to write some fantastic sentences independently using the new phonemes we have been looking at.


Working hard at school.

Date: 25th Jan 2021 @ 8:24am

Happy Monday everyone!

We hope you have had a restful weekend and are ready to get going with more exciting learning.

Last week, we had some pictures of our fablous learners working hard at home. This week, here's some photos of some of our children who are coming into school to learn.

Wherever you are learning , remember we are here for you if you need any help and we would love to see some pictures of the work you are doing ! You can email us : ealhomelearning@ravensbury.manchester.sch.uk

Mrs Harriot and Mrs Glover 




EAL pupils working hard at home

Date: 19th Jan 2021 @ 3:36pm

We are so proud of our EAL pupils right now! They have adapted to the challenge of home learning fantastically. Here are some photos of one of our pupils working hard. Please feel free to send us in photos of your children working hard at home, they really make us smile smiley

Mrs Glover and Mrs Harriott


Lockdown learning

Date: 15th Jan 2021 @ 8:23am

We have been so impressed with the work our fantastic learners have been doing so far either at home or in school during these first two weeks of lockdown.

It has not been easy to adjust to the new way of learning , but you have got organised and worked so hard. Well done!

Remember, we are still here for you if you need any help or have any questions about your learning. You can email us: ealhomelearning@ravensbury.manchester.sch.uk  

Have a great Friday !


Happy New Year!

Date: 5th Jan 2021 @ 4:24pm

Hello and Happy New Year!

School is unfortunately closed until February half term but we are still here to help as well as your class teachers.

Please email us on ealhomelearning@ravensbury.manchester.sch.uk if you have any questions.

Here's a little video to let you know we're still here :-)

Stay safe!

Mrs Glover and Mrs Harriott


Capital letters challenge!

Date: 16th Dec 2020 @ 4:13pm

It's the last week of term and we're challenging ourselves to see how much of our learning we can remember !

Here's our capital letter challenge.


Active or passive?

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 3:53pm

This week Year 6 have been looking at past participles and whether sentences are written in the active or passive voice. It's been a bit tricky but after some practice they did really well.

Newsaper reports

Date: 3rd Dec 2020 @ 3:22pm

This week Year 4 have been looking at newspaper reports. We have looked at the features of a newspaper report and identified what, where, when, and who to help us write an introduction for our earthquake report.

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