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Diwali comes to 6DL

Date: 22nd Nov 2023 @ 2:46pm

We have been learning about Diwali in year 6. Last week we rehearsed and performed some Diwali plays as well as a sepcial Diwali dance. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and it is so lovely to wokr with a group of young people that give everything to the task at hand. There are some amazing actors in 6DL as well as some incredible dancers! Well done everybody 


Date: 2nd Oct 2023 @ 11:03am

We have been learning the lindyhop and have been making some really good progress in "falling off the log" and being able to "mess around" (both legitimate lindyhop moves)


Goodbye Year 6

Date: 21st Jul 2023 @ 6:26pm

The memories of Ravensbury for the class of 2023...

Year 6 at the Big Sing

Date: 16th Jun 2023 @ 4:28pm

What an amazing day for year 6 today! A visit to the Bridgewater Hall to take part on Manchester's Big Sing. The children had an amazing time singing along to all of the songs. We were all blown away when we saw Miss Kent at the front as one of the lead singers!! She was awesome and she gave us a special shout-out. Our response was so loud she could hear us all the way from the back. 

What we are learning about in Spring 1

Date: 11th Jan 2023 @ 3:22pm

What are we learning parent overview Year 6 Spring 1 pg1.jpgWhat are we learning parent overview Year 6 Spring 1 pg2.jpg

Shape sort

Date: 11th Jan 2023 @ 2:36pm

This week we have been busy sorting shapes according to their properties: parallel lines, perpendicular lines, lines of symmetry and angles.

Play the game below to practise all of the vocabulary and properties we have been discussing in our lessons...

shape sort game.png

Year 6 Drama Club

Date: 16th Dec 2022 @ 1:51pm

What a show! Well done to all of the drama performers today putting on their show. You were all amazing and you got great reviews!

Our Harvest Song

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 3:13pm

Year 6 sang their song really well today in our KS2 assembly.  It was lovely to hear them all sing the Harvest Samba.

Off to Ghyllhead!

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 10:51pm

Year 6 are headed off for our much anticipated trip to Ghyllhead the outdoor education centre in Lake Windermere. We are so excited and can't wait for all the adventures we will have there. Have a look at the clip below to get a flavour of some of the activites and adevntures we will be enjoying while we are there! Byeee!


What are we learning about in Autumn 1?

Date: 28th Sep 2022 @ 2:18pm

Here is a breakdown of the learning we are doing in year 6 in this first half term. The children have been working really hard so far this year and are all very much looking forward to our trip to Ghyll Head.

Learning the Lindy Hop Dance

Date: 14th Sep 2022 @ 11:33am

This week we launched our new topic about life during The Second World War. We started with a dance, where the children all had to learn an old fashioned dance called the 'Lindy Hop'. They did very well and had a chance to practise. As you can see from the photographs below, they all had a great time. 

A Peaceful protest for Climate Change

Date: 17th May 2022 @ 2:59pm

Year 6 took part in a peaceful protest to raise awareness of Global Warming and Climate Change. They made amazing banners to use when marching around the school grounds. They attracted a lot of attention because they made the decision to hold their protest at the same time as the school cake sale. This had a big impact as there were a lot of people around. We are so proud of the children in both year 6 classes for showing so much passion and dedication to 'making a change' for the better. 

Gymnastics 6DL

Date: 24th Mar 2022 @ 1:34pm

The children in 6DL had a great PE lesson. They were exploring how to use the apparatus to develop Their skills of 'Weight on Hands' and were rehearsing their sequences to make improvements. 

Y6 Home learning 06.02.22

Date: 6th Feb 2022 @ 10:31pm

Here is this week's learning padlet for those of you who are isolating at home. Have a go at the activities which are the same as the rest of us are doing in school. This week we are continuing our new novel "Kensuke's Kingdom." We will be using the ideas from this to write our own deserted island adventure story. 

Home learning padlet 06.02.22

TTRockstars Competition FRIDAY

Date: 2nd Feb 2022 @ 11:05pm

This Friday 4th February we are taking part in a special TTRockstar competition for NSPCC day. The winning class will receive £100 to spend on maths games and puzzles for their classroom! Get practising and GOOD LUCK!


Date: 31st Jan 2022 @ 5:45pm

Today we have been calculating missing angles in straight lines and around a point. We will also be learning to calculate missing angles in triangles this week. Play the game to practise calculating missing angles. How many points can you get? Can you beat Mr Leverton?

5 house points for anyone who can tell us what the difference is between a complementary angle and a supplementary angle!

missing angles.png




Y6 Home learning 31.01.22

Date: 30th Jan 2022 @ 9:48pm

Here is this week's learning padlet for those of you who are isolating at home. Have a go at the activities which are the same as the rest of us are doing in school. This week we are starting our new novel "Kensuke's Kingdom." It's about a boy named Michael who ends up ship-wrecked on an island! We know you are going to love it as it one of our all-time favourite books in Year 6!

Home learning PADLET 31.01.22


3D shape sort

Date: 30th Jan 2022 @ 9:35pm

Do you know your prisms from your pyramids?

Can you recognise a traingular prism or a square based pyramid?

Play the sorting game to practice your 3D shapes some more!

3D shape sort.png

Maths Workshop

Date: 30th Jan 2022 @ 9:03pm

Last term we had a TTRockstar's tournament as part of part of MATHS WEEK and the highest scorers of the tournament won a maths workshop. Year 6 winners had a brilliant time solving puzzles with tangrams and towers and problem solving in teams with Liam from THE PROBLEM SOLVING WORKSHOP. 

"It was great fun!"

"I love doing maths this way"

"Yay I am so glad I won. It was a great prize!"

Maths workshop Jan 2022.JPG



Year 6 Learning 24.01.22

Date: 30th Jan 2022 @ 7:40pm

Here is this week's learning for those of you who are isolating at home. Have a go at the activities which are the same as the rest of us are doing in school. Look out for Week 2 of our Survival Guide- we will be using some of this week's tips to help us over the coming weeks when we write our deserted island adventure stories...HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE?

Home Learning padlet 24.01.22 


2D Shape sort

Date: 19th Jan 2022 @ 10:44pm

This week we have been practising our 2D shapes and identifying different properties. Can you practise shape sorting with this game?

2D shape sorting game

shape sort.png


Year 6 learning 10.01.22

Date: 12th Jan 2022 @ 10:26pm

Here is this week's learning for those of you who are isolating at home. Have a go at the activities which are the same as we are doing in school. We know that you won't want to miss the end of our novel "Once". We hope you are back in school with us soon. 

Year 6 padlet Week 10.01.22



Date: 20th Nov 2021 @ 11:00pm

This week we have been working on calculating percentages of amounts. Play the game below for extra practice.

Percentages of amounts game


Homework 04.11.21

Date: 2nd Nov 2021 @ 10:29pm

Click below for this week's padlet for all your spelling, maths and English homework.

Year 6 Homework padlet Autumn 2 week 1 04.11.21

Remember to click the extra links on padlet to see games, tips and quizes to help you with your homework. 


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