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Nursery Challenges

Date: 16th Jun 2019 @ 9:01pm

Nursery challenges happen each week and children have to complete 3 challenges in different areas oer the week. This week children had a painting, writing and ICT challenge. At the end of the week the children with 3 buttons had a fantastic treat after finishing the challenges. They got to play with some superhero figures borrowed from Mrs Iqbal's house and some chose the unicorn and fairy colouring sheets. I wonder what the challenges will be next week...? 

Spinderella's and Tiddler's Dinosaur Eggs have hatched!!!

Date: 16th Jun 2019 @ 8:54pm

Last week we discovered some Dinosaur Eggs in our classroom. We put the eggs in water and waited until they hatched. At first there was a small crack but slowly the crack got bigger until we could see the dinosaurs. Tiddler's dinosaur was green and Spinderella's was orange and yellow. From next week each dinosaur will sit with someone at group time for the day and be responsible for it. How exciting!! 

Healthy Lifestyles Day

Date: 16th Jun 2019 @ 8:46pm

On Friday 14th June we joined in with 'Healthy Lifestyles Day' in Nursery. In the morning we had a Nutritionist called Jack who came from Manchester Fayre and talked about healthy foods and the Eatwell Plate. He then asked Mrs Iqbal to help him make some 'Homous.' We tried it with rice cakes, sugar snap peas and carrots. In the afternoon we had a visit from a dental hygienist who talked about why it is important to clean our teeth every morning and evening. She showed us some photos that had good and bad teeth and shared some great advice; brush your teeth twice a day, go to the dentist for a regular check up and no sugary foods before your tea! 

Goodbye Butterflies!

Date: 31st May 2019 @ 10:31am

During this half term we were delivered some tiny caterpillars. We looked after the caterpillars and watched them turn in to cocoons and then in to beautiful butterflies. We said goodbye to them and let them free in the garden. 

Nursery Challenges

Date: 31st Mar 2019 @ 3:56pm

Did you know about Nursery challenges?

Each week children are given three challenges in various areas around the classroom that they must complete independently. When each challenge is completed the children place a coloured button on their photo. When three buttons are placed the children get a treat on Friday afternoons. This week the treat children chose was to make some chocolate krispy nests. Have a look at the 'My Learning at home' sheet which gives you details of what will be provided in each area in the nursery. 

Easter Bonnet Preparation

Date: 31st Mar 2019 @ 3:51pm

In Nursery we have been preparing our Easter Bonnets to wear at our Easter celebration next Tuesday. We used a paper plate bunny ear design and used our 'Talking Fingers' to scrunch tissue paper and decorate our hats. Don't forget to come and see our Easter celebrations on Tuesday 2nd April at 9.15am in the hall.



Nursery Phonics - Listening Walk

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 8:33pm

This half term we have been listening out for Environmental Sounds around school. We went for a listening walk using our 'Listening Ears.' We heard lots of sounds around school. Ravensbury is a very busy and buzzing place to learn!!!

The Three Little Pigs

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 8:01pm

This half term we have been reading The Three Little Pigs. We have created the three houses using printing, gluing shapes and sticks. We have created some 'Huff and Puff' paintings using straws to imagine that we were the Big Bad Wolf. 

World Book Day 2019

Date: 27th Mar 2019 @ 7:54pm

On World Book Day, children in Nursery came to school dressed in a variety of costumes. We had Matilda, Stickman, Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood to name a few. On the day we read lots of stories, made some props for some traditional tales and even had a visit from Year 6 who read us some stories!!

Tasting Porridge

Date: 9th Jan 2019 @ 3:03pm

Today the children wanted to pretend to be Goldilocks and taste some porridge! The children helped to make the porridge and enjoyed mixing the oats and milk together. The children talked about the texture of the oats changing when the milk was added and after it had been warmed in the microwave. Then they all enjoyed eating it!  

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Date: 9th Jan 2019 @ 2:40pm

Today the children had a teddy bear's picnic to launch our new story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. The children enjoyed helping to make sandwiches and having a picnic for their snack!


Welcome back!

Date: 9th Jan 2019 @ 2:38pm

It has been lovely to see all the children in Nursery coming back to school with beautiful smiles and ready to enjoy lots of learning and fun activities! 


Bonfire Night

Date: 14th Nov 2018 @ 3:58pm

Nursery have been learning about bonfire night. We created fantastic bonfire paintings by mixing colours on our hands,  and painted super firework pictures. The children also enjoyed making tasty chocolate apples! 

We will remember them

Date: 13th Nov 2018 @ 9:17pm

On Friday we remembered all of the soilders that have faught for us and helped to keep us safe. We created lots of beautiful poppies using different skills; painting, collage, printing and colouring. At 11 o clock we took part in a two minute scilence in our outdoor area and the children were fantastic!


Have a look at the beautiful display that the EYFS children created. 

Exploring Numicon

Date: 12th Nov 2018 @ 1:22pm

This afternoon Nursery have been exploring The Numicon. They have been counting the holes, talking about the colours and the shapes and using them in different areas of the classroom. 



Morning jobs

Date: 5th Nov 2018 @ 8:51pm

We had a fantastic start to morning jobs this morning. The children came in and settled at their activities really well, and everyone had a good try at their job too! 

Please remember to look at the rota for changing your child's library book and bring it back on that day so that it can be changed. 


Red Day!

Date: 5th Nov 2018 @ 8:44pm

Today the children wore red and took part in lots of different red activities to launch our new story. The children explored the red messy play, made marks in the red glitter, poured the red water, rolled the red play dough and took part in many more red activities!  

The children arrived at school wondering what our new story would be. We can now reveal it is... Little Red Riding Hood! It is one of my favourite traditional tales and I am sure the children will enjoy it just as much as I do! 

Pumpkin carving

Date: 5th Nov 2018 @ 8:34pm

The children were very excited to create a face on our pumpkins and watch as Miss Powell carved it. Everyone was brave enough to put their hands inside the pumpkin and pull out some of the insides! 


Woodland animals

Date: 19th Oct 2018 @ 6:20am

Today the children have been looking after Miss Fowler’s woodland animals. They have been building houses for them and keeping them safe and warm. 

Autumn walks

Date: 18th Oct 2018 @ 5:57pm

This week the Nursery children have been around the school grounds on an Autumn walk. They have enjoyed looking for the different signs of Autumn and talking about it with their friends. 

Visiting the library

Date: 16th Oct 2018 @ 10:13pm

We have been visiting the library in our key worker groups. We have walked sensibly through the school, followed the library rules and looked at different books. We have been making sure we are holding the book the correct way around, turning the pages carefully and looking at the pictures to help us to tell the story. 

Our first weeks in Nursery!

Date: 19th Sep 2018 @ 8:56pm

We have had a fantastic first few weeks at Nursery! We have been exploring our indoor and outdoor classrooms, having our lunch in the hall and best of all, we have been getting messy!! Take a look at the fun we have had! 


Science Week: from Egg to Chick

Date: 26th Apr 2018 @ 1:33pm

For Science Week Nursery have had the joy of watching Egg’s hatch and grow in to Chicks. We have all been fascinated by the process and have loved holding and looking after the chicks as they grew.

Trip to the Farm

Date: 26th Apr 2018 @ 1:30pm

Well that was a very exciting trip to the farm. We fed the lams and petted lots of animals including a lama, some owls, rabbits and chicks. We then had some lunch and went to find out how the cow’s are milked. Did you know ice-cream is made from milk? We then went for a donkey ride and even had time for a tractor ride before getting the coach back to school. A lot of us were so tired on the coach that we fell asleep!

Easter Parade

Date: 26th Apr 2018 @ 1:25pm

Thanks to everyone for your efforts making bonnets for the Easter parade. The children all enjoyed singing, making baskets and especially making Easter buns.

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