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Celebrating some fabulous mark making

Date: 22nd Sep 2022 @ 7:00pm

We love to draw and paint in Nursery. We've been talking about our families this week and lots of children have been independently choosing to draw pictures of the people they love.
Our 'celebrate' curtain is nearly full! 

Guess Who?

Date: 20th Sep 2022 @ 4:17pm

We have been drawing our faces. We watched and listened to our teachers and then drew our faces. We think you'll agree, there are some budding artists in Nursery this year! 

faces.jpg blog.jpg

We've loved meeting you

Date: 9th Sep 2022 @ 4:13pm

We'd just like to start the year off by saying a huge big thank you to all of the children and parents in our new Nursery classes. We have really enjoyed playing with you, finding out about what you like to do and we are so excited to be walking alongside you on your learning journey this year.

Each week we will put up videos and photos of the exciting things that happen in Nursery so watch this space! have a relaxing weekend and we'll see you on Monday.

From Mrs Ganner, Miss Wilkinson, Mrs Blakeley and Miss Conway

The Flying Bath!

Date: 14th Jun 2022 @ 12:50pm

In Nursery this week we are reading the story 'The Flying Bath' by Julia Donaldson. In the story, three superheroes (Frog, Duck and Turtle) help to save the other animals using their bath water! 

We have been working hard to make our own puppets of the characters from the story. We have been thinking carefully about which colours to use and how we can add extra detail to our drawings. 


Out popped a beautiful butterfly!

Date: 5th Apr 2022 @ 1:57pm

On Saturday morning, the butterflies started to come out of their cocoons!

All 5 tiny caterpillars have made it to become lovely painted lady butterflies. Miss Wilkinson and Miss Walker have released them into our school playground this morning. 

Keep a close eye out at home, perhaps they will come and visit you!i8

Nursery Ducks

Date: 25th Mar 2022 @ 4:58pm

In Nursery this week we have been very lucky to hatch our own fluffy ducklings!


The children have been amazed watching the ducklings hatch one by one from their shells.  We have been sharing lots of stories about ducks and thinking about how we can take care of the ducks in our classroom. 



World Book Day

Date: 3rd Mar 2022 @ 6:47pm


We had so much fun celebrating world book day today and loved seeing all of your fantastic costumes! Everybody did so well in our World Book Day parade and at guessing which teacher was reading the story in the 'masked reader'. 

In Nursery our focus author was 'Tom Percival' who has written lots of amaizng stories! We read stories such as 'Tilda Tries Again' and 'Ravi's Roar'. I wonder if your child can tell you their favourite story we read today! 

Don't forget to use your book tokens that were sent home today!



Happy Valentine's Day!

Date: 14th Feb 2022 @ 3:07pm

Today Nursery have had a lovely day! We have been thinking carefully about all the special people in our lives who we LOVE SO MUCH!

We have been singing a song called 'Skidamarinky dink a dink', why not try to sing along at home?

We have made a card and a special biscuit.


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Date: 11th Feb 2022 @ 4:16pm

Nursery have enjoyed another week of learning all about Goldilocks and The Three Bears!

We have been focusing on rhyming words this week- we have done lots and lots of singing! We have also read lots of rhyming stories and even made up silly rhymes to go with our names.

One of our challenges this week has been to draw a picture of Goldilocks, have a look at our FANTASTIC work!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Date: 1st Feb 2022 @ 4:25pm





Happy lunar new year to all our families who are celebrating!


Today we have shared lots of wonderful stories and have began thinking about how people around the world celebrate the new year. We even tried our hand at dragon dancing, we haver certainly had a lot of fun! Have a look at what we've been up to!

Talking Top Tips! #6

Date: 31st Jan 2022 @ 5:54pm


So far in our Talking Top Tips series we have shared the importance of getting your child’s attention before you speak to them and some ways you can help to develop and broaden your child’s vocabulary. We have also looked at mirroring, giving children sufficient wait time and thinking about commenting over questioning.

This week, I wanted to share some ideas around bath time, a wonderful time for developing your child's vocabulary!

There are many ways to make bath time more fun and sensory, from fancy potions that turn your whole bath to slime, to good old fashioned bubbles! There are bath crayons, pouring toys, colour changing fish and a world of fantastic toys and resources that can really help to broaden your child's vocabulary. 

Every child will have a different level of language around bath time, but here are some activities and language you might want to focus on...

Bath, tap, rubber duck, shampoo, soap, toilet, towel, bubble, water...

Particularly for younger children, simply naming objects you might come across in the bathroom can be a challenge! Ensuring children are confident naming these objects will help to make sure they are able to follow instructions at bath time too!

Floating, sinking, full, empty, washing, rinsing....

There are some really tricky concepts that can be developed through water play! Try experimenting with what sinks, and what floats! It is also a great opportunity for looking at action words that end with -ing as many children find this difficult. Adding bubbles at comparing floating on top of the water to floating in the aire would be a great way to challenge a confident talker!

Arms, legs, hair, back, hands, feet...

Bath time is a great time to learn the names of the different body parts! You could simply comment to your child ' you are washing your leg' or give them a choice such as ' would you like to wash your feet or your knees next?'

Good luck! And as always, please come and speak to me if you have any concerns!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

Date: 11th Jan 2022 @ 4:17pm

This week we have been reading the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Micheal Rosen

You can watch an animated version of the story at

See if you can join in!



Today we went on our very own sensory walk to the cave to find the bear waiting inside.. 



Date: 17th Dec 2021 @ 3:22pm

First of all a big well done to all the children for making it through their first full term at school, we are so proud of how well you have all done. 

I wanted to share some of the photos taken at the Christmas performance where the children all did an amazing job!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and we look forward to welcoming you all back in to school on the 5th of January 2022!

From Miss Walker and the whole nursery team!

Sing a Song of Christmas!

Date: 10th Dec 2021 @ 5:06pm

Well done to both Nursery Classes who did a FANTASTIC job today at our Sing a Song of Christmas showcase!

You all worked so hard getting ready for the show, from learning your songs to creating your own sparkly hats. We will be uploading lots of pictures from the show next week, but here are the links to the songs we used if you would like to relive the fun over the weekend...


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: 


When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney:


Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star:


Jingle Bells:


Snowflake, Snowflake:


Have a wonderful weekend, 

Miss Wilkinson.

Talking Top Tips #5!

Date: 28th Nov 2021 @ 2:01pm



So far in our Talking Top Tips series we have shared the importance of getting your child’s attention before you speak to them and some ways you can help to develop and broaden your child’s vocabulary. We have also looked at mirroring and thinking about commenting over questioning.


Today’s tip is very simple! 


When you ask your child any question, research tells us that it can take up to 10 seconds for your child to process what you have asked and to formulate a response. 


This week, try to give your child 5-10 seconds after you have asked them a question to respond. It may feel uncomfortable! Try not to repeat the question and show your child that you are listening and interested by maintaining eye contact. 


Good luck and please get in touch if you have any questions!

Miss Wilkinson.

Talking Top Tops! | #4

Date: 22nd Nov 2021 @ 4:48pm



I would like to share with you the 4th installment of our ‘Talking Top Tips!’ series. 


So far we have shared the importance of getting your child’s attention before you speak to them and some ways you can help to develop and broaden your child’s vocabulary. Last week’s Top Tip was all about limiting the number of questions we ask of our young learners. 


Todays ‘Top Tip’ is all about mirroring. 


English is a notoriously difficult language. Children will often make mistakes in their talk! Sometimes it is a mispronunciation of a sound (E.G lellow over yellow), other times part of a word is missing (E.G look, he run over look, he’s running) or sometimes the choice of word is wrong entirely (EG there’s snow on the ground over there’s frost on the ground). These mistakes are developmentally appropriate and should be expected as children explore and play with language! 


Though it is normal for children to make some mistakes in their talk, we still have a responsibility to correct them. Stopping a child to explain how to say a word and asking them to repeat it back to you might help them to remember how to use the word next time, but it will also stop your conversation in its tracks! Mirroring is a technique that allows the flow of conversation to continue uninterrupted whilst also showing the child the correct way to use the word. See the example below!


Child: Mummy, I fall at school.

Mummy: Oh no! You fell! You fell at school?


Here the child will hear the correct word to use in this context without interrupting their train of thought. Have a go at using this technique this week! 


And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do come and have a chat. 


Miss Wilkinson.

Our Learning

Date: 19th Nov 2021 @ 6:46pm

Hello everyone! 

We have had another lovely week in Nursery! This week the 'Ravensbury Campsite' opened and the children have loved this imaginary role play area. They have sat around the fire, sang songs and toasted marshmallows!

The children have been learning all about the number 3 this week and have especially enjoyed racing in our outdoor area to see who will come 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!

All of the children have enjoyed joingin in with action rhymes and songs such as 'incy wincy spider' and 'wind the bobbin up'. 

This week we have been reading the story 'Tidy' which is all about a badger who tidied up the forest but realises he has made it too tidy! Children have been given outstanding stickers for being extra helpful at tidy up time.

We're all looking forward to seeing you all next week, enjoy your weekend! 

Miss Walker 

Talking Top Tips #3!

Date: 15th Nov 2021 @ 4:12pm

Hello all! This is the third installment of our Talking Top Tips blog series. So far we have shared the importance of getting your child’s attention before you speak to them and some ways you can help to develop and broaden your child’s vocabulary.


Today’s ‘Top Tip’ is all about questions. 


How many bricks are in your tower? What have you drawn? You like to ride the bike, don’t you? What would happen if we added blue powder to the paint? Are you ok? Do you need a snack?


Both at home and at school children are asked an awful lot of questions! Questions can put children on the defensive and often lead to your child saying or doing less, rather than more. Before diving into questioning, it is important to OWL. This means to observe what your child is doing, wait to see what it is they are interested in and if they initiate a conversation with you through either talking, gesture or by looking at you and listening rather than thinking about what it is you are going to say next. I find waiting to be the most difficult part of ‘owling’!


Once your child has given you a cue to start a conversation (by looking at you or perhaps by showing you a toy), try to simply comment rather than question. If your child holds up a toy tractor, rather than asking ‘What do you have there?’, try ‘Oh look, you have the red tractor!’ Instead of ‘Do you like your juice?’, try ‘Wow! That juice looks delicious!’ Instead of ‘What is that? Is it a bus?’ try ‘That bus looks like it has a lot of passengers today!’ 


Research indicates that the best way to support young children’s language development is to make 4 comments to every 1 question you ask. This means we need to think really carefully about which questions are important! Try to use questions that match you child’s interests, questions that they would want to answer. It is also worth thinking about questions which require a longer response. For example, asking ‘How are you feeling?’ instead of ‘Are you ok?’ or ‘What can you hear outside?’ over ‘Did you hear the police car?’ There is more information about questions if you are interested to find out more at


Have a go this week at commenting rather than questioning when you are talking with your child! As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please get in touch.


Miss Wilkinson. 


Date: 3rd Nov 2021 @ 5:29pm


We have been giving out outstanding stickers and celebrating a few children each day who have been showing us their good sitting! 

We have 5 key steps to showing good sitting : 

  • Legs Crossed
  • Hands Still 
  • Eyes Watching
  • Mouth Quiet 
  • Ears Listening

Keep your eye out for the rest of the week to see if your child comes home with a gold outstanding sticker. 

Miss Walker


Talking Top Tips #2!

Date: 1st Nov 2021 @ 1:27pm

Hello all! We hope you had a wonderful, restful and fun half-term break. I would like to introduce the second instalment of our blog series to help to support your child with their speaking and listening skills. This week’s TOP TIP is all about building vocabulary.

Vocabulary is key. Learning and remember new words is tricky but incredibly important. Your child should know around 1000 words by the time they are 4 years old. Your child will use these words to communicate to you what they need, explain their feelings or ask questions to deepen their knowledge. The process of building up a language or lexicon continues throughout childhood and beyond with the average adult using between 20,000 and 35,000 words!

To successfully build vocabulary your child will need to hear words repeated many, many times. Practice makes perfect! The more often a child hears a word used in the correct context, the more likely it is that they will then be able to understand and use this word themselves.

If you are walking to school with your child on a cold winter’s morning, try introducing new vocabulary! You could describe the weather (drizzling, freezing, crisp, bitter..) You could name things you see along the way (post box, van, seagulls…)

Another great way to build vocabulary is to ‘add one word’. When your child uses a word (such as asking for a tangerine) you repeat the word back to them with the addition of another word (you would like a juicy tangerine). This way of teaching language helps children to retain the word as you anchor it to a word they are already confident using.

Give one of these strategies a try this week! Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


Miss Wilkinson.

Halloween Week

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 4:02pm


Firstly we have had such an amazing first half term with you all and we are so proud of how well you have all settled. 

This week in Nursery we have had so much fun learning all about hallowen. The children have enjoyed painting pumpiks and learning about spiders. We have been reading the story 'Room on the Broom' and the children have loved the witches hats and wands in the classroom. 

We have been focusing on remembering to 'choose it, use it, and put it away' and giving children 'Oustanding' stickers everyday for this!

The whole nursery team is looking forward to having you all back in on the 2nd of November when we will be learning all about Autumn. 

Have a lovely week,

Miss Walker and Miss Wilkinson 




Talking Top Tips!

Date: 18th Oct 2021 @ 4:50pm

Talking Top Tips! 

Hello wonderful Ravensbury families. This is the first in a series of blog posts designed to help you support your child at home in developing their speaking and listening skills. Lots of the curriculum in Nursery and Reception relies on children being able to express their thoughts clearly. There are many ways you can support this at home, but this week’s TOP TIP is about getting your child’s attention.

When you want to talk to your child, try getting down to their level before speaking. This will make it easier for the child to hear what you are saying when you begin, as well as giving them the opportunity to see the shapes your mouth makes as you talk. This will help them develop some of the trickier speech sounds that they are not yet able to make on their own. This is especially important for sounds such as th as in think, sh as in shower or ch as in choice. 

Before starting to talk to your child, say their name. Children find it difficult to listen whilst engaged in another activity. Wait for them to stop the activity or give you eye contact before speaking to give them the best chance of listening and responding.

Think carefully about the background noise when you are speaking to your child. Young children are unable to distinguish passively between noises they hear and do not ‘pick out’ the speech in noise the way adults do. If you are talking to your child near a busy road, with the TV on in the background or with the radio on in the car, they have to first decode which parts of what they have heard are speech before they are able to understand the words that have been spoken. Where possible try to spend time each day talking to your child in an environment with limited background noise.

Have a go at this over the half term and please come and see me if you have any questions or concerns!


Miss Wilkinson.

Marvelous Me!

Date: 14th Oct 2021 @ 3:58pm

Over the past few weeks, the children have been sharing what makes them special! 

We have been learning about all the things that we can do independently! We have been practising washing and drying our hands without a grown up. We have been learning tricks to help us put on our own coat- we have looked at the weatherboard to see what we need to go outdoors. We have been remembering to roll up our sleeves and wear an apron for messy play. We have been practising using a knife and fork to eat our lunch in the dinner hall. 

We have read lots of lovely stories about different types of children and familes. We represented our own famililes using puppets in the dolls house. We have thought very carefully about the different sounds we might hear at home. Could you spend some time in your home listening for a moment? Can you tell your grown up what you can hear? 

Welcome to Nursery

Date: 15th Sep 2021 @ 1:01pm

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the wonderful new children and families joining our Ravensbury Community. We have had a wonderful week of Stay and Play sessions and have really enjoyed getting to know you all! Miss Wilkinson really loved singing with you and Miss Walker has enjoyed planting a beautiful garden with you. 

This week we have all particularly enjoyed playing with the playdough, painting, riding our bikes and playing in the Ravensbury Police Station. 

To help you to be the most successful that you can be over the coming days and weeks, please make sure you bring the following to school each day:

  • A clean set of spare clothes (these do not need to be school uniform)
  • A warm, waterproof coat.
  • And remember to wear your new school uniform of a royal blue sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan, grey trousers or skirt and a white shirt or polo shirt.

Please make sure that if your child has medical needs that the school office is aware and that appropriate medicines/treatments are provided for use in school (E.G Salbutamol inhalers, Topical Cream etc)

Please come and see us if you have any questions or concerns, 


Miss Wilkinson and Miss Walker. 


Come on England!

Date: 11th Jul 2021 @ 6:53am

On Friday, Nursery had lots of fun showing their support for England, in preparation for the final today! Come on England!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️

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