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Chinese Dragon

Date: 20th Jan 2020 @ 1:53pm

Today we started learning about Chinese New Year. We found a dragon's head but he didn't have a body! We decided to make some dragon scales with Chinese writing on them and soon we will make the scales into a long, wiggly dragon body! 

3 Furry Visitors

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 12:00pm

Some bears appeared! Then a letter, then lots of objects. Some were big, some were middle sized and some were little. Can you guess who we are learning about? Look at the last picture if you haven't worked it out yet. 


I Can Do It!

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 11:26am

Over the last term at school we have been learning how to be more independent. We are remembering to do things for ourselves but sometimes need a little bit of help. It makes us feel proud when we are independent. 

So our grown ups know what we can do for ourselves, we told them about a story book we have read. It's called 'I Can Do It!''. EVERYONE GOT A BOOK TO TAKE HOME TOO! (We also gave our grown-ups a leaflet with pictures in it that we can use at home.)

When we have learned a new skill we sing a special song ' I can do it, hip hooray'. Sometimes we sing, 'I need to practice every day.' 

Learning takes time. It's fun to be more independent. 

Party Time!

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 11:16am

Our Christmas party was so much fun! We played pass the parcel, musical statues (look at the cool dude prizes won by the children haha) and ate the food that our grown-ups brought in. After a busy day that was full of fun, we turned the lights out and watched a movie - The Snowman. This made us feel calm, ready to go home after the best day ever. 

It was a lovely day and we looked super smart in our party clothes. 

Happy Christmas everybody 

Christmas Crowns

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 11:11am

To create a beautiful crown we counted out and then glued 3 jewels on to the card. To make the fringe we used our fine motor skills to snip, snip, snip.

Santa Trip!

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 11:08am

We went to see the real Santa! He has reindeer and elves and he gave us a present. We really enjoyed our trip, so much so some of the children fell asleep on the way home - this made our teachers laugh. 

Books help us learn so many things...

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 10:59am

We use maths stories to help us understand how to use maths in the real world . There is so much to learn when you're putting up your Christmas tree! 

Each Peach Pear Plum

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 10:54am

We have been designing our own Nursery Rhyme Land pictures by thinking about what lines to draw. We chose what we wanted to draw to create these magical backgrounds for our characters to walk through. We're so proud of how much we are learning in Nursery!

10 Tree Trimmers

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 10:50am

At school we use symbols to help us play games. We call them success strips. Can you work out how to play the game? 

Super Soundscape

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 10:46am

Do you know that we can make music for Nursery Rhymes? This is one of our favourites - do you know which one it is? If you want to make these sounds, say the rhyme and play the instruments. Come in to class for a demonstration if you want! 

We're Going on a Sound Hunt

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 10:23am

What sounds can you hear all around? We are becoming experts at listening for sounds and finding where they are coming from. Can you identify the sounds before we do?

Children in Need -Let's Move!

Date: 15th Nov 2019 @ 3:47pm

What an amazing day we have had celebrating and raising funds for Children in Need. We have had a spotty day and a moving day. Look at some of the exciting things we have been doing...

Remembrance Day 2019

Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 10:11pm

We watched a short animation in class explaining why we wear poppies and then sat together as a class listening to the last post and looking at a field of poppies. All of the children were very respectful as they sat quietly thinking about the people they love. 

Who is visiting our class today?

Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 10:05pm

There have been lots of different characters appearing in our class over the last week. Here's one of them. Which book do you think we are learning about?

Clue: It's NOT Goldilocks and the Three Bears 



Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 10:01pm

Have you met the COLOUMONSTER? His feelings get very mixed up and we have been learning how to help him name the feelings and recognise them. How are you feeling? Are you yellow or red or blue? 

Listen to the story here

Sparkle and Shine!

Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 9:56pm

Twinkle twinkle shining bright, see our fireworks light up the night. 

Look at the joy on our faces and our friends faces as we created a background for our firework pre-writing pictures. 

Firework Dance

Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 9:42pm

What words do you think of when you think of fireworks? We imitated the sounds and movements of fireworks along with a firework display we watched on the whiteboard. We thought of words like 


Watch this display and create your own dance


Bonfire Night Shape Rockets

Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 9:38pm

We have been learning abut shapes and ways to use them to create pictures as part of our Bonfire week celebrations. We used shapes from the maths area, we printed shape rockets and build a huge one  in our outdoor construction area. Look at our amazing work. Everyone ready for blast off!

1, 2, a few or more?

Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 9:32pm

After collecting lots of Autumn objects we sorted them into groups and talked about how many were in the groups. There were only a few sticks but lots of leaves. 

Yummy Harvest Soup

Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 9:24pm

When you've had another busy week in Nursery, what better way to relax than by cooking soup with fresh harvest vegetables. We touched and smelt and tasted some of the raw vegetables before snapping and slicing and cooking them. Some of us loved it! Some of us weren't so sure indecision We can also rehearse our cooking in the home corner. "Do you want some sweetcorn soup?"


5 Little Pumpkins

Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 9:20pm

Here is a link to the Harvest Festival song we sang in Nursery. Be careful though! Once you start singing it you just can't stop. 

Click here to listen

Autumn Leaf Play

Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 9:01pm

We like to explore outdoors and find ways to use the leaves that fall in the outside area. Wouldn't you like to make leaf angels, make piles and then throw them leaves up and catch them as they fall? Learning is such fun!

Welcome to Our Nursery - September 2019

Date: 18th Sep 2019 @ 8:46pm

We thought you might like to see us playing in our beautiful Nursery. It's a little bit nervy starting at Nursery but we're all settled in and ready and raring to begin our learning journey together...

Nursery Challenges

Date: 16th Jun 2019 @ 9:01pm

Nursery challenges happen each week and children have to complete 3 challenges in different areas oer the week. This week children had a painting, writing and ICT challenge. At the end of the week the children with 3 buttons had a fantastic treat after finishing the challenges. They got to play with some superhero figures borrowed from Mrs Iqbal's house and some chose the unicorn and fairy colouring sheets. I wonder what the challenges will be next week...? 

Spinderella's and Tiddler's Dinosaur Eggs have hatched!!!

Date: 16th Jun 2019 @ 8:54pm

Last week we discovered some Dinosaur Eggs in our classroom. We put the eggs in water and waited until they hatched. At first there was a small crack but slowly the crack got bigger until we could see the dinosaurs. Tiddler's dinosaur was green and Spinderella's was orange and yellow. From next week each dinosaur will sit with someone at group time for the day and be responsible for it. How exciting!! 

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