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Wellbeing challenge number 2

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 11:44am

Today's challenge is to draw your own sunshine then in the middle of it write or draw all the things that make you happy.

I've done one if you would like to look at it for ideas (although your drawings may be a little better than mine! laugh) and have focused on all the things I can still do or see, even while we're in this strange situation smiley.

Stay safe everyone,

Mrs Glover

Health and wellbeing challenges from Mrs Glover

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 2:59pm

Hello, Mrs Glover here! 

I hope everyone is staying safe, having fun and working hard on your learning. I'm going to post a Health and Wellbeing Challenge every day for people to do if they choose to. I'll be doing them all too and posting pictures where I can. Please feel free to e-mail any pictures or comments to your home learning e-mail addresses!

Challenge number 1: Go on a mindfulness walk. Write or draw 5 things that you can see, hear, feel, smell or touch (make sure you have an adult with you if necessary and stay far way from people you may see when you're out, although you can still say a friendly hello!) You could even do this in your garden if you have one!

Here's a picture of my mindfulness walk that I went on at lunch time today!

I saw trees and water, I heard birds and rustling, I could smell different plants and I could feel the sun on my face :-)

2CC superstars!

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 2:32pm

Wow year 2 - I have been loving all the emails you're sending me to keep me updated on your home learning! 

I am not surprised at all to see that you have been trying your very best and working hard, even when we're not in school, because you are such a dedicated class who love to challenge themselves! 

Your pictures have made me smile and I'm glad to see that you are having lots of fun at home :)

Faith, Millie, Tiwan and Mubaraq - you are all superstars and all outstanding this week!


There’s a penguin in my kitchen!!

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 2:38pm

I've just found out about something really cool! 

If you go onto google and type in the name of any animal, then select view in 3D you can make it look as though the animal is in your house! I now have a penguin in my kitchen! 

I thought this would be cool for your Connected Curriculum lesson where you have to research an animal and find out facts about it. Have a try for yourself and send me any pics or videos you make! 


Active learn and Lexia

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 2:26pm

Hi everyone 

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine and keeping safe.

A parent has got in touch with me to say that they are struggling to log in to Active Learn and Lexia so I thought I would post the details on here in case anybody else is having a bit of trouble logging in. 

For active learn the website is:

You should have your child's username and password included in their pack.

The school code is: PPSK


For lexia the website is:

The teacher email is:

Your child's username and password is included in their pack. 


If you are having any trouble or have lost their username/password, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me via the email: 

I am more than happy to help :)

Have fun and enjoy

Miss Calvert 

Day 1 home learning

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 10:02am

Hello everyone 

Hope you're all working super hard and enjoying your time at home. Don't forget to email in what you've been up to. The email address is: 

Millie and Faith have been working hard. Millie drew me a beautiful picture as we didn't get a chance to say goodbye before she had to stay at home. Her and her brother have been working very hard and it was his birthday! Happy birthday Oliver! 

Faith has been keeping busy. She has done the Joe Wicks workout, done some home learning, made sandcastles at the beach and had some fun time on her bouncy castle. 

Keep up the good work everyone, I'm loving seeing what you've been up to! 

Miss Calvert :)

Joe Wicks workout

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 9:07am

Hope you're all up bright and early ready to do the Joe Wicks workout! 

The link is

Joe will be doing workouts Mon-Fri at 9am



A quick message to say ...

Date: 21st Mar 2020 @ 1:43pm

Yesterday was a very emotional day having to say goodbye to you. Even though it was goodbye in person, it doesn't mean that it's a complete goodbye. I don't start at my new school for another four weeks, so until then I will still be available on the blog and also via the twitter page.

If you want to send in any photographs (please do!) to show us what fun things you've been up to while you're at home then our email is : and the twitter account is: @Ravensburycomm1

Looking forward to hearing from you 

Miss Calvert 

Dear 2CC

Date: 21st Mar 2020 @ 1:40pm

Dear 2CC

I was feeling sad that I didn’t properly get to say goodbye to all of you, so thought I’d write you a letter instead.

I want to tell you how incredibly proud I am of you and how you have made me smile every single day this year. Even when things have been a little bit different recently (and you have had to wash your hands a million times a day!) you took everything in your stride and continued to be the most loving, considerate class any teacher could wish for. The way you speak to each other and care for one another makes my heart fill with pride. I have never known a more supportive and caring class. Continue to support one another, even when we’re not in school. Take photographs and send them to the twitter account or year group email address so we can share what we’ve all been up to.

Finally, I just want to say good luck for the future. With your hard-working, can do attitude, I know that you will continue to do well and can achieve anything you set your mind to. Always remember that it’s ‘I can’t do it … YET!’ and if you want to achieve something then you have to practice, because practice makes … PROGRESS! Thank you for being the best class I could have ever wished for, you made every day fun and I always went home with a smile on my face or with something to laugh about. I will miss each and every one of you. Take care of yourself and your families and remember to stay safe.

Miss Calvert


Date: 14th Mar 2020 @ 12:02pm

Wow! I am so proud of 2CC for their brilliant class assembly! You went home and practiced your lines as soon as I gave them to you and put on a wonderful assembly. I don't know about you but I've had the continents song stuck in my head ever since! Well done 2CC you are all my behaviour stars! 

Class Assembly

Date: 11th Mar 2020 @ 9:36am

Don't forget it's our class assembly on Friday 13th March 2020. It starts at 9:10am in the hall. It is also sports relief on this day so the children should dress up in sporty clothes. Hope to see you there!

Share a Story

Date: 9th Mar 2020 @ 9:55am

We invited our grown ups in to share a story with us in the library. Thank you for coming!

World Book Day

Date: 9th Mar 2020 @ 9:54am

We had so much fun on World Book Day! We got to dress up in special costumes and parade on the stage. Then we found our reading buddy and shared a story with them. 

Robert Falcon Scott

Date: 1st Mar 2020 @ 10:21pm

To put ourselves into Robert Falcon Scott's shoes and give ourselves (only a slight) understanding of how cold the Antarctic is, we went outside without jumpers on. We thought about ways we might keep ourselves warm. There were lots of ideas such as; doing exercise, eating hot food/drinking hot drinks, huddling together, rubbing your hands together, wrapping up warm and lighting a fire.

The Antarctic

Date: 1st Mar 2020 @ 10:18pm

This week we launched our new topic - why do some animals live in cold places and others in hot?

In history we are learning all about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott and his journey to be the first person to reach the South Pole. In class we had a debate about whether he should go on his expedition or not and thought of reasons for and against. Miss Calvert was blown away by our debating skills! 


Some of our ideas were:

What if you get lost?

I'll just bring a map with me.

But it's very windy in the Antarctic - what if your map blows away?

I'll make sure I bring more than one map and attach it to me so it doesn't blow away. 


If I'm the first person to reach the South Pole I will be famous.

Well what's the point of being famous if there's no phones or TV for anyone to know you're famous?

I'll just tell everybody what I did and then everyone will know. 


The children were fantastic at debating and taking it in turns to present their balanced argument. They really built upon their skills from when we had a debate in Year One and used the opportunity to show off their new knowledge about Antarctica and also to show their understanding of the past and how different things were a long time ago. For example, one of the children mentioned Robert Falcon Scott going to the Antarctic on a plane. We then thought about whether this was true and linked it to our learning in Year One. Had the Wright brothers made the first flight yet in 1901? We then thought about Scott's journey to the Antarctic and where that would be situated on a timeline in history - had the first flight been made yet and if so were people travelling on aeroplanes? Would Scott have taken a plane to the Antarctic or would he have travelled on a ship? It was such an interesting discussion and the children really showed off their historical knowledge. 

Reading buddies

Date: 14th Feb 2020 @ 5:28pm

Today we met up with our reading buddies for the first time. We’re so excited and can’t wait to do some reading with them next term!

Terracotta Army

Date: 4th Feb 2020 @ 9:51am

In year two this week we have been learning all about the Terracotta Army. 


The first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang was afraid of death so decided to build an army of warriors to protect him in the afterlife. The Terracotta Army was built thousands of years ago but in 1974 farmers discovered one of the warriors when they were trying to dig a well. 

Today the Terracotta Army is visited by lots of people. We decided to make our own Terracotta Army in our classroom!

The Great Wall Of China

Date: 3rd Feb 2020 @ 2:16pm

This week we have been learning all about the Great Wall Of China. Did you know that the Great Wall Of China was built over 2000 years ago? Prisoners and slaves were made to build the wall as a punishment! It took over 1000 years to build. 


We had a go at building the Great Wall Of China ourselves. Luckily it didn’t take us over 1000 years and wasn’t a punishment, it was actually quite fun! 


Date: 31st Jan 2020 @ 11:06pm

We are learning how to write a recount in our English lessons. Our recount is to tell people all about what we did during our Chinese workshop. We looked at a WAGOLL - what a good one looks like and decided together what our steps to success would be. 

We said that we would need:

  • write in order
  • use time connectives - first, next, then, after that, during, soon after, finally
  • use conjunctions
  • write in the past tense
  • add opinion and feelings 
  • capital letters for names of people and places 

I can't wait to read them! 

Chinese workshop

Date: 27th Jan 2020 @ 9:00am

On Tuesday 21st January 2020 we had two special visitors into school called Michaela and James. Michaela taught us how to do a dragon dance because we have been learning all about China and Chinese New Year. 

I didn't actually know how to do a dragon dance but I do now! Tiwan

I enjoyed it because I really like to dance and it was a new style of dancing for me. Millie

I enjoyed it because I had fun. Neila

Then we went to a ceramic plate painting workshop with James. He taught us how to paint a plate with a dragon and it said Happy New Year on it! 

I enjoyed it because we got to paint dragons and we painted a border around it. Payton

My favourite part was when we painted the body of the dragon. Mubaraq

I enjoyed it because we had to paint very neatly so you could still the dragon. Lacey


Weather in China

Date: 24th Jan 2020 @ 2:58pm

This week in year two we transformed into weather reporters!

First of all we compared the weather in the United Kingdom to the weather in China. It was similar because in both the U.K and China it is warmer in the South than it is the North. However in China, the weather can be very different in different parts of the country as it is such a large country. This was something different that we found out. 

We watched a video of a weather report on the news. Then we used the green screen to turn into weather reporters ourselves, reporting on the weather conditions in China. It was so much fun. We were a little bit embarrassed at first but then we started to grow in confidence. Some of us used very fancy voices! 

The Great Race story

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 9:49am

We acted out the story of the Great Race. We were all given an animal mask when we came into school. 

We got into small groups and acted out what the animals were doing and saying to each other while the race was taking place. 

We then performed to the rest of the class!

New vocabulary!!

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 9:47am

In our new story this term - 'The Great Race' - there was lots of vocabulary that we hadn't heard of before! To help us understand and remember these new words we acted out the vocabulary and had lots of fun! 

We learned new words like ...










The Great Race

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 9:10am

On our first day back at school, we came in and Mrs English was putting hats on our heads and we didn't know why! We then each got given a different animal. 

I was a rabbit - Zuzanna 

I was a tiger - Annabelle 

I was a dog - Corey

I was a goat - Talitha

I was a rat - Daniel

We looked at the front cover of our new story for this term. It was called 'The Great Race'. We predicted what the story would be about. 

Then ... the fun part. We went outside and had our very own great race!! Even the teachers took part.

It was fabulous - Rahman

I won the race! - Keyina 

I came second - Daniel

I came third - Miss Calvert

We then came back into class and read the rest of the Great Race story. It talks about how the animals were selected for each year of the calendar. 


Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 9:04am

For our end of topic experience, we put on an art exhibition for our grown ups. 

We used card and a template to make a Tudor house in the style of houses during the Great Fire of London. 

Then we used oil pastels to create the night sky. 

We printed using polystyrene to make the River Thames and also to make the fire. 

Our display looks fabulous - come and have a look at it in the Key Stage One shared area!

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