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KS1 Wacky Rockets Exhibition

Date: 17th Mar 2024 @ 10:14am

Adam from Sublime Science finished off Science Week with KS1. He put on a exhibition in the playground all about how to create some rockets using fizzy water, a pump and mentos sweets. He used different sized bottles and changed the amount of mentos sweets that went into the fizzy water to see how far each rocket would go. Some rockets went out of our school playground!!

It was so much fun!!! 

We are Scientists!

Date: 17th Mar 2024 @ 1:03am

This week has been Science week and the children have enjoyed immersing themselves in science activities. On Thursday, they joined Adam from Sublime Science in the hall for a science assembly. Adam demonstrated how fun science can be and the children became very excited when they watched him carry out a range of science experiments.

science assembly.JPG

On Friday, the children took part in science workshops where they got to make slime!

science 1.jpg  science 2.jpg science 3.jpg


science 4.jpg  science 5.jpg 

We had so much messy fun! We all had a wonderful day!

Chinese Workshop

Date: 17th Mar 2024 @ 12:31am

This week the Parents/ Carers were invited into school to take part in a Dragon Making Workshop. The children and adults were asked to use a range of joining techniquesto attach boxes,card, paper, tubes, and straws together to create a dragon body and head. Then, they used paint and collage material to decorate their dragons. They worked hard as a team and both Mrs Cooper and I were proud to see all the children listening to each other, taking turns, sharing resources and helping each other. It was truly lovely to see. After the children completed their dragons they were asked to perform a dragon dance. 

Look at their learning !

IMG_1530(1).JPG  IMG_1531(1).JPG  IMG_1539.JPG  IMG_1573.JPG


IMG_1548.JPG  IMG_1601.JPG  IMG_1591.JPGIMG_1590.JPG

IMG_1587.JPG IMG_1574.JPGIMG_1573.JPG  IMG_1556.JPG

We had so much fun!

Come and have a look at the dragons. They are displayed in the shared area.

Shape Sorting

Date: 17th Mar 2024 @ 12:02am

The children have been matching, identifying and naming 2d shapes. They have enjoyed using the mathematical language sides, vertices, straight, curved same, different, Polygon, regular, irregular and equal to describe the properties. They have used venn and Carroll diagrams to sort the shapes according to a given criteria. They enjoyed generating their own criteria to sort shapes and playing games where they have to guess the criteria. They found it a bit tricky but Mrs Cooper and I were super proud of how hard they worked.

IMG_2905.jpg   IMG_2911.jpg  IMG_2922.jpg  IMG_2916.jpg  

Can you see how they have sorted the shapes?

All about Wuhan

Date: 16th Mar 2024 @ 11:44pm

This half term the children are learning about the topic 'Where would you prefer to live; Wuhan or China?' The children have been learning about the continent Asia, The country China, the city of Wuhan and the Hubei region. As part of the learning the children have been using maps and globes to locate Asia and the country China. They looked closely at aerial photographs and maps to identify the human features in Wuhan. They have been using geographical words such as mountains, rivers, hills, coast, sea, oceans and forests to help them describe what they can see. They looked closely at images of Wuhan and used them to create and label models of some of the landmarks.

  IMG_3004.jpg  IMG_3018.jpg  IMG_3022.jpg  IMG_3024.jpg  IMG_3026.jpg  IMG_3020.jpg IMG_2998.jpg  IMG_3019.jpg

Golden Time!

Date: 16th Mar 2024 @ 11:26pm

The children have had a really busy half term and they have worked so hard. Mrs cooper and I both agreed that they desrved a really treat. The children had decided that they wanted to make pancakes, create models and paint pictures as a reward. They had a fantastic time!

Look at all the fun they had!

IMG_2689.jpg   IMG_2725.jpg  IMG_2726.jpgIMG_2686.jpg

We are Researchers!

Date: 16th Mar 2024 @ 11:16pm

The children have really enjoyed finding out about hot and cold places and using a range of research techniques to find out about different animals and the habitats that they live in. The children used google, images and books to find out information and use it to write non-chronological reports. Mrs cooper and I were so impressed. All the children displayed a real interest in their learning and motivated each other to complete tasks. They all agreed that this topic was one of their favourites!

Look at the concentration on their faces!

IMG_2679.jpg  IMG_2670.jpg   IMG_2669.jpg  IMG_2677.jpg

PE with Chiara !

Date: 16th Mar 2024 @ 10:59pm

In P.E,the children have been learning about throwing and catching the ball. They have been throwing the ball underarm and learning how to use a chest pass. They have been making a cup to catch a ball in a stationary position. They have been learning how to defend and have been using these skills to play simple games. The children have been working in pairs and have been bouncing, throwing and catching the ball whilst moving around the playground.

IMG_2940.jpg   IMG_2939.jpg  IMG_2941.jpg   IMG_2942.jpg

Grouping fun!

Date: 16th Mar 2024 @ 10:47pm

In Maths, the children have been learning about making groups. They have been looking at objects and then sorting them. They have then counted the objects in the groups and have used the mathematical words equal and unequal to describe if the quantities in the groups are an equal amount.The children have used this knowledge to solve practical problems and have worked collaboratively as a team to help each other.

It was lovely to see the children using the outside area to work mathematically!

terence 1.jpg   jorgie 1.jpg   Ini 1.jpg

Penguin Art

Date: 16th Mar 2024 @ 10:23pm

In Art, the children have been learning how to sketch penguins. They have been using continuous line to draw an outline and then looked at the different shapes they could draw to create the head and body. Then they used the side of the pencil to shade parts of the body. The children then used this knowledge to create a 3d display of penguins. 

IMG_2398.jpg     IMG_2408(1).jpg  IMG_2405(1).jpg  

The children applied all the skills they had learnt to create penguins with a range of different media. The display looks amazing outside Mrs Hughes's office!


3d display.jpg


Snow play!

Date: 16th Mar 2024 @ 10:09pm

The children were surprised to see the weather change this week and were so excited to see the school playground covered in snow. When the snow is so thick there is only one thing to do. You guessed it SNOW PLAY!!!!!!!!!

Look at the fun they all had. We made snowmen and snow angels!

IMG_2477.jpg  IMG_2483.jpg  IMG_2479.jpg  IMG_2481.jpg

The children were sad to see the snow disappear through the day!

We are Geographers!

Date: 16th Mar 2024 @ 9:57pm

As part of the topic 'Animals that live in hot and cold places.' The children learnt about the Continents and Oceans of the world and used

their map reading skills to locate cold and hot regions in the world.


.IMG_2998.jpg      IMG_2999.jpg  IMG_3001.jpg

The children really enjoyed using the compass points to navigate around a map and are beginning to confidently identify and name some parts of the world.

Can you guess what 2KW are going to be learning about this half term?

Date: 7th Jan 2024 @ 9:23pm

Hello and Welcome back!

This week was a short week however it was extremely busy and it was lovely to see all the children eager to come back to school and get on with their learning!

As part of the learning this week, the children were learning how to develop their prediction skills . One of the activities that they really enjoyed was predicting what objects were in the rucksack. They had to use knowledge of prior learning, knowledge from learning from home and what they have read to make sensible guesses. They then found out what was in the bag and used what they had found to predict the next topic of learning.


rucksack 6.jpg    

We found rope, plates, pans, hats, suncream, torches, lanterns, a hammer, walking boots, warm and cool clothes, sleeping bags and pillows.

We asked lots of questions and found out that it belonged to Madeleine, Miss Wolfenden's daughter. We predicted that we are going to be learning about going on an adventure and maybe different countries.

The children were very excited and can't wait to find out about the world.

Keep looking at our blogs!

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper

Gregg's bakery

Date: 26th Nov 2023 @ 1:04pm


Well what can I say. I think all the children and the adults would agree that we had an amazing time at the Gregg's factory this week. The children were asked to wear hair nets, special coats and wash their hands before they entered the factory. During their visit they looked at how the bakery makes bread, pizza and sandwich fillings. They compared Thomas farriner's bakery in London 1666 to the bakery's now and quickly recognised that they had dramatically changed! It was a lovely opportunity to see how the bread dough is made, how it is left to rise, how it is baked and packaged and then put on a lorry. The children particularly enjoyed watching how the pizza bases were made and how the toppings were added. They even had an opportunity to put the pizza bases on a conveyor belt, just like the Gregg;s staff. Mrs Cooper and I were extremely proud of all the children. They walked sensibly to the factory, which did take 25 minutes!  and were polite and well behaved during the visit. They asked lots of interesting questions and learned so much about how the factory operates. If that wasn't enough the children got to sit and have a drink, eat cakes and decotate Gingerbread people. They had a brilliant time and were so lucky to get this opportunity. Look at how much fun we had!

Greggs 1.jpg  Greggs 3(1).jpg greggs 10(1).jpg  greggs 9.jpg  greggs 8.jpg


greggs 7(1).jpg  greggs 6.jpg  greggs 4(1).jpg  greggs 2.jpg  greggs 11(1).jpg

We feel so privellleged to be the first school to go on such an amaazing visit.

The children had a wonderful time!

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper


2KW Diwali Day

Date: 26th Nov 2023 @ 12:35pm


The children have been learning about Diwali. They listened to the story of Rama and Sita and learned how Hindu families celebrate this special event. The children enjoyed making lanterns, Diva lamps, Diwali cards, door decorations and Rangoli patterns. Have a look at their amazing work!

Diwali 2.jpg   diwali 3.jpg  diwali 1(1).jpg diwali 5(1).jpg diwali 4(1).jpg

The children had an amazing time and learned so much about the Festival of Diwali. Come and look at the work that is displayed in the classroom.

Thanks for your support

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper


The Great Fire of London Artwork

Date: 12th Nov 2023 @ 12:07pm


The children have been finding out about London this week and have been identifying and locating London Landmarks using a map. They remembered lots of Landmarks and then used this knowledge to draw moving pictures. Have a look at their sketches and see if you can see London Bridge, Big Ben or th London Eye.

IMG_1266(1).jpg   IMG_1263(1).jpg  IMG_1264(1).jpg

The children then compared London now to London 1666. The children looked closely at Tudor houses and then sketched them to create a scene from Pudding Lane in 1666.

IMG_1258(1).jpg  IMG_1259(1).jpg  IMG_1261(1).jpg

The children have worked so hard. They are going to use this work to help them create a 3d scene of London in 1666.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper

The Great Fire of London

Date: 4th Nov 2023 @ 7:16pm

Hello 2KW and Welcome Back!

The children are super excited to be back and are excited to learn about our new topic 'The Great Fire of London'

The classroom is looking good and we even have a role play bakery!

role play area.jpg    role play 2.jpg    role play 3.jpg


As part of the Launch, the fire Service came into school and talked to the children about Fire safety. The children had an opportunity to look at the equipment the Fire Fighters wear when they are rescuing people. They loved it!

fire fighter 2.JPG    fire fighter 1.JPG  

The children learned about STOP!   DROP!   ROLL ! and the fire fighters said that they will bring the truck in for the children to see towards the end of half term!

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper



We have been busy beavers!

Date: 14th Oct 2023 @ 7:08pm


I cannot believe how hard all the children have worked this week. They have made Mrs Cooper and I very proud! 

In English, we have been learning about writing recounts and to help us write a personal recount we went on a walk around Clayton. The children used their big googly eyes to find human and physical features and local landmarks. They used their observation skills to sketch what they could see too !

They found; The National Bike centre, Asda, the canal, Philips Park, Flip out, two bridges, Decathlon, trees, bushes, cars, buses, roads, pavements and lots more!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so lucky with the weather too. It was a warm sunny day and the leaves were falling from the trees.We even got to play on a pretend tractor.

As part of mental health week. The children rehearsed and then performed It's a beautiful day. They also created some mental health mindfulness colourings that we are going to join together to create a mural for the wall outside the year 2 classrooms. Watch the video below to see our amazing Ravy children in action.

Rebaz, the freestyle footballer also came into school to work with the children. They learnt how to perform some football tricks and got to watch him demonstrate his skills! The children absolutely loved having him in school. Hopefully we will get to see him next year too


Photographs to be added!


Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper








Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

Date: 8th Oct 2023 @ 4:15pm

Good Afternoon!

This week in English we have continued to learn how to read, follow and write instructions. You will be pleased to know that this week the food we made wasn't disgusting and we could eat it. The children used their knowledge of year 2 Common exception words and phonic sounds to read words and sentences. They also learned alot of new vocabulary too! Have a look at the kebabs they made! They looked delicious and were yummy! The children also selected a healthy dipping sauce, their favourite was sticky honey!

IMG_0869.jpg  IMG_0836.jpg   IMG_0845.jpg   IMG_0847.jpg  IMG_0875.jpg IMG_0853.jpg   IMG_0851.jpgIMG_0881.jpg  IMG_0871.jpg IMG_0842.jpg    IMG_0858.jpg  IMG_0859.jpg  IMG_0888.jpg  IMG_0839.jpg


As you can see they had lots of fun! 

They have worked hard to learn lots of adjectives to describe the fruit and here are some of the sentences they said and then wrote to describe the kebabs.

Freshly picked, juicy apples         juicy, seedless grapes    plum, tasty strawberries     sticky-sweet honey     tangy, juicy oranges

They are gooing to have a go at writing their instructions independently on Monday. We can't wait to read their work!

We hope you have a lovely time talking to the children about their learning. See you on Monday !

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper 

We have been learning through play!

Date: 29th Sep 2023 @ 5:46pm


The children have been very busy this week and have enjoyed reading, writing and completing maths challenges outdoors. As part of their English learning the children have been reading and following instructions to make Whiffy Wilson's garden stew. They enjoyed collecting the ingredients from the school playground and following the step by step instructions to make the stew. They especially liked adding sloppy mud and lots of dry, crunchy leaves! Don't worry they did not eat it!

IMG_0682.jpg   IMG_0720.JPG

They also went in the hall for a purposeful play session where they had to listen to each other to complete tasks. The children confidently; shared, listened, co-operated, took turns and worked independently. They had so much fun!


We also had an amazing sport's day and used our knowledge of how to keep fit to check our heart beat and keep hydrated. We are going to be using  knowledge from reading instructional texts and from healthy eating in the CC curriculum to make a healthy eating cook book this week!

keep reading our blog!




We are artists!

Date: 24th Sep 2023 @ 7:08pm


We have had a busy week in class this week! We have enjoyed working with Mrs McCaffer the art teacher and have liked learning how to print. As part of our healthy eating topic we have been printing using different fruit and vegetables. We have made colourful banners that are displayed in the classroom. They look 


lIMG_6251.JPG     IMG_6250.JPG

The children are excited to continue their learning next week. Keep checking the Blog!

Thanks for all your support

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper

We are settling into 2KW

Date: 17th Sep 2023 @ 5:43pm


We are pleased to say that the children are feeling more settled in 2KW this week!

The children have built some new friendships and have worked collaboratively in pairs and in small groups to complete math challenges. Look at how we grouped amounts into groups of 10 and then counted in steps of 10 to find the total amount.


We have also been thinking about are new topic' why can't we just eat chocolate' and have been thinking about strategies we can use to have a healthy mind. We enjoyed meditating and using breathing techniques to relax.

IMG_0614.jpg  IMG_0608.jpg

Keep looking at the learning we have been doing each week !

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper



Maths Fun!

Date: 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:57am

On Thursday, we had a special visitor in school who let us play lots of fun maths games! We had to work collaboratively and listen to each other to maths solve problems, in teams. We really enjoyed the activities because they were so much fun! Have a look at the games we played!

maths problem 3.jpeg maths problem 4.jpeg maths problem 5.jpeg maths problems 2.jpeg

We have asked if we can have the brain train game to play in school because it was so fun to match colours and patterns!



Land of the Penguins

Date: 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:43am


As you know the children are learning about Scott of the Antarctic and have been finding out about The Antarctic. They have enjoyed learning about the climate and watching videos about what it is like. They have studied the animals that can live there and have found out that Penguins can live there because they can live in extreme cold and eat Krill! As part of their art lessons they have studied photographs of penguins and looked at their colour and shape. The children used their knowledge of shape to sketch the penguins and then used colour and shading to add texture and detail. Look at all their hard work !

penguin 2023- MB.jpeg        penguin 2023-mary.jpeg


Didn't they do well!





PE with Chiara

Date: 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:22am


Well it has been a very busy week, this week. We have been so lucky and had lots of visitors in school to make our learning extra special! This week we have particularly enjoyed games with Chiara, the City Coach. She taught us how to find a space and move around the hall safely, using a range of movements. As a class we decided to move like elephants, lions, monkeys and giraffes. It was very tricky because we had to make sure that we didn't bump into each other. When we had practised this, we played a game. it was so much fun, we can't wait until next week!

games - mary.jpeg     games- cindy.jpeg   games- benedict.jpeg

‘We create, We explore,

We care, We soar’


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