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Healthy Food Plates!

Date: 17th Oct 2021 @ 8:15am

This week Year 2 have been learning about eating a healthy balanced diet. We have learned about the different food groups and what they can do to keep our bodies healthy. We then used that knowledge to create a healthy balanced meal!

Food groups.jpg  Food plate 2.jpg 

Food plate 3.jpg  Food plate 4.jpgFood plate 5.jpg

Food plate 6.jpgFood plate 7.jpgFood plates 1.jpg

Mucky, Messy Garden Stew!

Date: 16th Oct 2021 @ 9:05am

Last week Year 2 were learning about writing instructions in English so to get us started we followed instructions on how to make Mucky, messy garden stew!

We had lots of fun outside in the school garden areas collecting ingredients and making our garden stews!

Garden stew 1.JPGGarden stew 2.JPG

Garden stew 3.JPGGarden stew 4.JPG

Garden stew 5.JPG Garden stew 6.JPG

Garden stew 7.JPG  Garden stew 8.JPG

Food Art!

Date: 25th Sep 2021 @ 7:54pm

2HR have had great fun being artists this week as part of our Connected Curriculum topic "Why can't we just eat chocolate?" 

We have been learning about Carl Warner who creates artwork of landscapes using actual food which he then photographs. We created our own autumn trees using just CHOCOLATE! Look at our amazing artwork!

Food art 1.jpgFood art 2.jpg

Food art 3.jpgFood art 4.jpg

Food art 5.jpg

During our art sessions with Mrs McCaffer, we have been learning about printing. We used real fruits and vegetables to print with paint to create beautiful art work!

Food art 6.jpg

Welcome Back!

Date: 12th Sep 2021 @ 12:35pm

What a SUPER first week back we have had! 

Mrs Yates and I have had a lovely week getting to know our children in 2HR and we have already predicted that we are going to have an fantastic year!

Thank you to all of our children for coming back to school so positive and excited for the year ahead. You have all shown what super stars you are and your behaviour has been amazing!

Mrs Rowson   xxx

Rubbish Monsters!

Date: 5th Jul 2021 @ 8:09pm

As part of our topic 'Recycling' 2HR have been getting creative by reusing our waste products packagings to design, make and create our own 'Rubbish Monsters!' Take a look at our fantastic creations!

Junk model 1.jpg   Junk model 2.jpg

Junk model 3.jpg   Junk model 4.jpg

Junk model 5.jpg


Date: 26th Jun 2021 @ 9:12pm

Last week there was a buzz of excitement in 2HR as we were scientists examining different types of seeds! We used magnifying glassess, tweezers and petri dishes to identify the features of the different types of seeds. Then we attempted to predict which plant, fruit of flower the seeds belonged to. Later we discovered how seeds are dispersed to create more growing plants and we even created our own helicopter seeds to observe how they might disperse by falling from the trees.



Trip to Philips Park!

Date: 20th Jun 2021 @ 8:05pm

Last Thursday, 2HR went on their first trip in a long time to Philips Park. The children and teachers were all very excited at the prospect of this visit as it is a taste of normaility in school since the beginning of the pandemic.

Although great fun, the trip was purposeful with lots of activities that linked to the children's learning such as compass work in Geography, 2D shape in maths, flowers and seeds in science and being a litter detective as part of of CC topic - Recycling. Furthermore the children will use their experiences of the trip to write a recount within their writing lessons. We can't wait to see what fantastic writing they come up with!

Philips park 2.JPG



Philips park 1.JPG

Philips park 3.JPG

Philips park 4.JPG


Philips park 5.JPG


Philips park 6.JPG






CC - How has Queen Victoria helped us?

Date: 23rd May 2021 @ 8:35pm

Over the last half term 2JC have been learning about the Victorians! We have become history detectives by using primary and secondary sources to ask and answer questions about who they were. We have found out lots of interesting facts and discovered that much has changed since the Victorian era. We have explored the differences in clothing, housing, toys and education which has been very insightful to us. 


We have also been exploring Victorian toys! We found out that some poor Victorian children made their own toys out of paper so we have created out own toy spinners with string!


We also had fun playing with wooden dominoes!


We also learnt how to play Hopskotch!


We really enjoyed playing with toys from the Victorian era and even preferred some of the toys to that of our own!


Christmas dinner... yum yum yum!

Date: 17th Dec 2020 @ 4:15pm

2JC had a fabulous Christmas dinner and we even pulled crackers together. We loved half of the jokes and didn't understand some others because they were so bad(!)

Have a look at how much fun we had below! laugh


Thanks for a blast!


Mrs Chan

December crafts!

Date: 14th Dec 2020 @ 7:56pm

In Year 2, we have been having fun and staying busy by making our calendars for 2021, party bags for our Christmas party on Wednesday and creating lots of fabulous Christmas decorations! Here are a few snippets...

16th-20th November 2020

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 11:49am

What a great week Year 2!
We now know all about Boxton the rat and the adventures he's been on. 

Vlad and the Great Fire of London trailer - YouTube

We have acted out the beginning and middle of the story and you all remember SO much, so well done!

Your writing this week has been superb. The expanded noun phrases you have added into your writing has really brought your narratives to life. 

"The raging, blazing fire spread through the streets of London." -Y2

Then we looked into more exciting verbs to describe Boxton running out of the door.

"Boxton zoomed out of the kitchen door."

"Boxton darted out of the kitchen door."

"Boxton sprinted out of the kitchen door."

I am blown away! Well done Year 2 and keep up the fabulous work. 

Mrs Chan

9th-13th November 2020

Date: 14th Nov 2020 @ 5:27pm

This week we have learnt so much about the Great Fire of London! We did lots of role play to help us remember the story that started in a bakery on Pudding Lane... yes

Can you remember the sequencing of the story? What comes next?

Can't wait to find out more with you all next week!


Mrs Chan

3rd-6th November 2020

Date: 8th Nov 2020 @ 4:09pm

Hello Year 2! Welcome back from half term!blush

It has been so lovely to have you all back in the classroom this week! What a fantastic week of learning. 

We have learnt a lot about Bonfire Night this week and our afternoons have been bursting with creativity!

We are so proud of our work. Take a look below:


Keep up the hard work for next week!


Mrs Chan blush


12th-16th October 2020

Date: 16th Oct 2020 @ 12:48pm

Our behaviour star for this week is SIENNA! Thank you for always listening and always making good choices.yes 


Hello 2JC! Wow, we made it! 

We have learnt SO much about different animals this week. enlightened Did you enjoy learning about foxes, hedgehogs or tigers the most? 

We decided to use our knowledge of these animals to make a non-chronological report (fact file) for ourselves. 

We used titles, subheadings and even expanded noun phrases to make our own animal fact file! They look fabulous! I wonder which ones can go onto our 'Wow' wall this week?

We learnt a lot about healthy foods and different food groups in our CC this week. Look at some of us put them into the correct categories!

In maths we continued our numberline work for addition and subtraction. We also understood how to work out near doubles! Well done Year 2!

Can't wait for another week of learning. See you all on Monday! laugh


Mrs Chan 



5th - 9th October 2020

Date: 10th Oct 2020 @ 7:19pm

Our behaviour star for this week is ZAKARIYA! Thank you for always listening and always making good choices. 


Hello 2JC! 

This week we have worked SO hard on our writing skills. We received and wrote lots of letters to Dotty and Sid didn't we? (I hope he isn't stinky anymore...!)

I'm really glad you are all trying hard to include expanded noun phrases and time connectives into your writing. Mrs Chan is very impressed so keep up the hard work!

In maths we have been looking at odd and even numbers and practised our 10xtables. 

In CC, we have been thinking about how what our basic needs are as humans. We thought about travelling to the moon and to another island. I loved the discussion we had about what we would bring! Your survival kits look FABULOUSyes

I'm excited for another week of learning. See you all on Monday! laugh


Mrs Chan. 





28th September - 2nd October 2020

Date: 4th Oct 2020 @ 8:15pm

Our behaviour star for this week is MAX! Thank you for always listening and always making good choices. 

Hello 2JC! Hasn't it been a wonderful week of learning? smiley

In English we learnt about instructional texts and we made our own Whiffy Garden Stew... mmmm! We really enjoyed going into the garden to find different items such as twigs, leaves and soil to add into our stew. 

We also learnt about BOSSY verbs and expanded noun phrases and we even included them in our writing which is wonderful! yes

In maths, we have been learning our 2 and 5 times tables and we are definitely getting REALLY good at this! Doing our supermover dances has really helped with our memory with these times tables. 

In our CC/Science we have been learning about MAMMALS. I know you can all give me an example of a mammal so well done! We looked at how baby mammals grow, how and why they change into adults.

I'm very proud of you all for always trying your best. Please keep up the hard word ethic next week!


Mrs Chan 

Congratulations Year 2!

Date: 17th Jul 2020 @ 6:28pm

Another week down and it is finally the summer holidays! Thank you to everyone who sent their learning in this week.

Congratulations on finishing Year 2, you are all wonderful.

We cannot wait to welcome you back to school in September.

Have a fun summer holiday, have a great time and stay safe!

See you soon, Miss Woodnett :)

Padlet link week beginning 13.07.20

Date: 13th Jul 2020 @ 8:41am

Good Morning Year 2!

Here is your final padlet link for this week beginning 13.07.20.

I hope you enjoy your last week of learning :)

Miss Woodnett :)

Wonderful Work this week :)

Date: 10th Jul 2020 @ 4:38pm

Wow Year 2! 

Another amazing week of home learning this week.  I have been blown away by all of your fabulous work sent to me over email.  Lots of you have also responded to my feedback and edited your work to improve it, well done!

Thank you as always to the parents/carers for your continued support.

Here are a selection of photos from learning sent in this week, well done to everyone!

Have an incredible weekend everyone and I will be posting your very last padlet link for Year 2 on Monday.

Miss Woodnett :)

Padlet Link Week beginning 06.07.20

Date: 5th Jul 2020 @ 5:51pm

Hello Year 2,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend filled with fun and a little rest.

Here is your padlet link for your learning this week:

I can't wait to see all of your wonderful work via the year 2 homelearning email.

Have a wonderful week :)

Miss Woodnett

Another week's celebration :)

Date: 4th Jul 2020 @ 12:22pm

Hello Year 2,

It's the end of another week, how time is flying! Thank you to all of the children who sent their wonderful learning to me this week, you are doing a super job :)

Here is a small selection of the amazing work sent in this week, well done!

Also attached is Faith's lexia certificate, congratualtions Faith.

I hope you all have a fun, restful weekend :)

Miss Woodnett

30th June #30DaysWild - Challenge 30 FINAL DAY

Date: 30th Jun 2020 @ 7:22am

Hello everyone,

Congratulations! You made it to the end of our wild month discovering and caring for wildlife.

I’m going to bring back an old favourite as our last challenge. Let’s dance in the rain!


Enjoy the weather today and I will see you all soon with some activity challenges over on the wellbeing page.

From Mrs Ganner

Past Challenges photos:

If you have any photos of you in the wild, remember to send them in.

Learning for week beginning 29.06.20

Date: 29th Jun 2020 @ 9:49am

Hi everybody!


It is the start of a new week of learning.  Here is your padlet link for this week's learning.


Week beginning 29.06.20


Happy learning everybody, I can't wait to see all of your fabulous work sent by email.


Miss Woodnett :)

29th June #30DaysWild - Challenge 29

Date: 29th Jun 2020 @ 7:47am

Hello everyone,

We’re nearly at the end of our wild month. Today will be the perfect day for getting out in your wellies and lifting up a log to see what is underneath. There should be lots to see.

Have a marvellous Monday

From Mrs Ganner

Send photos of your sketches to my home learning email please:

Past Challenges photos:

If you have photos of you in the wild, remember to send them in.

Our Weekly Celebration :)

Date: 26th Jun 2020 @ 5:04pm

What another week of wonderful learning we have had in Year 2, WOW!  My socks have been blown off by all of your amazing work.  Here are just a few photos of some of the incredible work that has been sent to me.  Thank you to all of the children who are keeping up with their learning at home, you are doing a great job!  And thank you to the parents for your support.  Well done to Hao Yu who has also received a Lexia certificate this week :)

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Miss Woodnett :)

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