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Maths Fun!

Date: 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:57am

On Thursday, we had a special visitor in school who let us play lots of fun maths games! We had to work collaboratively and listen to each other to maths solve problems, in teams. We really enjoyed the activities because they were so much fun! Have a look at the games we played!

maths problem 3.jpeg maths problem 4.jpeg maths problem 5.jpeg maths problems 2.jpeg

We have asked if we can have the brain train game to play in school because it was so fun to match colours and patterns!



Land of the Penguins

Date: 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:43am


As you know the children are learning about Scott of the Antarctic and have been finding out about The Antarctic. They have enjoyed learning about the climate and watching videos about what it is like. They have studied the animals that can live there and have found out that Penguins can live there because they can live in extreme cold and eat Krill! As part of their art lessons they have studied photographs of penguins and looked at their colour and shape. The children used their knowledge of shape to sketch the penguins and then used colour and shading to add texture and detail. Look at all their hard work !

penguin 2023- MB.jpeg        penguin 2023-mary.jpeg


Didn't they do well!





PE with Chiara

Date: 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:22am


Well it has been a very busy week, this week. We have been so lucky and had lots of visitors in school to make our learning extra special! This week we have particularly enjoyed games with Chiara, the City Coach. She taught us how to find a space and move around the hall safely, using a range of movements. As a class we decided to move like elephants, lions, monkeys and giraffes. It was very tricky because we had to make sure that we didn't bump into each other. When we had practised this, we played a game. it was so much fun, we can't wait until next week!

games - mary.jpeg     games- cindy.jpeg   games- benedict.jpeg

Happy Holidays Year 2!

Date: 16th Dec 2022 @ 6:07pm

Hello all, 

Well, what a week it has been in Year 2! We kick started the celebrations with a fabulous Christmas party on Monday, followed by a delicious Christmas dinner on Wednesday. We were very busy this week and last week making our Christmas cards, Christmas hats and calenders to send home... I think you will agree the cards and calendars look fabulous! 

Depsite all the celebrations, we have still been working hard completing our English and CC topic about the Great Fire of London. We have really enjoyed this topic and you can tell because our work looks fantastic! For our holiday homework, there are some tasks which are based on what we have learnt this half term. 

In January, we will be beginning our new topic; "Why do some animals like it hot and some like it cold?" There will also be some changes to our timetable and PE / games will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays next term. Please can you make sure we wear our kit on those days? 

Today, we received our attendance certificates and Mrs Hughes was very impressed with how many children had 100% in our class, so well done! 

Have a lovely holiday everyone and see you ready to learn on Wednesday 4th January 2023!

The Year 2 team.


Christmas is here!

Date: 3rd Dec 2022 @ 7:43am


Well, it is definately starting to look like Christmas in Year 2 ! it has been such a busy week and the children have been practising hard for their Christmas performance, next week. We know that the children cannot wait to sing, dance and act for all the parents. We are sure you have heard some of the songs being performed at home. If the Nativity performance wasn't enough we have had a visit from Santa and all the children in 2KW got to tell him what they would like for Christmas.

The class is being decorated from now and the tree is up, waiting for the children to make baubles and paper chains to add to it! All the children have also also enjoyed writing a letter to Santa and were amazed when their letters were collected during the lunchtime from Santa's secret elves. You wouldn't believe how much fairy and elf dust was in the class!!! The children had to be careful that they didn't get dust on them and fly away too! Santa also phoned the children in the afternoon to thank them for the letters! hopefully Santa will reply by next week. We can't wait for the next two weeks of learning!!! 


christmas 2kw.jpeg      christmas post.jpeg

We wonder who is going to get the chocolates from the advent calendar next week.

Merry christmas

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper

We are creative !

Date: 27th Nov 2022 @ 7:57pm


In 2KW we have been listening to stories and watching  information about The Great Fire of London. The children have really enjoyed going into role as some of the important characters and retelling the events. They loved wearing masks and props to help them commit to the characters they were playing!

nellis.jpeg      goodness bakery.jpeg    han yi retell.jpeg

Can you guess what characters they are? One of the characters was responsible for the fire starting!

Hope you have enjoyed the blog this week!

Miss Wolfenden and Mrs Cooper


Garden Stew in Year 2!

Date: 6th Oct 2022 @ 4:41pm

This week we have made a 'garden stew' - just like the one in our story!

It really helped us understand instructional writing and how to use time connectives such as first, next, then and finally! We had a great time collecting all of the ingredients and mixing it all together :) 

Class Visitors!

Date: 29th Sep 2022 @ 4:50pm

This week Year 2 have been so lucky! We had TWO visitors in our classes to talk to us about our new topic "Why can't we just eat chocolate?". 

Our first visitor came on Tuesday and she is a dental hygienist. We learned about how to look after our teeth and how we can keep them in tip top condition! On Wednesday we had a martial arts expert in to talk to us about healthy eating and exercise. We learned so much and we generated some amazing questions to ask the visitors. 

2KD Dance

Date: 21st Sep 2022 @ 5:25pm

In our dance lessons we have been working really hard on using our bodies to show different emotions!

Last week each group worked on a different emotion and pracitised travelling with that emotion, such as walking sadly. This week we have been looking at making a sequence using contrasting emotions. We did a happy movement then went straight into a sad movement - we're showing feelings with our bodies so well!



Our Week in Year 2!

Date: 12th Sep 2022 @ 2:45pm

We loved our first week in Year 2! 

We learned about our new topic on Friday - Why can't we just eat chocolate? We did a guessing game, we watched a video about chocolate being made and we went on a scavenger hunt to find different chocolates! We came up with some things we hope to learn about during this topic. 

Some of the things we have enjoyed are - 

  • outdoor learning
  • colouring
  • jigsaw
  • P.E.
  • maths
  • mastery in number
  • reading about Elton John
  • reading Whiffy Wilson in English


We have been practising lining up sensibly and working together as a team. We are doing super well! 

Bug Hotels!

Date: 30th May 2022 @ 2:35pm

We have used recycable materials to create bug hotels for the minibeasts living in the local microhabitats. We have filled a plastic bottle with outdoor materials such as twigs, moss, fir cones and dried leaves to create the perfect microhabitats.


BUG HOTEL 11.jpg BUG HOTEL 12.jpg





Date: 30th May 2022 @ 2:21pm

As part or our recycling topic, 2HR have been collecting everyday materials to recycle and reuse to make their own Rubbish Monsters! They designed, built and evaluated them and they look fantastic!

junk 1.jpg junk 10.jpg

junk 11.jpgjunk 12.jpg

junk 4.jpgjunk 5.jpg

junk 7.jpgjunk 8.jpg

junk 9.jpg  junk 6.jpg

Eid Mubarak!

Date: 8th May 2022 @ 6:39am

We have been joining in with the Eid celebrations this week which has been lovely! We invited our muslim friends to share how they celebrated their special day, created Eid celebration cards and ate dates that were yummy!!

Eid 1.jpg

Eid 2.jpg

Eid 3.jpg

Eid 5.jpg

Eid 4.jpg


Date: 24th Apr 2022 @ 8:24am

2HR have been exploring microhabitats! We have been identifying and observing the minibeasts that habitat there, also the condititions of the microhabitat enabling minibeasts to survive in them.

Habitats 1.jpg Habitats 2.jpg

Habitats 3.jpgHabitats 4.jpg

Habitats 5.jpg

Dragon Dance!

Date: 18th Apr 2022 @ 8:48am


Last week the children created their own dragon masks, practised and performed group dragon dances, recorded performances of each other and uploaded them to Youtube to share with their family and friends. 2HR hope you enjoy their dragon dances!



Easter Bonnets!

Date: 13th Apr 2022 @ 8:43am

2HR have made some fantastic Easter Bonnets this week and showed off their magnificents designs during our Easter bonnet parade!Easter hats 1.jpg

Easter hats 2.jpg

Easter hats 3.jpg

Easter hats 4.jpg

Easter hats 5.jpg

Easter hats 6.jpg

Easter hats 7.jpg

Science Week!

Date: 19th Mar 2022 @ 6:55am

This week we have been scientists and exploring the theme of Growth! We have been exploring things around us that grow and discussing the changes things and animals make from our observations. We also conducted an experiment using spagehetti and marshmellows where we had to carefully build a tower or construction. It was fantastic to see our buildings grow!

Science 1.jpg Science 3.jpg

Science 4.jpg Science 5.jpg

Science 8.jpgScience 2.jpgScience 7.jpg


Chinese Launch!

Date: 7th Mar 2022 @ 4:18am

This week 2HR launched their new CC topic which is 'Where would you rather live; Wuhan or Manchester?' The children explored the chinese artefacts, books and images. They created the beautiful front covers for the CC books by drawing chinese dragons and writing their name using the chinese alphabet.

China 1.jpgChina 10.jpgChina 11.jpgChina 12.jpgChina 3.jpgChina 2.jpgChina 4.jpgChina 5.jpgChina 6.jpgChina 7.jpgChina 8.jpgChina 9.jpg

World Book Day

Date: 7th Mar 2022 @ 4:08am

2HR had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day on Thursday! The children dressed up as their favourite characters from the book they read and then took part in a catwalk parade. The teachers performed the traditional tale 'The Gingerbread Man' which the children loved! Year 2 listened to stories written by the author Oliver Jeffers and then completed lots of fun activities related to his books.

World book day 1.jpgWorld book day 2.jpgWorld book day 3.jpgWorld book day 4.jpgWorld book day 5.jpgWorld book day 6.jpgWorld book day 8.jpg

Chill Factore Trip!

Date: 12th Feb 2022 @ 2:19pm

We had a fantastic trip at the Chill Factore on Thursday! We wrapped up warm for our chilly adventure in the wintry snow play areas. We had lots of fun going down the icy slopes on donuts or sledges which was amazing fun! We also loved running around and playing in the snow!

Chill Factore 1.jpg  Chill Factore 2.jpg

 Chill Factore 5.jpg

Chill Factore 6.jpg  Chill Factore 7.jpg Chill Factore 8.jpg Chill Factore 9.jpg

Internet Safety Day

Date: 11th Feb 2022 @ 3:45pm

On Tuesday 2HR took part in Internet Safety Day. We discussed how we use the Internet for example, sharing our favourite games and how we use Messenger and Facetime to keep in contact with our family and friends. We focused on the subject of 'Respecting others when online' The children played a quiz where we looked at scenearios where behaviours were respectful or not. Afterwards the children designed their own posters to promote the idea of beiing resepectful when using the Internet.

Interenet Safety 5.jpgInternet Safety 1.jpg

Internet Safety 3.jpg Internet Safety 4.jpg

2D shapes

Date: 21st Jan 2022 @ 1:35pm

This week in maths 2HR have been learning about 2D shapes! We have had fun identifying the names and properties of the shapes through exploration and playing fun games. We have also been sorting the shapes on Venn diagrams according to their properties and some children have even thought of their own categories to sort them into!

2D shapes 1.jpg

2D shapes 3.jpg

Why do some animals live in cold places and others in hot?

Date: 16th Jan 2022 @ 7:04pm

This week 2HR have started our new Connected Curriculum topic 'Why do some animals live in cold places and others in hot?' We have started learning about the types of animals living in the Arctic and how they survive in this cold habitat!

Cover 1.PNGCover 2.PNG

Cover 3.PNG Cover 4.PNG

Cover 5.PNG Cover 6.PNG

Christmas Festivities!

Date: 17th Dec 2021 @ 9:31am

WOW! What a busy week we have had! But we have had so much fun doing it!

We have a christmas party day where we played party games and ate yummy party food! Thank you to the parents for helping with the food, the children really enjoyed it! 

The children also made Christmas hats for our Christmas dinner in the hall with all our friends. We ate roast turkey or cheese whirl (veggie option) with all the trimmings, followed by a shortbread biscuit!

Christmas dinner 1.jpg   Christmas dinner 2.jpg

Christmas dinner 3.jpg   Christmas dinner 4.jpg



Children in Need 2021

Date: 21st Nov 2021 @ 8:24pm

On Friday the children came to school in their Pudsey Bear outfits to raise money for Children in Need 2021! We had a great time jooining in with Joe Wicks' P.E lesson and general knowledge quiz! We were able to answer many of his questions correctly and complete his exercise challenges!. We also made pudsey bear masks and pudsey bear wordsearch challenges/games! Well done to all the children at Ravensbury for taking part and raising money for Children in Need!

  CIN 2.jpgCIN 3.jpg

CIN 4.jpg   CIN 1.jpg

CIN 5.jpg  CIN 6.jpg


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