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Baarmy Bethlehem!

Date: 7th Dec 2023 @ 7:30pm

Wow what a busy week!

1HB has been very busy and it's beginning to feel alot more like Christmas! We have made some Christmas cards, our Christmas party hats and table decorations for our Christmas lunch. However the highlight has been performing our school nativity 'Baarmy Bethlehem' We have worked very hard to learn all the songs and remember our lines! Our parents and teachers are very proud of us!

North, East, South and West!

Date: 25th Nov 2023 @ 9:05am

In Geography, we have been learning to use directional language. We learned about the compass points North, East, South and West. In pairs, we used directional language to give instructions. We also learned how to use directional language when using a map! With our partners, we directed the Wolf to visit the Three Little Pigs houses on the map. 

1HB Directional language (1).jpg

1HB Directional language (2).jpg

1HB Directional language (3).jpg

1HB Directional language (4).jpg

1HB Directional language (5).jpg

1HB Directional language (6).jpg

Wolf Sock Puppets!

Date: 19th Nov 2023 @ 10:00am

For the past couple of weeks, we have been reading different versions of the traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs' and we especially enjoyed reading about the naughty Big Bad Wolf! 

As a class, we decided that we wanted to make a Big Bad Wolf sock puppet. We read some instructions and watched a You Tube video clip on how to make one. The next day we made our very own sock puppets which was very exciting and they all looked fantastic! Look at this one!

1HB Sock puppets (4).jpg

Afterwards we all wrote our own instructions on how to make a wolf sock puppet. We included a title, a list of things you need and sequenced steps to follow.

1HB Sock puppets (1).jpg

This one is Hau Chings!

1HB Sock puppets (2).jpg

This one is Emily's!

1HB Sock puppets (3).jpg

This one is Ayaan's!

Four Countries of the United Kingdom

Date: 11th Nov 2023 @ 7:23am

We have been learning about how the UK is made up of four countries! We have been exploring globes, maps and Atlases. We were able to look at a map of the United Kingdom and locate England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland then we created and labelled our own maps. We have also begun to learn about the capitals of these countries by looking at photographs and locating the places using Atlases. We have also learnt a fun song to help us recall the names of the countries and capitals.

Click on the link and listen to the song!

1HB Atlas (1).JPG 1HB Atlas (10).JPG

1HB Atlas (2).JPG1HB Atlas (5).JPG

1HB Atlas (16).JPG 1HB Atlas (8).JPG

Three Little Pigs Launch!

Date: 4th Nov 2023 @ 8:14am

We launched our topic of the Three Little Pigs by inviting our parents and carers into school to help us create large houses! We decorated large boxes with the features of the outside of a house using card, sellotape, tubes, straws and pens. Afterwards we labelled the features of the houses. We had lots of fun making the houses and it was the best day ever!

1HB Pigs launch (10).JPG1HB Pigs launch (13).JPG

1HB Pigs launch (14).JPG 1HB Pigs launch (15).JPG

1HB Pigs launch (18).JPG1HB Pigs launch (20).JPG

1HB Pigs launch (24).JPG1HB Pigs launch (25).JPG

1HB Pigs launch (27).JPG 1HB Pigs launch (28).JPG

1HB Pigs launch (26).JPG 1HB Pigs launch (3).JPG

1HB Pigs launch (30).JPG 1HB Pigs launch (7).JPG

Evil Pea Maths!

Date: 29th Oct 2023 @ 10:35am

Supertato needed to split up 5 Evil Peas because they were causing so much trouble! We explored how to split 10 into two parts using a part whole model. We used Playdoh peas on part whole models, Evil pea characters, bean bags in part whole models outside and different types of maths counters. We found many ways to split the Evil Peas!

1HB Part whole (13).JPG 1HB Part whole (11).JPG

1HB Part whole (17).JPG 1HB Part whole (20).JPG

1HB Part whole (16).JPG 1HB Part whole (12).JPG


Date: 14th Oct 2023 @ 8:27am

One Day at Ravensbury Community Primary, there was something strange going on! In Year 1HB there were many crimes committed! Oh No! There's a Pea on the loose! 

Year 1 have been reading the story Supertato and have been describing the character of the Evil Pea. We have been using adjectives to describe his naughty behaviours such as sneaky, cheeky, unkind and devilish! Take a look at the terrible crimes he committed in Year 1!

1HB Evil Pea Crimes (1).JPG 1HB Evil Pea Crimes (10).JPG

1HB Evil Pea Crimes (33).JPG 1HB Evil Pea Crimes (34).JPG

1HB Evil Pea Crimes (4).JPG 1HB Evil Pea Crimes (35).JPG


Freestyle Football!

Date: 13th Oct 2023 @ 12:40pm

Yesterday, we had a very exciting visitor come to visit our school and he was a freestyle footballer called Raz! In our assembly, he demonstrated his amazing tricks which were very exciting to watch! He explained that he trains for 3 hours, 5 days a week! He told us that he never gives up and always keeps trying and that's what we should do when we want to be really great at something! In the afternoon, we all had a chance to learn some super football tricks and we had lots of fun!

1HB Freestyle Football (10).JPG 1HB Freestyle Football (12).JPG

 1HB Freestyle Football (13).JPG  1HB Freestyle Football (14).JPG

1HB Freestyle Football (15).JPG  1HB Freestyle Football (16).JPG

1HB Freestyle Football (17).JPG 1HB Freestyle Football (5).JPG

1HB Freestyle Football (6).JPG   1HB Freestyle Football (7).JPG

1HB Freestyle Football (8).JPG  1HB Freestyle Football (9).JPG

Evil Veggie Characters

Date: 4th Oct 2023 @ 7:34pm

In writing, we have been reading the story of Supertato! We have been exploring the characteristics of the Evil Pea! We have found lots of prefix words to describe him such as unkind, unfair, unpleasant and unstoppable! We have also generated lots of adjectives to describe his behaviour such as nasty, naughty, greedy, sneaky and cheeky! One of our favourite challenges this week was in the construction area, where we made models of evil characters and then written adjectives and prefix words inside speech bubbles to describe them. Check out our Evil character models!!

Evil Pea (2).JPG Evil Pea (5).JPG

Evil pea1.JPGEvil Pea (11).JPG

Evil Pea (13).JPGEvil Pea (12).JPG

Colour Mixing!

Date: 26th Sep 2023 @ 7:54pm

We had our first art lesson with Mrs McGaffer today which was really exciting! We recapped what the primary and secondary colours were and then experimented with mixing the paints using a variety of techniques. First, we chose two primary colors of paint and splodged them onto large sheets of paper and then we used heavy metal rollers to mix the colours. The rollers made exciting mixes of colour on our sheets. Afterwards we chose 3 secondary coloured paints and then used a paint brush to add layers of shapes and patterns over the top. We had lots of fun exploring the mixes of colours and made colourful abstract artwork!

1HB Colour mixing (1).JPG  1HB Colour mixing (2).JPG

1HB Colour mixing (5).JPG 1HB Colour mixing (6).JPG

Settling into 1HB!

Date: 18th Sep 2023 @ 3:56pm

We have had a fantastic first full week in Year 1! The children are becoming more settled and familiar with our class routines which is great! We have had more time to get to know the children and the teachers have really enjoyed spending this time with them. The children are also getting to know the teachers and majority are checking in as happy or excited on our feelings chart each morning which is wonderful to see!

Data handling using technology!

Date: 30th Jun 2023 @ 12:13pm

We had lots of fun on Friday collecting and interpreting data and then using the Chromebooks to create a pictogram of our data! We looked at a map of the zoo and then represented the amount of each animal using the maths equipment. Next we worked with a partner to create a pictogram using the Sketchpad software. It was a little tricky but we enjoyed using the Chromebooks! 

Year 1 computing data handling (3).JPG  Year 1 computing data handling (4).JPG

Year 1 computing data handling (5).JPG Year 1 computing data handling (6).JPG

Year 1 computing data handling (1).JPG Year 1 computing data handling (2).JPG

Year 1 computing data handling (7).JPG

Massai Shields

Date: 26th Jun 2023 @ 8:37pm

On Tuesday, we worked with Mrs McGaffer and started a project on Massai shields. We looked at colours, patterns and shapes on the designs and then practsed our own inside our sketch books. Next, we used some different textures to create some interesting rubbings that we cut into shapes and glued to our shields. After that, we used oil pastels to add more colour shapes and patterns to our shields. Finally we sewn the edge of the shield with coloured string. The end products were very effective and we were happy with our craftwork!

Africa Launch!

Date: 11th Jun 2023 @ 6:44pm

On Friday, we launched our new connected curriculum topic 'How do you get to the Maasia Mara?' We shared what we know about Africa and asked what we would like to find out about the Africa. Then we learned a some interesting facts about Africa and Kenya. Then we made an African necklace using paper plates, pasta, string. We decorated the necklace using African patterns. We also played with African animals in the construction and small world area and coloured African patterns. It was lots of fun!

1HB Africa 1.JPG 1HB Africa 2.JPG

1HB Africa 3.JPGIHB Africa 4(1).JPG

Egg Mayonaise Sandwiches!

Date: 25th May 2023 @ 2:58pm

As part of our connective curriculum we have planted cress seeds and observed them grow. Today we followed a recipe to make egg mayonaise and cress sandwiches! It was so much fun to make and we enjoyed eating them afterwards! They were yummy!

1HB egg.JPG 1HB egg 2.JPG

1HB egg 3.JPG 1HB egg 4.JPG

1HB egg 6.JPG1HB egg 7.JPG

Observing flowers!

Date: 18th May 2023 @ 2:33pm

We have been working scientifically this week in 1HB whilst observing flowers! We have been using the science equipment such as petri dishes, tweezers and magnifying glasses to look closely at wild and planted flowers. We used the tweezers to pull apart the flowers and place them into the petri dishes. Then we observed closely using the magnifying glasses. It was amazing to look at the parts of the flowers more closely and we discovered that leaves have little veins that are used to feed the plant the water and we also discovered that some of the flower heads have seeds or pollen in them!

1HB Flowers (10).JPG1HB Flowers (6).JPG

1HB Flowers (11).JPG1HB Flowers (2).JPG

1HB Flowers (3).JPG1HB Flowers (4).JPG


Coronation Day Celebrations

Date: 8th May 2023 @ 1:22pm

We had lots of fun on Friday celebrating the King's coronation. We all came to school dressed in our own party clothes and looked fantastic! We started the morning with an assembly where we learnt what the King's coronation is all about and the year 3 children acted out the ceremony so we found out what to expect on the day! Our favourite part of the day was when we went outside to play the fairground games such as hook a duck and giant noughts and crosses! We also did lots of other fun activities such as decorating a plant pot and planting a sunflower seed, designing and making our own crowns, flag making and we also decorated the Kings favourite flower to make a whole school celebration card! What an exciting day we had!

1HB King .JPG 1HB King 1.JPG

1HB King 3 - Copy.JPG 1HB King 4.JPG

1HB King 5.JPG 1HB King 6.JPG

1HB King 7.JPG 1HB King 8.JPG


CC Plants Launch!

Date: 23rd Apr 2023 @ 8:19am

We had lots of fun on Friday as we launched our new topic "How does your garden grow?". We met Stuart the gardener and he taught us about how to grow plants! We planted our own seeds and looked at different types of flowers and plants. We also went on a minibeast hunt to discover what types of minibeasts you might find living in your garden amongst the flowers and plants.

1HB Plants 1.JPG 1HB Plants 3.JPG

1HB Plants 3.JPG 1HB Plants 4.JPG

1HB Plants 5.JPG1HB Plants 6.JPG

1HB Plants 7.JPG 1HB Plants 8.JPG

Easter Bonnet Parade!

Date: 2nd Apr 2023 @ 7:34am

We all created our own Easter bonnets and hats at home and brought them to school on Wednesday to take part in a Easter Parade! The hats all looked fantastic and we enjoyed parading around the daily mile to the Easter music for our parents. Afterwards we all had a chocolate Easter lolly to celebrate our success!

1HB Easter (1).JPG 1HB Easter (10).JPG

1HB Easter (11).JPG 1HB Easter (13).JPG

1HB Easter (17).JPG 1HB Easter (18).JPG

1HB Easter (19).JPG 1HB Easter (2).JPG

1HB Easter (22).JPG  1HB Easter (23).JPG

1HB Easter (26).JPG  1HB Easter (27).JPG

1HB Easter (29).JPG  

Science Week!

Date: 19th Mar 2023 @ 2:17pm

We have had a very exciting week taking part in British Science Week! This year's theme was 'Connected' and we learned about how science can connect our ideas, thoughts, people and inventions! We started the week with the City coaches delivering a P.E lesson that made connections with our science topic body parts. We enjoyed challenging ourselves to balance our bodies whilst touching a ball to a particular named body part! On Tuesday, we had a special visitor who taught us about an inventor called 'Lyda Newman'. We found out how she had invented a hair comb! We also designed a hair salon poster to advertise Lyda Newman's super invention! On Friday, we invited Dihas' dad into school as he is connected to science in his job. Dihas' dad is an engineer professor at a university and he taught us about why train wheels are the shape that they are! We were very interested in this as it connected with our CC topic on transport. Dihas' dad gave us a demonstration of how he tested different wheel shapes on a train track and we also got to have a try! What an exciting week! We definitely felt scientifically inspired and some of us would love to work in science when we are grown up!






World Book Day!

Date: 6th Mar 2023 @ 8:24pm

He had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. We all came to school dressed as our favourite book characters and took part in a fashion parade with the other classes to share our amazing costumes! The teachers also dressed up and we had to guess who their characters were. We found out that the KS1 teachers were dressed up as characters from our World Book Day book - Dolly Daydream. We read the book and discovered which characters the teachers were and them created a KS1 displayed based on the book. We made bookmarks and created minibeast artwork. In the afternoon, the teachers performed the story of Dolly Daydream and even sand and danced! The author also came to watch the performance and afterwards we were able to ask her questions about her book and being an author. To finish the day, the teachers shared masked reader videos and we had to guess the teacher and the story!

1HB WBD (12).JPG 1HB WBD (13).JPG

1HB WBD (17).JPG   1HB WBD (18).JPG



Lost Bear!

Date: 14th Jan 2023 @ 10:05am

On Monday, Mrs Brierley found a lost teddy in the playground! The teddy looked old but we knew someone would be upset without him. To help find the owner, we decided to make 'found' posters to display around school to see if we could find the owner. In writing, we practised using adjectives and superlatives to describe him because we wanted to write a good description of the bear. By Thursday, we had completed our posters with written descriptions and displayed them around school. On Friday afternoon, Miss Riley came into our classroom asking about the bear because she had read our found posters! We were so happy that our posters helped the bear find it's owner and that Miss Riley was so happy to have him back too!


Date: 8th Jan 2023 @ 7:39am

We launched our connective curriculum topic this week 'Is the Xbox more fun than my Grandparents toys?' by playing with a variety of games and activities. We had lots of fun exploring how to play new and some old games. Afterwards we created a block graph to show which games or activities were the most popular to begin to answer our topic question. We found that the fishing game was the most popular!

Toys launch (1).JPG Toys launch (2).JPG

Toys launch (5).JPG   Toys launch (6).JPG

Toys launch (7).JPG


Christmas celebrations!

Date: 16th Dec 2022 @ 9:38am had a lovely time commencing the Christmas celebrations this week! We have been like litle elves making Christmas cards, party hats, table decorations and calendars! On Wednesday, we pulled crackers before going into the hall to eat our delicious, festive Christmas dinner! We were so excited to see the tables decorated and sang Christmas songs whilst we ate our lunch! 

1HB Xmas (15).JPG    1HB Xmas (19).JPG1HB Xmas (25).JPG    1HB Xmas (24).JPG

1HB Xmas (30).JPG   1HB Xmas (32).JPG





Date: 11th Dec 2022 @ 8:32am

This week Key Stage 1 performed our Christmas Nativity 'It's a baby!' The children were all fabulous and performed beautifully! Every child was able to showcase their talents whether it was narrating, singing or dancing which was a delight to watch. The children have throughly enjoyed the experience especially when their parents came to support them!

nat 1.JPG   nat 2.JPG

nat 3.JPG   nat 4.JPG

nat 5.JPG    nat 6.JPG

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