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LKS2 Easter Celebrations

Date: 27th Mar 2024 @ 1:41pm

What fantastic entries we had as part of our Easter competition. Year 3 and 4 made some fantastic entries, and everybody's efforts deserve recognition. As a prize for entering the competition, every entry will recieve a chocolate lolly. Other prizes have been given for the most independent, and best use of every day materials.

Have a look at the entries on the attached document - you'll be amazed!

Amazing Artwork!

Date: 21st Mar 2024 @ 9:44am

For the last two weeks, Year 3 have been learning all about the artist Suzsi Corio and her marvellous mountain collages. We then created artwork using the following techniques: wax resist, brusho, sgraffito and printing. 

Year 3 used their artwork to cut out different mountain shapes which they then combined to create amazing collages.

World Book Day in Year 3

Date: 11th Mar 2024 @ 7:56am

On Friday, year 3 celebrated World Book Day!


We begun the day by inviting parents and carers to the hall, to join us in reading lots of different stories. The children loved being able to share their favourite story with the different grown ups. 

When we returned to class, we began a puppet challenge - we had to use a cardboard tube, paper and felt tips, to create different animals from the Kapok Tree - which we studied in the Autumn term. 

The day ended with a visit to Nursery. We were able to share a story with the nursery children, and listen to a story together. We really enjoyed spending time with different children.

Attached are some photos of our wonderful day. 

Welcome Back!

Date: 3rd Mar 2024 @ 11:47am

Welcome back! Can you believe that we are already half way through the school year? 

This week, we begun to explore our new Geography unit "Where are the World's Greatest Waterways?" by exploring many maps and atlases, to locate the rivers 'Yangtze, Amazon, Volga, Nile, Thames, Mississippi.' Can you remember which countries these are in?


Sadly, we were unable to visit the River Medlock due to poor weather - but will make sure to try again over this half-term. 

In maths, we begun to explore angles - and identified right, acute and obtuse angles. We particularly enjoyed using our right angle finders, to identify different right angles within our classrooms.

In english, we begun to read 'Tara Binns Mighty Mountain Ranger' and have started to explore persuasive vocabulary in preparation for writing a persuasive letter. 

Dates to remember:

Don't forget - on Friday we celebrate World Book Day. You can either come to school wearing something comfy, or dressed as a character from a book. 

Fabulous Addition and Research Skills!

Date: 31st Jan 2024 @ 2:33pm

This week, year 3 have been working extremely hard in their maths, reading and writing lessons. 

We begun the week by completing our instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth. Now we are confident on washing any large animal! We have then begun to complete some research for our next writing challenge - a non-chronological report on the Stone Age. We thought about all of the facts we have learnt this term, and then used different non-fiction books to find evidence to prove if our facts were true or not.

In maths, we have continued exploring addition. We begun the week by learning how to add 3-digit numbers through the method of redistribution. This was challenging at first, but we persevered until we felt confident. We have now moved on to learning about column addition. We have used our base 10 resources to help us, and have learnt the mathematical names for the different parts of addition number sentences (addend + addend = sum).

Exploring the Stone Age!

Date: 5th Jan 2024 @ 7:41pm

Welcome back!

Year 3 have enjoyed their time back in school, and are extremely eager to learn all about the Stone Age.

We begun the week by reading "Stone Age Boy," where we were surprised to learn that there was no electricity and spoken language was different to today. We then launched our history topic through two exciting challenges - becoming archaelogists and searching through sand for a range of Stone Age artefacts, and becoming architects through the task of recreating Stone Henge with biscuits. 

See below for our exciting creations!

Year 3 can't wait to learn more about the Stone Age over these next weeks.

Spring 1 Overview

Date: 29th Dec 2023 @ 11:41am

We hope you have all had a safe and happy break this Winter.


Attached is a copy of our Spring overview, which shares all of the exciting topics we will be learning about this half-term.


We can't wait to get learning when we see you all again on Wednesday 3rd January.


Miss Brookes and Miss Higgins

A2 Week 4 in Year 3

Date: 26th Nov 2023 @ 1:38pm

This week in year 3, we further explored the Amazon Rainforest. We learnt all about deforestation, and argued reasons for and against this - although most of us voted against, we have begun to understand the benefits for deforestation as well (such as space for farm land).


In science, we begun to explore the inside of a plant, and used this to understand the process of pollination and fertilisation - this was very confusing at first, but we continued to explore this until we felt more confident. We will have to keep revisiting the different names for parts of a plant, as there were a lot to remember!


In maths and english, we completed assessments. We're looking forward to moving on with our learning next week, where we will begin to write/read non-chronological reports about animals in the Rainforest, and learn how to compare and order 3-digit numbers. 



Week 3: Maths Week, Diwali and Children in Need!

Date: 18th Nov 2023 @ 7:51pm

This week has been busier than most for year 3.

We began the week by celebrating Anti-Bullying Week. We explored this in assembly, and wore odd socks to school.

We then entered a times tables rockstars tournament against each other, as part of our maths week celebrations. It was a close competition, and we took part every day in hope of being the winning class. In the end, 3CB scored 9,184 points and 3JH scored 4,628 points. 

On Thursday and Friday, we learnt all about the festival of Diwali. We then filmed our own play of the story, which we shared with Nursery. 

Finally, the week ended with our Children in Need celebrations - including wearing Pudsy/Spotty clothes to school.


Attached is this week's homework, which is due on Friday 24th November.

Autumn 2 Week 2!

Date: 12th Nov 2023 @ 1:56pm

A very busy week in Year 3!


In maths, we explored how to find 10/100 more than/less than 3-digit numbers. This was challenging at first, as we often wanted to change the wrong digit. However, we persevered and tried a range of different 'prove it' and 'think it' challenges.

In English, we continued to explore the Kapok Tree. We used drama to imagine ourselves as either the man, an animal or the Kapok Tree. This will help us when we write our dilemma story next week.


We also began our science journey - learning all about plants. This week, we focused on the different parts of a plant and their functions (did you know that leaves use the sun to make food for the plant?)

The homework is attached below, and must be returned to school by Friday 17th November.


Key dates to remember:

Monday 13th November - Odd Socks Day! Don't forget to wear odd socks to school to celebrate anti-bullying week.

Friday 17th November  - Children in Need Day! As part of our children in need celebration, you can come to school wearing spots.


Please remember to wear your P.E kit on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Autumn 2 Week 1!

Date: 5th Nov 2023 @ 2:46pm

What an exciting week back!

This week, year 3 have begun to explore their new geography topic, all about the Amazon Basin. We used 'now press play' to experience a Rainforest journey through our headphones. We also read the story 'The Great Kapok Tree' and began to identify which animals we hope to use in our own dilemma stories next week. 

In maths we explored additive and multiplicative equations for 3-digit numbers! This was challenging at first, but we persevered until all of us were feeling confident.

Week 6 in Year 3

Date: 13th Oct 2023 @ 1:20pm

This week has been very exciting!

On Thursday, we were taught some fantastic football skills and tricks by Rabaz! We needed to be resilient, but we could all share some tricks by the end of the session.

On Friday, we met Nathaniel who taught us all about Windrush as part of our Black History Month celebrations. 


School Trip Letter

Date: 29th Sep 2023 @ 9:40pm

Year 3 will be exploring the 'Golden Mummies of Egypt' exhibition at Manchester Museum on Tuesday 17th October! This is part of our history learning, where we have already begun exploring "what was it like to live in Ancient Egypt?"

Attached is a copy of the letter that was sent home on Thursday. 

Please return this to school as soon as possible.

Week 4 in Year 3

Date: 29th Sep 2023 @ 9:34pm

A brilliant week in year 3!

We have been determined mathematicians this week, and have focused on using pictorial and concrete resources to represent 1s, 10s and 100s. It was challenging at first, but after some practise we were able to confidently use base 10, place value counters, bead strings and draw pictorial representations of 3-digit numbers.

In English, we have begun to explore our new challenge - writing a letter to Manchester Museum. We explored different letters, identified their features, and studied the difference between formal and informal language.

In science, we looked at different types of skeletons - we were all very surprised to learn that some animals don't have a skeleton at all!

Attached is a copy of our homework, which is due on Friday 6th October.


Week 3 in Year 3

Date: 23rd Sep 2023 @ 4:52pm

What another exciting week in year 3! 

In maths, we used our knowledge of place value to help us subtract concrete and pictorial representations, next week we will be focusing on exploring 1s, 10s and 100s. In English, we used the skills we practiced last week, to create a character description of Rhodopis, the Pharoah or the Servants from our class text 'The Egyptian Cinderella.' On Friday, we swapped classes and shared our descriptions with other children. It was fun to share our amazing work, as well as think of two stars and a wish for our peers.

On Friday, we also experienced sports day! Fortunately the rain held off for long enough to let us try each of the four activities. We can't wait to find out which house is in the lead!

Attached is a copy of our homework, which is due on Friday 29th September.

Week 2 in Year 3

Date: 17th Sep 2023 @ 11:29am

What an exciting week this has been! 

We begun our science unit "Skeletons and Muscles" by creating a skeleton puppet in groups. It was challenging at first, but we all had a lot of fun. This week, we also delved deeper into the world of Ancient Egypt, and created a timeline of key events.

In maths, we used concrete materials to add three digits together, and bridge numbers through 10. In English, we practised our retrieval skills, and explored adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions in preparation for our Character Descriptions. We can't wait to begin writing them next week. 


Week 1 in Year 3

Date: 8th Sep 2023 @ 9:48pm

What a wonderful start to year 3!

The children and adults arrived to school on Wednesday both nervous and excited to learn. We have now begun our Ancient Egyptian journey, and have already used hieroglyphics to design a cartouche. In English, we have begun to read "The Egyptian Cinderella," and even sequenced pictures from the story.

Attached is a copy of our homework, which is due on Friday 15th September.

Check back next week, where we will share some more of our learning. 


Date: 13th Jul 2023 @ 1:12pm

This week we continued with our sketches of seashells but explored using different medias. We drew in pencil and pen, added water colours and oil pastels and even tried drawing the seashells on different types of paper. To finished we worked in groups and collobratively drew seashells of a much larger scale.

Sketching Seashells

Date: 28th Jun 2023 @ 3:00pm

Yesterday in art, we were practising our drawing skills. We started by looking at different examples of shells and describing how they looked. Then we look at the art by Noel Badges Pugh and how he created drawings of shells. Next, we began drawing our own in pencil and focused on using shade and light, and used different marks to make the shell appear more three-dimensional. Then we drew the same shell in pen and used watercolours to colour our final piece.

Reflective Materials

Date: 21st Jun 2023 @ 7:28pm

This week in science, we have been exploring reflective materials. We made a gap in a piece of card and slotted the torch into the gap. We then shone the torch at different objects. If the light was visible on the card, we knew it had been reflected there, and the material was reflective. We discovered from the objects we investigated that the materials were shiny, like a CD, aluminium foil, and a mirror.


Equal or Unequal?

Date: 7th Jun 2023 @ 3:06pm

This week we have been learning all about fractions. Today we looked at splitting shapes, groups of objects and pictures into equal and unequal groups and how this links to fractions.

Visiting Chester

Date: 20th May 2023 @ 11:39am

Recently, we went on a school trip to Chester. When we arrived in Chester, we took a look around the Deva Discovery Centre. Inside, we got to explore many different aspects of Roman life. We saw areas where archaeologists had dug and uncovered years of Roman history, became archaeologists and looked for bones, and even got to dress up in Roman attire. In the afternoon, we became Roman soldiers and went out on patrol. We took our shields and weapons before marching through the city of Chester to the Roman gardens. In the gardens, we had the chance to learn about army formations and even take part in a battle. It was an enjoyable day for all.

Discovering Roman Artefacts

Date: 4th May 2023 @ 10:29am

On Wednesday afternoon, we had a look at a whole range of different artefacts, from books and coins to shields and armour. A firm favourite was the armour, as everyone enjoyed having the chance to dress up as a Roman soldier. Also, we discovered how heavy it was to put on Roman armour, let alone wear it all day. We also learnt about primary and secondary sources and how reliable these sources are.


A Royal Roman Banquet

Date: 22nd Apr 2023 @ 1:29pm

To launch our topic, why were the Romans so powerful? We enjoyed having a Roman banquet. First, we created laurel wreaths to wear, and many of the children even dressed as Romans for the day. We learnt and joined in with many different songs and discovered all the different foods the Romans ate and brought to Britain. When it was time to eat, we ate goat's cheese, porridge, honey, figs, dates, mackrel, olives, and much more. Some of the food we enjoyed and some we did not, but everyone had their favourites. The cold meats and fruitcake were definitely a hit for most of the children. It was definitely a fantastic way to start our topic.


Balanced Sandwiches

Date: 30th Mar 2023 @ 9:27am

In design technology, we researched, designed, and made our own sandwiches. We spent time look at the different nutitience if different foods and what a balanced diet looks like. Once we had created our sandwiches, we evaluated them against the original design brief and reflected on what would have made them even better.

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