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Blue Planet Aquarium

Date: 31st Jan 2023 @ 5:25pm

Today we visited blue planet aquarium. We had an amazing time and loved seeing all of the fish, sharks and sting rays.

The children were so sensible and made sure they kept safe in every part of the aquarium. They especially enjoyed watching the fish being fed by the divers.

We now can't wait to come back to school and carry on our learning about the ocean! 

Challenge Friday

Date: 27th Jan 2023 @ 1:50pm

Today was our favourite day of the week - Friday! Which means one thing - challenge Friday!

Today we challenged ourselves to practice all of the things that we have done this week. We independently wrote speech bubbles, investigated how to make 5, 6 and 7 and even drew amazing pictures of the characters from the storm whale in winter.

After lunch time we were challenged to make our hands and fingers strong during fine motor fridays. We loved popping the bubble wrap and moving our hands and arms to the music. You can practice these activities at home too!

Happy New Year

Date: 23rd Jan 2023 @ 9:28pm

Happy New Year to everyone celebrating Chinese New Year today. 
To celebrate reception have been retelling the story of 'The Great Race'. We hope you enjoy our performance.

Fishing with Noi

Date: 20th Jan 2023 @ 12:34pm

This week Reception have had a great time exploring our new story The Storm Whale in Winter and learning lots of new words and skills from the book! 

We talked about a special word 'island' that the story used to describe where Noi and his dad lived. We looked at some pictures of islands and talked about why we would love to visit one! We also talked about how we would get there, and knew that because and island is surrounded by water, we wouldn't be able to walk or drive - we'd have to fly, swim or sail a boat! We then went outside and made our very own island with materials we could find. We loved swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the land! 

Then we decided to join Noi's dad in his job, and learnt how to fish! Ms Fowler helped us to make our very own fishing rods and we practiced catching fish in the sea! 

Kandinsky Art

Date: 13th Jan 2023 @ 12:21pm

This week in our Connected Curriculum learning, Reception have been looking at a new famous artist Kandinsky. We loved looking at his pictures and thinking about the shapes and colours he used.

Inspired by his use of circles in his art, we decided to make our own circles, but chose to use 'cold' winter colours blue, black and white! We experimented with colour mixing to create different shades of blue and made some amazing paintings. 

We then used what we had learnt with our paintings to make a huge piece of art using blue, white and black materials! 

Well done Reception! :) 

Our Tricky Challenge!

Date: 10th Jan 2023 @ 4:10pm

This week in our Jigsaw lessons we had a very tricky challenge! We had to make towers out of our rhyming cards, it was really hard! We persevered, trying different ways and keeping going even when our towers were falling down, but none of us were able to make a tall tower. 

We talked about how it had made us feel when our challenge was too hard, and came up with some amazing words including 'proud', 'angry', 'sad', 'mad', 'frustrated' and 'happy'. 

We then thought about strategies to help us when we are feeling sad and frustrated at tricky challenges. We thought of some amazing ideas:

"We can practice and practice to make us better"

"We can keep doing it again!"

"Ask - can you help me?" - we said we could ask friends, teachers, mums, dads, grownups, Dads, Mums, Grandads, Grandmas, brothers and sisters! 


Date: 6th Jan 2023 @ 1:37pm

Happy New Year!

This week in reception we have been talking about things that we would like to get better in the new year. Some children would like to get better at drawing, some would like to practice their writing and phonics. The children decided to make pictures of ourselves to show them in the new year. The children learned all about the artist Picasso and made their very own portraits in the Picasso style.

Santa's Grotto

Date: 15th Dec 2022 @ 11:43am

Reception had a great time visiting Santa's grotto and getting to meet Santa. They asked him lots of questions and told him all about what they would like for Christmas! Then we listened to the story The Night before Christmas


Date: 15th Dec 2022 @ 11:36am

Wow! Well done Reception on an amazing Christmas Performance! 

Glow Disco

Date: 15th Dec 2022 @ 11:31am

We had a couple of exciting days celebrating the end of our first term in Reception with a glow in the dark dodgeball experience and a chirstmas disco! 


Christmas Dinner

Date: 15th Dec 2022 @ 11:24am

Reception enjoyed our Christmas dinner on Wednesday!

We worked hard making our festive christmas hats and snowman table mats ready for our celebration lunch! 

The leaf detectives

Date: 21st Nov 2022 @ 7:29pm

Today we arrived in school to something very strange! Our classrooms were covered in autumn leaves! Upon closer inspection the children found small footprints all over the floor. We had lots questions... Who could it be? Are the friendly? Where did they come from? And why have they been in our classroom? 

We decided to become detectives and solve the mystery. We made predictions of who or what had come into our classroom and wrote lists and descriptions of what we thought it could be. 

The mystery still isn't solved and there is definitely more detective work to be done. Who knows what we will discover as the week goes on...

Reception parent overview

Date: 18th Nov 2022 @ 7:34pm

Here is a summary of what we will be learning this half term in Reception. It definitely looks busy! Don't forget to talk to your children about their learning and keep checking the blogs to keep up to date with all of our incredible learning.


Children in Need

Date: 18th Nov 2022 @ 3:40pm

Today we celebrated Children's in Need in Reception.

We did lots of fun pudsey themed activities, making masks and split pin pudsey bears. We also watched some stories all about Pudsey's adventures, thinking about 'togetherness', and did some fun Pudsey dances! 

Nursery rhyme week

Date: 14th Nov 2022 @ 9:53pm

This week we have been celebrating word nursery rhyme week. We have had an amazing time learning new nursery rhymes and actions, we hope you have enjoyed it at home too! 

We love nursery rhymes so much in reception that we learn a new one each week! Nursery rhymes are an important part of our learning in reception, they help the children to learn new and interesting vocabulary which helps them to read! 

Our last nursery rhyme this week is a firm reception favourite, twinkle twinkle little star. 

Nursery rhyme week

Date: 14th Nov 2022 @ 9:50pm

This week is national nursery rhyme week. Every day we will be learning a new nursery rhyme and posting it on the blog for you to practice at home.

Todays nursery rhyme is B.I.N.G.O

Nursery rhyme week

Date: 14th Nov 2022 @ 9:17pm

This week is national nursery rhyme week. Every day we will be learning a new nursery rhyme and posting it on the blog for you to practice at home.

Todays nursery rhyme is five little speckled frogs.

Nursery rhyme week

Date: 14th Nov 2022 @ 9:13pm

This week is nursery rhyme week. Every I'm day we will be learning a new nursery rhyme and we will post it on here for you to practice at home.

Todays nursery rhyme was 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive.

Nursery rhyme week

Date: 14th Nov 2022 @ 9:10pm

This week is nursery rhyme week. Every day we will be learning a new nursery rhyme and we will post it on here for you to practice at home.

Todays nursery rhyme was 'The big ship sails'.  

Remembrance Day

Date: 11th Nov 2022 @ 2:48pm

Today we have been learning all about Rembrance day.

We have been making poppies and poppy field pictures to help us remember all of the people and soldiers who look after us and keep us safe.

At 11oclock we were very respectful and sat for 1 minute to remember all of the soldiers.

Challenge Friday

Date: 11th Nov 2022 @ 1:04pm

Today we had a super fun Challenge Friday! We had 4 fun challenges to complete and worked hard to consolidate our learning with our independent tasks! 

Our challenges were:

Writing our amazing sentences about 'Stanley's Stick' using our sentence stem 'it is a...'. We had some brilliant ideas and drew some amazing pictures to match! 

Having a picnic with the 3 bears and making sure they all had the same amount of food so that it was fair. We used our special word 'equal'! 

Creating amazing natural pictures in our transient art area, and using our phonics knowledge to independently make labels to match. 

Exploring 'Remembrance Day' by making beautiful poppies and poppy fields. We also watched videos to learn more about why we have Remembrance Day, and did our 1 minute silence for the soliders. 

We have had a great Friday in Reception! :) 

Freestyle Footballer!

Date: 3rd Nov 2022 @ 11:12am

Reception had a special guest visit us this week! Rebaz, an amazing Freestyle Footballer, came in to show us his skills and tell us all about how he practices. We loved watching all the cool things he could do with the football, and had an amazing time having a go for ourselves! 

Harvest Festival

Date: 3rd Nov 2022 @ 11:04am

Reception had an amazing time at the harvest festival. They worked really hard on their brilliant song and dance to the song '5 little pumpkins', and made some great pumpkin hats for their performance. We loved sharing our performance with the children in Nursery and Key Stage 1, and getting to watch their songs and dances too! 

If you want to listen to our song at home, follow the link below! 

Five Little Pumpkins | Pumpkin Song | Super Simple Songs - YouTube




Date: 2nd Nov 2022 @ 8:39am

Reception have loved learning about Diwali and learning the story of Rama and Sita. We have been very busy making diyas, learning songs and re telling the story of Diwali. 

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