The Great Fire of London – Launch day

Date: 15th Mar 2018 @ 9:33am

Today we started our new topic. Our topic is called ‘Could The Great Fire of London happen in Clayton’. To get us excited about the topic we pretended to be Thomas Farriner the baker from Pudding Lane. We made bread and it took a long time! To make the bread we used; flour, yeast, sugar, salt water and butter. We had to leave our dough to prove and rise. We all made a bread roll each to take home.

We have made Great Fire of London pictures using strips of tissue paper and we are going to use these for our front covers.

We learned some important facts about The Great Fire of London:

Yinka – “The fire started on a Sunday”

Alexander – “The Great Fire of London happened 351 years ago in 1666”

Asa –  “The people of London used leather buckets filled with water from the river Thames to try and put the fire out.”

Ruby – “Their is a famous statue to remember the people who died”.

Vian – “Samuel Pepys wrote a diary about The Great Fire of London”.

We played a quiz to test our knowledge. We have only been learning about The Great Fire of London for one day but we still did really well!

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