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Fridays Superstar home learners!

Date: 15th Jan 2021 @ 3:33pm

Hello Reception, it's Friday!

It has been so lovely seeing all of your home learning this week! Every day we are getting more and more children joining our home learning! It's nice to think that even though we can't be together in our classrooms, we are still all learning at home together in some way.

Keep up the amazing work, you are making us very proud.

Take a look at the pictures of todays superstar home learners, don't forget, if you send us a picture of your home learning you will be able to see it on the blog every day!


Well done reception, we hope you have a lovely weekend,

Miss Riley and Mrs Ganner 


Thursdays home learning!

Date: 15th Jan 2021 @ 10:31am

Here are our amazing homelearners from Thursday!

Well done to those of you who have sent your homework in, we are very proud of you!

Don't forget to upload your home work onto the homework page of school spider.


Wednesdays home learning superstars!

Date: 13th Jan 2021 @ 4:36pm

Hello Reception,

We've had lots of children logging in today and watching our padlet learning videos! I hope you have had fun! I know I have!

Here are some of our fantastic home learners and their work. 

Don't forget to upload one piece of learning every afternoon once you have finished your learning.

Well done!

Miss Rilet

Tuesdays home learning

Date: 13th Jan 2021 @ 8:10am

Wow what a day of home learning! We had almost every child in Reception logging in and registering with us. Well done!

Here is some of the amazing learning that children have completed. Don't forget to upload your homework every day onto the homework section of school spider.


Mondays amazing home learners!

Date: 11th Jan 2021 @ 3:48pm

Hello Reception,

It has been so lovely today seeing lots of you log in to complete your home learning! Well done!

Don't forget to write on our register every day to let us know you are learning with us and make sure you upload one piece of home learning every day. We love seeing your learning and all of the fun and exciting things that you are doing at home. Here are some of our star learners today who completed their home learning activities. Let's give them a big round of applause!

I'm already excited to see even more of your learning tomorrow :)

Miss Riley x

The Storm Whale in Winter

Date: 8th Jan 2021 @ 6:45pm

This week in our literacy learning, we discovered a special letter had been delivered to Mrs Ganner... It was from Noi. He set us a challenge using the details from his letter to make our own small world setting. 
We can’t wait to find out what Noi will ask us to do next.


Fridays Superstar home learners!

Date: 8th Jan 2021 @ 3:55pm

Hello Reception,

Well done to all of you who logged in this week for your home learning. Don't forget to let us know that you are learning with us every day via the discussion tab on your log in on the website. At the end of the day upload your videos to the homework area of the website so that we can post it on the website for everyone to see!

Here are some of our fantastic learners today. Well done if you see you learning! You are our superstar learners for Friday!


We can't wait to continue our home learning on Monday. See you then!

Amazing home learners!

Date: 7th Jan 2021 @ 6:54pm

Hello Reception,

What a strange way to start the New Year! We miss you very much but we are really proud of everyone who started their home learning today! Well done!

Here are some pictures from children who have sent in their home learning! Well Done!

Remember, if you would like Miss Ganner and I and your friends to see the learning that you have been doing, then you need to upload it to the home work area on school spider. We would like you to take a picture and upload one piece every day! Good Luck! You are all doing an amazing job


Love from

Miss Riley, Mrs Ganner, Miss Cogger and Miss Conway x

Happy New Year

Date: 6th Jan 2021 @ 6:16am

Welcome back Reception. We hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday. We're very excited to be learning with you this half term. To find your home learning for this week, sign in to the pupil area with your child's details and look at the latest discussion thread. The Padlet link for learning is there and you can let us know you have seen it by saying hello too. 
Enjoy the activities and, as always, stay safe. 
Mrs Ganner, Miss Riley, Miss Conway and Miss Cogger.


Foggy Foggy Forest

Date: 30th Nov 2020 @ 2:40pm

Today we have been practicing retelling the story 'The Foggy Foggy Forest". We have put actions to the words so that we can remember the different characters. Our favourites are definitely Goldilocks eating chocs and Red Riding Hood and Gran in a van. After we practiced re telling our story we completed our hot spot challenges. Some of us pretended to be the different characters in the book whilst some of us made puppets and practiced using our phonics to write captions to match the characters. 
Here's our retell of our story, we hope you like it...

Foggy Foggy Forest

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 3:30pm

This week we have been reading the book the Foggy Foggy Forest. The children have learnt a special song and actions to help them remember the story. Can you guess which characters are in the foggy foggy forest?

Happy Diwali

Date: 14th Nov 2020 @ 7:29am

We have been learning about Diwali this week in class and we'd like to say Happy Diwali to everyone who is celebrating today. We started making diva lamps, we created Rangoli patterns with shapes and sand and we learned about the story of Diwali. Lots of the children then decided to make stick puppets or masks of the characters. We also discovered that Diwali is a festival of light and it is celebrated with fireworks, just like Bonfire Night. Take a look at a few of the photos of us exploring and learning. 

Remembrance Day!

Date: 11th Nov 2020 @ 2:49pm

Today Reception have been learning all about Remembrance Day! We all sat for 2 minutes silence and remembered all of the soldiers who have helped us and made sure that we live in a safe and happy world. 

The children all made our very special poppies and danced to our special poppy video. Take a look at our special video and look at our poppies, aren't they beautiful.



Dark and Light Colour Day

Date: 5th Nov 2020 @ 8:25pm

Today we launched our new Creative Curriculum. We dressed up in dark or light, dull or bright clothes and began to learn about a celebration that we all love. Can you guess what our celebration is by looking at the pictures and watching the video? Next week we will be learning about a festival of light called Diwali. What do you know about Diwali? 

Here’s a clue:

Think about today’s date. 🤔


Homework Heroes

Date: 3rd Nov 2020 @ 8:36pm

Thank you so much to all of you that returned photos for our homework last half term. Every Friday you can click the 'upload file' button with your photos to show us what you have been doing at home.

Here are a few quotes and pictures from our Autumn Hunt and Shape Hunt. Excellent work Reception. 

Signs of Autumn

‘We went on magical woodland walk last weekend saw lots of fallen leads and different trees with lots of lights. Also saw some owls

‘N. was really thrilled with what he had found, he enjoyed going out and finding different types of leaves.

‘C. went for a walk with his Dad near the canal and saw lots of leaves on the ground and also picked a daisy for his mum.

‘C. enjoyed his time out in the park, riding pass lots of different Colour leaves.