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Minibeast homes

Date: 1st May 2023 @ 8:42pm

This week for challenge Friday the children had a team challenge to complete. They worked together to design and make a minibeast home for all of the minibeasts in the garden. The children spoke about how the homes needed to be dark and have lots of spaces for the minibeasts to hide and feel safe in. They decided to use sticks ans stones from the outside are to make their homes. At the end of the day the children took the homes into the garden. They can't wait to check who has moved in on Wednesday morning. 

Five fine bumblebees

Date: 21st Apr 2023 @ 3:01pm

This week in music we have been experimenting with pitch and speed with our voices. We learned the song five fine bumblebees. The children loved the song so much they decided to make their own bumble bee outfits and perform the song for our class blog. 

Eid Mubarak

Date: 21st Apr 2023 @ 10:16am

Some of our friends didn't come in to school today because they were celebrating Eid at home with their family and friends. We watched a video to learn about how Muslim people celebrate Eid.
We loved looking at the beautiful clothes the family wore and we watched them worship at their Mosque. Then the family gave each other presents. We realised that this is just like when we celebrate with our families! 
Here are the videos we watched. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Happy Eid everybody. 

Safari Phil

Date: 13th Apr 2023 @ 11:47am

This half term we have learned all about animals which come from eggs. We had a very special visit from Safari Phil and his friend spikey Dave. They brought in lots of cockroaches, a turtle and a snake for us all to look at and if we were brave enough hold in our hands, or on our heads! 
The children loved tickling the turtles shell and thought the cockroaches and snakes were very cute!

Science week 2023

Date: 13th Apr 2023 @ 11:43am

We had a great time celebrating science week this year! The children put on their lab coats and goggles and did lots of experimenting, observing and predicting. They especially enjoyed playing doctors and nurses and using the pipettes to observe colour change.

Easter Bonnet Parade

Date: 30th Mar 2023 @ 11:32am

Reception loved celebrating easter by showing off our amazing creations! 

Duckling surprise

Date: 29th Mar 2023 @ 12:28pm

We had some very exciting surprise visitors in our classroom today! 4 ducklings came to say hello! 

We loved watching them run around and shake their feathers! 

RND Keepy Uppy Challenge

Date: 17th Mar 2023 @ 5:21pm

As part of our RND cleebrations we completed Bluey's EYFS Challenge. During our danceathon we had to keep the balloons up in the air. As you can see, we were amazing at this.


TOP TIP: Keep your eye on the balloon and don't pat it up too hard because it will fly too high.



Maths day!

Date: 11th Mar 2023 @ 2:45pm

In Reception we LOVE maths and we were so excited when we found out on our calendar that this Wednesday was world maths day. We had a great time making giant number and shape games. In the morning we got creative and made a giant marble run outside, we looked at the properties of the different boxes and used our mathematical vocabulary to describe them all. We also worked together to make a brand new track game with lift the flap challenges to play inside the classroom. In the afternoon we took it in turns to play the games and when there wasn't any room some children decided to make maths 'I love maths' hats and their own games to play together. 

For the rest of the week the children have loved returning to the games we have made and have loved making their own variations of track games like snakes and ladders in class. Well done reception!

Math's Day!

Date: 9th Mar 2023 @ 12:52pm

Reception had a brilliant time celebrating Math's Day! We learnt all about different shapes and their properties, played track games with number challenges, built a giant marble run using different shaped objects and made our very own shape crowns! 

World Book Day!

Date: 3rd Mar 2023 @ 4:31pm

Nursery and Reception have had a fabulous time today on World Book Day.

We have been learning all about Nibble the Nibble Monster. He keeps causing chaos in all of our favourite books! Can you spot him? 

World Book Day

Date: 3rd Mar 2023 @ 3:39pm

Reception have had an amazing World Book Day today! 

We did lots of super fun activities, including a catwalk in the hall with the other year groups, designing our own story front cover, and drawing pictures of our favourite characters! We also had a delivery of some new stories all about the book moster Nibbles!! He was a cheeky monster and nibbled his way through all of our books - but don't worry, we've trapped him in a cage in school to keep all of our other stories safe! 

We also met our reading buddies in 4LJ/4CB and had a great time sharing our stories with them, and listening to them read us their favourite stories. 

We can't wait for next World Book Day! 

Save our Sea's!

Date: 16th Feb 2023 @ 11:30am

After reading our story Somebody Swallowed Stanley we wanted to do what we could to help the sea creatures who might be hurt by rubbish in the ocean! 

The Eco Team in school came to visit us and told us all about how we can help by making posters to raise awareness. We thought hard about what we could write on the posters, and independently made our very own to put up all around the school! 

Good work Reception!! 


If you want to read our story at home, you can find it here: Somebody Swallowed Stanley [Children's story | Read Aloud] - YouTube 

Valentine's Day

Date: 16th Feb 2023 @ 11:10am

Happy Valentine's Day! 

We had a great time celebrating Valentine's Day by painting our beautiful cards and baking and icing some yummy love heart biscuits! Then we invited our grown ups in to celebrate with us and did some valentine's colouring together! 


Chinese Dragon Dance

Date: 20th Jan 2023 @ 1:25pm

Today we did some amazing dancing to celebrate Chinese New Year! 

We learnt about the Chinese celerbation and learnt a peacock dance using colourful fans with our friends. 

Then we got to use the beautiful umbrellas and masks to do our very own chinese new year parade! 

When we came back to class we drew some beautiful pictures of the things we had seen, and got to write some chinese numbers! 

Fishing with Noi

Date: 20th Jan 2023 @ 12:34pm

This week Reception have had a great time exploring our new story The Storm Whale in Winter and learning lots of new words and skills from the book! 

We talked about a special word 'island' that the story used to describe where Noi and his dad lived. We looked at some pictures of islands and talked about why we would love to visit one! We also talked about how we would get there, and knew that because and island is surrounded by water, we wouldn't be able to walk or drive - we'd have to fly, swim or sail a boat! We then went outside and made our very own island with materials we could find. We loved swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the land! 

Then we decided to join Noi's dad in his job, and learnt how to fish! Ms Fowler helped us to make our very own fishing rods and we practiced catching fish in the sea! 

Winter walk

Date: 18th Jan 2023 @ 9:20pm

The children were so excited to see the snow this morning and were eager to get out and explore the signs of winter.

The children spent time talking about the clothes they needed to wear and how they would be safe when walking in the snow. They discussed how the floor might be slippy and icey and decided that they would walk really slowly to keep themselves safe. They also talked about the cold weather and decided that even though the sky was blue and sunny scarves and gloves and coats were definitley needed.

Together we wrapped up warm and stepped out into the cold morning. We listened carefully to our footprints crunches in the snow and felt how the grass felt hard under our feet. We touched the snow with our fingers and searched for frozen cobwebs and sticks. The children loved exploring our winter wonderland playground and had a great time playing in the snow. 

When we finally decided our fingers and toes needed warming up we headed inside and all had a nice cup of hot chocolate together to warm our bones. 

The children then spent the rest of their morning busy in the classroom making shopping lists so that they could make hot soups in the home corner, drawing winter pictures of snowflakes and snowmen and chatting about the winter weather. 


Challenge Friday

Date: 13th Jan 2023 @ 3:40pm

Today we have had an amazing and very busy challenge Friday.

The children were busy all day completing their independent challenges and practicing their writing linked to the story 'the storm whale in winter'. 

The children were so excited to show their grown ups their challenges that they have all brought them home, check their book bags to see their amazing learning.

Kandinsky Art

Date: 13th Jan 2023 @ 12:21pm

This week in our Connected Curriculum learning, Reception have been looking at a new famous artist Kandinsky. We loved looking at his pictures and thinking about the shapes and colours he used.

Inspired by his use of circles in his art, we decided to make our own circles, but chose to use 'cold' winter colours blue, black and white! We experimented with colour mixing to create different shades of blue and made some amazing paintings. 

We then used what we had learnt with our paintings to make a huge piece of art using blue, white and black materials! 

Well done Reception! :) 

Our Tricky Challenge!

Date: 10th Jan 2023 @ 4:10pm

This week in our Jigsaw lessons we had a very tricky challenge! We had to make towers out of our rhyming cards, it was really hard! We persevered, trying different ways and keeping going even when our towers were falling down, but none of us were able to make a tall tower. 

We talked about how it had made us feel when our challenge was too hard, and came up with some amazing words including 'proud', 'angry', 'sad', 'mad', 'frustrated' and 'happy'. 

We then thought about strategies to help us when we are feeling sad and frustrated at tricky challenges. We thought of some amazing ideas:

"We can practice and practice to make us better"

"We can keep doing it again!"

"Ask - can you help me?" - we said we could ask friends, teachers, mums, dads, grownups, Dads, Mums, Grandads, Grandmas, brothers and sisters! 


Date: 6th Jan 2023 @ 1:37pm

Happy New Year!

This week in reception we have been talking about things that we would like to get better in the new year. Some children would like to get better at drawing, some would like to practice their writing and phonics. The children decided to make pictures of ourselves to show them in the new year. The children learned all about the artist Picasso and made their very own portraits in the Picasso style.

Rhyme time

Date: 6th Jan 2023 @ 11:29am

This week we have been learning a brand new nursery rhyme in our rhyme time.

We have loved singing 'the big ship sails', and now we can even sing it really really fast!

Have a sing at home together, I wonder if you can make any actions to go with it?


The Big Ship Sails on the Alley Alley Oh - The Kiboomers Preschool Songs & Nursery Rhymes for Kids - YouTube

Santa's Grotto

Date: 15th Dec 2022 @ 11:43am

Reception had a great time visiting Santa's grotto and getting to meet Santa. They asked him lots of questions and told him all about what they would like for Christmas! Then we listened to the story The Night before Christmas


Date: 15th Dec 2022 @ 11:36am

Wow! Well done Reception on an amazing Christmas Performance! 

Glow Disco

Date: 15th Dec 2022 @ 11:31am

We had a couple of exciting days celebrating the end of our first term in Reception with a glow in the dark dodgeball experience and a chirstmas disco! 


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