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Keep fit Friday

Date: 3rd Apr 2020 @ 1:56pm

Good afternoon 2HR, 

Today is keep fit Friday! I don't know about you but I have been eating a lot of treats over the past two weeks (especially chocolate). So this morning, I decided to do my home work out and record it for you all so you can have a go at home! I did 10 burpees, 50 jumps with my skipping rope, 10 feet to hands, 10 press ups, 15 star jumps, (had a chat with my neighbour) 10 squats, 20 punches, 20 high knees, 10 lunges per leg, 20 mountain climbers and 20 shoulder touches and repeated THREE TIMES! It is safe to say I am exhausted. 

I used the app 'inshot' to make my video go a little bit faster. I would love it if you could make up your own workouts and speed them up and send them to me at . The best fitness workout that I receive, I will try it myself and post it ont he blog! 

Let's keep fit and healthy Y2. We can do this!

Miss Hamer

Easter Activities from Reception Staff

Date: 3rd Apr 2020 @ 1:47pm

Hi Everyone, 

We just wanted to share some activities that you could do during the Easter Holidays. 

Keep Safe!

Love From Mrs Iqbal and Miss Williamssmiley

Wellbeing challenge number 6

Date: 3rd Apr 2020 @ 10:54am

Happy Friday everyone and well done for learning at home for 2 whole weeks! As strange as I've found it not being at school, the time has flown by for me so I hope it feels the same for you.

I'm going to do one final wellbeing challenge for today and then take a break for the next 2 weeks for the Easter holiday. However, check back on Monday morning as over the weekend I am going to set you a little wellbeing project in case anyone wants an Easter challenge.

Since it's the end of the week, today's challenge is to relax and get ready for the weekend so I want everyone to do a guided meditation. This is when you close your eyes and listen to a lovely soothing voice transport you to somewhere new. They are great for helping you to sleep or if you just want to relax at the end of your learning.

 There are plenty available on Youtube, here are a few of my favourites:

Secret treehouse -

Spaceship to the moon -

Hot air balloon ride -

Have a great Easter holiday and don't forget to check back for the challenge next week if you think you'd like to do it. I'll be back with a daily challenge from Monday the 20th of April if we're still at home then.

Past challenges

Thank you to Mrs Ganner for sending me a photo of her daughter completing the baking challenge from earlier in the week, it looks amazing and has made me want to bake something chocolately myself this weekend! I think I might make some brownies as a treat for my husband!


Wellbeing challenge number 5

Date: 2nd Apr 2020 @ 11:30am

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all still working hard and staying safe. Thanks to both children and staff who've been e-mailing me pictures of their wellbeing challenges, it's really cheering me up! I've included some at the bottom of my post again.

Today's wellbeing challenge is all about yoga. Yoga is a great way to relax and escape for a while and it's good for both your bodies and minds. I like to put on some relaxing music while I do it and am lucky enough to have a lovely bright pink yoga mat too as otherwise I'd be on a hard wooden floor. A carpet, rug or blanket would work just as well though.

There's a great channel on Youtube called Cosmic Kids that does lots of different fun yoga sessions: (I know that Miss Bryce's class have done some of these sessions and we did some school last week too so some of you are already great at it!)

Any adults reading, or maybe older children who fancy something a bit more difficult could have a go at this one:

Here I am below doing the bound ankle pose :-)

Remember to let us know how you get on!

Mrs Glover

Past challenges

Thanks Ferdows in reception who has e-mailed in a picture of his origami rabbit from yesterdays challenge, I love it!

Another thank you to Mrs Iqbal and her son Adam who did the baking challenge from Tuesday and made this delicious looking chocolate cake!

Thoughtful Thursday

Date: 2nd Apr 2020 @ 10:43am

Good morning 2HR, 

Today is Thoughtful Thursday. I would like you to write a thoughtful poem about somebody in your household. You could include all of the things you like about them or you could write a list of all the ways they help you.  I have attatched a acrostic poem that I have created about my mum to give you some ideas. I made a plan first of the things I love about her to cheer her up! Please send me your poems to . I would love to see some of your amazing work.

Miss Hamer

Wellbeing challenge number 4

Date: 1st Apr 2020 @ 10:52am

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I don't know about you but 2 of my favourite things in the world that always make me feel good are animals and travelling. While I can't travel now, I thankfully have my 2 rabbits, Rupert and Angel, to keep me company at home. Here is a picture of them underneath!

So since I can't travel right now, or see any other animals, I am doing these things in a different way: by looking at this website all about wild animals around the world

It has information and activities about lots of different animals from lots of different regions (Year 2, it has a section on Polar animals which would link nicely to your topic right now!) so you can virtually travel round the world. It even has drawing and photography competitions that you can enter and have your work appear on the website!

I particularly like this activity to make Amazon animal hand shadows (although I didn't have much luck trying to take a good photo of mine. Perhaps you can do better than me and send one to your home learning address?)

So your wellbeing challenge for today is to choose your favourite area or animal from the website or even complete one of the activities and send a picture or just a bit of writing about it to your home learning e-mail address if you would like to. Or pehaps enter one of the competitions on there and tell us all about it.

Mrs Glover

Past challenges

A big thanks to Zainab in reception for sending in a picture of her brownies. Well done Zainab, they looked delicious!

And thanks to Miss Iqbal who sent me her picture of what makes her and her family smile that she did wih her son Adam! You can see it below:



Artful Wednesday

Date: 1st Apr 2020 @ 10:32am

Dear 2HR, 

Another day, another challenge! Today is Artful Wednesday which means I would love for you to send me some amazing art to our email address . I have added some ideas for you to copy. You could always design or make (with old materials in your house) your household pet or your favourite animal we have been learning about in our connected curriculum topic. Please have a look at my design to give you some good ideas. Unfortnately, Rupert wouldn't sit still for his portrait but we gave it a good go!

Have a lovely day 2HR. 

Miss Hamer

Wellbeing challenge number 3

Date: 31st Mar 2020 @ 10:45am

Hello everyone!

Today's challenge is something that I often enjoy doing when I'm feeling a little sad or worried about something.

Today I am challenging you to cook or bake something! If you can't do it today then why not plan something to make later in the week or even at the weekend? 

Take a look at this website that has plenty of easy and healthy recipes to look or see if you can invent something that includes the contents of your fridge or cupboard!

Yesterday I made these cheese scones for me and my husband to have for lunch this week (they're not very healthy but they're very tasty and it's okay to have a little treat once in a while! cheeky)

Make sure you ask an adult to help you with any cooking or cutting and don't do anything before you check it's okay!

Have fun,

Mrs Glover

A big thanks to Miss Kenwell for sending me a picture of her sunshine yesterday (pictured below), she put my drawing to shame! laugh


Mindfulness Monday

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 11:46am

Dear 2HR, 

I hope you have all had a restful weekend ready for another week of home learning. It has been very strange not getting up for school this morning but we have already completed one week at home. Go us! This weekend I have been mindful of all the things that I am greatful for in my life that I am missing at the moment and the first 5 things that sprung to mind are:

1. Playing out with my friends

2. Going on long walks with my friends

3. Going to school

4. Seeing my Grandma everyday 

5. Going to the gym to keep fit

Can you think of some things that you are grateful for? Please send me your ideas to our email address . I would love to make a grateful jar with all of your thoughts. 

Remember to keep washing your hands. It is very important!

Miss Hamer

Wellbeing challenge number 2

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 11:42am

Today's challenge is to draw your own sunshine then in the middle of it write or draw all the things that make you happy.

I've done one if you would like to look at it for ideas (although your drawings may be a little better than mine! laugh) and have focused on all the things I can still do or see, even while we're in this strange situation smiley.

Stay safe everyone,

Mrs Glover

Health and wellbeing challenges from Mrs Glover

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 2:57pm

Hello, Mrs Glover here! 

I hope everyone is staying safe, having fun and working hard on your learning. I'm going to post a Health and Wellbeing Challenge every day for people to do if they choose to. I'll be doing them all too and posting pictures where I can. Please feel free to e-mail any pictures or comments to your home learning e-mail addresses!

Challenge number 1: Go on a mindfulness walk. Write or draw 5 things that you can see, hear, feel, smell or touch (make sure you have an adult with you if necessary and stay far way from people you may see when you're out, although you can still say a friendly hello!) You could even do this in your garden if you have one!

Here's a picture of my mindfulness walk that I went on at lunch time today!

I saw trees and water, I heard birds and rustling, I could smell different plants and I could feel the sun on my face :-)

Keep fit Friday

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 11:29am

Good morning 2HR, 

Adults - I would love to hear how the children are getting on with their daily challenges and their home learning packs. Please remember to send in any pictures or comments on how your getting on. 

Today is Keep fit Friday. I have been running everyday to try and keep fit and healthy but today I am going to try cosmic kids yoga. It would be great if you could join in with me! I want you to keep as busy as possible today and try and complete at least an hour of exercise! I have found some cool websites for you to try:


BBC Supermovers - (This can also count as your maths or literacy learning for today). 

Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube 

Go Noodle on Youtube 

Premier League Stars -


Miss Hamer 

Thoughtful Thursday

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 9:55am

Good Morning 2HR, 

Today is Thoughtful Thursday. For today's challenge, I would like you to do as many kind and thoughtful things for your grown ups at home as possible. Today, I have already hung out my Dad's washing to dry in the sunshine and made him some breakfast. (Remember to always check with an adult before you do anything in the kitchen). 

What kind things could you do? 

Please don't forget to send me pictures or an email to fill me in on all the fun activities you have been up to! Grown ups, please keep a tally of all the thoughtful things your child/children have done for you. Our email address is I can't wait to hear all about it.

Miss Hamer

Worry people

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 10:49am

Dear 2HR, 

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, I know I am! Today is Artful Wednesday. I would like you to make or design something from a simple sketch to a junk model. I have decided to make some worry people to help me get through this different and possibly confusing time. These little people could be great friends to share any worries with. I didn't have any fancy materials so I used an old cloth instead. 

Please remember to share your art with me through our email address. It would be lovely to see what you have all been up to. 

Miss Hamer

Letter to 2HR

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 12:24pm

Dear 2HR,

I hope you have all had a lovely, well deserved break over the weekend. Although I have only been in your class for a short period of time, you have made me feel extremely welcome and made me feel part of the 2HR family! I can instantly see the respect you have for each other and for your teachers which made me feel lucky to come to school and teach you all each day. 

I know a lot of you were only just settling in to our new routine before we had to finish and were feeling very sad when we left on Friday. I have also found it difficult to leave you all this soon in to our new journey too. Mrs Murton and I worked very hard over the past week to make sure you were able to continue learning and experimenting whilst you are at home. We have planned some lovely activities for you to do with the help of your grown ups. 

Please remember to send anything that you are proud of that you have completed at home to our very own email address so I can share it with your friends. I am sure you are all missing each other already as I am missing seeing you all too!

Keep an eye on our blog as I will be posting some fun challenges to keep you occupied! I will be taking part in some of them too.

Please do not worry and make sure that you are always being kind and gentle to everybody in your house. Don’t forget to continue to wash your hands regularly as this will help us get back to school as soon as possible! 

From Miss Hamer

Exploring China

Date: 4th Feb 2020 @ 10:09am

This week in writing, 2HR are exploring China to learn about the famous landmarks and culture. Each day we are pretending to visit a place or take part in an activity to experience the Chinese cultures. Next week we will use these experiences to write a postcard for our Big Write.

On Monday we pretended to visit The Great Wall of China and learned lots of interesting facts about it. In groups, we then constructed our own Great Wall of China using modelling bricks. Afterwards the groups of children presented their models to the class with interesting facts that they had learned during the lesson. The children throughly enjoyed building their Great Walls of China!

On Tuesday we researched information about The Terracotta Army. We found out some amazing facts and created a life-sized Terracotta Warrior to display all the facts that we had found out!

"It took 7000 people to make the warriors!" James

"There were 8000 warriors made in total" Dawood

On Wednesday the class explored the city of Shanghai. We learned about the famous landmarks, things to do and see. We pretended to be tourists taking photos of what we saw on the Ipads, then used them to create a picture collage.

On Thursday we role-played a eating food in a Chinese restaurant and we tasted some Chinese foods such as spring rolls, sweet and sour sauce and blackbean sauce. We challenged ourselves to eat with chopsticks and discussed the flavours of the foods. The children throughly enjoyed sampling the foods and some even said they would want to go to a real restaurant regualrly to eat Chinese food.



Chinese New Year Class Assembly

Date: 4th Feb 2020 @ 9:57am

2HR delivered a brilliant performance to the school and their parents last Friday. They performed 'The Great Race' story to explain how the Chinese calendar began, shared a presentation of how Chinese New Year is celebrated and even performed a Chinese Dragon dance!

Chinese Workshop

Date: 21st Jan 2020 @ 11:49am

Today we had a Chinese workshop and we had some special visitors to teach us about Chinese dancing and plate painting. First we did our plate painting which was really fun and exciting! We designed beautiful, colourful dragons onto ceramic plates with oil paints. After our plate painting we went into the hall and learned a Dragon Dance. We learned how dragons move and put the movements into a dance alongside the chinese music. Afterwards we wore a Chinese dragon and did a parade!

"It was an amazing day when we went into the community room and painted plates" Carlie Rose

"I really liked it when we were under the sheet doing the Dragon Dance" John 

"It was really fun when we learned to do a Dragon Dance" Zendaya


Art Exhibition

Date: 16th Jan 2020 @ 5:57am

2HR have created some beautiful artwork during the art lessons themed around The Great Fire of London. The children have throughly enjoyed designing their own Tudor Houses and then collating them together to create a class display where they have then added effective, colourful printing techniques that resemble the fire.

To celebrate and share the children's work we held an art exhibition as our end of topic experience!

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended the event. The children love sharing their learning with you and were very excited to teach you everything that they have learned about the topic The Great Fire of London.

NEW TOPIC! Where would you rather live: Manchester or Wuhan?

Date: 16th Jan 2020 @ 5:50am

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break!

When 2HR returned back to school, we had a fantastic day launching our new topic about China! The children were very enthused to share what they already know about China and shared questions about what they would look to find out and explore further.

Part of the fun day was to create an environment where we felt like we were in China so we decided to create Chinese lanterns and decorate our classroom with them!


Date: 9th Dec 2019 @ 3:46pm

Year 2HR have enjoyed programming Beebots. They programmed the Beebots to visit places in London! 

The Great Fire of London

Date: 8th Dec 2019 @ 7:36pm

This half term 2HR have been learning about The Great Fire of London. We have role-played the story as a class, sequenced the story and even used musical instruments to perfrom it.

Summer 2 Spellings

Date: 3rd Jun 2019 @ 6:33pm

Spelling in Year 2

Children have five spellings to learn for each week of this half term. Please take time each week to help your child learn their spellings. The impact of learning their spellings can be seen in their reading and writing throughout the curriculum and is so important.  

Children will still be tested each Monday on the spellings listed for that week by writing them in dictated sentences.

We appreciate your help with their learning.

Week 1

Tested on

 10th June

lorries  jellies

replies  parties


Week 2

Tested on

17th June

careful  playful


hopeless  careless

Week 3

Tested on

24th June

station  nation

fiction  fraction


Week 4

Tested on

1st July

copying  copied


funniest  messiest

Week 5

Tested on

8th July


kindness  silliness



Week 6

Tested on

15th July

metal  pedal

capital  hospital


Summer 1 Spellings

Date: 23rd Apr 2019 @ 8:21am

Welcome back to school!

Keep working hard on these spellings every week. Tests will be on Monday.

All your hard work at home really makes a big difference!

Spring 1 Spellings

Date: 8th Jan 2019 @ 12:58pm

Remember to look after your Spring 1 spelling lists that came home yesterday. 

Spelling tests will be every Monday with prizes for those getting 100%.

Remember....practice makes progress!

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