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Connected Curriulum

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 2:21pm

Well  we hope you all had a good guess at what the new Connected curriculum topic will be. Congratualtions, If you guessed that the new topic is going to be about growing-linked to plants.

I looked in the garden and I noticed that plants were growing, and leaves  and flowers were on the trees.



So many changes have happened over the past 4 weeks and the seasons have definetly changed!

This week we want you to sketch and write about things that you can see in the garden that tell you that Spring is here.  Please send your artwork to us and we will celebrate it on the class blogs.


Miss  Wolfenden and Miss Riley



Joe Wicks

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 1:50pm


Well I was up and ready to go this morning. I knew I needed to do a little bit of exercise to get my brain working. I have to say I was glad of the windy breeze  today because I was getting very hot and sweaty and I definately needed to cool down. 


Then as part of the reading challenge I read a book in the garden!

Then I meditated for 5 minutes to help me focus on the work I needed to do next.

Wellbeing challenge number 7

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 10:32am

Hello and welcome back after the Easter holidays, I hope everyone had a good Easter! My husband bought me a delicious unicorn Easter Egg although I haven't finished it yet!

Today's wellbeing challenge is to design your own Happy Place. Here is an online game where you can build your own virtual happy place by just dragging and dropping objects into your room.

You even get to choose your own wallpaper! Or if you don't fancy that, why not draw and colour a picture of your happy place? Or you could even do both!

Here's a picture of the room that I built, I wish could build a real room like it!

Please send any pictures of your happy place rooms to your home learning e-mail addresses, I'd love to see them.

Mrs Glover

Past challenges

Thanks to Riley in 5CB who has sent in a picture of his delicious looking chocolate brownies, yum!

This weeks writing challenge

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 9:51am

This weeks writing challenge

Before the Easter holidays we challenged you to make your own story map for your new vehicle story. Now it’s time to dig those out!

This week we would like you to write your new vehicle story.

 Remember it will need:

Character introduction

Setting description






Read my new Naughty vehicle story for ideas on how to create your own.


The outrageous bike!

by Miss Riley

This is for you, I hope you’re a good rider. It’s a shiny bright blue bike! Let’s play!

I am a speedy super bike and I live in Manchester. Where I live the building are gigantic and there are hundreds of busy people! I zoom in and out and when people want to pass I whizz around them!

Nothing gets in my way! I flip and I twirl and I zoom so fast! But oh no! What’s this? It’s a ramp! AHHHHHH I’m flyyyyyingggg! SMASH!


I’ll help you said a kind and friendly scooter. I will pick you up and brush you off! Now you are nice and clean!

I will never ever zoom around again! Now I am a sloowwww and shiny bike.

If you need to watch Naughty bus again to get some ideas here’s the video…

Naughty Bus


Tuesday Sentence of the day and phonics

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 9:40am

Good Morning! I don’t know about you but I am feeling ready for the day after completing the Joe Wicks workout this morning!

I hope you had a great day getting back into your home learning yesterday! It was a very busy day full of activities!

Sentence of the day

 Here is the sentence how it should look…