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3JH Weekly Roundup!

Date: 18th Sep 2022 @ 4:13pm

Two weeks down, five to go...

And what a week it has been! Not only have we celebrated our first class birthday of the year, we have well and truly got stuck into our learning. 


This week the children have been working on verbs, adverbs and adverbials in writing lessons. They have been writing 2a sentences and worked on describing the ways in which different characters move in the story. They even used their innovation skills to add new character and animals to the story too! I have been really impressed with the level of writing so jfar and look forward to seeing even more creative ideas from the children soon. 


In Maths, we have continued to look at the value of three digit numbers. This week we ordered and compared three digit numbers. Children continued to use concrete or pictorial resources that they have found useful to decide which numbers had a greater or lesser value. They are all becomming confident helping themselves to resources that work best for them! 


CN1.jpg CN2.jpg CN3.jpg CN4.jpg 

In Science, we have continued to explore skeletons - in particular our own! Children have had a go at building a skeleton and then naming the bones. The next day they labelled one another's skeletons with the names of the bones. The children really enjoyed this activity and especially enjoyed the extra house point they all recieved from Mrs Thewlis for their hard work! 



In CC children explored the timeline of Ancient Egypt. They worked together to order key events in the Egyptian timeline. The children are working hard on the team work skills which is fantatsic to see! 


Next week we have some special visitors coming in to do a workshop with the children all about Ancient Egypt (Tuesday). Then we will be having our first sports day since Covid to end the week (Friday morning). Lots of exciting things to look forward to! 


Have a great weekend and see you all on Tuesday morning! 


Miss Higgins :)

Welcome to 3JH!

Date: 9th Sep 2022 @ 4:46pm

Hi all, 


My name is Miss Higgins and I will be your child's teacher this year. I am really excited as this will be my first year teaching Year 3, so I will be learning lots along with the children! 


This week has been so much fun! I have loved getting to know the class and their interests - it seems we have lots of keen sports people! 


This week we have introduced the book: The Egyptian Cinderella to the class. They have really enjoyed reading the story and making comparisons to the Cinderella they know already. We have drawn a story map of the beginning of the story and will be using this as we continue to establish our Year 3 writing skills throughout this term. 


In Maths, we have begun to look at the value of three-digit numbers. The children have enjoyed using the concrete Maths resources to represent different three digit numbers. They have also begun to compare three digit numbers, based on what they know about their value. Next week we will be continuing with this skill as we order and compare three digit numbers. 


In CC we went on a hieroglyph hunt! The children searched for the scattered hieroglyphs in the playground and unjumbled the word...MUMMIFICATION! They had loads of fun being Ancient Egyptian Explorers! 


I am looking forward to another week of adventures and exploring with 3JH! 


See you all on Monday morning for our Meet and Greet session 9-9.30. 


Have a great weekend! 


Miss Higgins :) 

Platinum Jubilee 2022!

Date: 26th May 2022 @ 1:45pm

PJ1.jpg PJ2.jpg PJ3.jpg PJ4.jpg 

This week the children have been preparing for the Queen's Platium Jubilee. We have sang and danced our way through the week and loved every second! The children did a fantastic performance of Dancing Queen and got a huge applause from the Year 2 and 3 audience. They asked lots of great questions about the Queen and we looked together for answers and discussed what we found. Everyone was particularly interested in the Queen's friend on the back of money. We discovered Sir Winston Churchill, Jane Austen, JMW Turner and Alan Turing! 

Fruit Kebabs!

Date: 19th May 2022 @ 1:38pm

This week we designed and made fruit kebabs in DT. 


The children spent time looking at differnet types of fruit and thinking about what their favourites were. They then designed their kebabs while considering patterns and colours. 


Once designs were finalised the children very carefully constructed their kebabs. They took about 15 minutes to make and 15 seconds to be eaten! The children really enojyed this activity and trying the different types of fruit. It was especially refreshing as we did this activity on a really warm afternoon!


FK1.jpg FK2.jpg FK3.jpg FK4.jpg

Still life sketches!

Date: 16th May 2022 @ 6:13pm

As our topic this term is plants, last week we decided to practice our drawing skills and sketch some of the plants in our investigation area. The children had to use their sharp eyes to look at the plants in their area and sketch its shape in detail. They then used pastels to add colour and detail to their drawings. 


The children found this a really relaxing exercise and are often seen in the investigation area with a clip board, magnifying glass and pencils! 


I think we have some artists in the making! 


SL1.jpg SL2.jpg SL3.jpg SL4.jpg 

Food tasting!

Date: 10th May 2022 @ 6:31pm

This week we have been reading a book called Oliver's Vegetables. Its all about a little boy who only eats chips! But when he visits his Grandpa's house for a week he discovers a new love of all the vegetables he finds... 

The children had the opportunity to try all the different veg on Friday afternoon and share their thoughts. The carrots went down a storm! Along with the peas, onion, potato and spinnach! Rhubarb was deemed to be too "spicy" by all but one person who loved it.


FT 1 .jpg FT 2.jpg FT 3.jpg 

FT 4.jpg FT 5.jpg FT 6.jpg 


I hope the children enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to trying lots of new fruits and vegetables just like Oliver! 


Miss Higgins :)  

Happy 10th Birthday Daily Mile!

Date: 28th Apr 2022 @ 8:28pm

CH Running.jpg NF Running.jpg Start DM.jpg Start 1 DM.jpg Girls Running.jpg 


Happy birthday to youuuuu! Happy birthday to youuuuu! Happy birthday to the Daily Miiiiilllleeeeeee! Happy birthday to you!!!! 


We had a great start to the day by getting our trainers on and doing a few laps of our daily mile track! We had lots of rosy red cheeks by the time we got back into the classroom. After a BIG drink of water the children then engaged with a Zoom lesson in association with Manchester Libraries. We were read a story by Rachel Morrisroe called The Drama Llama, then we followed a tutorial for drawing llamas all by ourselves! The children asked some great questions which I sent to Rachel via the zoom chat - Avaya's question was even read out and answered!! 


We have had a great start to the term. The children are getting really interested in plants and have been really caring towards the ones we have in our investigation area. They planted some seeds of their own and we are now watching and waiting patiently for them to start to grow. Hopefully by next week we will start to see some stems poking through the soil! 


I hope you all had a fantastic Easter break and I am really looking forward to our FINAL term in Year 1. This year has gone so fast and the children have made so much progress. As always if you would like to pop in for a chat about your child and the work they have been doing please arrange a time with me at the gate. 


Have a great weekend and see you all next Tuesday! 


Miss Higgins :) 



Week 2

Date: 13th Mar 2022 @ 12:53pm

After a very busy first week back (World Book Day and the excitement of the holidays) we have completed week 2! 


The children have been working hard to demonstrate their understanding of two digit numbers. They have looked at the numbers up to 100 and represented them using base 10 , numicon, number sentences and part whole models. 


PWM.JPGnumicon.JPGbase 10.JPG


In English, we have looked at the story, Naughty Bus and retold the story using the Time Connectives: First, Next, Then, After that and Finally. The children are really confident when it comes to using these words now and I can seem them applying this skill in their independent writing too! Ask them if they can retell you the story...


Next week is our first ever trip! We are all so excited to go to the airport and see the aeroplanes. I wonder what other veichles we will see while we are there? 


As always, please come and see me if you want to discuss anything we have been doing in class. We will have the opportunity to meet again in Week 5 for Parents Evening too, this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to look at your child's work in their books too.


I am looking forward to another busy week with the children! See you on Monday, 


Miss Higgins :) 

Spring 1 Round Up!

Date: 17th Feb 2022 @ 4:06pm

Hello again! 

We made it to the end of term - pats on the backs all around! 


Our children have been working incredibly hard this term. This week we had some visitors come to watch a writing lesson and each of the adults were incredibly impressed with how independent the children were with their writing. We had some amazing adjectives and the sentences the children produced were incredible. I am super proud! Please do come and see me if you would like to take a look at everything we have been up to this term. 


Yesterday we looked at a music video and the children generated some adjectives together - see if you can test them on their adjectives!


This week we have finished making our DT projects: Puppets! They turned out great and the children had a wonderful time making them. It was difficult to sew with the materials we chose but everyone was really resilient and did a great job! I just hope all the googly eyes stayed on...


Tomorrow we will be having our final independent write of the term. After seeing the progress made in the last few weeks I have no doubt that it will be amazing. In the afternoon as a well-deserved reward for their effort this term we will be enjoying a movie afternoon and a disco! 


I can't wait to see the children tomorrow and celebrate another successful term of Year 1! 


Miss Higgins :)



Lost in the Toy Museum!

Date: 12th Feb 2022 @ 10:56am

Hello again everyone! 


I hope you have all had a great week. It has been wonderful to meet with some of you and show off some of the brilliant writing the children have been producing! If anyone else would like to meet with me after school please come and see me. I am always keen to share the amazing things the children have been doing in class. 


This week we started off with a drama workshop! The children took part in a range of activities while they explored a Toy Museum. They acted out what it would be like to be different toys from different points in history. The children also explored how toys have changed throughout history with a focus on everyone's favourite: the Teddy Bear! Ask the children if they can remember a fact about the first ever teddy. I wonder if they can remmeber which US President it was named after... At the end of the workshop the children had to invent a brand new toy that has never been seen before. We then drew our designs up in class and wrote about what made our toy so special. 




Have a great weekend - just one more week to go before a well deserved break! 


Miss Higgins :)



Happy New Year!

Date: 8th Jan 2022 @ 12:01pm

Welcome back 1JH! 


What a great first few days we have had...


We started the week talking about New Year Resoloutions. The children were very thoughtful and considered the things they would like to achieve in 2022 at school and at home... expect your houses to be cleaned from top to bottom and all dishes washed by the wonderful girls and boys in our class! The children wrote their resoloutions in their books and spent some time in the provision doing other New Year activities. 


At the end of the week we had our launch for the new Topic. This term we will be learning all about toys in the past and present. The children had a great afternoon playing with a variety of different toys and even rated some! Some of the toys are now in the investigation area for the children to enjoy. 

Dolls.JPG Dominoes 2.JPG Dominoes.JPG 

Modern Games.JPG Cards.JPG 

I am so looking forward to the work this term - it is a really exciting topic! 


As always, if you have any questions or would like to speak to me about your child and their learning please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Heres to a great 2022!! 


Miss Higgins 


Date: 10th Dec 2021 @ 1:14pm



What a week to come back to 1JH! Our little superstars did FOUR amazing performances of our Nativity story: "It's a baby!". I was blown away on Monday watching it for the first time and I am sure you were just as impressed when you came to see it on Tuesday. The children were so excited getting to perform to you, so thank you for coming!


Yesterday I got to show off the great progress the children have been making this year at Parent's Evening. If any of you who had a phone conversation and would like to meet face to face I would be happy to do this in the new year on a day that suits you after school. :) 


On Monday, we have our Christmas Party! Thank you to those of you who have offered to bring in snacks for the children - your kindness and generosity is greatly recieved and I am sure the children will be very excited to share with their friends. 


One more week to go and I'm sure it will be a great one! Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday. 


Miss Higgins :) 

Children in Need 2021

Date: 21st Nov 2021 @ 8:24pm

On Friday the children came to school in their Pudsey Bear outfits to raise money for Children in Need 2021! We had a great time jooining in with Joe Wicks' P.E lesson and general knowledge quiz! We were able to answer many of his questions correctly and complete his exercise challenges!. We also made pudsey bear masks and pudsey bear wordsearch challenges/games! Well done to all the children at Ravensbury for taking part and raising money for Children in Need!

  CIN 2.jpgCIN 3.jpg

CIN 4.jpg   CIN 1.jpg

CIN 5.jpg  CIN 6.jpg


CAUTION: Children at Work

Date: 12th Nov 2021 @ 5:36pm

What a week! 


We kicked off this week with our launch day. The children worked in teams to build their own houses from junk. They talked about how they could make their houses better than the three little pigs and use some collage materials to decorate their houses. Some of the children even added some security systems to keep any big bad wolves away! 

A2W2G2.JPG  A2W2G1.JPG  A2W2G4.JPG  A2W2G5.JPG  A2W2G3.JPG  

In english the children have done some amazing writing and (as always) I am so proud of the way they are working. I am looking forward to seeing them make even more progress. 

Next week in maths we will be looking at subtraction even further. This was introduced to the children this week but we will be going into more depth next week as we learn to use the concrete resources in class and count back on our numberlines. 


Thank you as always for your continued support, if you ever have any questions or want to have a chat then please email I am always happy to help with anything you may need. 


Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday! 


Miss Higgins :) 


Date: 7th Nov 2021 @ 3:56pm

Outstanding.JPG  I am delighted to say that all of our amazing children made it to "Outstanding" this week. They worked incredibly hard to show outstanding listening, work and friendship. I can't wait for another brilliant week of learning! 


Miss Higgins :) 

Term 1 - done!

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 11:38am



I can't believe we have finished the first term of the year. It seems like only 5 minutes ago I was meeting the children for the first time on the playground... now they know their way around the classroom like the back of their hand and and showing some amazing independence. 


I am so proud of all the children and I can't thank you parents and carers at home for all of your support. It is great to see them progressing and I am looking forward to meeting with you next term to show off the fantatsic work they have done so far. 


Today we have had a special visit from the local fire officers who spoke to the children about what they should do to keep safe around bonfire night. One member of our class even got to give a demonstration to the whole of Key Stage 1 - well done Lilly Ann! 


Over the holidays we will be setting some special homework for the children to do based on what they have learnt so far. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with! 


On that note, please enjoy your holiday with the children. As I keep saying, they have worked so hard this term so really do deserve a big rest. I can't wait to hear what they get up to! 


See you soon, 


Miss Higgins 

Counting on!

Date: 15th Oct 2021 @ 5:01pm

Hi everyone! 

We have had another very busy week this week. This children have continued to work hard and make me proud... big high fives all around!


We have looked at the addition symbol and began to use concrete resources to solve them. We introduced ourselves to counting on on a numberline and used the big number tiles to make our own numberline on the carpet. Everyone was given a number sentence to solve and hopped their way to the answer! Have a look at some of our brilliant mathematicians...

IMG_1522.JPG  IMG_1557.JPG  IMG_1558.JPG  IMG_1550(1).JPG

In Science we have explored our senses and used our noses to conduct a smell test! We had some mystery pots and gave them all a sniff to predict what was inside before the truth was revealed! Some of us loved the scents... others not so much. 


In English we created our own speech bubbles for characters in Supertato and used time connectives (First, Then, Next, Finally) to write sentences to order the story. 


Another great and productive week in 1JH - I can't wait for another! 


Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday for one final week of learning before a well earned week off! 


Miss Higgins and Mrs Cooper :) 

Live music!

Date: 22nd Sep 2021 @ 11:17am

We were very excited on Thursday as we had Miss Kent back in the class room.  It seems like such a long time ago that we had a live music lesson and we were finally allowed to sing again.





Welcome Back!

Date: 12th Sep 2021 @ 12:35pm

What a SUPER first week back we have had! 

Mrs Yates and I have had a lovely week getting to know our children in 2HR and we have already predicted that we are going to have an fantastic year!

Thank you to all of our children for coming back to school so positive and excited for the year ahead. You have all shown what super stars you are and your behaviour has been amazing!

Mrs Rowson   xxx

Poesía taurina

Date: 11th Jul 2021 @ 11:52am

This week we have been focusing on writing our free-verse poems on bullfighting. Our reading sessions have been fantastic! We have been looking at figurative language and have made lots of connections between other texts that we have read such as the myths of ancient Greece.

When it came to writing, we have had fun creating a class poem as well everybody writing their own. We have experimented with writing from different perspectives and some of us are challenging ourselve from writing from the point of view of the matador. 

When these are finished, they will be increíble! 


This week in 5DL

Date: 3rd Jul 2021 @ 3:58pm

This week in 5DL

28/06/21 - 02/07/21

This week was assessment week which everyone was REALLY excited for!

Everyone worked incredibly hard and did their very best to show their learning over the past months. 

We rounded of the week with our favourite game "The Pirate Game". Lots of drama and sabotage involved as well as much fun by everyone.

Trip to Philips Park!

Date: 20th Jun 2021 @ 8:05pm

Last Thursday, 2HR went on their first trip in a long time to Philips Park. The children and teachers were all very excited at the prospect of this visit as it is a taste of normaility in school since the beginning of the pandemic.

Although great fun, the trip was purposeful with lots of activities that linked to the children's learning such as compass work in Geography, 2D shape in maths, flowers and seeds in science and being a litter detective as part of of CC topic - Recycling. Furthermore the children will use their experiences of the trip to write a recount within their writing lessons. We can't wait to see what fantastic writing they come up with!

Philips park 2.JPG



Philips park 1.JPG

Philips park 3.JPG

Philips park 4.JPG


Philips park 5.JPG


Philips park 6.JPG







Date: 17th Jul 2020 @ 2:07pm

A big thank you to everyone who has got involved with our wellbeing challenges, we have loved seeing your photos and sharing your news and activities.

We hope you have a very enjoyable summer holidays! 

Take care,

Mrs Harriott and Mrs Glover 

smiley                        smiley


The GOOD NEWS challenge !

Date: 17th Jul 2020 @ 9:35am

Some more GOOD NEWS to share with you:

One of our amazing Ravensbury team has been learning to horse ride and has learnt to walk and trot independently. What a great skill to have ! Well done!

The GOOD NEWS challenge !

Date: 17th Jul 2020 @ 9:26am

Some more GOOD NEWS to share with you:

Here's one of our super star learners celebrating all of her hard work over the past year with her end of year school report:


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