Year 2 counting syllables and segmenting

Date: 11th May 2018 @ 2:42pm

Quick Quiz (answers at the bottom!)

1. Can you count the syllables in the word “alligator”? 

2. Can you segment the word “frog”?

This week, Year 2 started working on animals in preparation for next term’s topic.

First, we counted the number of syllables on our fingers…

…or by clapping…

…and then we sorted the animal names into syllable groups.

We even fed the “box monster” some animals. Sometimes the box monster wanted 2-syllable animal names and sometimes it wanted 3-syllable animal names. What a hungry box monster!

Later in the week, we segmented the animal names by moving our hands to help us with our spelling.

Super work, Year 2! 


alligator = 4 syllables (a-lli-ga-tor)

frog= f-r-o-g

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