The caterpillars have arrived!

Date: 15th Mar 2018 @ 8:40am

It was very exciting this week in Year 1. We received a special parcel. The parcel contained five real life caterpillars!
We learned about how caterpillars grow. We know that they need to eat all their food. When they are big and fat they will turn upside down into a ‘J’ shape ready to make their chrysalis.

We have watched our caterpillars for over a week. They have grown and they are really hairy. Today our caterpillars have started to make a J shape. Keep on reading to find out more!!

Today our first butterfly emerged from the chrysalis.
Junior – “The wings were all curled up”
Emily B – “The butterfly got rid of its waste – it looked like blood”
Felix – “We saw the tongue”
Asa – The next day the butterfly was flying because it has strong wings.
Idris- “We fed the butterfly with apple and water”
We put sugar in the water to make nectar.

Today our second butterfly came out of the chrysalis.
Cody “The wings are now red, orange and black. The butterfly got rid of all the bits it didn’t need.”
Fi – “The chrysalides split and the butterfly came out”
Morino- “The face of the caterpillar is gone”
We like our butterflies and we are excited to watch them grow.

We now have 3 butterflies!
Miss Dooley is going to take them home and hopefully the other two will come out too!

Miss Dooley had to let our three butterflies go because they were ready to leave the net. Her daughter Connie let them go in her garden. On Saturday the last two butterflies emerged. Miss Dooley brought them back to school.
We released the butterflies in the Reception playground. They were so strong and healthy that they flew away straight away.
One of the butterflies came back! We watched the butterfly on the tent and then it flew away again.
Ritchie “I enjoyed watching the butterfly fly.”
Emily H “I enjoyed taking them outside”.
Luke “I enjoyed learning all about butterflies”.
Janelle “I enjoyed watching the butterfly come back”.
Dixon “I liked visiting the caterpillars”.
Nathan “I saw the butterfly when I went home!”
Isaak “I like the butterflies because they are really fast”.
Vian “I liked it when it flew”.

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