Samuel Pepys

Date: 11th Nov 2019 @ 8:16pm

This week we are learning all about Samuel Pepys and why he is an important person to remember when we are thinking about the Great Fire of London. 

We are going to write our own diary entries, imagining that we were there. We will need to think about what we could see, smell, touch, taste and hear and also describe how we would be feeling. To do this we are going to be doing some role play!

Here are some examples of a diary entry we have written so far ... 

Wake up! Wake up! Dad shook me awake in my bed. He had some terrifying news! London is on fire and 300 houses have already burned down. We raced out of the house into the street because the fire was spreading to our house. 


One dark night my mum woke me up in my bed. She said that London is on fire and we need to leave our house! We raced to the bakery so the baker could explain what happened. The baker explained that he had started the fire. My mum was crying because she was so worried! 


What a fabulous start to our diary writing! I cannot wait to read some more! 

Keep up the hard work everybody



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