Outstandings of the week!

Date: 24th Jan 2020 @ 8:10pm

Happy Friday!

In 3RH, we love to praise outstanding behaviour and this week we have had a couple of children on 'outstanding' for just that, so thought we'd share!

Well done to Casey-Leigh who - as well as always doing the right thing - has been working so extremely hard on her handwriting and consistently showing a resillient attitude! 

Well done to Lorenzo who, similar to Casey-Leigh, has tried so hard with his presentation of work. As well as this, he has become more of an independent learner and did excellent in maths where we were learning about fractions. Super job!

Well done to Amon who has been on outstanding twice this week! Amon created a brilliant non-chronological report on The Stone Age using all of the skills he has learnt in Year 3 so far and researching different topics in depth, creating a brilliant read! Amon was also the behaviour star this week. Well done!

Well done to Shawnakaye who was on outstanding for putting 100% effort into her Connected Curriculum work earlier this week. She was so invested in her work and produced a beautifully presented fact sheet which compared homes from The Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. 

Finally, well done to Thomas who worked extremely hard throughout the whole week! He worked independently with all his work including fractions in maths and a non-chronological report on The Stone Age in English writing. He was the behaviour star last week so it is great to see a positive learning attitude this week too! 

Well done to all our outstanding children! 

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