Our First Trip

Date: 15th Mar 2018 @ 9:27am

Last Tuesday we went on a trip to Pizza Express. Miss Dooley was very proud of our behavior.  We went to Pizza Express on a gigantic coach. Then we had to walk sensibly following Mrs Murton – she walked very quickly. When we got to Pizza Express we had to wash our hands and put on chef hats and aprons. We looked Fantastic. We put toppings onto the pizzas and watched them cook in the huge ovens. It only took 10 minutes. The chef put them into big boxes for us to carry back to school. We were really sensible and got back to the coach without any fuss…. apart from Miss Dooley dropping a pizza in a puddle!

We really enjoyed eating our pizza at school and taking it home to share with our families. Since going to Pizza Express Luke has been inspired to make more pizzas at home! We made instructional videos to teach 2JB how to make the perfect pizza. We have been learning about healthy diets and have found out that pizza is a treat and we couldn’t eat it everyday! To stay healthy we must have a balanced diet that includes, Fruit and Vegetables, Diary, Carbohydrates, Protein, and occasional Treats!

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