Observing flowers!

Date: 18th May 2023 @ 2:33pm

We have been working scientifically this week in 1HB whilst observing flowers! We have been using the science equipment such as petri dishes, tweezers and magnifying glasses to look closely at wild and planted flowers. We used the tweezers to pull apart the flowers and place them into the petri dishes. Then we observed closely using the magnifying glasses. It was amazing to look at the parts of the flowers more closely and we discovered that leaves have little veins that are used to feed the plant the water and we also discovered that some of the flower heads have seeds or pollen in them!

1HB Flowers (10).JPG1HB Flowers (6).JPG

1HB Flowers (11).JPG1HB Flowers (2).JPG

1HB Flowers (3).JPG1HB Flowers (4).JPG


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