National Science Week 2023

Date: 17th Mar 2023 @ 4:31pm

We love learning about Science in 5CR so despite this only being a three day school week, we've packed in so much learning! On Tuesday, we had a special assembly and then a workshop to learn about the amazing scientist, Katherine Johnson. She worked on a lot of the maths and science involved in helping Neil Armstrong land on the moon. She faced incredible adversity due to her being a black woman in America but she achieved great things.We could all learn a thing or two from her! 

We then learned how to make an actual compass from a magnet, needle and a bowl of water before using our learning in geography.

And finally, today we had a visit from two actual engineers who work on the Metrolink trams. They taught the children all about how the wheels on the trams have to be a certain shape so that they can follow the tracks without a steering wheel. Year 5 asked some fabulous questions so that they might feel inspired to become engineers when they are older.

What a busy week!


Workshop 1.jpeg Workshop 2.jpeg Workshop 3.jpeg  Homemade compass.JPG Sci visit 1.JPG Sci visit 2.JPG

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