Monday 27th April :)

Date: 27th Apr 2020 @ 10:01am

Good morning Year 3, 

Hopefully the sun comes out soon! We don't like this weather :( 

On the other hand, we are SO impressed with all of the work that you have been sending to our email. It has made us so happy to see what you have been up to, please continue to do so! 


Let's get to it!

Sentence of the day

suddenly, rain started pourin_ down so fast? The sun had been owt all day and then the rain came. That ment one thing… a rainbow! It was butiful and so colerful. There were so many different colours, I couldent believe my eyes!

Errors in green:

- Pouring needs a ‘g’ on the end of ing

-Out is spelt incorrectly

-Different needs another e – diff – er - ent

-Couldn’t is spelt incorrectly. (Could+not) It uses an apostrophe for omission as it omits the ‘o’ vowel from the word not and replaces with an apostrophe.

5 unmarked errors.

Send your completed sentences of the day to the email above. We will post the corrected sentence tomorrow morning. 


Fluent in 5 – Focus on unit fractions

1/3 of 12                                              1/8 of 32

1/4 of 44                                              1/10 of 90

Remember, to find a unit fraction you do the whole number divided by the denominator (bottom half of the fraction). E.g. 1/5 of 20           20 (whole number) ÷ 5 (denominator) = 4


Connected Curriculum

Our topic this term is ‘Can I grow lettuce on a mountain summit?’ where we look into rivers, mountains and plants.

Today you are going to be doing a KWL grid on mountains like we do in school before the start of any topic. Get a piece of paper: Draw a table like this.

What I know already

What I would like to know

What I know now






Fill out the what you already know section and the what you would like to know about mountains.

Once you have done all of that, watch this BBC bitesize video about mountains,

Read all of the information below the video, then there is a quiz at the bottom. Have a go at that and see what score you get!

If you visit there are lots of pictures and facts on mountains that might help you with the next job.

Your job is to now write three facts about mountains in your ‘what I know now’ column. Send us your results of the quiz and your 3 facts to

A little challenge for you!!! How many places can you read a book. We saw Year 1 doing this fantastic challenge and would love to see how many pictures you can take of you reading in different areas of your house! Make sure it's a book you love because we will be asking for a little review soon! Good luck!

Here's Miss Humphreys on the sofa researching what to cook for tea! 

AND FINALLY... these are the BBC Bitesize lessons of the day for today if you would like to have a look. They are 

History - A look at prehistoric times - 

English - Identifying adverbs -

and Maths - Adding 3 digit numbers -


Can't wait to see all of your great work!

Miss Humphreys, Miss Faragher and Miss G :)

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