Learning with Rainbow Fish

Date: 24th Sep 2020 @ 7:25pm

This week we have been learning about being kind and sharing by reading the story 'Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister. You can listen to the story by clicking on the video below. Then have a look at our beautiful drawings. We're so proud of our work.

We drew our own Rainbow Fish and thought about what we had learned from the story. Here are a few of our children's responses:


"When he gave all his scales away he shared. He doesn't want to share. When he didn't share he had no friends. Because he's got friends now, cos he's happy to the stars. He gave his scales to all his friends." 


"Rainbow Fish shared his scales. It was nice but he only has one left but (because) he was kind"


"The octopus said he has to share scales. He feels sad cos he had no friends. Now he shared his sclaes and he has friends and he's really happy"


"You know the Rainbow Fish, he didn't share his scales."


"Rainbow Fish is a very very good fish because she shares all her scales is kind."


"I like Rainbow Fish because she shares her things. I get a toy and  I share it with Darnea. Her scales are gold like golden. Me and Goodness was playing teachers and we was sharing the chair."




"Rainbow Fish give blue fish one of the scales. Rainbow Fish was kind. He was so kind because he gave his scales to each and every fish."



"Rainbow Fish shared his scales and Corey shares the slide just like Rainbow Fish. Corey's a rainbow fish."



"Rainbow Fish said yes and gived the scales to fish."



"Rainbow Fish did share his scales to the blue fish. Make him happy."



"He swims in the sea. He is my friend. He be's kind to everyone, he shares his toys. He being a good friend."


"Rainbow Fish rung to me on the phone and said, 'Can I come to your house?' and she did and she shared my toys and she said when you've finished with that toy can I please play with it and she did share. She was so so soooo kind."




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