Exciting potato experiment

Date: 15th Mar 2018 @ 9:28am

In our creative curriculum we have been learning how to stay healthy. We read a story about a dirty wolf called Whiffy Wilson. The wolf who never washed. After reading this we have learned that its important to stay clean.

On Friday the 29th of September we decided to do a science experiment to test where the dirtiest place in our school is.

We cut a potato into 4 pieces. The first piece went straight into a bag. This is our clean potato. The second potato was passed around the class. Everyone touched it with their hands. Then we put this potato in a separate bag. Miss Dooley took the third piece outside and rolled it on the floor and in a muddy puddle. We put this potato in a bag.The last potato was wiped around in the girls toilets. Then we put it in a bag.

We predicted which potato would grow mould the quickest. We decided that dirty potatoes would grow the most mould. Whichever potato is the mouldiest will have been in the dirtiest place. We will keep our bags of potato in the same place so it is a fair test. We will check our potatos everyday and see if our predictions are correct.

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