Cornflour Gloop

Date: 7th Nov 2022 @ 10:53am

This half term, our science topic is properties of materials. We started with a quick revision lesson around solids, liquids and gases. We explored what makes a liquid a liquid or a solid a solid or a gas a gas. The children worked really hard and showed a secure understanding of what each one is. In golden time, I made things a little more difficult by introducing what I call cornflour gloop (also known as oobleck)! This is just cornflour mixed with a little water. On first appearance, it looks like a liquid - it flows and takes the form of its container. When you apply force to it though (by for example punching or squeezing it), it behaves like a solid. Heres a video that explains what a non-Newtonian fluid is!

Oobleck and Non-Newtonian Fluids


Cornflour gloop 1.jpg Cornflour gloop 2.jpg

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