9th June 30 Days Wild - Challenge 9 đź—‘

Date: 9th Jun 2020 @ 8:30am

9th June 30 Days Wild - Challenge 9

Good morning,

Today sees a challenge that we should do every day. Litter is a big problem for wildlife. It can hurt them and so I’d like to see if you can pick up litter to make your area tidy and safe for the animals that live close to us.

  • DO NOT pick up anything that could hurt you.
  • ALWAYS do this activity with an adult.
  • WEAR protective gloves if you have any.
  • USE a litter picker if you can.

Send me your litter picking photos in to:


Have a great day

From Mrs Ganner

Daily Update:

We’ve had some amazing photos in from children in the Foundation Stage. Look at how happy they are looking after the wildlife they have found. They are being really careful too. Read what they say about their learning:

‘We have been out in the parks and garden looking for wild life. We saw some ducks with babies and a spider in the garden. We also have 3 snails which we look after and feed them every day.’ 

‘This is my friend the worm. I have been watering it and feeding it. Worms don't have any legs because they wiggle.

You really are ‘Wonderful Wildlife Wardens’

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