24.03.20 - GVP

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 8:14am

Good morning everyone!

Below is the GVP/Grammar/SPaG video.

Did you find any other words that belonged to the 'cent' family?

Here are some similiar questions you can practice at home:

1. Underline the parenthesis in this sentence.

I decided to play on the swings (it was a glorious sunny day) in the local park.

2. Write these homophone words in the correrct sentence.

allowed / aloud

I read the text ____

The teacher _____ the class to have a more golden time than they had earned.

3. Add a co-ordinating conjunction to this sentence (remember - FANBOYS = co-ordinating. ISAWABUB = subordinating).

I spent all day in the garden _____ it was sunny outside. 

4. Add two different suffixes to the root word below.

care___    care___ 

5. Write out this sentence again, using the correct standard English.

Carol seen all of the videos Miss Brookes has posted.


Don't forget to email your answers across to: y5homelearning@ravensbury.manchester.sch.uk

Miss Brookes

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