Our Curriculum

At Ravensbury, we are very proud of our bespoke curriculum, which brings together fluent and secure skills in reading, writing, maths and computing with imaginative and inventive opportunities to explore the wider curriculum of foundation subjects ( history, geography, RE, art and  DT ). The curriculum consists of a wide range of activities designed or encouraged to promote the intellectual, personal, social and physical development of our pupils.

The National Curriculum forms one part of the school curriculum. We ensure that the National Curriculum (2014) is taught with pace and rigour and we expect all pupils to make excellent progress and to secure the learning appropriate for their age group. Links to detailed NC programmes of study can be found under the year group pages.


Our bespoke Connected Curriculum, allows pupils to apply these skills in purposeful, real life contexts which explore and teach National Curriculum objectives in History, Geography, RE, Art and DT. The following link will take you to more detail about our Connected Curriculum and to the yearly overviews for each Year group.

We recognise the importance of curriculum and lesson design and we ensure that these always reflect our key values and our principle – led learning policies (See Our approach to teaching and learning,)

We want to breathe life into all of our curriculum and so we put tremendous emphasis upon bringing texts alive and allowing pupils plenty of time to immerse themselves into different scenarios and experiences. Our pupils frequently learn ‘in role’ – as a WW2 evacuee or a space astronaut. We believe that these emotional connections lead to deeper learning. Enrichment through resourcing, trips, visitors and plenty of hands on experiences is a key part of our curriculum.

Although, the curriculum is connected, we make sure that our pupils are aware when they learning and thinking ‘as writers’, ‘as artists’, ‘as historians’ and so on. We connect the curriculum whilst ensuring that each subject is distinct and well covered. Our Subject Leaders make sure that the National Curriculum objectives for each subject are taught with rigour and depth across EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

Science is taught each week. Sometimes it is part of the Connected Curriculum and is linked thematically to the half term’s experience. Other times, if the connection between the theme and Science is not meaningful and purposeful, it is taught as a separate subject for that half term.

Our Physical Education curriculum is also taught weekly and each class has a weekly Games lesson for 45 minutes and Gym or Dance( these two are varied between the half terms ).

We have purposefully developed our lunchtimes to support the PE curriculum by allowing the children opportunities to practice skills learnt in lessons. Our Curriculum Support Assistants are on the playground each lunchtime, each one facilitating a different sport and enabling practice and small games.



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