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Reading in the Community

The theme for this years world book day was "share a story". Spending just 10 minutes a day reading and sharing stories with children can make a crucial difference. This year we had some special guests come into school and read with the children. we had,...

Welcome to our Junior Librarians

I would like to introduce our junior librarians Ellie, Enoch, Comfort, Hawraa, Paige G, Mate, Jennifer, Lora, Simon, Paige R. To become a junior librarian they had to read the job description and fill in an application form, and then come for an interview. The task to...

World Book Day

Last week we finally got to celebrate World Book Day. There were many reading activities throughout the school and even the parents got involved in reading with the children. There was a parade where all the children got to show off their amazing...

Healthy Lifestyle Cooking Course

Today was the second week of our Healthy Lifestyle cooking course. Today we discussed "Portion sizes and healthy lunches" and prepared some examples. Last week was "healthy breakfast" and next week we will be looking at "Blowing the whistle". Each session allows...


I believe Ravensbury should be a school at the heart of its community where diversity is celebrated and pupils are respectful. A place where all pupils feel safe to take risks, enjoy learning and work hard to excel. A place where they challenge themselves, learn from each other and create lasting memories. But most of all to create a school to be proud of! By working together we can ensure that all pupils enjoy their time at school, make excellent progress and leave with the necessary skills and attitudes to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Mrs Maureen Hughes

Headteacher, Ravensbury Community School

Children at Ravensbury are taught Geography, History, Art, Music and RE through our Creative Curriculum (CC). Sometimes ICT and Science will also be incorporated int this learning. This is an approach to teaching and learning that builds the children’s skills, knowledge and understanding and leads to an experience the children undertake to demonstrate their proficiency in the learning whilst using the learning in real life situations.

The experiences are designed to take the children beyond the ordinary and to ignite natural curiosity and stimulate creativity. Experiences offered to the children are practical, real and memorable, such as holding an Art Exhibition, producing a fashion show, recreating the first Olympic Games, running a Cafè or publishing a poetry book.