This term in English we have been doing lots of fun things!

First of all we unfortunately had a break in! The evil pea came into the classroom and trapped all of our vegetables! We had to learn how to write a recount to tell people exactly what happened in the correct order! We used time connectives such as first, next, then, after that and finally to help us order our recount!

Then the sound collector paid us a visit and stole all of our sounds! He even stole the sound from our whiteboard! Luckily we had the I.T technician in school who could fix it so we weren't without sound for too long. We know the sound collector hates poems as he scrunched the sound collector poem up and threw it on the floor so we decided to write a poem to protect all of the sounds in our school. We used verbs, adjectives and nouns to tell him exactly which sounds he wasn't allowed to take! Here are some of the sounds we identified. Can you think of anymore?


The chatting of the noisy children

The stamping of the smelly feet

The flushing of the dirty toilet

The hissing of the hot radiator

The dripping of the glistening raindrops


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