Year 3LF 2018 - 2019

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Miss Faragher and Miss Greatorex

Reading Books
Your child has now been given a reading book, reading record and bookmark. It is important that they read their book EVERY night and their record is signed. Everytime day your child has their record signed they will receive a hole punch on their bookmark. Once their bookmark is full, they will receive a reward.

We will also be giving a maths skills activity out each week for them to practice – this may in the form of a game or ICT related for those children who have access to the internet. There will be opportunities for children without the internet to practice those skills in school. Children will also receive a multiplication tables activity to complete. Children in year 3 need to practise their 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 times tables.
Spellings will also be given and tested each week. This is also a good opportunity to practise their handwriting at the same time.

Homework is given out on a Friday and should be returned by the following Friday.

Library Books
Your child will also bring home a library book each week. The book they choose is completely their own choice. When they have read their book they can return it to school and we will change it for a new book the following week. Our library day is Friday.

Your child requires a PE kit to change into – this should include a white T-shirt, a pair of black shorts/jogging bottoms and some pumps/trainers for outdoor games. This can be left in school for the half term. Our PE days are a Tuesday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoors).

Children are expected to show respect to each other, to all adults and the school environment. We have a clear behaviour system that all the children follow and they are taught our 3 rules to be responsible, be respectful and be safe. The rules and behaviour systems are clearly displayed in all classrooms and around central parts of the school.

How you can help?
English – how can you help your child?
• Listen to your child read EVERY NIGHT – discuss pictures and story content.
• Help them to be independent readers.
• Encourage your child to read anything as well as their ‘reading book’ – library books, comics, street names, anything.
• Encourage your child to be an independent writer – writing anything – letters, lists, shopping lists – to put their writing skills in everyday situations.
• Help your child to form their letters correctly and present work neatly.
• Help your child to spell and read simple keywords and use them in reading and writing.
• Make reading fun, a time that you both look forward to spending together.

Maths– how can you help your child?
• Play games – snakes and ladders, dominoes – all help to develop a variety of mathematical skills.
• Talk about numbers and look for numbers everywhere – shopping, in the street – it all helps to recognise and understand numbers and number patterns
• Help your child to form their numbers properly.
• Practise times tables - 2,3,4,5,8 and 10s.
• Practise finding 10 or 100 more or less.
• Understand symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equals ( +, -, x, ÷, = )
• Recognising different coins, practise counting handfuls of loose change and shopping activities.

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