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We have two classes in Reception, that work alongside each other, to provide your children with a wealth of interesting, motivating and challenging learning opportunities.

We cover the 13 areas of learning through accessing the continuous provision both indoors and outdoors. Children can play in all of these areas throughout the school day. Opportunities are provided for children to apply taught skills, work collaboratively with others and talk and discuss their work. In these areas we provide exciting and stimulating resources which are open ended. This enables children to move and combine ideas in a variety of ways. Adults support children to become immersed in purposeful play and to be able to maintain focus on things that interest them for a period of time. This can be achieved by planning for both adult and child initiated learning opportunties. 

Visitors to our provision talk about how active and independent our children are, and that they are keen to engage in all aspects of learning through, for example, reading, writing, singing, dancing, exploring, creating... The list is endless! The importance of how children learn rather than what they are learning is the fundamental principle of our approach to teaching and learning. This is known as the Characteristics of Learning  - Playing and Exploring, Active Learning and Creating and Thinking Critically. 




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