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In Reception children learn and get the opportunity to play and explore. Opportunities are provided for children to create, think critically and be actively involved in their own learning.

Our Reception unit is organised into 13 areas of learning both indoor and outdoor. Children can play in all of these areas throughout the school day. Opportunities are provided for children to apply taught skills, work collaboratively with others and talk and discuss their work. In these areas we provide exciting and stimulating resources which are open ended. Enabling children to move and combine ideas in a variety of ways. Adults support children to become deeply immersed and maintain focus on things that interest them for a period of time.

Our children are happy children with a love of play and exploration.

In the pirate ship, we take our shoes off, put on an eye patch and dress up. We try and find the treasure!.
Outside there are hula hoops and tunnels.
We have a book called ketchup on your cornflakes where you can put tooth paste on your head!
In the challenge area we read and say the numbers on the spin tops.
In the home corner we get to play, we pretend to have dinner.
We love being different, you don’t need to worry if your not the same!
Don’t worry if your sad someone will cheer you up.
In the water area, there are jugs and you tip water to fill it up to the top.

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Contact:  Maureen Hughes - Headteacher

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