A day finding out about all things Ancient Greek!

Date: 14th Jan 2019 @ 8:27pm

Sparta or Athens: which city-state would you rather live in?

We spent a fantastic day exploring this question with two fabulous Greek visitors, Andros and Penelope. We found out that the Spartans were amazing warriors, famed for their bravery and courage in battle. At just 7 years old, boys were sent away from home to train for the Spartan army...some of the things they had to do were awful! With no shelter or bed, and just wearing a thin tunic, the boys were encouraged to rub stinging nettles all over their face and body at night so that the burning sensation would keep them warm! We found out that Spartan women were treated well for the Ancient Greek era: they could own land, could wear their hair short and did not need the permission of a man to leave the house. We really enjoyed looking at and holding the amazing Spartan weapons!

The Athenians on the other hand, were the inventors of democracy and created the first ever theatre in the world. They looked after their poor much better, and liked to enjoy celebrations and festivals. We also got to play some different Ancient Greek games and created a Greek play in the afternoon where we got to dress up as lots of Greek gods and goddesses that we're learning about in Writing, such as Hades and Zeus.

Have a look at some of the photos of our fabulous day!

P.S. We voted (by a very large majority) that we'd have rather lived in Athens!!

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