Welcome back. It is so lovely to be back and to see all the children again. We are looking forward to an action packed half term with our annual visit to Ghyll Head in the Lake District, where all the children are sure to have a an amazing experience.

Read our class blog to keep updated with events and to see what the children have been learning.

Year 6 is a very important year. Please still make sure that all Year 6 pupils are reading for 20 minutes each night and bring their Reading Record back to school, signed by an adult, every morning. Every minute counts!

Book bags and PE Kit should be in school every day. Due to the winter weather, PE lessons can be moved around, so bring your PE kit on Monday and take it home on Friday for a wash.

Miss Thornton

Miss Thornton

What Year 6 have to say about Miss Thornton:
Miss Thornton is funny, smart and a lovely teacher.
Miss Thornton always helps you when you are stuck on something.
Miss Thornton is the best literacy teacher.
She is very funny and smart!
Miss Thornton is a good teacher because she makes us laugh, she is kind she supports us and she is smart.
She prepares all of our activities, she makes us laugh, she is kind, and we think she is the best teacher in the whole world.
Miss Thornton helps you and encourages you to do your best.

Pupil Quotes

“We learn about lots of things like World War 2”

“Our Connected Curriculum topics are really interesting”

“I love year 6 because we got to go to Ghyll Head and bond together as a team”

“I like year 6 because we have good teachers and good friends who can help with you everything.”