Welcome to 5LF’s class page and blog.
We are a hard working class who have a fantastic work ethic. We are consistently looking for ways to move our learning on and challenge ourselves. In 5LF we push ourselves to move are learning on, contribute to discussions and listen to our peers. We respect each other and always try and help each other.

Important Information
Homework will be given out every Friday and due back in the following Thursday. Homework will include one piece of maths, daily reading and spellings.
Reading should take place every night for around 15-20 minutes. If possible children should read with an adult and make sure their reading record is signed.
Spellings will be sent out every Wednesday and tested the following Wednesday. Children should practice their spellings every night for around 5-10 minutes.

PE kits should be in school every day – children can bring them to school on a Monday and take them home for a wash at the weekend.
Indoor PE – Tuesday
Outdoor PE – Wednesday

Enjoy looking around our class page and don’t forget to read our blog to see what we have been doing each week!

Miss Faragher

Miss Faragher

This is our teacher Miss Faragher. She is generous, beautiful and thoughtful. Miss Faragher’s favourite colour is pink. She loves to help us with our learning and help us move on in our learning. Our teacher is very funny and always tries to make us laugh.

Pupil Quotes

We use our targets to challenge ourselves and move our learning on.

Vanesa and Maimuna

We try really hard to earn dojo points, house points and earn prizes by trying our best, trying new things and being helpful.

Ellie, Ryan, Leah and Vanesa

We always take pride and care in our work.


We work as a team in year 5 and never give up.

Vanesa and Ryan