Welcome to Year 2. We are hardworking and love to practice our skills to make progress. This year we are working hard to get be better readers, writers and mathematicians. Please keep checking back in on our blog to see what we have been up to and see some of our amazing learning.

Reading Books
Your child has now been given a Reading Book and a Reading Record Book. Your child will have 2 reading books a week and questions to answer about what they have read. It is important that they read their book EVERY night and we will be giving out awards throughout the year. Your child will then be able to practice their phonics skills and different reading strategies such as use of picture cues, phonic cues, and grammatical sense.
When they have read their book there is a space in the Reading Record Book for you to say how they found the book, which bits they did well with and anything they struggled on.
Your child will need a school book bag . If you have not bought one already please can you do so. They can be purchased from the office for £2.

We will also be giving a special purple home learning book for them to practice a variety of skills in – this may in the form of a game or writing some sentences related to the learning over the past week. We may also ask children to research a new topic or to prepare something for the week ahead. Of course we will be continuing our hard work on Lexia, IXL and Active Learn. There will be opportunities for children without internet to practice those skills in school.
Spellings will also be given and tested each week. This is also a good opportunity to practice their handwriting at the same time.

Library Books
Your child will also bring home a library book each week. The book they choose is completely their own choice. When they have read their book they can return it to school and we will change it for a new book the following week.

Your child requires a PE kit to change into – this should include a T-shirt, pair of shorts & some pumps/trainers for outdoor games. This can be left in school for the half term. PE for 2JW is on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Children are expected to show respect to each other, to all adults and the school environment. (Inside the building and in the playground) We have a clear behaviour system that all the children follow and they are taught ‘5 Golden Rules’ which encourage good behaviour. (There are a lot of rewards in place) The rules and behaviour systems are clearly displayed in all classrooms and around central parts of the school.

How you can help?
Literacy – how can you help your child?
• Listen to your child read EVERY NIGHT – discuss pictures and story content.
• Help them to be independent readers.
• Encourage your child to read anything as well as their ‘reading book’ – library books, comics, street names anything.
• Encourage your child to be an independent writer – writing anything – letters, lists, shopping lists – to put their writing skills in everyday situations.
• Help your child to form their letters correctly and present work neatly.
• Help your child to spell and read simple key words and use them in reading and writing.
• Make reading fun, a time that you both look forward to spending together.

Maths – how can you help your child?
• Play games – snakes and ladders, dominoes – all help to develop a variety of mathematical skills.
• Talk about numbers and look for numbers everywhere – shopping, in the street – it all helps to recognise and understand numbers and number patterns
• Help your child to form their numbers properly.
• Practice counting – it’s surprising what you can count.
• Practice counting forwards and backwards – to 10, 20, 100.
• Add 2 numbers together or taking 1 number from another – make into a story or a game.
• Understand symbols for addition, subtraction and equals ( +, -, = )
• Understand estimating how many in a group of objects.
• Recognising different coins.- Practise counting handfuls of loose change. shopping activities.

Miss Wendt

Miss Wendt is our teacher and we think she is great! She makes us laugh all the time, and is always showing us pictures of her naughty cat Toulouse! Miss Wendt loves maths and she is brilliant at giving us extra challenges, or making us try hard things, even when we think we can’t do something. When we are reading she likes to ask us questions. Sometimes we find it hard to write interesting things, Miss Wendt is very helpful and likes to share ways to make our work better.
We love Miss Wendt because she makes us smile. We get to do fun things in class like treasure hunts and play games that help us learn our times tables. We have special treats on Friday if we complete all our home learning and show an outstanding attitude to learning and behaviour all week. Sometimes, we even have ice cream!

By Lexie, Alissa, Ruby, Tom and Denico

Pupil Quotes

Miss Wendt makes me laugh so much! She wears dresses with different patterns on them, like kittens and dinosaurs!


We’ve just started thinking about the Great Fire of London. I love hearing about things that happened a long time ago.

Daniel L

I’m so excited to be in Year 2!


We get to think about tricky maths and have lots of challenges.

Daniel O