Welcome to 1SD. Its great to be in our class as we are all eager to learn and behave beautifully. We work hard all of the time and aim to be outstanding !.
We enjoy Literacy and love listening to stories. We are very lucky as we have a fantastic reading area where we can enjoy reading stories, using the puppets or listening to stories on our listening station.
We also enjoy using the ipads to make our work even better.
We enjoy Numeracy too, as we get to learn through playing different games and practicing in our maths area.

Take a look at our blog and see some of our fantastic work!!

Miss Thornton

Miss Dooley and Mrs Blakley

We like Miss Dooley because she makes us smile. She plays games and we get to do new things. Miss Dooley helps us write and learn. She makes us laugh and our lessons are fun!
We like Mrs Blakley because she says we are good at writing. We already know her from Reception so she is a friendly face. She helps us if we are stuck and reminds us what to do.

Pupil Quotes