In 2014 the New National Curriculum was launched. This changed the way we thought about ICT and how it was delivered.

We had a new wireless system put into school and changed our ICT suite for a range of mobile devices which could be used to support the teaching and learning within the classroom.

We put the Computing Curriculum as one of our key priorities in our school improvement plan and our staff undertook a range of training using our new technology.

ICT skills are taught as a discrete subject for 45minutes each week from year 1 to 6 and as a means of supporting our Connected Curriculum.

Our Scheme of work is split into 3 areas:

  • Computer Science – Children have the opportunity to learn how to create and debug simple programs.
  • Information Technology – Children are taught to use a range of technology to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve information.
  • Digital Literacy – Children learn how to understand networks and to use technology safely and respectfully. This encompasses the importance of keeping personal information private and ways to report concerns.

Our Curriculum runs from EYFS where early ICT skills are taught all the way through to Year 6.  The key aim is to develop and build on skills year on year ensuring the children are technologically aware and ready for our ever-growing digital world.


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